3. Papers Presented at GLOW 1978 C 2002 by dfgh4bnmu


									3.     Papers Presented at GLOW
       1978 – 2002
       (including alternates and invited speakers; excluding workshops)

Klaus Abels. 2001. On How Linearization Constrains Phrase Structure. UConn.
Steven Abney. 1986. Functional Elements and Licensing. MIT.
Peter Ackema & Ad Neeleman. 2002. Microvariation as a Consequence of Context-
        Sensitive Spell-out. Utrecht & UC London.
Paolo Acquaviva. 1993. The Representation of Operator-Variable Dependencies in
        Sentential Negation. UC Dublin.
Paolo Acquaviva. 1998. Uniform Lexicalisation. Deriving Spell-Out without [+/- strong]
        Features. Venice.
Marianne Adams. 1986. From Old French to the Theory of Prodrop. UCLA.
David Adger, Susanna Bejar & Daniel Harbour. 2001. Allomorphy, Adjacency and
        Agree. York, Toronto & MIT.
David Adger & Gillian Ramchand. 2000. Strategies for WH. Derivation and
        Representation in Gaelic Questions and Relatives. York & Oxford.
David Adger & Gillian Ramchand. 2002. Microvariation in Celtic Relatives.
        York & Oxford.
Birgit Alber. 1997. Interaction between Suffixation and Stress Assignment in Optimality
        Theory. Padova/Venice.
Birgit Alber. 2001. Non-Adjacency in Phonology. The Power of *Lapse and *Clash in
        Foot-Parsing. Marburg.
Artemis Alexiadou & Elena Anagnostopoulou. 1996. Symmetries, Asymmetries and the
        Role of Agreement. FAS/Berlin & Tilburg.
Artemis Alexiadou & Elena Anagnostopoulou. 1998. Restrictions on Argument
        Placement. Adjacency on Case-Assignment and an Ambiguity with Attract F.
        ZAS, Berlin & MIT/Tilburg.
Artemis Alexiadou & Elena Anagnostopoulou. 2001. Syntactic Adjacency as a Condition
        on Phases. Stuttgart & Crete.
Artemis Alexiadou & Elena Anagnostopoulou. 2002. Person and Animacy Splits: from
        Hierachies to Features. Potsdam & Crete.
Artemis Alexiadou, Elena Anagnostopoulou & Melita Stavrou. 2000. Deriving Words
        and Categories. ZAS/AUTH, Crete & AUTH.
Alex Alsina. 1990. Where is the Mirror Principle? Evidence from Chichewa. Stanford.
Manuela Ambar, Ximena Lois & Hans-Georg Obenauer. 1986. Move INFL and
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Elena Anagnostopoulou. 1999. Person Restrictions. Crete.
Elena Anagnostopoulou & Martin Everaert. 1996. Asymmetries in Binding.
        Configurational and Thematic Effects on Anaphora. Tilburg & Utrecht.
Stephen. R. Anderson. 1983. On Representations in Morphology: Case, Agreement and
        Inversion in Georgian. Geneva.
Antonia Androutsopoulou. 1997. Split DPs, Focus and Scrambling. UCLA/CUNY.

Maya Arad. 1996. The Asymmetric Nature of Theta-Relations. UC London.
Maya Arad. 1998. Stativity, Eventiveness, Agentivity. Object Experiencers Revisited.
       UC London.
Maya Arad. 1999. 'Transitivity' as a Universal. The Status of v. MIT.
Maya Arad. 2001. The Stuff Roots are Made Of. Verbal Patterns and the Form of
       Hebrew Roots. Geneva.
Diana Archangeli. 1988. The ‘Projection’ Parameter in Phonological Rules. Arizona.
Carlos Arregi. 2001. On the Non-Existence of the Preverbal Focus Position in Basque.
Joseph Aoun. 1979. Parts of Speech: a Case of Redistribution. MIT.
Joseph Aoun. 1981. A Parametric Account of Cliticization. MIT.
Joseph Aoun. 1982. The Characterization of Opaque Domains: Accessible SUBJECT vs
       Accessible Chain. Amherst.
Joseph Aoun. 1985. A Typology of WH-Interrogatives. USC Los Angeles.
Joseph Aoun & Yen-hui Audrey Li. 1987. Scope and Constituency. USC Los Angeles.
Joseph Aoun & Dominique Sportiche. 1981. On the Formal Theory of Government.
Diana Archangeli. 1985. Determining the Correct Underspecified Underlying
       Representation. Illinois, Urbana.
Georgine Ayoub. 1982. Chaîne et Transmission de Cas. Paris VIII.
Eric Bakovic. 2002. The Consequences of Microvariation in Eastern Nilotic. San Diego.
Sjef Barbiers. 1995. PP Extraposition and the Interpretation of X-bar Structure. Leiden.
Sjef Barbiers & Martine Greijmans. 2002. Microvariation in the Syntax of One-Insertion.
       Meertens Institute.
Andrew Barss. 1987. Paths, Connectivity and Featureless Empty Categories.
Huba Bartos. 2000. Apparent Mirror Principle Violations and On-Line Morphology.
Hans Basbøll. 1978. Readjustment Rules in a Generative Grammar of Danish; or: What is
       there between Syntax and Phonology, in addition to Morphology? Odense.
Hans Basbøll. 1979. Distinctive Features and the Theory of Markedness in Generative
       Phonology. Odense.
Josef Bayer. 1988. Directionality of Government as a Locality Constraint for Scope
       Assignment. MPI Nijmegen.
Susana Bejar. 2000. Economy, Cyclicity, and Markedness in Georgian Verbal
       Morphology. Toronto.
Adriana Belletti. 1982. On the Anaphoric Status of the Reciprocal Construction in Italian.
Adriana Belletti. 1988. Generalized Verb Movement. On Some Differences and
       Similarities between Italian and French. Pisa / Geneva.
Adriana Belletti & Luigi Rizzi. 1980. The Syntax of NE: Some Theoretical Implications.
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Elena Benedicto. 1997. V-Movement and Its Interpretational Effects. Amherst.
Elabbas Benmamoun. 2001. Adjacency and PF Merger. Illinois.
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Elabbas Benmamoun & Jean-Roger Vergnaud. 1994. Directionality in Word Formation.
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Hans Bennis. 1980. Coindexing and Complementizer-Trace Phenomena. Amsterdam.
Hans Bennis, Norbert Corver & Marcel den Dikken. 1996. (A)Symmetries in Predication
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Hans Bennis & Teun Hoekstra. 1985. A Parametrized Gap Condition. Leiden.
Hans Bennis & Teun Hoekstra. 1988. The Tense Connection. Leiden.
Laura Benua & Hagit Borer. 1996. Passive/Antipassive in a Predicate Based Approach to
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Hans den Besten. 1978. The Interplay between Local Deletive Rules and Filters.
Hans den Besten. 1979. A Case Filter for Passives. Amsterdam.
Hans den Besten & Gert Webelhuth. 1987. Remnant Topicalization and the Constituent
       Structure of VP in the Germanic SOV Languages. Amherst & Amsterdam.
Rajesh Bhatt. 1997. Obligation and Possession. UPenn.
Rajesh Bhatt & Roumanya Pancheva. 2001. LF Licensing of Degree Complements.
       Texas & USC.
Valentina Bianchi & Roberto Zamperelli. 2001. Comparative Correlatives.
       Pisa & Bergamo.
Joanna Blaszczak & Hans-Martin Gärtner. 2001. Intonational Phrasing, Discontinuity,
       and the Scope of Negation. Potsdam.
Jonathan Bobaljik. 1998. The Autonomy of Syntax and the Typology of Movement.
Jonathan Bobaljik. 1999. The Difference between '-nin' and '-nen'. Constraints on
       Contextual Allomorphy. McGill.
Jonathan Bobaljik. 2001. The Implication of Rich Agreement. Why Morphology Does
       Not Drive Syntax. McGill.
Jonathan Bobaljik & Dianne E. Jonas. 1993. Subject Positions and the Role of TP.
       MIT & Harvard.
Cedric Boeckx. 2001. Non-Concatenative Morphology and the One-Cycle Hypothesis.
       Implications for Adjacency. UConn.
Paul Boersma & Paola Escudero. 2002. Optimality-Theoretic Modelling of
       Microvariation in Phonological Perception and Production. Amsterdam &
       McGill/ Utrecht.
Reineke Bok-Bennema. 1994. On the ‘Syntactic’ Properties of Morphology. Groningen.
Hagit Borer. 1981. Proper Government by Clitics as a Parameter of Core Grammar. MIT.
Hagit Borer. 1987. Anaphoric AGR. Irvine.
Hagit Borer. 1991. The Causative-Inchoative Alternation: A Case Study in Parallel
       Morphology. Amherst.
Hagit Borer & Kenneth Wexler. 1988. The Acquisition of Participle Agreement:
       A Maturational Account. Irvine.
Claudia Borgonovo & Ad Neeleman. 1994. Transparent Adjuncts and Reflexivity.
       Brandeis & Utrecht.
Zeljko Boskovic. 1999. What is Special about Multiple Wh-Fronting? UConn.
Phil Branigan. 1996. The Difference Between Root and Embedded Wh-Questions in
       Germanic. MUN.

Joan Bresnan. 1990. Levels of Representation in Syntax: Evidence from Locative
       Inversion. Stanford. (guest lecture).
Michael Brody. 1982. Anaphoric Dependencies and Conditions on Domains.
       UC London.
Michael Brody. 1983. On the Antecedents of Pronouns and the Role of Chains.
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Michael Brody. 1984. On The Complementary Distribution of Empty Categories.
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Michael Brody. 1990. Case Theory and Argumenthood. UC London.
Michael Brody. 1994. Directionality and Dependency. UC London /
       Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Hans Broekhuis & Joost Dekkers. 1997. Minimalism and OT. Derivations and Filters.
Laura Brugè & Giuliana Giusti. 1996. On Demonstratives. Venice.
Luigi Burzio. 1981. Restructuring and the Pro-Drop Parameter. MIT.
Teresa Cabré & Pilar Prieto. 2001. Prosodic and Analogic Forces in Language Change
       and Variation. The Case of Diphthongisation in Catalan. Barcelona.
Teresa Cabré & Pilar Prieto. 2002. Prosody and Analogy in Variation and Language
       Change. Lexical Diphthongisation in Catalan and Spanish. Barcelona.
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Richard Campbell. 1998. Case Features, pro, and Definiteness Effects. Oakland U.
Anna Cardinaletti. 1993. On Dependent Pronouns and Pronoun Movement. Venice.
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Anna Cardinaletti & Ian Roberts. 1990. Levels of Representation of Agreement.
       Venice & Geneva.
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Vicki Carstens. 1986. Extraction Asymmetries and Antecedent Government. UCLA.
Vicky Carstens. 1993. Feature-Types, DP-Syntax and Subject Agreement. Cornell.
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Guglielmo Cinque. 2002. Complement and Adverbial PPs: Implications for Clause
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Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin. 2000. Eventive and Generic/Predicational Readings of
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