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                                                                    ENTOMOLOGY 621


Biology and Morphology


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                          CYNIPIDAE S.S. AND GENERAL

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                             FIGITIDAE: EUCOILINAE

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                                 OTHER FIGITIDAE

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Nomenclatorial changes:

        Papers by Quinlan and Nordlander have introduced considerable nomenclatorial
changes in generic and specific names which made the section on Eucoilidae in the
Hymenoptera Catalog in America North of Mexico (see Burks, 1979) outdated. The
genera Bewelda and Leptopilina are not listed in the Catalog (see Quinlan, 1976 and
Nordlander, 1980). Quinlan (1978) synonymized Aglaotoma under Glaumspidia, and
Nordlander (1980, 1981) placed Pseudeucolla, Psichacra, and Hypolethlia in synonymy
with Trybliographa. Nordlander (1981) recognized Didyctium as a genus rather than as a
subgenus of Trybliographa where it is placed in the catalog. The widespread and well-
studied species Pseudeucoila bochei Weld has been transferred to the genus Leptopilina
where it is a synonym L. heterotoma (Thomson) (see Nordlander, 1980). These are only
some of the more significant changes made by these authors; and their papers, along with
those of Beardsley, should be examined for additional details pertinent to the North
American fauna. Nordlander’s thesis (1982) includes a synopsis of the changes made in
his previous papers.




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                         CYNIPIDAE S.S. AND GENERAL

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                            FIGITIDAE: EUCOILINAE

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                                 OTHER FIGITIDAE

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