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5.701 Substitute Teachers


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									5.701 Substitute Teachers                                                                             Policy
Original Adoption: 01/27/61                                                           Effective Date: 10/16/06
Revision Dates: 05/21/84; 05/20/91; 09/22/03; 10/16/06


To ensure that substitute teachers are highly qualified and are secured in a consistent manner system-


This policy applies to all current and prospective substitute teachers in Memphis City Schools.


Certificated substitute - A substitute who holds a valid Tennessee Teaching Certificate.
Non-certificated substitute - A substitute teacher who does not hold a valid Tennessee Teaching


It is the policy of Memphis City Schools to employ highly qualified substitute teachers to fill positions
in the schools when regular teachers are absent from the classroom. A highly qualified substitute teacher
is an individual who holds a minimum of a bachelor's degree; has a completed application form on file;
has submitted all required pre-employment data; has been interviewed by appropriate personnel and has
completed a required orientation session. If a regular teacher is out for 20 days or more, the substitute
teacher must be certified or be eligible to receive a Tennessee license (TRR/MS 0520-1-2-.04).
Memphis City Schools will not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, sex, religion,
color, national origin, age or disability.

All applicants for substitute teaching positions must agree to a criminal background check in accordance
with TCA 49-5-413. A substitute teacher cannot be employed if his/her record with the State
Department of Education indicates that his/her license or certification is in a revoked status. (TCA 49-2-


A. The Division of Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that all substitute teacher candidates
   are employed in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

B. The Division of Human Resources is responsible for adequately maintaining the automated system
   that provides schools with approved substitute teacher candidates.

C. Principals are responsible for supervising substitute teachers at their schools.

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D. The individual seeking to become a substitute teacher is responsible for providing complete and
   accurate information in a timely manner to the Division of Human Resources.

E. The Superintendent is responsible for determining if this policy is followed.

   Legal References:                                            Cross References:
   1.   Policies on substitute teachers-TCA 49-2-               1.   5.106 – Application Employment
        203 (a)(15)
                                                                2.   5.102 – Classification and
   2.   TRR/MS 0520-1-2-.04                                          Qualifications
   3.   TCA 8-36-805                                            3.   1.108 – Employment of Relatives
   4.   TCA 49-5-413 - Investigation of applicants              4.   5.500 – Employment
        for teaching positions                                       Discrimination/Harassment

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5.701 Substitute Teachers                                           Administrative Rules and Regulations
Original Adoption: 01/27/61                                                           Effective Date: 10/16/06
Revision Dates: 05/21/84; 05/20/91; 09/22/03; 10/16/06

A. Employment of Substitute Teachers

1. Pre-Employment Data

   All applicants for substitute teacher positions must have the following information on file with the
   Division of Human Resources:

        a. Official transcript(s) reflecting degree(s) conferred.
        b. Completed substitute registration papers.
        c. Satisfactory police/background checks. Background checks will be performed on all new
        d. Retired teachers may substitute one-hundred (100) days per year without loss of retirement
           benefits, and may substitute for an additional ninety (90) days if the Superintendent certifies
           in writing to the State Board of Education that no other qualified personnel are available to
           substitute teach. (TCA 8-36-805)

   Willful falsification and/or omission of information on an application may result in withdrawal of an
   offer of employment or, in the case of a current employee, disciplinary action up to and including

2. Orientation

   All new applicants for substitute teacher positions must attend a substitute teacher workshop
   orientation session. Former or retired Memphis City Schools' teachers and former substitute teachers
   are not necessarily required to attend the entire orientation.

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