FUNDA ONAL by xumiaomaio


									                                                     Curriculum Vitae

                                     FUNDA ONAL
              Hair – Dark Brown, long           Eyes – Brown         Nationality – British     Ethnicity - Turkish

              Height – 5ft 5       Dress – 6     Bust – 32 D        Waist 23”     Hips – 32”       Shoe – 4

Dance                    Advanced level Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern

Vocal                    Soprano (E below middle C to E above top C)

Playing Age 17 – 26 yrs

Training                 Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, scholarship placement

                         Leeds Dance College, scholarship placement



2010       School Girl                                Carrie Film Spoof                            Cardinal Burns

2010       Lead Girl                                  Sony Sing Star Advert and Stills             Sony

2010       Bride Dancer                               Alan Titchmarsh Show                         ITV

2010       Lead Girl                                  Extreme Tracks CD Advert                     Ministry Of Sound

2010       Feature                                    World Cup Football Advert                    ITV

2010       Lead Girl                                  Sexy R & B cd TV Advert                      Sony Music

2010       Lead Girl                                  Transform Cosmetic Surgery                   Transform

2010       Church Girl & Body Double                  ‘Release Yourself’ Tango Viral               Britvic

2010       Lead Girl                                  Specsavers Viral                             Specsavers

2010       Lead Girl                                  Dance Nation Idents                          Ministry Of Sound

2010       Girlfriend                                 Ariel Washing Powder Viral                   Ariel

2010       Model                                      Lynx Twist Viral                             Lynx

2009       Lead – 21ST Birthday Girl                  American Express TV Advert                   Amex

2009       Super heroine                              Kiss Idents                                  The Box, EMAP

2009       Jogger                                     MOS Running Tracks CD Advert                 Ministry of Sound

2009       Lead                                       Nike – The Alter Ego of Sport I dents        Nike

2009       Dancer                                     Basshunter                                   E4, Channel 4

2009       Dancer/Actress                             Aussie TV                                    Aussie Hair care Range

2009       Charlie’s Angel                            Vodka Revolution Advertisement               Revolution

2009       Mata Hari                                  ‘You Only Kick Ass Twice ‘ Film              Kick Ass Productions

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2009     Multiple Lead Characters                  Bingo TV Advert & I dents                  Jackpot City Bingo

2009     Pussycat Doll                             Kiss I dents                               The Box, EMAP

2009     Wonder Women                              Super heroine Films                        Motion 26

2009     Feature                                   Bingo Commercial                           Minxy Bingo

2009     Hairdresser                               Sky Sports                                 Sky

2009     American Presenter                        Howcast Stories                            Howcast Films, America

2008     Band Member                               Wii Music                                  Nintendo

2008     Choir, Backing vocal                      Rydianne                                   X-Factor,

2008     Dancer                                    Basshunter, BBC Switch



2008     Dancer                                    Sky Awards                                 Sky

2008     Dancer                                    Trinchy Stryder, Transmission              Channel 4

2008     Dancer                                    Basshunter, T4 on the Beach                Channel 4

2008     Dancer                                    Basshunter, The Nokia Green Room           Channel 4

2008     Dancer                                    Summer Dance DVD Advert                    Ministry of Sound

2008     Young Girl                                Nivea Visage Viral                         Sweet Pictures

2008     Model                                     Clothing & Makeup                          QVC Television

2008     Seductress                                The Seductress                             Bravura Films

2008     Girlfriend                                ‘How to Lye on Cue’                        Video jug

                                                   ‘How to Cry on Cue’

2007     Belly Dancer                              Altech Viral                               Altech Lansing

2007     Dancer & Model                            Hardcore Anthems                           GTV

2007     Young Girl                                Magic FM I dent                            Flynn Productions, EMAP

2007     Client                                    ‘How to be a psychic’                      Video jug

2007     Secretary                                 ‘How to Stop Being Horny’                  Video jug

2007     Featured Dancer                           Dance Anthems CD                           GTV

2006     Dancer                                    Hed Kandi CD Advert                        Ministry of Sound

2004-5   Beauxbaton Girl                           Harry Potter &the Goblet of Fire           Warner Brothers, Mike Newell

2004     Presenter/Choreographer &Vocal Coach Jam on the Mic, Star for a Day                  Fox Kids

2004     Ballet Coach                              4 Go Dating                                E4 Television

2004     Singer &Dancer                            Olympic Torch Ceremony                     Phil McIntyre Entertainment

                            Elliott Brown Agency Tel:01865 451154 Fax:01865 451153                        pg 2/6
2009     Dancer                                    Basshunter                        Freedom Musical Festival

2007     Magicians Assistant                       Bradley Fields Magic Show         Bradley Fields

2006     Understudy &Ensemble                      Gaddaffi                          English National Opera, David Freeman

2005-6   Fairy Bow-Bells                           Dick Whittington                  Mark Andrews Productions

2005     Singer & Dancer                           Cabaret Night                     Chris Baldock Productions

2004     Ghost                                     Hamlet                            T.I.E, David Willoughby

2003-4   Ensemble                                  Jack &the Beanstalk               Solihull Pantomimes

2003     Dancer                                    Royal Masonic Gala                Theatre Royal, London

Music Videos/Corporate

2010     Lead Girl                  Jamiraquai music Video/Viral                         Sony Music

2010     Lead Girl                  Roll Deep, ‘Take control’ Music Video                Sony Music

2010     Choreographer & Dancer Danielle feat. TQ ‘Uh Oh’, Music Video                   Box TV

2010     Dancer                     Mr Motivator Fitness DVD                             JML

2010     Dancer                     Tinie Tempha ‘Frisky’ Music Video                    Sony BMG

2010     Dancer/Model               Beat Bullyz ‘Bounce’Music Video                      Nuxx

2010     Astronaut                  McLean ‘Finally In Love’ Music Video                 Warner Music Ltd

2010     Choreographer & Lead       Tina More ‘Touch Me’ Music Video                     Dance Nation, Ministry of Sound

2010     Choreographer & Dancer Ayla ‘Some People’ Music Video                           Dance Nation, Ministry of Sound

2010     Lead                       Ocelot, ‘Beating Hearts’ Music Video                 Wall of Sounds

2010     Model/Actress              Msn Interactive Feature                              Microsoft

2010     Model/Actress              Carwash                                              I-Phone, Apple

2099     Dancer                     Calvin Harris, ‘Ready for the Weekend’ Viral         Sony Music

2009     Lead                       Zero 7 ‘Medicine Man’ Music Video                    Atlantic Records, Universal

2009     Feature                    Calvin Harris ‘Ready for the Weekend’ Music Video Sony Music

2009     Lead Girl                  Milad ‘Love Flow’ Music Video                        Desihits

2009     I-Babe                     Virtual Girl, Ministry of Sound                      I Phone, Apple

2009     Model/Dancer               ‘Good Girls’ Kidbass feat. Sincere Music Video       Relentless Records

2009     Featured Dancer            ‘Walking on Water’ Basshunter Music video            Ministry of Sound

2009     Lara Croft Double          I-Mate                                               Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

2009     Featured Model & Dancer ‘Lady’ G3 Music Video                                   Shitz Nitz Label

2008     Check-out Girl             'Day & Night' Kid Kudi Music Video                   Ministry of Sound

2008     Featured Dancer            ‘I Love It’ Sneaky Sound System Music video          Black Dog Films

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2008      Dancer                      Hed Kandi/Toni & Guy                              Toni & Guy Awards London

2008      Featured Dancer             DMT- ‘Touch You’ Music Video                      Universal

2008      Dancer                      Ministry ‘Pump it Up’ Fitness DVD                 Ministry of Sound

2008      Lifeguard                   Fosters Online Video Game                         Fhm/Nuts/Zoo/Maxim/Sun/Daily

2008      Featured Dancer             Paddy’s Revenge Live UK Tours                     Steve Mac Tours

2008      Featured Dancer             Steve Mac, Paddy’s Revenge Music Video            Flynn Productions, Universal

2008      Featured Dancer             Mini-Skirt Music Video                            GUT TV

2008      Featured Dancer             ‘Dam Di Da Do’ Music Video                        Clubland, Universal

2008      Belly Dancer                Google Corporate Event                            Zeitgeist Europe

2008      Featured Dancer             Incognito Music Video                             Dome Records

2008      Lifeguard                   Fosters Online Video Game                         Irresistible Films

2008      Presenter & Dancer          Summer Dance DVD                                  Ministry of Sound

2008      Lead Artist ‘Miracle’       ‘Miracle’ Deepest Blue                            Destined Records

2007      Bond Girl                   James Bond Event Morocco                          Live Statues Productions

2007      Dancer                      M.O.S Tours, Sri Lanka                            Ministry of Sound

2007      School Girl                 ‘The Enemy’ Music Video                           HIS London

2007      Featured Dancer & Model Pushca Corporate Video                                Pushca Parties

2006-8    Dancer                      Hed Kandi World Tours                             Ministry of Sound

2006-7    Dancer                      Brazilian Carnival Shows & Tours                  Yes!!! Brazil

2005      Dancer                      Amway Corporate                                   Steven Shane

2004      Dancer/Cheerleader          League Basketball & Ice Hockey                    Action Events, Sandy Strallen


2010     Lead                     Front Cover Book Shoot                             Patricia Briggs Novels

2010     Model                    Peter Andre Press Shoot                            All Newspapers and Magazines

2010     Model                    David Hay Championship & Advertising               James Rudland Photography

2010     Model                    Plume Clothing                                     Dance Direct Catalogue

2010     Yoga Model               Yoga Made Easy Book                                Zest Magazine

2010     Model                    Fitness First Gym Advertising                      Fitness First

2010     Model                    Foodfolio                                          Chris Knaggs Photography

2010     Model                    Sandisk Memory Sticks Library                      Storm Studios

2010     Model                    Reebok Clothing & Equipment Advertising            Reebok

2010     Demi Moore               Oscars Night                                       Now Magazine Online

                             Elliott Brown Agency Tel:01865 451154 Fax:01865 451153                          pg 4/6
2010   Kissing couple          Langland Pharmaceutical Advertising                Langland

2010   Model                   Transform UK Advertising                           Transform

2010   Model                   Ibiza Fitness DVD Press Shoot                      Cream Records

2009   WAG                     Stanley Tools Advertisement                        Stanley Tools

2009   Catwalk Model           Proctor & Gamble Hair Show, Geneva, Switzerland    Proctor & Gamble

2009   Model                   O2 Advertising UK Newspapers                       O2

2009   Model                   Colour Extreme Advertisement                       Lee Stafford

2009   Catwalk Model           Swartkopf                                          Salon International

2009   Model                   Hed kandi Dress Fashion Show                       Miss Selfridge

2009   Model                   Stationary Advertisements                          Clare’s Stationary Ltd

2009   Model                   Bath Spa                                           JLM

2009   Catwalk Model           Schwarzkopf Hair Show                              Schwarzkopf

2009   Cover Girl              Chat Magazine                                      IPC Media

2009   Model                   Altech Lansing Products                            Altech Lansing

2009   I-Babe                  Virtual Girl, Ministry of Sound                    I Phone, Apple

2009   Cover Girl              Soda UK Events & Parties Advertisement             Made Up Ltd

2009   Lara Croft Double       I-Mate                                             Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

2008   Cover Girl              The Blue Bishops CD Cover Girl                     New Age Music Ltd, Bronze Record

2008   Model                   Ministry of Sound Girls Article                    ZOO Magazine

2008   Lifeguard               Fosters Online Video Game                          Fhm/Nuts/Zoo/Maxim/Sun/Daily Star

2008   Model                   La Senza Press Launch Window Model                 La Senza

2008   Featured Model          Steve Mac, Paddy’s Revenge Article                 ZOO Magazine

2008   Model                   Smashbox Makeup                                    QVC

2008   Model                   Bobbi Brown Cosmetics                              QVC

2008   Model                   B-Spot Fragrance Launch                            Benefit Cosmetics

2008   Ballerina               Still Photography Newspaper Advert                 Upstaged

2008   Lead Artist ‘Miracle’   ‘Miracle’ Deepest Blue                             Destined Records

2007   Model                   Riley’s Bar                                        Riley’s Campaign

2007   Model                   Universal Contour Wrap Advertisement               Problem Child

2007   Model                   Dance Anthems CD cover                             GTV

2005   Princess Jasmine        Aladdin                                            Disney

                          Elliott Brown Agency Tel:01865 451154 Fax:01865 451153                           pg 5/6
Special Skills

Presenting. Street dancing & hip hop. Belly dancing. Free styling & Podium. Brazilian Salsa/Samba. Jazz partner work & Pas
de deux. Tae kwon do Korean martial arts. Stage combat. Cheerleading & stunts. Snow skiing. Jet Skiing. Trampoline. Basic
rollerblading & ice-skating. Swimming. Makeup artist & hair stylist. Driving license.

Regular model for QVC Television

Regular Model for The Sun newspaper.

Dancer for Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound World Tours

                           Elliott Brown Agency Tel:01865 451154 Fax:01865 451153                        pg 6/6

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