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									Speculation about the official name for the iPhone 5

We will soon see the launch of iPhone more apples. Currently, we do not know what this phone is called,
but what the title takes you can be sure it will soon become one of the phones sold in 2011. For the
purposes of this work we refer to the model as the iPhone 5. Here we look at common names of this new
model, along with some other rumors that have circulated recently about his release.

Logic dictates that the new Apple device will be called iPhone 5, since the last phone was the iPhone 4.
There are a few suggestions, however, that this can not be the title given to this new phone. Some
reports suggest that Apple might choose to name your iPhone 4S. The S was introduced in the iPhone
3G when it was updated and set to the "speed" that the device was a much more rapid than its
predecessor. Given that the new iPhone is likely to include new A5 Apples chipset we will see a
significant increase in performance speed tanks for dual-core processor it uses. Does this mean that
theiPhone 5 can actually become the 4S iPhone, especially since many of the phones features such as
screen resolution of the retina remain unchanged? Another possibility, though one quite likely that the
phone can be dubbed the iPhone 4G. For this name for the job however, the phone would have to
operate in ultra-fast 4G mobile network that is unlikely. Some countries like the UK also does not support
such a network so this name is the least likely to be used. Of course the other possibility may be called to
your very obviousiPhone 5. This will join seamlessly with the operating system release IOS5 apples. The
main reason why this name can not be used is if Apple is planning a major launch next spring and may
want to keep hold of the name so far, this has been rumored, but now there is any concrete information.

Are likely to see the iPhone in the U.S. 5launched about 21 October, which is about a month away. It
remains to be seen whether the UK will see a release today, or whether we will see that introduced a
couple of weeks later. There are plenty of reasons to believe that we will see a launch in October of this
phone. Pre-Orders are being taken in the United States since the first of October, while Sprint, one of the
major networks Americas, have canceled the licenses of staff during this period. The recent drop in the
price of the iPhone 4 suggests that a new model launch is imminent and highly anticipated operating
system has been conveniently IOS5 delayed to coincide with the new model. One thing we can be sure of
is that every time Apple decided to launch this model we can expect the same levels of interest they had
experienced in recent years launched theiPhone 4.

The iPhone 5 is sure to inject new life into a mobile market has been dominated by the Galaxy Samsung
S2 in recent months. Expect to see a patient consumers lining the street outside the Apple store soon.

The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the iPhone 4 is available

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