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oyota Innova Crysta lasts


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									Toyota Innova Crysta lasts only 1000 units

In Toyota folklore, the Innova is having great piece of cake and demand to continue in a forward march of
time, brilliant minds again company has introduced few new words with new name, ie Innova Crysta. This
is the limited edition one to which the company has put in place to continue its double-digit growth in 2011
and will run up the file. RS 13.13 lakh price tag is its presentation which is available at outlets of Toyota.

For her makeover, the experience of Toyota Motors fashioners chosen color shade new "super white" is
the face of solidarity among the members of the family Toyota. They have worked tremendously hard on
this project and only through strenuous efforts Innova wheels come too aggressive. And a new one that
have made changes only in appearance, and not feeling so well done. Now, smoked alloy wheels, new
side graphics, rear roof spoiler and chrome muffler tip to wrap the outside becomes a part of it.

The new Toyota Innova Crysta intellectual Interior also rises with the feeling of contact recreation. Now
that you have covered the assembly of two-tone leather seating, wood dash panels and new floor mats
for Upgradation who seems well, that the occupation. However, its creators have set their availability in
only 1,000 units and then, once again, the keys to an innovative Innova jingle in your hands. Therefore, if
your legs are speedaholic and you are thinking about their own truck, then this is the best right
opportunity for you to go home with the new Innova.

Just as before, the expert hands of the Japanese engineers have installed Innova Crysta with 2.5 liters
diesel engine that is to meet individually with the BS III and IV emission standards BS. Support for green
standards should be green highway driving in India are already suffering from pollution-filled discs.
Therefore, innovative standard BS IV is best for his great contribution to the environment green.

Currently, Innova is in the range of higher sales in the SUV segment in the domestic market and give
considerable challenges and Aria Tata Mahindra Xylo. In fact, it's okay to say that it is deprived of their
participation in the lawsuits. But to their customers, these feelings feel good about the unit most active
and worthy price tags.

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