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                                 APRIL 11, 2011

The monthly meeting of Walnut Beach Association was held on Monday, April 11 th and was
called to order at 7:07 PM in St. Gabriel Parish Hall, 26 Broadway. There were 19 members in
attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. A motion to accept last month’s meeting
minutes was made and seconded.

      WBA Treasurers Report
       WBA Main Account (as of 4/8/11)
       Previous Balance    $16,725.76    (Balance as of 4/8/11)
       Deposit                 $20.00    (Deposit-Memberships, T. Catapano of Wild Expressions &
                                          Pamela Parisi)
       Subtotal            $16,745.76
                               +$1.99    (Interest for checking acc’t. for 2/16/11-3/16/11)
       Subtotal            $16,747.75

       Less checks written $2,500.00     Transfer to WBA/Summer Concert Series Account
                             $500.00     Donation Check to Milford Fine Arts Council for Firehouse
                                         Gallery for exterior maintenance/grounds from 2010 WBA
                                         Festival earnings
                              $500.00    Donation Check to St Gabriel Church from 2010 WBA
                                         Festival earnings
                              $250.00    Donation check to Boys & Girls Club from 2010 WBA
                                         Festival earnings
                              $120.00    Cash to John Powers for 2011 Beach Clean Up Supplies
                              $381.00    Check for Milford Chamber of Commerce 1 Year
                                         Membership renewal (4/1/11-3/31/12)
                              $217.51    Check to Allegra for advertising-PO 72030-WBA Calendar of
                                         Events postcards
       Total checks written $4,468.51

       New Balance         $12,279.24

       WBA Summer Concert Series Account (as of 4/8/11)
       Previous Balance      $1,500.00
       Deposit               $2,500.00   (Transfer from WBA Main Account)
       Subtotal              $4,000.00

       Less checks written    $217.51    Check to Allegra PO 72031 for advertising for Concert
                                         Series Postcards
       New Balance           $3,782.49

       WBA Festival Account (as of 4/8/11)
       Previous Balance      $1,288.62

       Deposit                 $850.00   Festival sponsorship from Milford Pediatric for Art Contest
       Deposit                 $250.00   Festival Sponsorship from Aldario’s
       Deposit                 $180.00   Festival vendors
       Total of Deposits     $1,280.00

       Subtotal              $2,568.62
    Less checks written     $194.62    Transfer to WBA/Summer Concert Series Account
                             $50.00    Check for Milford Chamber of Commerce 1 Year
                                       Membership renewal (4/1/11-3/31/12)
                            $350.00    Check to Allegra for advertising-PO 72030-WBA Calendar of
                                       Events postcards
    Total checks written    $594.62

    New Balance            $1,974.00

    WBA 5K Race Account (as of 4/8/11)
    Previous Balance        $600.00
    No Transactions
    New Balance             $600.00

    Respectively Submitted,

    Leisa Gazdik, Treasurer, WBA

   Presidents Report
    The Presidents Report was read by President Garbus who thanked us for coming to the
    meeting this evening.

          Boardwalk: The boardwalk is finished! Great job!! Kim Rose announced that the
           ribbon-cutting ceremony had been scheduled for May 2nd at 11:00AM. Joe
           indicated the new boardwalk is now the longest boardwalk on either side of the

          Enhancement Committee: Approved the bidding for the beach plans, etc. We
           also approved plans for the sidewalk from Tudor to FireHouse. The rest of
           Naugatuck Ave. sidewalk tied to $200,000 owed by the BSV condo developer.

          Beautification: Thank you to Ralph Harrison and Connie Henshaw for cleaning
           and planting the green. I would also like to thank Susan Patrick and Fred Detar for
           installing the plaque that was given to me in December at the holiday party.
           Connie took pictures on Friday and the plaque is now up on the pillars of the
           archway. Thank you all again for the acknowledgement, from the bottom of my

          Summer Concerts: Laura and Wendy on are vacation. Things continue to move
           forward. Kim Rose, as head of publicity for the SCS, indicated the bands are all
           booked. She is getting estimates from papers for ads (may work to combine SCS
           and Festival ads). Posting on appropriate websites. Leisa Gazdik indicated she
           can post a notification with the Milford Chamber of Commerce. She will also check
           to make sure our listing appears in the directory.

          Flags: New flags have been put up at the green thanks to the Dept. of Public

          Public Garbage Cans: The issue of new garbage cans was raised. There is a
           concern by the DPW that cans provided are being taken and used by private
          businesses vs. for public garbage. Specifically, by Howard’s and the Jolly Jug.
          They are hesitant to provide new or additional cans unless this is rectified.

    A Motion was made to accept all reports as read, seconded and approved.

   Committee Reports

          Membership: Elvira Prokoski delivered the Membership Report. Three new
          members have been added since the March meeting:
            1. David & Maria Cherniske
            2. Pamela Parisi (owns property on Monroe St.)
          She has received one renewal (Mr. & Mrs. George Dugan). Made phone calls to
          members whose dues are still outstanding – approximately 16 – left messages for
          some and mailed seven duplicate applications (2nd request) to those members
          who wished to renew.

          Beautification: Connie Henshaw is spearheading. She will provide a report at the
          May meeting.

          Block Watch: There is no longer a chairperson for the Block Watch. Discussion
          ensued as to whether this role needs to filled. There is a concern that having no
          one officially in the role does not give Milford PD a liason to our organization to
          keep the community appropriately informed. As an example, members of the
          Wildemere Beach Association are participating in an open Police Academy. John
          Powers indicated this was something widely open to the public, and that he had
          signed up. It is a 16-week program that starts every January.

          It was decided that all members are aware of their surroundings and do a good job
          of communicating amongst each other and in reporting action to MPD. The role
          will remain unfilled at this time.

          Publicity: Meghan Rabuse indicated that the Facebook page had attracted
          enough followers to have its own official link now as follows:

          Webmaster / Permit Update: Marty Lippman provided the following permit
             1. All permits are completed for the Festival and Summer Concert Series
             2. However, three letters are required to be sent out. Marty will discuss with
                Laura Ambrogio when she returns from vacation.
                    a. Milford Housing Authority – they own the corner of Viscount & E.
                       Broadway where the Festival is held
                    b. Chief Mello – notification to close E. Broadway between Viscount
                       and Shea from 8-6 the day of the Festival and 5K
                    c. Bruce Kolowicz, DPW – need letter to request the following:
                            I. 24 trash barrels
                           II. Power outlet for bands
                          III. Saw horses to block road
                         IV. Generator for host stand
                           V. Portable sound system for host stand
                             VI. Parking lot swept before and after
                             VII. Clean up of Festival area post event
                3. Board of Health: This is a new requirement this year. Food Handling
                   Application is required to list all food vendors. He will give this to Laura.
                4. Itinerant Vendor Licensing Application – this is also a new process this
                5. Tables & Chairs – need to determine whether we need to rent these or can
                   use St. Gabe’s. Dave to check with the church. Last year, the church had a
                   conflicting event and we had to rent them.

             On the website, Marty needs the bands designated for each date and their times.
             He also needs all sponsors to date.

      There was no Old Business

      Request to Add Local Events to Website: It was discussed that it would be helpful to
       add all local events to the WBA Calendar of Events site. These include the likes of the
       Arts Stroll and Sand Castle Contest. The Milford Fine Arts Council sponsors some of
       these and post on their site. Meghan will send a list of the missing events and their
       information to Marty for posting.

      Next Big Project: Stowe Farm Barn: Joe will discuss this is in more detail at the next

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan Rabuse
Secretary, Walnut Beach Association

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