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									                                  WBNS TV – 4th QUARTER, 2006



                            1.       Education

                            2.       Youth

                            3.       Political Issues

                            4.       Health

                            5.       Women’s Issues

                            6.       Crime

                            7.       War on Terrorism/National Security

                            8.       Minority Issues

                            9.       Substance Abuse

                            10.      Consumer Issues
1. Education

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “10 Investigates: School Security.” Doors unlocked, doors wide open…
        10 Investigates walked right into Central Ohio schools. See what happened when 10 Investigates put
        school security to the test. Ted Hart reports. (L/N) 11/02/06, 11pm; TRT: 4:00.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Schools Closed for Staph Infection.” When a dangerous staph infection
        turned up in the student at Nelsonville-York High School, the superintendent shut down the entire district
        for a day to sanitize all the schools. Andrea Cambern reports (L/N) 10/10/06, 5pm; TRT: 1:20

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “School Bus Injuries.” A new study from Columbus Children’s Hospital
        finds that 17,000 kids are hurt each year while riding a school bus, and most of them are ages ten to
        fourteen. The report recommends that a bus monitor watch the kids, and that seatbelts be added to buses.
        Andrea Cambern reports (L/N) 11/6/06; 5pm TRT: 1:33.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “Great School Debate.” Parents want the best for their children, but what’s the best
        way to educate them? Dr. Phil’s guests face off in a debate about whether to school, homeschool or
        unschool. Dana and her husband, Joe, call themselves radical unschoolers. They say education happens as
        a side effect of life, and they don’t believe in tests, curriculums or grades. Are their three kids learning
        what they need to know? Then, RaeAnn says public schools are death traps and wants to homeschool her
        children. Her husband, Steve, says their kids are safer at school than they are at home. Can this couple
        reach a compromise? Plus, Nicole feels like an outcast at 26. She says she hated being homeschooled, and
        couldn’t relate to other kids. Dr. Phil weighs in on this important discussion. (S/PA) 11/24/06.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “Homework Hell.” When it comes to helping kids with school assignments, some
        parents just don’t make the grade. Angela says her 12-year-old son, Mason, takes up to six hours to finish
        his homework, and she says she can’t stop nitpicking. Her mother, Gayle, says Angela acts like a drill
        sergeant, and has called Mason "lazy and useless." What’s behind Angela’s frustration? Then, tempers
        rise as Angela feels her parenting skills are being criticized. Find out the conversation Dr. Phil has with
        her during the break. Plus, Dr. Phil gives Angela a test of his own, and Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The
        I.Q. Answer, weighs in. (S/PA) 12/7/06.

2. Youth

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Straight Talk.” Yvette McGee Brown took on the controversial topic of
        adult sportsmanship at children’s athletic events. (L/N) 11/15/06, 5:30 pm; TRT: 2:00.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Straight Talk.” Yvette McGee Brown covered the timely topic of stress
        for children of divorce over the holidays. (L/N) 12/13/06, 5:30 pm; TRT: 2:00.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “10 Investigates: Predators Paradise.” It’s nearly impossible to know
        who you are chatting with online. But on a website popular with teens, 10 Investigates had no problem
        figuring out who was trolling for new friends. Ted Hart reports. (L/N) 11/16/06, 11pm, TRT: 2:15.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Pediatric Healthsource.” Heather Pick looks in to the connection
        between the Holidays and Family Violence – Children’s recently saw an unusual bump in the number of
        shaken baby cases. (L/N) 12/07/06, 5pm; TRT: 2:00.

        OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “The Secret Language of Babies.” For millions of mothers, this could be
        life-changing! She says she’s unlocked the secret language of babies! Yes, they have their own language.
        (S/PA) 11/13/06.
         DR. PHIL SHOW: “Divorcing the Family.” What can you do when you lose control of your kids and
         your household? Peggy was so fed up with the chaos caused by her 17-year-old twin boys' behavior – the
         yelling, tantrums, cursing, disrespect, fighting and the resulting strain on her marriage -- that her solution
         was to divorce one of her sons from the family. However, by the time Peggy filed the paperwork to
         emancipate her son, it was rejected, so now she says she's forced to be responsible for him until he turns
         18. Can Dr. Phil convince Peggy and her husband to accept responsibility for their deteriorating home
         situation, and inspire the teens to help calm the chaos? Or, is divorcing a family member really a last-
         ditch option? (S/PA) 10/12/06.

         DR. PHIL SHOW: “Teen Plastic Surgery.” Last year alone, more than a quarter of a million kids had
         plastic surgery, and it's a growing trend. Nineteen-year-old Krystal says she'll never feel beautiful until
         she gets breast implants. Her mother, Kristi, and her sister, Katie, have both had plastic surgery -- and
         want even more -- but strongly object to Krystal doing it. What does Dr. Phil think? Then, Diana wants
         her daughter, Bri, to get plastic surgery on her neck, arms, stomach, thighs and breasts -- and Bri is only
         12 years old. Diana believes it will make Bri prettier and help her fit in among her peers. What message is
         this sending to Bri? Plus, one teen's plastic surgery nightmare taught her a valuable lesson -- the hard
         way. She hopes her story will be a warning to other girls before they go under the knife. (S/PA) 10/13/06.

3. Political Issues

         10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Pryce and Kilroy Debate.” The Pryce-Kilroy race is one of this biggest
         this election. 10TV explains why it could be one of most important. Eve Mueller reports. (L/N)
         10/12/06, 5:30 pm; TRT: 1:40.

         10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Gubernatorial Debate.” 10TV hosted the live fourth and final
         gubernatorial debate between candidates Ken Blackwell and Ted Strickland. (L/N) 10/16/06, 8pm, TRT:

         10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “On The Road with Dave Kaylor.” 10TV kicks off a new series to get
         voters ready for the November election. We went on the road with Dave Kaylor to visit the hometowns of
         political candidates and find out what people are talking about. Dave traveled to Lucasville (home of
         gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland), Cincinnati (home of gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell),
         Yellow Springs (home of Senate candidate Mike DeWine) and Mansfield (home of Senate candidate
         Sherrod Brown). Dave Kaylor reports. (L/N) 10/23/06, 10/24/06, 10/25/06, 10/26/06, noon & 5:30pm,
         TRT: 12:10.

         10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “CandidateMatch.” 10TV is committed to providing voters with
         important information about Campaign 2006. 10TV along with The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio News
         Network and This Week Community Newspapers offer an exclusive feature called CandidateMatch
         online. When a voter takes a brief survey about issues facing our state, the program matches their opinion
         to a candidate for Governor, U.S. Senate or U.S. Congress. (L/N) 11/03/06, 7am; TRT 0:45.

         10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Election Night Coverage.” On November 7th, 10TV provided extensive
         coverage of the general election. Beginning at 7:30pm, 10TV had the results on air at the bottom of the
         screen. 10TV also provided cut-ins through primetime with updates as the results were available. (L/N)
         11/07/06, Primetime; TRT: 14:00.

         10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Election Results Certified.” The Franklin County Board of Elections
         certified the results. Republican Deborah Pryce will keep her seat in Congress. She officially beat
         democratic challenger Mary Jo Kilroy in their 15th District race. John Fortney reports (L/N) 12/15/06,
         6pm, TRT 0:40
        60 MINUTES: “A Loss of Faith.” An interview with David Kuo, an Evangelical Christian whose job in the White
        House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI) has led him to believe that religion is being
        manipulated by the Bush Administration for political ends, as discussed in his book, “Tempting Faith.” Also
        interviewed is Jim Towey, former Director of the OFBCI. (C: Lesley Stahl - P: Richard Bonin). (N/PA) 10/15/06.

        60 MINUTES: “Buried In The Fine Print.” An interview/profile of Arizona Republican Congressman Jeff Flake
        and his crusade against earmarks - the often-hidden parts of legislation which fund pet projects in House members’
        home districts, and which also benefit lobbyists and the industries they represent. (C: Morley Safer - P: David
        Browning). (N/PA) 11/5/06.

        FACE THE NATION: Interview with Congressmen Tom Davis and Ray LaHood about the effect that the scandal
        involving Republican Congressman Mark Foley and a teenage congressional page might have on the upcoming
        elections / their support for House Speaker Dennis Hastert / the need for an investigation and report on the Foley
        situation / other election issues now obscured by the scandal. Guests: Rep. Ray LaHood (R-IL); Rep.Tom Davis (R-
        VA). Guest Interviewer: Dan Balz, The Washington Post. (N/PA) 10/8/06.

        FACE THE NATION: 1) Interview with Senator Harry Reid about: the agenda for the new Congress:
        Congressional oversight, deficit reduction, reform of lobbying ethics, redeployment of U.S. forces in Iraq,
        revitalization of the U.S. military; 2) Interview with Joshua Bolten about: re-evaluation of U.S. strategy in Iraq / Bob
        Gates as the new Secretary of Defense / circumstances of Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation; whether President Bush is
        now a lame duck / nomination of John Bolton as UN ambassador; Republican party priorities. Guests: Sen. Harry
        Reid (D-NV), incoming Senate Majority leader (1); Joshua Bolten, White House Chief of Staff (2). (N/PA)

4. Health

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Flu Shot Issues.” This year there is plenty of flu vaccine. Federal health
        officials urge that kids be included in the shots this year. Andrea Cambern reports. (L/N) 10/2/06, 5:30
        pm; TRT: 1:07.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS AND 10TV NIGHTBEAT: “Lung Cancer Treatment.” Dr. Patrick Ross
        at the James Cancer Hospital is using different wavelengths of light to detect lung cancer earlier than ever
        before, then treat it with another kind of light . He’s having encouraging results. Andrea Cambern
        reports (L/N) 11/2/06, 10pm TRT: 1:28 and 11pm TRT: 0:45.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Nasal Sanitizer.” Before you fly off for the holidays, you may want to try
        a new product, a germ-killing nasal swab. One out of five plane passengers gets sick, so if you want to be
        well when you arrive at your destination, this might be a handy little tool. Andrea Cambern reports (L/N)
        11/21/06, 6pm; TRT: 1:19.

        10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Pediatric Healthsource.” Many people many be allergic to their
        Christmas tree and not even know it. Heather Pick reports (L/N) 12/14/06, 5 pm; TRT: 2:00.

        60 MINUTES: “Area 25." A report about a new surgical procedure to combat treatment-resistant depression. It
        involves the stimulation of the part of the brain known as Area 25 with continuous electrical impulses from implanted
        electrodes, controlled by a pacemaker. Includes interviews with patients Debra Prupas and Deanna Cole-Benjamin;
        and with Dr. Helen Mayberg and Dr. Andreas Lozano. (C: Lesley Stahl - P: Karen Sughrue). (N/PA) 10/1/06.

        60 MINUTES: “The Memory Pill.” A report on the clinical trials of a controversial drug (propranolol) which
        would permanently dull a trauma victim’s memory of the painful event. Includes interviews with trauma victims
        Beatriz Arguedas, Kathleen Logue, Louise O’Donnell-Jasmin, and Rita Magil; Dr. Roger Pitman, psychiatrist,
        Harvard Medical School; James McGaugh, professor of neurobiology, University of California; and David Magnus,
        Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics. (C: Lesley Stahl - P: Shari Finkelstein). (N/PA) 11/26/06.

5. Women’s Issues
       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Mammogram Centers Close.” A new federal report finds that
       mammography centers are closing in some states, including Ohio, because there aren’t enough trained
       technicians. That’s a real hardship in some rural counties. We meet the OSU mobile mammography unit
       in New Lexington and talk to patients about how this affects them. Andrea Cambern reports (L/N)
       10/3/06, 5pm: TRT: 1:30.

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Paxil Lawsuit.” Late last week the manufacturer of the antidepressant
       Paxil, warned against pregnant women taking the drug, because it greatly boosted their unborn babies’
       chances of developing a heart defect. Today a Baltimore, Ohio family joined a class action lawsuit
       against the company because of their son’s heart problems. Andrea Cambern reports (L/N) 12/5/06,
       5:30pm; TRT: 1:16 and 6pm TRT: 0:45.

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Pediatric Healthsource.” Heather Pick explores the topic of body image.
       Columbus Children’s Researchers found girls have a “healthier” perspective sometimes than moms do.
       (L/N), 11/23/06, 5 pm; TRT: 2:00.

       OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Great Women and Their Anti-Aging Secrets.” Susan Sarandon,
       Diahann Carroll, Geena Davis, Diane Sawyer, and Sela Ward are coming forward to reveal the brutal
       truth. It’s already happening to them…now, what they want you to know before it happens to you. The
       answers to the questions few dare to ask. Plus, Oprah’s very own anti-aging secret revealed. (S/PA)

       OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Headline-Making Survivors.” Stories ripped from the headlines. This
       guest was nine months pregnant when she was brutally attacked by a woman trying to steal her unborn
       baby. She shares her dramatic escape. (S/PA) 11/10/06.

6. Crime

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “10 Investigates: Background Checks.” A coach pleads guilty to
       endangering children. An aide exposes himself to patients at a nursing home. But those crimes may never
       show up on a background d check. 10 Investigates exposes new information about a loophole in the
       system. Ted Hart reports. (L/N) 11/10/06, 6pm, TRT: 2:15.

       48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Memory of Murder.” In November 2004, Bethlehem, New York couple Peter and Joan
       Porco were brutally attacked in their bed with an ax. Peter died at the scene. Joan survived and, although initially
       unable to speak because of her wounds, she nodded “yes” when a detective on the scene asked her if her son
       Christopher was their attacker. Afterwards, when she had recovered from the attack, Joan said she doesn’t recall that
       nod and that Christopher is innocent. 48 HOURS follows the police investigation into the case, leading to Christopher
       Porco’s trial and conviction. Includes interviews with: Mike McDermott, chief prosecutor, Albany County; Chris
       Bowdish, detective; Christopher Porco; David Rossi, prosecutor; Laurie Shanks, lawyer; Terry Kindlon, lawyer; Dr.
       Mary Dombovy, neurologist. (C: Peter Van Sant - P: Patti Aronofsky, Katherine Davis). (N/PA) 11/4/06.

       48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Exposed.” A report about serial killer Bill Bradford, who posed as an amateur
       photographer and told women he’d make them famous. Convicted of two murders, Bradford has been on death row
       since 1988. The Los Angeles Police Department obtained Bradford’s photo collection this year, and has now issued
       two posters which include all of his female subjects. They are trying to find out if these women are alive, or if any of
       them might have been an additional victim of Bradford. Also included in the report are interviews with CSI: MIAMI
       actress Eva LaRue and her sister Nika, who were photographed by Bradford in the 1980's. John Haynes, a writer for
       CSI: MIAMI who used this real life siuation for an upcoming episode of the series, is also interviewed. Among the
       others interviewed are: Pam Bozanich, former district attorney; Captain Ray Peavy, L.A. County Sheriff’s Homicide
       Cold Case Unit; Cindy Sue Horton, an ex-wife of Bradford’s; Lisa Mora, daughter of a probable victim of Bradford;
       Jodeen Larsen, Bradford’s daughter; Darlene Ricker, Bradford’s lawyer; C: Bill Lagattuta - P: Paul LaRosa, Gayane
       Keshishyan. (N/PA) 11/11/06.

       48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Blood and Money.” Investment banker Robert Kissel was murdered in his luxurious
       Hong Kong apartment in 2003. His wife Nancy was convicted of his murder and is now serving a life sentence. In
        2006, his brother, real estate developer Andrew Kissel, was murdered in his Greenwich, Connecticut home. At the
        time of his death, Andrew Kissel was facing a federal bank fraud charge and state grand larceny and forgery charges.
        His murder is still under investigation. Among those interviewed are: James Walters, Greenwich Police Chief; Carol
        Horton, high school friend of Robert Kissel; Danny Williams, friend of Robert Kissel; John and Elizabeth LaCause,
        friends of Nancy Kissel; Kazuko Oshi and Andrew Tanzer, friends of Robert and Nancy Kissel; Trudy Samra, friend
        of Nancy Kissel; Nancy Walkley, title search attorney; Albert Wong, Hong Kong journalist; Brian Howie, friend of
        Andrew Kissel; Steven Garfinkel, FBI special agent; Phil Russell, attorney for Andrew Kissel; Carlos Trujillo, driver
        and personal assistant to Andrew Kissel; Frank Shea, special investigator hired by Robert Kissel. C: Erin Moriarty -
        P: Lisa Freed, Gail Abbott Zimmerman. (N/PA) 11/18/06.

        48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Decade of Mystery.” A report on the latest developments in the ongoing investigation of
        the 1996 murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado. The broadcast follows the pursuit and arrest
        in Thailand of suspect John Mark Karr, who was subsequently released because his DNA did not match that found at
        the Ramsey crime scene. It is revealed, however, that Karr is still under investigation in connection with the murder.
        Includes interviews with: Professor Michael Tracey, University of Colorado at Boulder; John Ramsey, father of
        JonBenet Ramsey; Trip DeMuth, Assistant District Attorney; Lou Smit, former detective; Ann Hurst and Gary
        Phillips, federal agents working in Thailand. (C: Erin Moriarty - P: Nancy Kramer, Doug Longhini, Ira Sutow)
        (N/PA) 11/25/06.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “Hatchet Man.” On a quiet night in mid-May in beautiful Orange County,
        California, Greg an Estela Becker were viciously attacked by a man with a hatchet as they slept in their
        bed. Despite sustaining head and neck wounds from their attacker, they were able to push him out of the
        room, and Greg ran for help. Their attacker escaped, and police are still working to locate him. In the
        meantime, an entire community struggles to find peace in what once was a safe neighborhood. Greg and
        Estela’s twin 9-year-old daughters saw their parents covered in blood, adding to the trauma of this event.
        Their next-door neighbors, Anne-Marie and Bill Linas, were shocked by what they saw when Greg ran to
        their house for help. Dr. Phil meets with this community to discuss how they can move forward and feel
        secure again. (S/PA) 10/5/06.

7. War on Terrorism/National Security

        60 MINUTES: ““The No-Fly List.” A report on a secret government database compiled after 9/11 to screen airline
        passengers for terrorists, but which is incomplete, outdated, and an ongoing source of aggravation to innocent fliers
        who may have the same name as someone on the list. Includes interviews with Joe Trento, National Security News
        Service: Jack Cloonan, former FBI agent; Donna Bucella, FBI Terrorist Screening Center; Kip Hawley, director,
        Transportation Security Adminstration; Cathy Berrick, director of homeland security issues for the General
        Accounting Office (C: Steve Kroft - P: Ira Rosen). (N/PA) 10/1/06.

        60 MINUTES: “General Abizaid.” An interview with General John Abizaid, commander of all U.S. forces in the
        Middle East. Abizaid discusses his ideas about stabilizing the situation in Iraq.(C: Lara Logan - P: Harry A. Radliffe
        II, Max McClellan). (N/PA) 11/26/06.

        FACE THE NATION: 1) Interview with Senator Joseph Biden about: claims made by reporter Bob Woodward in
        his new book, “State of Denial,” that the CIA had warned national security adviser Condoleezza Rice in July 2001 of
        an impending attack on the U.S. by al-Qaeda; his (Biden’s) call for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald
        Rumsfeld; the increasing level of violence in Iraq, and the need for a political solution. 2) Interview with Dan
        Bartlett, Counselor to President Bush, about the claims made in Bob Woodward’s book about: Condoleezza Rice’s
        July 2001 meeting with the CIA / the 911 Commission; the level of violence in Iraq / deciding the level of U.S. troop
        strength in Iraq / the president’s commitment to his commanders in Iraq. Guests: Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE),
        Member, Foreign Relations Committee (1); Dan Bartlett, Counselor to President George W. Bush (2). (N/PA)

        FACE THE NATION: 1) Interview with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about: UN sanctions imposed on
        North Korea in response to a suspected nuclear test / enforcement of the interdiction / the role of China /importance
        of the six-party talks. 2) Interview with and Senator John Warner and former Senator Sam Nunn about: sanctions
        against North Korea / the role of China and South Korea /North Korean fear of an attack by the United States; U.S.
        strategic policy in Iraq / question of a phased withdrawal. Guests: Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State (1);
        Former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA), co-Chairman, Nuclear Threat Initiative (2); Sen. John Warner (R-VA), Chairman,
        Senate Armed Services Committee (2)
        Guest Interviewer: David Sanger, The New York Times. (N/PA) 10/15/06.

        FACE THE NATION: Interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham about: the need for a draft vs. the sufficiency of a
        volunteer force / the current need for for more armed services personnel / the need for a large U.S. troop presence in
        Iraq over the short term / the high level of sectarian violence in Iraq. Guest: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Armed
        Services Committee. (N/PA) 11/19/06.

        FACE THE NATION: 1) Update: a report on the current situation in Iraq - the threat of renewed sectarian
        violence. Guest Correspondent: Elizabeth Palmer. Substitute anchor/interviewer: Gloria Borger. (N/PA) 11/26/06.

8. Minority Issues

        60 MINUTES: “The Duke Rape Case.” A two-part segment on the accusation of rape made by a black exotic
        dancer in March 2006 against three white Duke University lacrosse players. Includes interviews with the accused -
        David Evans, Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann; dancer Kim Roberts, who performed at the same party where
        the alleged rape took place; and Professor James Coleman, Duke University. (C: Ed Bradley - P: Michael Radutzky,
        Tanya Simon). (N/PA) 10/15/06.

        60 MINUTES: “Searching For Jacob.” A report on the ongoing genocide being perpetrated by the Sudanese
        government upon the ethnic African population of Darfur. Jacob, an ethnic African who fled his destroyed village of
        Hangala, is interviewed in a refugee camp. Also includes interviews with John Prendergast, International Crisis
        Group; and Dr. Ashis Brahma, a refugee camp physician (C: Scott Pelley - P: Shawn Efran). (N/PA) 10/22/06.

        60 MINUTES: “Welcome To Hazleton.” A report on the controversy over the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, an
        ordinance enacted in Hazleton, Pennsylvania which punishes local businesses and landlords who give work or shelter
        to illegal immigrants. Includes interviews with Hazleton Mayor Mayor Lou Barletta and Lucas Guttentag of the
        American Civil Liberties Union. (C: Steve Kroft - P: Janet Klein). (N/PA) 11/19/06.

        OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Wives Confess They Are Gay.” Women who all share the same secret.
        A look inside the hidden lives of gay wives. Plus, an unexpected confession. (S/PA) 10/2/06.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “House of Hatred.” Dr. Phil starts a groundbreaking social experiment. Six
        individuals from different walks life, with different judgments and prejudices, will live under the same
        roof, in an attempt to break down the walls of hatred and intolerance. Gary, 26, is a white supremacist
        who hates all people of other races. B., 58, is an African-American woman who thinks all white people
        are “ignorant sociopaths.” Staci, 22, is a thin woman who thinks fat people are “disgusting blobs” and not
        people at all. John, 24, is over 600 pounds and hates skinny people. Christina, 22, believes all
        homosexuals are sinners. Tessa, 19, is a lesbian who hates straight people. Dr. Phil puts them to the test
        with assignments that force them to work together with their adversary. It doesn’t take long for hostility
        to break out, sending Dr. Phil over to the house, saying, “This has got to stop.” Will these guests learn
        acceptance, or turn on each other? (S/PA) 10/23/06.

9. Substance Abuse

        10TV NIGHTBEAT: “Ambien Abuse.” It’s the latest craze on the young and hip party scene… it’s also
        the most popular sleeping drug in the country. Find out about eye-opening Ambien abuse. Andrea
        Cambern reports. (L/N) 11/27/06, 11pm; TRT: 1:30.

        DR. PHIL SHOW: “Drunk Mistakes.” Dottie is concerned for her 22-year-old daughter, Carly, because
        her drinking is out of control. Carly has already been arrested for driving under the influence, but she still
        drinks and drives! Dottie fears Carly will end up killing herself or someone else. Carly says she knows she
        has a problem, but drinking is the only way she can have a good time. Then, Heather and Sierra's
        brother was killed by a drunk driver, Michael, who also happened to be his friend. Michael was
       sentenced to five to eleven years in jail, but wants his jail time reduced. He joins the show via
       satellite and has a proposal for Dr. Phil. See what Dr. Phil has to say to this offender. (S/PA)10/10/06.

       DR. PHIL SHOW: “Addicted Twins Pt. 2.” Dr. Phil continues his work with twin sisters who are
       addicted to heroin and spiraling out of control. The Dr. Phil House has become the detox center for Sarah,
       who is monitored medically as she goes through painful withdrawal symptoms from her addiction to crack
       cocaine and heroin. Her sister, Tecoa, has only been clean for two weeks, and struggles to deal with her
       own drug cravings while six months pregnant and providing support for her detoxing sibling. Is she able
       fight off the cravings or does she give in? And, is Tecoa sabotaging Dr. Phil’s efforts to get Sarah clean?
       While her daughters deal with their addictions, Cindy tries to learn the fine line between supporting and
       enabling. Dr. Phil meets with the entire family and shows the twins a look into their future, depending on
       the decisions they make now. Is it enough to scare them straight? (S/PA) 11/27/06.

       DR. PHIL SHOW: “Gen Rx.” Parents, did you know you might be your kids’ drug dealer? Did you
       know they could be getting high from products in your pantry, under your sink, or in your medicine
       cabinet? Dana says her 16-year-old son, Josh, has been experimenting with over-the-counter drugs. She
       says he’s downed bottles of cold medications, packs of cold pills and an entire bottle of mouthwash –- all
       in an effort to get high. See what drastic measures she took to bring Josh to the show. Then, 21-year-old
       Christina says she can’t start her day without taking half a bottle of cough medicine. Her four-year
       addiction to robo-tripping is spiraling so far out of control, she fears her days are numbered. What will it
       take for Christina to kick her habit? Plus, a mom whose son died from an overdose of over-the-counter
       drugs shares her tragic story. (S/PA) 12/18/06.

10. Consumer Issues

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Consumer 10: Warranty or Waste?” So you’re purchasing new
       electronic products for yourself, your family and your children for Christmas. Should you buy the
       extended warranty? The hard sell sounds good, but buyer beware. Chuck Strickler reports. (L/N)
       11/08/06, 6pm; TRT: 1:15.

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “10 Investigates: Giving to the Greedy?” Have a soft spot in your heart
       for missing kids? You might feel the need to give money to one local charity. But when you see what our
       hidden cameras found, you might think twice about handing over your hard earned cash. 10 Investigates
       finds you might be giving to the greedy. Ted Hart reports. (L/N) 11/20/06, 6pm; TRT: 2:30.

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Shopping Secret.” No matter what you’re in the market for… jewelry,
       ladders, bikes – it’s all in one place at prices that put any discount store to shame. Where? We’ll reveal
       the shopping secret. Maureen Kocot reports. (L/N) 11/20/06, 11pm; TRT: 1:30.

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Free Antibiotics.” Meijer and Wal-Mart are offering free antibiotics to
       customers with prescriptions. Franklin University marketing professor Bruce Ramsey sees it as a
       marketing technique to lure customers into the stores to buy other products. We checked, and it’s working
       that way. Andrea Cambern reports (L/N) 10/24/06, 5:30pm; TRT:1:05.

       10TV EYEWITNESS NEWS: “Hospital Price List.” A new Ohio law says you can find how much
       hospitals charge for their services on a website, reporter Eve Mueller shows us how it works. (L/N)
       11/14/06, 6pm; TRT: 1:17.

       OPRAH WINFREY SHOW: “Nate’s $10,000 Challenge.” We are challenging Nate with a house that
       has been on the market for months and the owners must sell. With a tight budget and a tight deadline…
       from the kitchen to the garage what will Nate do? (S/PA) 11/21/06.
DR. PHIL SHOW: ““Big Spenders & Cheap Skates.” Do you spend money frivolously, or do you hold
on to every cent? Katie says when she and her husband, Joe, were dating, he wined and dined her, but
when they got married, he became so cheap that she had to buy her own wedding ring, and he refused to
take her on a honeymoon. When Katie lost over 40 pounds and wanted to buy clothes that fit, she says Joe
told her to just gain the weight back. Joe says he has to control all of Katie's spending, or they would end
up in the poorhouse. Is Joe really the penny-pincher Katie says he is, or is Katie's spending the real
problem? Next, Ericka says her friend, Carlena, has "caviar taste with a tuna fish budget," and that if she
doesn't learn to control her shopaholic ways, she'll end up on the street. Carlena says she deserves
everything she buys -- designer clothes, over 100 pairs of shoes, and the TV in her car -- even if she can't
afford them. Carlena's spending has gotten so bad, she had to move back home with her mother, Leonetta.
Leonetta joins the show via satellite with all of Carlena's possessions on her lawn. Don’t miss her
shocking ultimatum to her daughter! (S/PA) 10/20/05.

DR. PHIL SHOW: “New Orleans Scam.” First, they lost their belongings in Hurricane Katrina, then,
these guests say they paid thousands of dollars to a construction company that never made good on
contracts to repair their homes. Seventy-eight-year-old Marion says she paid $4,000 to contactors who
took her money and ran. Lean, 74, says she lost $29,000 to the same company. Julie and Robert say they
paid the same contractors almost $50,000, and Lenny, 83, says he was taken for almost twice that amount.
Does one of the contractors take responsibility in a phone showdown with Dr. Phil? Plus, Dr. Phil teams
up with some special guests to give the hurricane survivors a few surprises. (S/PA) 10/26/06.

DR. PHIL SHOW: “Dr. Phil Scam Pt. 1.” You hear about scams all the time – e-mails and voicemail
messages claiming you’ve won valuable prizes. But Dr. Phil is outraged by what some con artists are
doing to him, his family and his viewers. A group of scammers have been baiting unsuspecting viewers
with a phony 800-number, then taking their money in exchange for phone therapy sessions with Dr. Phil
and Robin. These bogus Dr. Phil staffers were asking for anywhere from $375 to $1,000 for a
One viewer, Renee, fell prey to their tricks. She wrote to Dr. Phil for advice to save her marriage, but
ended up in the middle of a major con job. Then, Robin makes a call to the scammers. It’s a conversation
you don’t want to miss! Plus, find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends private investigator Harold
Copus to set up a sting to ask some tough questions! (S/PA) 11/9/06.

DR. PHIL SHOW: “Nightmare Brides and Grooms.” Contemporary weddings have turned into five-
star productions, with couples pulling out all the stops to shine on their special day. But what happens
when the bride- or groom-to-be starts making diva-like demands? Mike and Jamie agreed to a small
Vegas wedding, but that went out the window when Jamie switched her gown three times, rented a limo to
drive her one block and upgraded her engagement ring. Mike says that Jamie also made him un-invite all
of his friends and cancelled his bachelor party! Are Jamie’s antics a hint of what’s to come in their
marriage? Then, Nastassia complains that her husband-to-be, Richard, is cheap. She says he wants her to
buy bridal flowers from the grocery store, have her mom sew her gown and even schedule the wedding
before year's end so he can get a tax write-off! Will Richard’s tightwad ways force Nastassia to call off the
wedding? (S/PA) 11/21/06.

DR. PHIL SHOW: “Spoiled and Entitled.” It's holiday time again, and parents everywhere are figuring
out how they're going to afford what's on their kids' Christmas list. Theresa is a single mother who is
extremely stressed out because she says her 17-year-old daughter, Bailie, is spoiled. Bailie expects her
mom to buy her new clothes, a computer, purses -- much more than Theresa can afford. Theresa says that
even leaves notes around the house saying, "Clean my room!" How has Theresa, who's unemployed, been
able to keep up with Bailie's demands? She reveals a dark secret that she's been keeping from everyone,
including Bailie. And what does Bailie want most from her mom that she's never gotten? Then, 24-year-
old Katie says that she's always been handed everything she wants, and if she doesn't get her way, she
begs and whines to get her dad to foot the bill. He still pays for her gas, insurance, furniture and clothing.
Now, Katie says her 4-year-old daughter is growing up to be just like her, and it's Grandpa’s fault. Plus,
Dr. Phil and Robin have signed on to be the national spokespeople for Toys for Tots. To kick off this
year's holiday toy drive, they head to Texas Motor Speedway to cheer on the UPS Store/Toys for Tots
racing team. Find out how you can win the racing suits they wore, while contributing to the Toys for Tots
Foundation at the same
time! (S/PA) 11/30/06.
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