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      ISSUE #367                                          NOVEMBER 2010                              PRINTED with SOY INK on RECYCLED PAPER   :

        We’re looking                                                                     What’s
                                                                                           the Scoop?
          for a few                                                                      • If bees could talk… 4

        good people.
                                                                                         • Angels in the garden                         6
                                                                                         • Meet Megan – our baker
                                                                                           extraordinaire 8
                                                                                         • Secrets of the flour 11
    Are you hankering to help? Do you hunger for heuristic heroism? Well, the Hon-
    est Weight’s not-for-profit “501(c)” could use your help.                             • More autumn events at
       In an effort to expand the community outreach and community education               the Co-op 14
    work which forms such an important part of the Co-op’s mission, last year we         • Holy basil! It’s Tulsi!                    16
    formed a not-for-profit corporation tasked with developing community educa-
    tion projects. If you have an interest in outreach and education, the new 501(c)
    could really use your help. We’re recruiting members with energy and imagina-
    tion to help us develop programs and to assist in carrying them out. We’re par-
    ticularly interested in people with accounting or financial management expe-
    rience, as we have an opening on the 501(c) Board of Directors for a Treasurer.
       Of course, membership hours at the Co-op will be awarded for work per-
    formed on behalf of the 501(c). If you are interested, leave a note directed to
    the attention of Bruce Huttner at the Service Desk. Include your name, member
                                                                                          at a glance
    number, and contact information so we can get                                                 by Nancy Ellegate
    back to you.                                                                        The HWFC Board of Directors met on Tues-
                                                                                        day, September 7 and Tuesday, October 5.

Sara Mapelli performs a ritual dance with 12,000 bees!                                         September Meeting
Why? (see page 4)                                                                       Strategic Staff Work Group
                                                                                        This ad hoc committee is reconvening to
                                                                                        come up with a staffing structure for the
                                                                                        new store. The Board asked for recommen-
                                                                                        dations by the beginning of December.
                                                                                        Staff Transitions
                                                                                        The Operations and Administrative Co-
                                                                                        ordinator has resigned. Division of her
                                                                                        duties and issues in the transition were
                                                                                        Plans to Sell Beer
                                                                                        The staff representative to the Board
                                                                                        asked whether plans to sell beer would re-
                                                                    One of the          quire a change in the Food and Product
                                                                    many colorful       Manual. It was noted that formal applica-
                                                                    characters in a     tions still need to be filed to pursue such
                                                                    gardener’s diary.
                                                                    (see page 6)                                 continued on page 3
the Co-op
Board of Directors
 President: Lynne Lekakis
 Vice President: Karen Roth                            The Honest Weight Food Co-op (HWFC) is an organization owned and operated
 Treasurer: Kyle Lawrence                              by its members. Its main purposes are to supply high quality natural foods at low
 Secretary: Lexa Juhre                                 cost to both members and non-members, and to bring people together through
                                                       cooperative action.
Committee Liaisons
                                                          Active HWFC members work three hours per month and receive a discount off
 Bylaws Panel                          Ned DePew       ticketed prices. Please see the Customer Service Desk for more information about
                  518-732-2117 ned@surferz.net
                                           Bill Frye   becoming a member.
        518-810-7924 nswilliamfryeiii@gmail.com           Honest Weight is currently located at 484 Central Avenue in Albany, New York, a
 Communications                    Lorrie Graham       half-block west of Partridge Street.
         518-591-0015 gramalorrie@hotmail.com
                                    Kyle Lawrence      How to contact the Co-op… Postal mail – Honest Weight Food Co-op, 484 Central Ave.,
        518-522-1201 kylewlawrence@yahoo.com           Albany NY 12206 • Phone – 518-482-2667 (482-COOP) • Email – coop@ honestweight.coop
 Finance                            Kyle Lawrence                                Website – www.honestweight.coop
        518-522-1201 kylewlawrence@yahoo.com
 Governance Review Council                 Bill Frye
        518-810-7924 nswilliamfryeiii@gmail.com
 Membership                   Jessica Allen-Hayek
                                                                Cat Sitting in
                                                                 Your Home                          GREAT GIFT
 Nominating                         Bruce Huttner
                                                                                                   Reusable Cloth Bags
                                                                      Bonded & insured             For Co-Op • Work • School • Travel
                                       Karen Roth
                518-591-0085 Karenroth@att.net                       Call Lori Doyle                         Free Shipping
 Not-for-Profit                      Bruce Huttner
                         brucehuttner@gmail.com                      518-369-0915
 Nutrition Education                   Karen Roth
                518-591-0085 Karenroth@att.net                 www.twentytoes.com
 Personnel                              Lexa Juhre
           518-462-1171 lexa@honestweight.coop
 Strategic Planning                  Lynne Lekakis
                                                                                                      Folds Securely
        518-427-7386 kaneandlekakis@gmail.com
                                       Karen Roth                                                    For Easy Storage
                518-591-0085 Karenroth@att.net
Governance Review Council
     Stu Horn, chair            stuhorn@gmail.com
Collective Management Team
     (518-482-3312 + extension)
 Member coordinator: Nate Horwitz            (x104)
 Outreach coordinator: Mariah Dahl           (x120)
 Education coordinator: Marta Goldman        (x113)
     coordinator: Jennifer Grainer           (x106)
 Finance manager: Alfred Bouchard            (x107)
 IT coordinator: Lexa Juhre                  (x101)
 Front end manager: Katie Centanni           (x109)
 Grocery managers: Nancy Reich               (x119)
 Produce manager: Nick Bauer                 (x102)
 Bulk manager: Bob Linn                      (x130)
 Cheese manager: Gustav Ericson              (x118)
 Food service manager: Nicole Bailey         (x108)

                                                                                                   Bookkeeping, Taxes, Planning &
    Articles in the Coop Scoop are                                                                           Training
    for informational purposes                                                                            Complex situations welcome.
                                                                                                             We make house calls.
    only and are not intended to
                                                                                                          Fast. Friendly. Cooperative.
    diagnose, advise and/or treat                                                                                518-365-3157
    medical conditions. Contact                                                                            Info@bookkeepingwizards.com
    your health practitioner.                                                                               PO Box 5; Malden Bridge NY
                                                                                                     For businesses, charities & individuals.

2                                                                                                                               Coop Scoop
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                                                                                               an get 1 free facial with the purchase of 2!
                                   discounts or coupons.

NEWS AT A GLANCE, from page 1
                                                                               Fundraising                                         Upcoming Meetings
Comp Time Proposal                                                             There are plans for a promotion of the              Currently, Board meetings are held on the
A proposal regarding comp time for sal-                                        Building Blocks program during Novem-               first Tuesday of each month at 5:45 pm at
aried staff has been approved by the Per-                                      ber and December.                                   the First Unitarian-Universalist Society of
sonnel committee. It was recommended                                           Positions                                           Albany, 405 Washington Avenue. These
that the Co-op’s attorney review this pro-                                                                                         arrangements change on occasion and
                                                                               The Operations and Administrative Coor-
posal before the Board considers it further.                                                                                       sometimes additional meetings are held,
                                                                               dinator position is now vacant. The Col-
New Store Preparations                                                                                                             so anyone planning to attend a meeting
                                                                               lective Management Team requested ap-
                                                                                                                                   should confirm date, time and location.
The current financial plans for the new                                         proval to hire someone to fill this position
store were reviewed. Agreements with the                                       on a temporary basis. (Long-range plans
                                                                               for store management are currently in
contractor have been approved.
Finance                                                                        development and may result in different                         Guidelines
                                                                               needs.) After discussion, it was agreed to
The Finance committee requested that                                           post the position.
all committees start thinking about their                                         There will also be a position for a Proj-
                                                                                                                                                for Coop Scoop
budget requests for the coming year. Work                                      ect Coordinator during work on the new                         article submissions
on the Co-op’s budget was to begin in                                          store. The job description has been re-                  1. You must include your NAME and PHONE
October.                                                                       viewed and approved by both the Board                    NUMBER on all submissions. Articles without a
Executive Session                                                              and the Collective Management Team.                       name and phone number will NOT be accepted.
The Board met in executive session at the                                                                                                        Submissions by e-mail are preferred.
end of the meeting.                                                                                                                      2. Article deadline is the 10th of the month,
                                                                               It was noted that committees are expect-                                           at store closing time.
             October Meeting                                                   ed to submit a report to the Board every
                                                                                                                                                3. Handwritten copy is NOT accepted
New Store                                                                      month, even if the committee has not                                            without prior approval.
                                                                               met. Committees were also reminded to
Various financing options for the new                                                                                                              4. Please e-mail your article to both
                                                                               submit their budget requests.                                             fordtrupin@verizon.net and
store were noted. When the results of the
recent appraisal are in, these can be act-                                     Finances                                                                        trupinjet@gmail.com.
ed upon.                                                                       The Finance committee reported that                         All articles are printed at the discretion of
                                                                               sales are a bit lower than expected, but                   the Editor and Editorial Board. It is a policy
                                                                               expense control has been excellent. Staff                       of the Coop Scoop only to print articles
                                                                               are working on ways of expanding sales.                                          that have been signed.
                  EXERCISE for                                                   A Finance 101 workshop will be pro-                        Work credit for articles is only available if
                                                                                                                                                     pre-approved by the Scoop Editor.
                      GOLF                                                     vided for Board members and interested
                                                                               members of the Collective Management
      and other sports specific                                                Team. This is intended to increase under-
                                                                               standing of basic financial information.             Behind the
  A holistic approach to fitness
            Jeff Grayson Miller
                                                                               Membership Meeting
                                                                               Plans were discussed for the October
                                                                               membership meeting, where elections for
                                                                                                                                   Editor: Judy Trupin          trupinjet@gmail.com
                                                                               two Governance Review Council members
                                                                               will be held.                                       Production designer:
  In-Home service / Mobile gym                                                 Executive Session
                                                                                                                                         David Ford           fordtrupin@verizon.net
                                                                                                                                   Online calendar editor: Susan Palmer 438-4344
        518-281-3772                                                           The Board met in executive session at the           Advertising rep: Kimberly Morton        330-3262
                                                                               end of the meeting.                                 Distributors: Nancy Fisher, Doug O’Conner
    www.FunctionFitness.com                                                                                                        Printer: Brigar X-Press

November 2010                                                                                                                                                                         3
A report from the Food For Thought Film Series                                                                 by Ruth Ann Smalley

Tales of the Bee
                “The bees are always telling us all kinds of things we have to learn.
                They are giving us messages, and their crisis is our crisis. Definitely.”
                             – Gunther Hauk, Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary
“What are the bees telling us?” asks         weaves through the footage, often in-           Modification, both of crops and of the
Queen of the Sun, September’s Food           terpreted for us by biodynamic farm-         honeybee queens, may also be weaken-
for Thought Film. As honeybee die-           er Gunther Hauk. In the 1920s, Stein-        ing the hives. If, as suspected, geneti-
offs continue, filmmaker Taggart Siegel       er predicted that continued industrial       cally modified plant genes are being
takes up this question with beekeepers       style beekeeping would destroy honey-        transferred to honeybee gut bacteria,
around the world. From rooftop hives         bees by the end of the 20th century. The     it is unknown how that will affect bees
in London and New York City, as well         Colony Collapse Disorder we’re seeing        and honey. The artificial insemination
as beekeepers in France, Italy, Australia    now, Hauk says, is “the bill we are get-     of queen bees drastically limits the gene
and New Zealand, the messages come           ting for all we have done to the bees.”      pool, and is believed to produce queens
in, teaching us about our shared crisis                                                   with much shorter life spans.
                                             Original Sins of Agriculture
with the honeybee, but also about the
                                             And we have done a lot to the bees.          Honeybees on Every Farm
richness of our shared history.
   Taggart’s three-year effort has result-   “Monoculture is the original sin of ag-      “Bees are telling us to become true care-
ed in a beautiful, moving, and lyrical       riculture,” asserts Michael Pollan, with     takers,” states Gunther Hauk, advising
production, full of insights from bee-       huge repercussions for pollinators.          us that “the honeybee belongs on ev-
keepers, many of whom are organic or         When nothing grows but almond trees          ery farm.” This sentiment was shared
biodynamic. We also hear from an en-         for miles, honeybees must be trucked in      by the panel of beekeepers, and the en-
tomologist, a biochemist, a philosopher      just for the pollinating season. No oth-     couraging number of beekeepers in the
and a playwright, with cameo appear-         er bee forage exists to support them af-     audience.
ances from Michael Pollan and Van-           ter the bloom. In America, according to        The panelists were all involved in ed-
dana Shiva. We see honeybees at work         Pollan, up to three quarters of all honey-   ucation, along with maintaining their
interacting with flowers and beekeepers       bees are transported thousands of miles      hives. Ron Breland, a beekeeper in West
interacting with their hives.                to pollinate almond monocultures.            Nyack, runs an organic nursery and
   Philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s power-          Then there are the pesticides, because    bee sanctuary, with an annex in Hud-
ful indictment of modern beekeeping          monocultures act as pest magnets. En-        son. Breland is experimenting with hive
                                             tomologist May Berenbaum cites a class       design, and stewarding a hive for the
                                             of pests, called neonicotinoids, that        children at the Rockland Country Day
                                             may be particularly damaging: “Bees
                                             are vulnerable because they are built to
                                             pick up small particles, and they don’t      Gunther Friedmann, Demeter Biodynamic
                                             have the ability to break down toxins.”      beekeeper, keeps his bees outside of Stuttgart,
                                             While French beekeepers successfully         Germany.
                                             lobbied to ban neonicotinoids, they are
                                             still in use elsewhere.
                                                Along with monoculture, migration
                                             and pesticides, we’ve added mites and
                                             modification to the honeybee stress
                                             load. Blood-sucking mites have become
                                             a serious infestation, spreading easily
                                             as bees from all over the globe are im-
                                             ported to pollination sites. David Heaf,
                                             a British biochemist, cautions that the
                                             tendency to treat honeybees with mi-
                                             ticides is “going against natural selec-
                                             tion” and will likely produce stronger
                                             mites and weaker bees. He is experi-
                                             menting with special hives, in which he
                                             lets “bee and mite co-evolve.”

4                                                                                                                        Coop Scoop
                                                            Food For Thought: An Evening of Socially Relevant Cinema is co-spon-
                                                              sored by Honest Weight and WAMC/Northeast Public Radio. Along with a
                                                                   documentary film, the monthly event features food samples from the
   School. Dan Kerwood, of the Southern                                     Co-op and a panel discussion highlighting social, political,
                                                                                      environmental and community issues. Next up:
   Adirondack Beekeepers Association,
   says he is “educating, trying to replace
   fear with knowledge,” and Kerry Grefig
   has worked with a hive for the Center
   for Discovery, a non-profit center for in-
   dividuals with disabilities.
      The panelists also brought good
   news. Kerry Grefig said their hives have
   done well without mite treatment: “We
   let the mites and bees duke it out.” Dan
   Kerwood works mostly with wild bees,
   who seem to be making more of a come-

                                               November 18

                                               Big Business of Bottled Water
                                               Is access to clean drinking water a basic human right, or an article of commerce
                                               to be bought and sold? Tapped is an unflinching, behind-the-scenes look at an
                                               unregulated industry that aims to privatize and sell back to us a resource that
                                               should never become a commodity: Our Water. From plastic bottles to the oceans
                                               where so many of them end up, this inspiring documentary follows the trail of
                                               bottled water, and portrays communities caught at the intersection of big business
                                               and the public good.
                                               All screenings at The Linda, WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio, 339 Central Ave., Albany.
                                               6pm reception, 7pm film. More info and tickets ($6): www.wamcarts.org/artsched.html, or
                                               call 518-465-5233 ext4.

Massimo Carpinteri, a Slow Foods Beekeeper,
keeps his bees in Piedmont, Italy.

   back, as he fields more calls from folks
   who want him to come and remove
   wild hives from their property. For him,
   “the biggest thing is the monoculture.”
   As he notes, “my bees bordering Amish
   farms do fantastic.”
      What would it take to get honey-
   bees on every farm? That’s a ques-
   tion we could all be considering. Ker-
   wood told the audience that if you have
   land, many beekeepers would be hap-
   py to place a hive there. Hauk sees it as
   a “more pressing problem than climate
   change,” even quoting Rudolf Steiner:
   “Everybody should be interested in bee-
   keeping—our lives depend on it.”

   November 2010                                                                                                                    5
A Gardener’s Diary…                                                                                                                 by Julie Harrell

This farm tale starts, like many a mod-                                                                     itworks Botanica, which moved to way
ern farm tale, with a phone call. My good                                                                   out in Latham near the Toyota dealer, so

friend and sister Wendy called from Cali-                                                                   I could get the proper white candles from
fornia with a simple request: Would I be                                                                    a sacred store. This is during a big rain-
willing to create a small five-day altar                                                                     storm so I didn’t go check the garden. On
consisting of an apple, a white candle and                                                                  the way back my 50-year-old brain is try-
fresh white flowers, and continue her an-                                                                    ing to conjure flowers for the angel altar

gel blessing prayer for three people across                                                                 which was to be located inside the tipi if
the continent? Well, my first reaction was,                                                                  and when this slacker ever made it hap-
sure, I’ll do it for my friend. Wendy works                                                                 pen. I go home, go to sleep and dream
hospice, and her elders seemed to live for                                                                  that a sweet, wonderful, unnamed person

                                                              the Lone
years once she begins their care. Every                                                                     gave me white flowers specifically for the
time I went to Wendy’s house in Stinson                                                                     angel blessing. I woke up knowing I had
Beach, I always heard bells from some-                                                                      white flowers coming to me. Even though
where out there. My only real concern                                                                       three days had gone by since the angel

was, where in the heck would I ever find                                                                     blessing request, it was going to happen
the requisite white flowers? It’s officially                                                                  soon. While driving (I get my best in-
fall and o’dark thirty here in upstate New                                                                  sights driving evidently) I realize that the
York. I kind of figured all the white flowers                                                                 other plant volunteers, five beautiful nico-
have faded. I have never bought flowers,                                                                     tania sylvestrious tobacco plants who ap-
preferring to grow them myself (cheap-
er!). Still, I was committed to somehow
finding a way to make this happen with-
out a visit to the flower store. Did I take a
really close look at what was growing in
my gardens? Of course not.
   While I’m waiting for my miraculous
white flowers to appear out of thin air so I
can do this very special angel blessing for
a really old friend, the lone pumpkin in
our yard finally turned a beautiful shade
of orange. This big mambo pumpkin be-
gan life as an unwanted seedling in an
otherwise nasturtium, garlic and carrot
                                                        pumpkin appeared. This pumpkin got so               peared this summer in the asparagus
bed. I saw the little leaf peek out and at
                                                        big that we were all amazed that it man-            beds, would provide me with numerous
first had no idea what plant it was, but de-
                                                        aged to stay on the side of the cattle pan-         fresh white trumpet flowers. These volun-
                          cided since it ap-
                                                        el hoop trellis. The tenacity was amazing,          teers started out as two little plants from
                          peared     relative-
                                                        and made us wonder what was holding it              the Co-op Garden Shop years ago. Why
                          ly near the cattle
                                                        on. Finally, after close inspection, we real-       I never looked in the garden for these
                          panel hoop trellis,
                                                        ized that it was also growing a thick vine          white flowers is beyond my understand-
                          I’d go ahead and
                                                        to accommodate its, well, hind quarters.            ing. I assumed the flowers were all gone
                          see what it sprout-
                                                        The big mambo volunteer pumpkin came                but, in fact, they were waiting to become
                          ed. Pretty soon we
                                                        into the world on its own volition, almost          part of a five-day angel blessing for three
                          had lovely flowers
                                                        got weeded, then against all odds, grew             people.
                          that looked kind of
                                                        its own support system. That’s pretty po-              And the pumpkin stands alone, with its
                          squash like, then
                                                        etic, and certainly fits into the cooperative        strong support system holding the world
                          all of a sudden a
                                                        model of living.                                    steady. Blessings to you all this fall. May
                          beautiful     mon-
                                                           Meanwhile, I’m still wondering what to           we who remain close to the Earth always
                          ster green striped
                                                        do for white flowers. I drove to Ada’s Spir-         be fed.

Naturopathy – Korey DiRoma, ND
Naturopathic Medicine Without Compromise                                               Mary J. Scott, MA, RYT500
                       At the Center, Dr. Diroma can offer the full                 Certified Structural Yoga™ Therapist
                       spectrum of diagnostic & laboratory testing to
                       optimize treatment plans for his patients.
                       Free 15 minute phone consultation
                                                                                   . Private Yoga Therapy                  . Yoga for the Heart ® Class
                                                                                   .Yoga Classes                           . Mind-Body programs
                        The Center for Integrative Health & Healing
                        388 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar, NY • 689-2244 • www.cihh.net    Classes and Yoga Therapy at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital
                                 Ronald L. Stram, MD, Medical Director
                         Healing Happens at the Center

6                                                                                                                                        Coop Scoop
                                         Office or Retail Space for Rent
                                                 540 Delaware Ave., Albany NY
                                             1,200 sq. ft. in a renovated neighborhood
                                                   owned commercial building
                                      ▪ Convenient lively location       ▪ Parking
                                      ▪ Handicap accessible              ▪ Excellent neighbors
                                      ▪ Lots of light                    ▪ Perfect for office

                                               Call 432-0516 for more info. & showing.

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November 2010                                                                                    7
Co-op Worker Profile                                                                     by Hope Perlman

 Who bakes those yummy
 muffins, breads and treats you find in
 the bakery case every day? Well, for the
                                              M E G A N
 last five months, Megan Meduna has
 shared the job with Donna Quinn. Me-
 gan works four days a week, waking up
                                             M E D U N A
 when most of us are still dreaming, and
 concocting the baked goods sold in the
 HWFC’s Deli.
    Originally from the Albany area, Me-
 gan took a circuitous route back home.
 She grew up in East Berne, and earned
 her associate in culinary arts at the
 Culinary Institute of America in Hyde
 Park. As an internship, Megan worked
 for six months at Esalen Institute in Big
 Sur (Calif.), taking classes in exchange
 for a small salary and room-and-board.
 Eventually she moved to Hawaii, where
 she honed her skills in the industrial
 kitchen of a large hotel and in a small,
 privately owned bakery.
    Megan found Hawaii beautiful, but
 ultimately missed her family and life
 back east. She returned home, and after
 a stint in a Mediterranean restaurant,      an favorites is her zucchini-ricotta muf-
 found herself at HWFC.                      fin, which she says is a “spin-off” of her
    Honest Weight feels like a natural fit    mother’s recipe for zucchini pancakes.
 for Megan. Her mother was an organ-         Before she leaves every afternoon, Me-
 ic farmer and does aroma therapy for        gan plans what to make the next day,
 family and friends.                         and prepares her wet and dry ingredi-
    Megan loves the Wellness depart-         ents so they will be ready to mix the
 ment, joking, “I like to be clean and       next morning. Every day she plans
 pretty.” She grew up using natural          two gluten-free and three or four veg-
 soaps and shampoos, and enjoys exper-       an muffins, a dairy muffin, and two
 imenting with all the new products she      breads.
 finds here. She especially likes Giovan-        Outside of work, Megan enjoys the
 ni shampoo.                                 outdoors. She ran cross-country in high
    Asked what she likes about work-         school and still enjoys regular long-dis-
 ing at the HWFC, Megan says, “I get to      tance runs. A member of the Albany
 be creative.” Part of her work is to look   Running Exchange, she participates in
 up new recipes, or invent them. She         the occasional race. One day she would
 has been particularly interested in in-     like to compete in a triathlon. When
 creasing her repertoire of gluten free      she isn’t running, Megan likes to hike
 baked goods, because there is a large       with her dog and hopes one day soon to
 demand for them. One of her non-veg-        hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

 8                                                                                             Coop Scoop
                   A cooperative fundraising effort of 22 nonprofits
                  providing you with a way to help your community
                   and promote economic justice and social change
                      through workplace giving. SEFA # 497
                   518-482-4546     www.communityworksnys.org


                                             • Targeted Amino Acid Therapy
                                             • Women's Hormonal Issues
                                             • Nutritional Counseling
                                             • Mindfulness Based and
                                             • Psychodynamic Counseling

                                               Board Certified • 518-439-6003
                                            Slingerlands & Saratoga Springs, NY

                                    FUNKY DESIGNS FOR THE BODY AND THE HOME

                                                                      HANDMADE JEWELRY & work by local artists

                                                                      20% OFFone regularly priced item*
                                                                      *excludes custom orders, repairs and sale items. Expires 12/24/10

                                                                       GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT SELECTION
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                                                                       1ST FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH
 Photo: Leif Zurmuhlen

                                                                       Eve Halloran—collage story boxes

                                                                      229 LARK STREET, ALBANY, NY 12210
                                                                       518 432-7090 • www.ehdesigns.com

November 2010                                                                                                                             9
                                      in collaboration with Extrapolating TheaterWorks

                                      Bring us your project… Any size, any budget
                                             theatrical & dance •    • digital video production
                                        weddings/special events •    • on-location video/audio
                                           training & education •    • video/rehearsal studio
                                                artist promotion •   • graphic design
                                       fordtrupin @verizon.net • 518-489-6392 • 718-704-9428

     • Angels/Woodstock Chimes/Sage

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10                                                                                    Coop Scoop
Little Known Facts About Some Flours in Bulk
“Pumpernickel.” A comment made by the son of the              by Lisa   Vines      op: dark rye, barley, white spelt, whole spelt, Mt. Mar-
founder of Champlain Valley Milling, Inc. about the                                cy white bread, Meadow all purpose white with germ,
possible origin of the word “pumpernickel” led to some interest-        whole wheat pastry, and whole wheat bread flours.
ing insights. The real origin of the word might be related to Teu-         Champlain Valley Milling is the largest organic mill in the
tonic scatological humor instead of to Franco-Teutonic rivalry.         Northeast. They focus on organic flours, some of which almost
The two possible etymologies share, however, an acknowledg-             beg to be called “heirloom.” What do I mean by “heirloom?”
ment that European pumpernickel bread can be a challenge to             Some of these flours originate from grains that have not only ex-
some human digestive systems. (Sigh. To use a common phrase:            isted but have been also harvested by humans for millennia.
Just “google it” to get the full story.)                                   And, many of the flours in the Bulk section of the Co-op that
   And why would the son of Champlain Valley Milling be inter-          have the special “local product” label are from Champlain Val-
ested in the origin of the word “pumpernickel”? Champlain Val-          ley Milling. Those concerned about buying locally grown foods
ley Milling, Inc. offers organic pumpernickel rye, as well as many      should consider spelt, because it is a grain that grows in our cli-
of the other organic flours available in the Bulk section of the Co-     mate. This is a tough climate for grains we normally associate
                                                                        with bread and baked goods. Studies are underway to investigate
                                                                        the possibility of growing more winter wheat here. Winter wheat
menus at ellocomexicancafe.com    Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly           is planted in August and harvested almost a year later, in July.
       ing                            Special gluten-free menu             Organic, heirloom, local… What else does this company have
   er v- Sun
 S es                                                                   going for it? …Add family-run.
 Tu                                                   “EL PATIO”           Champlain Valley Milling is a family-run company founded in
                                                        is OPEN         1885, when Sam Sherman and his sister Anne Moisan bought the
                                                                        Champlain Valley Seed Growers, a local seed co-op in the West-
                                                                        port area. Located on the New York side of Lake Champlain, the
                                                                        company is run by the family and three employees (and is, as
                                                                        noted above, the largest organic mill in the Northeast).
                                                                           A bit about some of the different flours:
                                                                        Rye. Coarse rye meal is commonly called “pumpernickel” flour.
                                                                        Regular rye flour, however, consists of only the endosperm and
                                                                        not the outer layers of bran and germ. Champlain Valley Mill-
                                                                        ing’s rye flours come from South Dakota.
                   465 Madison Ave. Albany                              Spelt. Spelt (triticum spelta) is an ancient grain. Along with emmer
                  (between Lark and the Park) 436-1855                  and einkorn, it has been cultivated for thousands of years. Rich

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                           and healthy neighborhoods through:
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                           Down Payment Assistance/Grants                Geothermal Heat Pumps               48 Clove Road
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                           Foreclosure Prevention Assistance
255 Orange Street                                                        Comfort Zoning Radiant              Fax: 732-0410
                                   Landlord Training
Albany, NY 12210                                                         Heating Systems                     E-mail: crhvac@nycap.rr.com
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www.ahphome.org                                                                       Website: chuckrussoheatandair.com
                               101 and other free classes.

                                                                                                              Offering classes in: Iyengar
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                                                                                                              Vinyasa Flow, Kripalu Yoga ,
                                                                                                              Kirtan and Dance

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                                                                                Call: Gerry 438-2557
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                     Whole Wheat Bread
Our very dear friend Pete Spoor came              Add 3 tablespoons of the melted
for dinner one night with a loaf of de-           butter, another ¹⁄₃ cup honey, and a
licious whole wheat bread. I have                 bit of salt to the mixture. Stir; then
searched for the recipe and this is the           add 2 cups of whole wheat flour.
closest I’ve found. The recipe is from:           Knead, using more whole wheat flour
http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/simple-whole-        if necessary. Place into a greased
wheat-bread/Detail.aspx.                          bowl, turning to cover all surfaces
                                                  with butter/grease of choice.
  3 cups warm water
                                                  Cover with a towel and let rise in a
  1 TBS yeast
                                                  warm place. When double in size,
  ²⁄₃ cup honey
                                                  the dough should be punched down
  5 cups Mt. Marcy bread flour                     and divided into three loaves. Place
  5 TBS melted butter                             each into greased 9×5-inch loaf pans.
  Salt                                            Cover and let rise again—about an
  3½ cups whole wheat flour                        hour.
  Mix water, yeast, and ¹⁄₃ cup honey in          Set oven to 350° and bake for 25–
  a large bowl. Add 5 cups bread flour             30 minutes. If desired, brush melted
  and stir. Let sit 30 minutes. It should         butter on top of baked bread to
  get bubbly.                                     prevent crust from hardening.

in niacin and fiber, with more nutritional
value than its common wheat cousin and
close in value to oats, it is a wise choice for
people concerned with high cholesterol.
Spelt protein is easier for some people to
digest than wheat protein. Spelt can be
used in flour and baked goods to replace
soft red winter wheat. It has a slightly
nutty flavor and is known as farro in Italy.
Champlain Valley Milling’s spelt is grown
in New York state, so it certainly qualifies
as a local product. White spelt is lighter in
flavor and color than the whole spelt.
Pastry Flour. Pastry flour, as the name
indicates, is intended for pastries and oth-
er baked goods that need a tender crumb.
It has less protein than bread flour and
more starch. Whole wheat pastry flour
isn’t as granular as regular whole wheat
flour, so it’s an easier substitute for regu-
lar white flour in recipes.
Bread Flour. Bread flour contains high-
er levels of protein than regular flour. This
protein develops into gluten when yeast
bread is kneaded, capturing the bubbles
of carbon dioxide produced by the fer-
menting yeast. Mt. Marcy bread flour is
named for—yes—the highest peak in the
                                                    Integrative Medicine &
state of New York.
Etcetera. Champlain Valley Milling, Inc.
is also working on a frika mix, which is
                                                    Holistic Primary Care
a combination of frika (a form of green
spelt), basmati rice, emmer (an ancient              a sensible approach to your health
grain, perhaps older than spelt) and rye.
It is prepared like a rice and served as a
side dish.
Sources                                              Ronald L. Stram, MD
Science of Cooking: Ask the                          Jennifer Enos, ANP-BC
  Inquisitive Cooks, available at
“Spelt—What is it?” at www.spelt.com
“Spelt,” available at www.hort.purdue.                                    The Center for Integrative Health & Healing
  edu/newcrop/afcm/spelt.html                                               388 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar, NY • 689-2244 • www.cihh.net

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                      A Safe, Drug-Free Treatment for:

                * ADD/ADHD                        * Migraine headaches
                * Age-related memory loss         *PTSD
                * Anxiety                         * Seizure disorders
                * Autistic spectrum disorders     * Stroke
                * Barriers to peak performance * Depression
                * Bipolar disorder                *Insomnia
                * Chronic pain                    * Chronic fatigue
                                 *Traumatic brain injury

                      Neurofeedback teaches your brain
                               to heal itself!

                         For more information contact :
                              Cindy Perlin, LCSW
                                 (518) 439-6431

                                            Solar. Thermal. Wind

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      For class descriptions and to check the calendar online, visit
      www.hwfceducation.wordpress.com.                                                           NOVEMBER AT THE CO-OP
                                                                                              All services, workshops, and classes offered at
                                                                                                      HWFC are free and open to the public.
 Aqua Chi                                      Math Tutoring
     Saturdays, 2:15–5:15 pm                      Fridays, 6–8 pm                             Traditional Music Jam
     This treatment uses ionization to            Math students of all levels are
                                                                                                 Every Sunday, 4:30–7 pm
     detox the body through the pores of          welcome to drop in for free math help.
     the feet.                                                                                   Join this acoustic round-robin style
                                               Reflexology                                        music jam with your traditional
 Chair Massage                                    With Daniel Kunuria.                           instrument. Musicians of all skill
     With Paul Jenson. Fridays, 2–5 pm             Mondays, 2–5 pm                               levels are welcome!
     With Karden Rabin. 11/16. 6–8 pm             With Laura Lee Ross.                        Trash to Treasure with
     Sign up ahead of time in the store or         Fridays, 8 am–12 noon
     stop by to see if there’s an opening.        Promote better healthy by
                                                                                               Peggy Steinbach
                                                  manipulating pressure points in the            11/28. 1–3 pm
 Energy Medicine                                  feet. Sign up ahead of time—these              Help rescue materials that would have
  with Ruth Ann Smalley                           appointments go fast!                          ended up in our landfills and create
     11/7. 1–4:30 pm                                                                             some interesting treasures—this class
     11/14. 9 am–12 noon
                                               Reiki with Jeanne-Marie                           is a lot of fun!
     Learn to use your body’s energy to live      Thursdays, 11 am–2 pm
                                                  Traditional, 20-minute Reiki sessions.
                                                                                              Yo Ba Chi Gung
     a longer, healthier life.
                                                                                                 Saturdays, 12:30–2 pm
 Knit & Stitch                                 Reiki & Tarot                                     Join Tim Stoddard on a gentle journey
     Fridays, 12 noon–2 pm                      with Cynthia Reed                                toward health and vitality. Limited
     Knitters, sewers and crocheters of all       Thursdays, 9–11 am                             class size—sign up ahead of time!
     levels are welcome. Bring your work or       A short Tarot session will determine        Please note that all classes and
     come in with a problem to solve!             how you can benefit most from using          workshops are cancelled from
                                                  Reiki for healing.                          November 20 through November 24.

Statements, representations or recommendations made by or conduct of the presenter represent the views and opinions of the presenter only. They
do not represent the viewpoint, endorsement or position of the Honest Weight Food Co-op, its Board of Directors or its employees. Honest Weight
Food Co-op disclaims any responsibility or liability for the statements, representations or recommendations and/or conduct of any presenter.

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                                                                                                       Focus on Herbs
                                                                                                               by Lynne Latella

      The Queen of Herbs
 Meaning “matchless” or “incompara-
 ble one” in Sanskrit, Holy Basil, or Tul-
 si, has held the status of Queen of Herbs
 throughout the ages. It is the most im-
 portant and sacred herb in the Hindu
 religion and has been successfully used
 by Ayurvedics for centuries to treat re-
 spiratory ailments, digestive and skin
 disorders, dental problems and many
 other health issues.
    Not to be confused with the pungent
 culinary herb, Tulsi is used in formu-
 las to treat malaria, the common cold,
 stomach disorders, heart disease, head-
 aches, food poisoning, inflammation,
 bronchitis and asthma. The essential
 oil is used in cosmetics and skin prep-
 arations because of its antibacterial
 properties. For centuries, Tulsi leaves     ing insect bites, healing infections and       of caffeine, thus reducing the jittery
 have been mixed with grains to repel        treating certain skin conditions. It has       side effects.
 insects.                                    been shown that Tulsi can counter-           • Oregon’s Wild Harvest Happy Tea
    Modern research has shown that Holy      act halitosis and help maintain den-           – Stress formula that contains Tulsi,
 Basil contains powerful anti-stressor       tal health. In its powdered form, it has       passionflower, chamomile, skullcap
 properties more potent than those con-      been used as toothpaste to clean teeth         and lavender.
 tained in ginseng. It has been suggested    and strengthen gums.                         • Oregon’s Wild Harvest Holy Basil
 that chewing 12 Holy Basil leaves twice        New studies indicate that Tulsi may         Tea Blend – Available in bulk.
 a day can relieve stress. It may also be    help to stabilize blood sugar, thereby
 effective as a pain reliever, anti-inflam-                                                • New Chapter Supercritical Holy
                                             being useful for diabetic conditions.
 matory agent and as treatment for fun-                                                     Basil – The active molecules in these
                                             However, results aren’t conclusive. Un-
 gal and bacterial infections. Compo-                                                       capsules promote a health response
                                             fortunately, most research has been
 nents in this herb contain anti-oxidant                                                    to inflammation and elevate the
                                             performed solely on animals, so appli-
 properties which help neutralize free                                                      spirits.
                                             cations for humans cannot be totally
 radicals.                                                                                • Oregon’s Wild Harvest Capsules
                                             verified at this point. However, centu-
    Taken internally and applied topical-    ries of effective use by Indian herbalists   • Gaia Adrenal Health – Contains
 ly, this herb has been useful in sooth-     and its revered place in medicinal his-        Tulsi, rhodiola, ashwaganda, wild
                                             tory may indicate that its healing prop-       oats, schizandra to support a healthy
                                             erties are very real.                          adrenal function.
To advertise in the                             As an adaptogen, Tulsi is helpful in      • Gaia Holy Basil Capsules
Coop Scoop…                                  balancing various body functions and         • New Chapter Zyflamend Softgels
                                             alleviating stress, anxiety and depres-        – Contains Holy Basil, turmeric,
  Prices for camera-ready ads are: $25       sion. The Co-op carries a variety of teas      rosemary, ginger, green tea, Hu
for our smallest 1-column size; $50          and health preparations that include           Zhang, oregano, skullcap, barberry,
for ¼-page; $90 for ½-page; $130 for
                                             the healing benefits of Tulsi. Some of          balkal and Chinese golden thread
a full page — with several other sizes
and prices in between.
                                             the products are as follows:                   for help with inflammation, and
  One free ad is provided with ads pre-      • Organic India Tulsi Tea – Support            cardiovascular and joint function.
paid for a year. Ready-to-print artwork        for stress, depression and anxiety.        Although Holy Basil is well tolerat-
must be submitted by the 15th of the           The varieties include the Original         ed in most people, those who are preg-
month preceding publication.                   formula, Lemon Ginger, Green Tea,          nant, nursing or trying to conceive
  For more information about Coop              Pomegranate Green, Chai Masala             should not take this herb. It also should
Scoop advertising, contact Kimberly            and Vanilla Crème. Although some           be avoided by those who are taking
Morton at kimberly_morton@hotmail.                                                        anti-coagulants.
                                               of these are blended with black or
com, or (518) 330-3262.
                                               green tea, Tulsi moderates the effects

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