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									                             Waikato District Veteran golfers’
                                     Association Inc.

                          President:   P (Paul) Keeley          Secretary:   A. (Alan) Bates
                                                                             15 Huia Street
                         V/President: B ( Bill) Rendall                      Matamata
                                                                             Ph. 07 8884224
                                                                 Email: waikatoveterangolf@xtra.co.nz

                   Web www.waikatoveterangolf.co.nz

                 The Waikato District Veteran Golfers Association (Inc.)

                   Minutes of a meeting of Executive and Convenors.
           Held at the Morrinsville Golf Club on Monday 15 November 2010.

The President opened the meeting at 9.45 am, and welcomed the attendees.

Present Paul Keeley President, Bill Rendall VP), Ray Kitchener (JVP), Ralph Adams (IPP),
Denis Spencer (Patron) John Hayward, D. Carrington, Bernie Ellmers, Darryl Sorensen, Ian Stratford,
David Williams, Tim Brooker, Alan Bates Secretary/Treasurer and 40 Convenors and Members.

Apologies: Don Campbell Tirau D. Macartney Putaruru, M. Wallis & Gerald Lane Te Awamutu,
Bill Singer Pauanui, Mike Cotter Paeroa, Dirk Korver Waikare, Mike Rumble Whangamata,
Don Smith Lakes Resort, Bruce Bell Mercury Bay, Alastair Sims Purangi, Trevor Tapp Huntly,
Murray Newbury Thames, Ken Ramsay Tokoroa, Maurice Vosper Matamata

                                                          Moved: Ralph Adams / Don Carrington

Minutes: The minutes were taken as read, and then approved.
                                                           Moved: Bernie Ellmers / R Kitchener

Matters Arising From Minutes: There were no matters arising from the Minutes

BayKato: The turnout at Omokoroa on the 1 March 2010 was good, the Waikato turned in a good
performance and won the day. The course was in great condition
The next Baykato is at Matamata on 28th February 2011. Entry is two members per Club who must
be pre-booked with the convenor for Matamata Don Carrington 07 888 5325

AuKato: The event was run on Monday the 20th September 2010 and was run very professionally by
Waikare. Teams were mixed and the prize giving was from the top down. The course was in great
condition. The score, Auckland score 35.81 Waikato score 35.07
Entry is two members per club, who must be pre-booked. Extras may be allowed later depending on
numbers. This tournament is always held at the Waikare Golf Club.
Convenor for Waikare is Brian Brandon 07 826 4551
Pennant: The Convenor for 2010 is Bill Rendall ( Sen.Vice President)
The entry fee is $20.00
Zone Convenors:- Zone 1 David Williams, Zone 2 Ian Stratford Zone 3 John Hayward,
Zone 4 Ray Kitchener, Zone 5 Bernie Ellmers
Playing dates for the event are arranged by the zone convenor in conjunction with the clubs. The final is
played on a neutral course and date to be decided by the Senior Vice President.

Last pennant final at Morrinsville the day was excellent the winners being Te Kowhai 1st on 345
Paeroa 2nd on 351 Lochiel 3rd on 354 and Pirongia 4th on 356

The executive issued the new Zone teams and the new rules sheets

Zone 1                 Zone 2                 Zone 3                 Zone 4         Zone 5
Waikare                Narrows                Thames Grtown          Tirau Kiwis    Tairua
Huntly                 Te Kowhai              Thames Shortland       Tirau Tuis     Purangi
Hukanui                Ngahinepouri           Hauraki                Matamata       Pauanui
Horsham Downs          Pirongia 1             Te Aroha West          Morrinsville   Whangamata T
Ngaruawahia 1          Pirongia 2             Te Aroha East          Putaruru       Whangamata W
Ngaruawahia 2          Stewart/Country        Waihi                  Walton 1       Lakes Resort
Lochiel 1              Te Awamutu             Paeroa1                Walton 2       Mercury Bay
Lochiel 2              Waitomo                Paeroa 2               Tokoroa        Matarangi THE DUNES
Hamilton               Cambridge              Tahuna                 Mangakino

Pennant Rules

Note from the AGM that the change of Handicap index 36 to maximum 36.4 on every Course.

Gerald Harris moved a motion that the number of players in each team be 6 seconded by George Vanner.
The motion was won 20 votes to 12

John Hayward moved a motion that all scores count through the preliminary rounds Seconded by Bill
The motion was lost 15-11

The rule is drop off one card through the preliminary rounds and in the final all cards count.

Festival of Golf

Festival of golf Flyers and entry forms issued to all clubs.

It is hoped to have an entry of 42 teams and to try and beat last years donation figure of $4000.00

Capitation fee: Convenors were again asked to ensure that the fee of 50 cents per player for each
tournament was passed to our Secretary and $1.25 to NZVGA Secretary for their events.

2011 Programme: The 2011 Programmes were distributed

General Business:

George Vanner queried what other clubs pay at their vets days it ranged between $4 and $10
It was pointed out to George Vanner that this is not a Waikato ruling and that it was up to the Clubs
what they charge.
Bill Phillips said the 19th October 1 dayer was a good day and was wondering why Te Awamutu
decided to arrive on the 20th by bus and pay $20 for a round of golf were as they could have paid $10 on
the 19th.
George Vanners explaination was that it was their vet day on the 20th at Te Awamutu and as coring was
happpening. they decided to go to Waitomo. You would of thought that a fellow club would arrange for
the fellow vet members to go on the Vet Programme date.

Ralph Adams raised that all clubs put their thinking caps on as we will require a new secretary next
year at this stage no volunteers

David Williams requires all the convenors in his Zone to stay for a while to sort out Zone1 dates

 There being no further business the President thanked all those in attendance, and particularly the
Morrinsville Golf Club and their Veterans convenor for making the arrangements for the meeting and the
golf that followed. The meeting closed at 10.23am.

Items Handed Out

2010 Programme
Festival of Golf Flyer
Festival of Golf Entry Form
Pennant Zone Teams
Pennant Rules
Information for Convenors in relation to upgrading our Website
New Membership Form

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