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									          IFLA Transparency, Good Governance and Freedom from
        Corruption Workshop, 28 February 2011, Canberra, Australia

           Report Back of Group Work & Final Recommendations

7. Session Five: Group Work: Building on existing library practice

Discussed clause 3 of the Transparency Manifesto:

Librarians should reassert their role in educating citizens by developing strong collections and
facilitating access to information on philosophical and socio/economic/political topics.

Define the mandate of Parliament:

        Legislation: make and approve laws
        Oversight
        Governance

Clientele of the library

        MPs
        Staff
        Executive
        Civil Society Organisations
        Public

Establish User Information Needs

        Laws
        Parliamentary reports
        Commission of Enquiry reports
        Budget reports
        Parliamentary procedures
        Constitutions, Conventions, Agreements, Treaties, etc.
        Policies and Bills
        Newspapers

Assessment of existing collections

        User survey
        User statistics
        Unmet requests

Checklist for existing collection
    a) Authors/Publishers
            IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union)
            CPU (Commonwealth Parliamentary Union)
            APPU (Asian-Pacific Parliamentarian’s Union)
            SADC (Southern African Development Community)
            ADB (Asian Development Bank / African Development Bank)
            WBI (World Bank Institute)
            USP (University of the South Pacific)
            Pacific Islands Forum
            IMF (International Monetary Fund)
            Academia
            CSO’s (Civil Society Organisations)
    b) Subjects covered by the libraries
        Governance
        Environment
        Corruption
        Gender
        Taxes
        Accountability
        Human Rights
        Politics
        Economy
        Socio-culture/economic
    c) Formats of material
            Electronic
            Hardcopy
            Reports
            Information Packs
            Audio-visuals
    d) Internet Marketing Tools for library
            Social networks
            Website
            Email
            SMS
            PacLII (Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute)

Discussed clause 6 of the Transparency Manifesto:

Training should be organised for librarians and users in the use of the type of information that will
improve citizens’ understanding of the FOI and anti-corruption laws and assist them in the pursuit of
their rights and entitlements
Training of Librarians

       Content – Laws, computer literacy
       Trainers (include government representatives too) – A community of trainers reinforces the
       Techniques – Civic education, work through Associations as partners with government and

Citizens / Users

       As for Librarians plus
            o Digital divide
            o Physical divide
            o Trainers – the same as for Librarians plus librarians as advocates
            o Parliamentary librarians also have a role to play through public outreach to make
                 citizens more aware


Discussed Clause 7 of the Transparency Manifesto:

Libraries should collect information materials issued by official bodies, particularly those that deal
with citizens’ rights and entitlements. They should seek to make information that is issued by official
bodies more comprehensible and accessible (through indexes, abstracts, search support, etc). They
should also organise digitisation and other preservation programmes for official information relating
to laws, rights and entitlements, and facilitate access to existing databases of these types of


       Publishing in media
       Legislation and Government Gazette
       Parliamentary Papers
       Distribution Lists


       Civic education
       Different languages
       Simplified language


       Public/Community/School libraries
       Websites with links
       Radio
       Hard copy
        Community Outreach programmes

Discussed clause 8 of the Transparency Manifesto:

Libraries should be made available as venues for the promotion of information rights (through
posters and other publicity methods) and librarians should seek to raise awareness of the right to

Bring Parliament to the People

Problem with Parliamentary Library as a physical venue BUT:

    1.   Parliament Open Day
    2.   Regional Parliament
    3.   Civics Education
    4.   Road Shows

8. Session Six: Campaigning

The purpose of this section is to make sure that the participants leave with specific ideas and

Recommendations for Parliamentary Libraries

    1. Create an integrated working relationship between Library, Research, ICT Committees in
       parliament in order that they work together to pursue issues of transparency, anti-
       corruption and FoI.
    2. Library must make all Parliamentary Reports accessible to the public in order to achieve
       transparency and accountability.
    3. The status of the library should be elevated so that when you request reports from
       Ministries & Departments it does not meet resistance.
    4. Create a hotline between the public and the library for public participation in oversight
    5. The Library should collect/make available information about corruption and how to combat

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