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									Yamaha SZ-X Review and Features

Yamaha used as relative terms of male power, speed and performance. Company bears the original DNA
of the powerful sports bikes and over and over again comes with improved clones. Now, Yamaha offers
surprisingly robust born 'Yamaha SZ-X "has been designed very well and has high-tech sophistication.

The bike comes with innovative graphics and the whole body black with colored fibers from the bottom.
However, the fuel tank SZ-X is not huge, but still have a higher retention capacity. The double sheath
design of the front console of the machine consists of a white speedometer calibrated up to 140kmph
optimistic, an odometer, indicator of 'N' Neutral green, a huge fuel gauge right next to the taco.

The console has a number of other resources such as flashing light side, top plate, table with basic light
button, superior / rocker button, choke lever, side flashing lights, horn, near the left hand and a crank
handle on the right side. SZ-X is smaller than the other bikes 150cc segment. SZ-X is available in two
variants: Yamaha SZ-X 150 and the premium variant Yamaha SZ-X, which is offered in Red / Black and
Metallic Red / Black / Grey, colors, respectively. The basic difference between these two variants is SZ-X
has electric start simple and SZ-X 150 comes with kick starter only.

The bike has been driven by the 153cc engine produces peak power of torque at 7500rpm and maximum
12.1ps 1.2Nm. Although no aggregation engine, we can expect from any other 150cc bike. The pick-up,
mileage (50kmpl) and traction of the bike is quite impressive. The comfort is added by the seat padding
provides good support for the thighs with the perfect driving position.

Yamaha SZ-X price that will make you happy with figures at affordable prices. The performance and
features offered for the price of feeling good. You can get the updated version of Yamaha SZ-X through
any Yamaha SZ-X price review or online. Revisions are made to understand the dark side and bright all
of the bike.

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