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                               Best & Worst Breakfast Cereals
Let’s face it: We’re rushed. Especially in the morning. Often
we're running out the door a few minutes behind schedule as        WORST CHOCOLATE CEREAL
we stuff our bags and pray that we haven’t left anything be-       General Mills Chocolate Chex (1 cup)
hind. (Did I pack my lunch? My gym clothes? Do I have that         174 calories
file I’m supposed to give to Roger? Wait! My pants!) Yeah,         3.5 g fat (0 g saturated)
mornings are messy, which is why breakfast is so often placed      1 g fiber
on the back burner. The problem is we sometimes forget to          11 g sugars
ever turn that burner on.
                                                                    First, let’s get this out of the way: Chocolate-
We’ve all heard the studies that show breakfast consumption is flavored cereals should rarely be part of your
                                                                    morning routine. That said, they can make de-
related to weight loss. For those who haven’t, the results are
                                                                    cent desserts. One study published by the American College of Nutri-
pretty clear: Breakfast eaters carry less body fat than non-
                                                                    tion found that among late-night snackers, those who chose cereal
eaters. Yet surprisingly, nearly 40 percent of us still skip break-
                                                                    took in fewer calories than those who made other choices, and ulti-
fast, according to a poll conducted by ABC News. For those
                                                                    mately they wound up losing nearly half a pound of body fat per
who do eat breakfast, about a third choose cereal. That makes it
                                                                    week. That doesn’t mean you should switch to an all-cereal diet, just
America’s favorite breakfast food. But whether that’s a good        that cereal is a better evening snack than you might think. Of course,
thing or not pivots on the choices we make in the supermarket. not all are created equal, and surprisingly, the worst of them is the
                                                                    one that seems geared toward mature eaters. So the rule is, if you’re
Every box of cereal lives in one of two worlds: the world of        going with chocolate cereal, let your inner kid free. Per bowl, Choco-
fiber or the world of sugar. The first world pairs perfectly with late Chex packs in more calories than Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies,
freshly sliced fruit, while the second is already pushing the       or Cookie Crisp.
sugar threshold through a combination of marshmallows, sticky
oat clusters, and frosting. Obviously you want to choose a ce- Eat This Instead!
real from world No. 1, but with all the marketing hype on ce-       Cookie Crisp (1 cup)
real boxes, that’s not always easy to do. Especially when           133 calories
you’re speed-walking through the grocery store in the usual         1.5 g fat (0 g saturated)
hurry to get home. (Why is everything so rushed these days?)        1.5 g fiber
                                                                    15 g sugars
But fear not; we’ve got you covered. Here are the grocery
store’s worst cereals and their more
nutritious counterparts. Get your bowls                             WORST HIGH-FIBER CEREAL
and spoons ready.                                                   General Mills Chex Multi-Bran (1 cup)
                                                                    210 calories
WORST ICONIC CEREAL                                                 2 g fat (0 g saturated)
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran (1 cup)                                       8 g fiber
190 calories                                                        13 g sugars
1.5 g fat (0 g saturated)
7 g fiber                                                           Chex might seem harmless, but it’s
19 g sugars                                                         the only brand that holds down two
                                                                    spots on this list. The slip-up with this
                                                                    box is the heavy load of sugar. (Notice
It'll be hard to find a more sugar-loaded cereal than Raisin        that it’s even sweeter than the choco-
Bran. It’s sweeter than even Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, or late-flavored Chex.) General Mills calls
Cocoa Krispies. Some of that sugar can be attributed to the         it a “hint of sweetness,” but really it’s on par with some of the
raisins’ natural blend of fructose and glucose, but the real cul- most indulgent boxes on the shelf. In fact, one bowl of this ce-
prit is the sticky white armor of sucrose that enrobes each piece real has more sugar than a scoop of Edy’s Slow Churned
of fruit. Both Kellogg’s and Post are guilty of this raisin mis-    Fudge Tracks Ice Cream. We applaud the fiber, but the sugar
treatment, so what should be a legitimately healthy bowl of         won’t cut it.
fruit and grains pours out closer to a candy-coated dessert.
                                                                    Eat This Instead!
Eat This Instead!                                                   Post Shredded Wheat Original Spoon Size (1 cup)
Kellogg’s All-Bran (1 cup) with a tablespoon of raisins             170 calories
150 calories                                                        1 g fat (0 g saturated)
0.5 g fat (0 g saturated)                                           6 g fiber
7 g fiber                                                           0 g sugars

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                                         PRESIDENTS MESSAGE
                                     TONY SOLORIO, PRESIDENT
         For our April meeting we had Rob Keenan with Jasper Engines and Transmission as
         our speaker. He talked about how to sell big ticket items such as engines and trans-
         missions. Letting your customers know it is cheaper to replace the engine or transmis-
         sion than buying a new vehicle. They remanufacture gas, diesel, performance and
         even marine engines and all types of transmissions. This is all done in Jasper Indiana. One of our mem-
         bers actually went and toured their facilities in Jasper. He said it is very large, and very clean. Their
         employees are very knowledgeable and very happy to work there. He was very impressed. Jasper war-
         rants all of their products for three years or 100,000 miles.

         In May, we will have Synergy. They will be taking about websites and
         internet optimization. They will be designing the ASCCA website.

         In June we will be having the annual Shop Night at my shop. This will
         be a great time for our members to invite a non ASCCA shop to come
         and see what ASCCA can do for them.

         In July we will be having a Race Night at Orange Show Speedway.
         We will let you know what date in the next newsletter.

         We have a lot of exciting things coming up. Make your plans now to
         joins us for all of them.

                                        Coming Events
                   May —-Chapter Dinner Meeting —- Synergy ASC Web Site
                    June Annual Shop Night at Solorio’s Autotech in Riverside.
                           July Race Night at Orange Show Auto Speedway
                  INLAND EMPIRE
                   CHAPTER 14
                  PRESIDENT TONY SOLORIO
                  TREASURER GLENN DAVIS
                 CHAPTER REP CRAIG WELLS
                       SUSAN GOMEZ

                                                            Kenny Herbert                 (909) 623-3151

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                                                             MAY 1, 1926
                        Ford Factory Workers Get 40-Hour Week
On this day in 1926, Ford Motor Company becomes one of the first           nally been made in 1922. According to an article published in The New
companies in America to adopt a five-day, 40-hour week for workers in      York Times that March, Edsel Ford, Henry's son and the company's
its automotive factories. The policy would be extended to Ford's office    president, explained that "Every man needs more than one day a week
workers the following August.                                                                       for rest and recreation….The Ford Company
                                                                                                    always has sought to promote [an] ideal home
Henry Ford's Detroit-based automobile company had                                                   life for its employees. We believe that in order
broken ground in its labor policies before. In early                                                to live properly every man should have more
1914, against a backdrop of widespread unemploy-                                                    time to spend with his family."
ment and increasing labor unrest, Ford announced that
it would pay its male factory workers a minimum                                                    Henry Ford said of the decision: "It is high time
wage of $5 per eight-hour day, upped from a previous                                               to rid ourselves of the notion that leisure for
rate of $2.34 for nine hours (the policy was adopted                                               workmen is either 'lost time' or a class privi-
for female workers in 1916). The news shocked many                                                 lege." At Ford's own admission, however, the
in the industry--at the time, $5 per day was nearly                                                five-day workweek was also instituted in order
double what the average auto worker made--but                                                      to increase productivity: Though workers' time
turned out to be a stroke of brilliance, immediately                                               on the job had decreased, they were expected to
boosting productivity along the assembly line and building a sense of      expend more effort while they were there. Manufacturers all over the
company loyalty and pride among Ford's workers.                            country, and the world, soon followed Ford's lead, and the Monday-to-
                                                                           Friday workweek became standard practice.
The decision to reduce the workweek from six to five days had origi-

                                                            MAY 18, 1958
                                  Lotus Makes Formula One Debut
                        In Monaco, France, on this day in 1958, Team      rounds, with Vanwall, British Racing Motors (BRM) and Cooper all fin-
                        Lotus makes its Formula One debut in the          ishing in front of Ferrari. In the main event, Maurice Trintignant (driving
                        Monaco Grand Prix, the opening event of the       a Cooper) took first place after Ferrari's Mike Hawthorn, that year's even-
                        year's European racing season. Over the next      tual Formula One champion, was forced to stop with a broken fuel pump.
                        four decades, Team Lotus will go on to become     Allison finished sixth in his Lotus, 13 laps behind the leader; Hill finished
                        one of the most successful teams in Formula       in 26th place.
                        One history.
                                                                          Chapman learned from the success of the midsize engine Cooper race
Team Lotus was the motor sport wing of the Lotus Engineering Com-         cars, incorporating the layout into a refined version of the Lotus Type 12.
pany, founded six years earlier by the British engineer and race car      In 1960, Stirling Moss drove the result--the Type 18--to victory in the
driver Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman.                                       Monaco Grand Prix, scoring the first of what would be many Grand Prix
                                                                          wins for Lotus. Jim Clark won the team's first World Driver's Champion-
Chapman built his first car, a modified 1930 Austin Seven, while still a ship in 1963, beginning a golden age of Lotus racing. Both Clark and
university student. His success building trial cars led to the completion Graham Hill won multiple Formula One titles, and Clark also drove a
of the first Lotus production model, the Mark 6, in 1952; 100 were        Lotus to victory in the Indianapolis 500 in 1965. In later years, virtuoso
produced by 1955, establishing Chapman's reputation as a innovator in drivers like Emmerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti and Alessandro Zanardi
the design of top-performing race cars. By 1957, Lotus had become a       all represented Lotus. In 1977, the low-slung Lotus Esprit had a starring
well-known name among car aficionados, while Team Lotus dominated turn in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me"; another Esprit,
the Le Mans racing circuit, winning the 750-cc class and the Index of     the Turbo, was featured in the 1981 Bond film "For Your Eyes Only."
Performance at Le Mans in 1957 with the Lotus Type 11.
                                                                          Chapman died in 1982, and Team
On May 18, 1958, Team Lotus made its first entry in the Formula One Lotus left racing in the 1990s. It re-
circuit, entering two single-seat Type 12s, driven by Cliff Allison and   mains one of the most successful
Graham Hill, into the Monaco Grand Prix. Though Ferrari was the fa-       Formula One teams of all time, with
vorite going into the race, British-made cars dominated the qualifying    more than 50 Grand Prix titles.

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                                                  FBI ATM Cards
Scam:       The FBI is offering "ATM Cards" to help victims recover money from Nigerian stammers.

     This email is making the “rounds” again… Please don’t fall victim to it!

         Federal Bureau Of Investigation ATM CARD PAYMENT NOTIFICATION
         From: Federal Bureau Of Investigation (
         Sent: Mon 9/01/08 9:24 AM

         Anti-Terrorist and Monitory Crimes Division. Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
         J. Edgar. Hoover Building, Washington D.0 Telephone Number : ( 202 )-324-3001


         This is to Officially inform you that it has cone to our notice and we have thoroughly completed an Investigated
         with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you are having an illegal transaction with Impos-
         tors claiming to be Prof. Charles C. Soludo of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Mr Frank
         Nweke, none officials of Oceanic Bank, none officials of Zenith Bank and some impostors claiming to be the
         Federal Bureau Of Investigation agents. During our Investigation, it came to our notice that the reason
         why you have not received your payment is because you have not fulfilled your Financial Obligation given to you
         in respect of your Contract/Inheritance Payment.

         So therefore, we have contacted the Federal Ministry Of Finance on your behalf and they have brought a
         solution to your problem by coordinating your payment in the total amount of $800,000.00 USD which will
         be deposited into an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw funds anywhere of the world. You now have the
         lawful night to claim your funds which have been deposited into the ATM CARD.

         Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been involved in this transaction, you are now to be rest assured
         that this transaction is legitimate and completely risk-free as it is our duty to Protect and Serve citizens of the
         United States Of America. All you have to do is immediately contact the ATM CARD CENTER via E-mail for
         instructions on how to procure your Approval Slip which contains details on how to receive and activate your
         ATM CARD for immediate use to withdraw funds being paid to you. We have confirmed that the amount re-
         quired to procure the Approval Slip will cost you a total of $550 USD which will be paid directly to the ATM
         CARD C E N T E R a g e n t v i a W e s t e r n U n i o n M o n e y T r a n s f e r / MoneyGram Money Transfer. Below, you
         shall find contact details of the Agent whom will process your transaction:

         Telephone Number: +234-808-252-6229

         Immediately contact Mr. Paul Smith of the ATM Credit Centre with the following information:
         Full Name:
         Zip Code:
         Direct Phone Number
         Current Occupation:
         Annual Income:
         Once you have sent the required information to Mr. Paul Smith he will contact you with instructions on how to make the pay-
         ment of $550 USD for the Approval Slip after which he will proceed towards delivery of the ATM CARD without any further
         You have hereby been authorized/guaranteed by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation to commence towards com-
         pleting this transaction, as there shall be NO delay once payment for the Approval Slip has been made to the authorized agent.

         Once you have completed payment of $550 to the agent in charge of this transaction, immediately contact me back so as to
         ensure your ATM CARD gets to you rapidly.

         FBI Director Robert Mueller.

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Page 7                                                                                                                 ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire
                                     Background & Analysis of FBI ATM Cards
                                                                          federal crimes.)

Origins: The message quoted above represents another               • The FBI wouldn't be
slightly different turn on the venerable Nigerian Scam: Rather     conducting criminal inves-
than providing straightforward bait to lure new victims into the   tigations and doling out
scam, it seeks to re-hook those who have already been              hundreds of thousands of
snared once with yet another false promise of easy money.          dollars via e-mail. (They'd be
                                                                   sending agents out to meet
The basic premise of the Nigerian Scam is tha t the ta rge t and talk with you personally.)
is offered a substantial cash reward for helping out with a trans-
action involving the transfer of a large sum of money (a transac- The FBI wouldn't help fraud
tion that usually needs to be kept hush-hush). However, the        victims recover legitimately
transaction never takes place, and the reward is never forth-      owed monies and then turn
coming; instead, the target is repeatedly called upon to shell out around and charge them sev-
ever-increasing amounts of his own money to clear away a va- eral hundred dollars to access those funds.
riety of fictitious roadblocks (e. g., legal fees, docu-
mentation fees, customs fees, taxes, bribes). This version of      • The FBI wouldn't be asking you to contact them by plac-
the Nigerian Scam targets those who have already participated ing a phone call to Nigeria (as indicated by the '234" country
in (or been victimized by) it, offering the lure of FBI assis-     code prefix to the phone number provided for "Mr. Paul Smith of
tance in recovering the rewards that victims were cheated out the ATM Card Centre"). You'd be talking to an agent from a lo-
of the first time around ... all they need do is send $550 to the  cal or other U.S.-based FBI office.
FBI for an "ATM CARD" that will allow them to tap into accounts
holding $800,000.
                                                                   • The FBI wouldn't be collecting sensitive personal infor-
                                                                   mation from the public by asking them to provide that infor-
If the numerous red flags in the basic version of the Nigerian
                                                                   mation via the extremely unsecure method of e-mailing it to
Scam weren't enough to warn away potential victims, this variant
                                                                   a Hotmail account. (They wouldn't be asking for or collecting
adds several more factors that should give anyone pause about its
                                                                   this kind of information via the Internet in the first place, and
                                                                   even if they were, at the very least they'd be using a secure
• The FBI wouldn't acknowledge that you have been partici-         web protocol with encryption rather than plain-text e-
pating in 'Illegal transactions" with foreign nationals and then mail, and the collection method would be tied to an FBI web
turn around and reward you for having done so. (They'd probably site and not a commercial e-mail provider.)
be hauling you off to custody and charging you with a half-dozen

California Wants to Impose Insurance Surcharge
to Develop Emergency Fund
The California Senate Banking, Finance and Insurance Committee has        ters, according to the bill text.
passed a bill that, among other things, would impose a surcharge of
4.8 percent on commercial and residential fire and multiperil insur-      The special purpose surcharge imposed on insurers would apply to all
ance policies to assist the state with the creation of an Emergency       policies with combined property and liability coverage issued or renewed
Response Fund in the State Treasury.                                      on or after July 1, 2010.

California has already established the California Emergency Manage-       The Governor's office estimates the surcharge will generate $238 million
ment Agency to manage emergency and disaster response services,           in the current year, and about $480 million annually from 2011 on.
including activities necessary to prevent, respond to, recover from and
mitigate the effects of emergencies and disasters to people and prop-
erty. SB 1258 would require funds to be deposited into the Emergency      The bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Commit-
Response Fund to be allocated to the program. The bill would also         tee.
require the Secretary of California Emergency Management to allo-
cate funds to specific entities to enhance or sustain fire and rescue     Source: California Legislature
disaster mutual aid capacity to combat the effect of all hazard disas-

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Page 8
                                                                 COOLANT VOLTAGEASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire
         800.995.0111               951.684.7481
                                                                  ERRORS & GALVANIC CELL
                                                              The term “electrolysis” has a technical definition that is dif-
                                                              ferent than its common use in the automotive service indus-
                                                              try. In automotive service, almost any cause of erosion is                 Service Intelligence
                                                              called electrolysis by much of the industry. The term is so
                                                              universally misused that even cavitation and alumina damage
  OnDemand5 Repair DVD          OnDemand5 Medium              is often blamed on electrolysis. Even with that in mind, elec-
                                Truck                         trolysis and the galvanic cell corrosion we most often choose
  OnDemand5 Estimator                                         to call electrolysis are serious problems.
                                Tractor Trailer
  OnDemand5 Transmission
                                   The most commonly recommended test for electrolysis (or
  OnDemand5 Manager or                                        galvanic cell activity) is the coolant voltage test. It is almost
  Manager plus                  Performance Center            never performed properly or accurately and therefore actually
  Teamwork                      Learning Center
                                                              contributes to a great deal of misdiagnosis and repeat failure
                                                              of a variety of components. Heat exchanger manufacturers
  Customer Retention Man-       Coming Soon Call              love the test because the common gross errors almost always
  ager Postcard or E-Mail       Tracking                      shift blame toward “electrolysis” and away from their compo-
         Call Al for a Demo on above listed product           nents. If you are using a typical voltmeter and test leads to
                                                              check coolant voltage, you are part of this problem. Special
          ASC Members Receive 15% Discount                    test leads are required to perform this test with any degree of
                 ALBERT HALLAC                                accuracy. We’ll get back to that later.
              Business Solutions Specialists
                             Galvanic cell electrolysis varies greatly depending on the
    800.995.0111 951.684.7481 951.536.0003 cell               types of metals used in the system and the type and condition
                                                              of the coolant. There are many different alloys of each metal
   ASC Insurance Services
   Network Partner Agent                                      used in cooling systems. The variation in alloys and coolant
                                                              formulations diminish the accuracy of any attempt to predict
                                                              galvanic activity or electrode potential. But, the following
                                                              chart is a good basic guideline.
                                                                                                             Continued on page 9

                   GP Rice                                         Would you like to
                                                                     receive this
    Insurance Services, Inc
                                                                    Newsletter via
     (800) 446-0546                                                   E-Mail?
          Workers’ Compensation Garage Package
                Group Medical / Dental / Life                   Please let us know by emailing your re-
              Individual Medical / Dental / Life                  quest to:
                      Long Term Care
                                       CA License # 0D65241

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Page 9                                                                                                 ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

Continued from page 8                                                    (con’t)

          Construction Material Compatibility
            Corrosion and voltage potential varies depending on various conditions including
            coolant formula and the different alloys of the given metal. In general, the greater
            the difference in the listed electrode potential or galvanic index, the greater the cor-
            rosion potential. Copper should never be in direct contact with iron, aluminum or
            steel. The copper will cause the other material to corrode.
                                 Material        Electrode      Approximate anodic Index
            Most Sensitive       Magnesium       -2.37 volts ~1.75
            to damage
                                 Aluminum        -1.67 volts ~0.75 - 0.95
                                 Zinc              -0.76 volts      ~1.25
                                 Chromium          -0.74 volts      ~0.40 - 0.60
                                 Iron              -0.44 volts      ~0.85
                                 Nickel            -0.24 volts      ~0.30
                                 Tin               -0.14 volts      ~0.65
                                 Lead              -0.13 volts      ~0.70
                                 Hydrogen          0.00 volts
                                 Brass                              ~0.40 - 0.45
            Least Sensitive      Copper            +0.34 volts      ~0.35
            to damage
            Anodic index is a scale that was developed to compare the galvanic potential of different
            common materials and alloys. Electrode potential is the actual voltage a pure element will
            generate under controlled conditions compared to a special hydrogen electrode.

When copper and iron are both present in a cooling sys-          the primary electrodes of galvanic cell activity in modern
tem, their combined difference in electrode potential is         cooling systems. Without copper or brass in the system,
0.78 volts (negative 0.44 and positive 0.34). This pair of       this represents a difference in electrode potential of up to
metals actually makes up a battery. The copper will serve        1.23 volts (negative 1.67 and negative 0.44). Again, cool-
as the cathode or positive electrode. The iron will serve as     ant additives are necessary to suppress voltage and pre-
the negative electrode or anode. The coolant serves as the       vent corrosion.
                                                                 Testing coolant voltage is recommended by virtually
Special coolant additives that suppress this voltage poten-      every manufacturer of heat exchangers. Unfortunately
tial are required to prevent galvanic cell corrosion of the      they don’t tell you that the test must be performed with
iron when copper is present in the system. When alumi-           special neutral platinum voltmeter leads. When you place
num is in the system, the potential increases to 2.01 volts      a standard chromium plated test lead in the coolant, and
(negative 1.67 and positive 0.34). Additional additives or       connect the other lead to the cast iron block, you are cre-
different additives are required to protect Aluminum. Not        ating a galvanic cell of chromium (test lead) and iron
all modern coolant formulas have these additives.                (engine block) with a voltage potential of 0.30 volts (-
                                                                 0.74 and -0.44 respectively). Even in a perfect system
Steel and iron alloys often contain some chromium and            with fresh coolant to suppress this, most systems will fail
nickel. These alloys and the various aluminum alloys are                                                   (Continued on page 10)

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Page 10                   COOLANT VOLTAGE TESTING ERRORS & GALVANIC CELL ELECTROLYSIS (con’t)           ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

(Continued from page 9)                                            cap opening) but should not touch anything but the coolant.
the standard of 0.100 volts that heat exchanger manufac-           Any type of lead can be connected to the engine block.
turers suggest. This test is heavily influenced by the differ-
ence in electrode potential between the voltmeter lead and         Failure to use neutral platinum test leads, or a plati-
the engine block. It is NOT an accurate indication of the          num electrode, will result in failing a lot perfectly
galvanic cell (electrolysis) activity of the cooling system        good systems and passing many systems that should
unless non-reactive leads are used.                                be failed.
Nickel plated test leads (also common) are only slightly
better with a voltage potential of 0.200 volts (-0.24 and -
                                                                   A digital voltmeter will display the voltage potential.
0.44). Copper and copper-nickel alloy test leads are much          Anything under 0.300 volts is generally acceptable but
worse.                                                             less than 0.100 volts is ideal. For purposes of evaluat-
The amount of error will also change based on the type of          ing the coolant condition you can ignore the negative
coolant, Aluminum engine blocks and the different iron             sign if one appears on the screen. If voltage indicates a
and aluminum alloys. Cast iron and aluminum components             failure, polarity becomes important in helping to iden-
are never pure. They contain graphite, nickel, chromium,           tify the cause and solution. But, that exceeds the limi-
manganese, silica and other elements. Any change in al-            tations of this article.
loys or coolant additives also changes the amount of error
caused by failing to use a neutral platinum test lead. So,         Unless you go to the trouble of locating and purchas-
the amount of error will be at least slightly different on
                                                                   ing a platinum electrode or test lead from a scientific

                                                                                       supply store, anything under
                                                                                       about 0.600 volts is not really
                                                                                       meaningful. And, higher voltage
                                                                                       is still questionable at best.

                                                                                       If you were not aware of the prob-
                                                                                       lems related to testing coolant
                                                                                       voltage with standard test leads,
                                                                                       you are probably also unaware of
                                                                                       the many ways that technicians
                                                                                       accidently upset the sensitive
                                                                                       chemical balance within modern
                                                                                       cooling systems. And, you are
                                                                                       probably also missing a lot of
                                                                                       other valuable update information
                                                                                       on modern cooling system ser-
                                                                                                           Continued on page 11

every car you test. Changing the ground lead from an alu-
minum cylinder head to an iron block can change the error
but not as much as you might think. The head and block
are already electrically connected to each other.

Coolant voltage is still a valid test. But, you must use a
neutral platinum test lead in the coolant. The platinum lead
or electrode should be placed in the coolant (at the radiator

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Page 11                  COOLANT VOLTAGE TESTING ERRORS & GALVANIC CELL ELECTROLYSIS (con’t)         ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

Continued from page 10

High quality cooling system service and repairs require regular update training and a good understanding of:

•    Ground fault electrolysis,                                    •   Reverse flow cooling
•    Static discharge electrolysis                                 •   Zoned & feedback cooling
•    Galvanic cell electrolysis                                    •   Coolant formulas
•    Aluminum oxide contamination                                  •   ECD resistant hoses
•    Water pump cavitation                                         •   Nylon 6.6 degradation
•    Cylinder wall cavitation                                      •   Cooling system filtration
•    Voltage drop testing                                          •   Recovery & Surge Tanks
•    Current ramping                                               •   Dissolved Oxygen variables
•    Flushing                                                      •   pH, Nitrite, Molybdate and concentration testing
•    Purging

Technicians and shop owners should use available training materials and training opportunities to understand
all of the above subjects and the continuing changes in coolant technology.

Kevin S. McCartney is an industry leader in automotive cooling and lubrication training programs and educa-
tional materials. He has also worked in the research and development of alternative fuels, emission inspection
programs and hybrid electric vehicles. He can be contacted at 209-873-1155 or

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Page 12                                                                                                    ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

Continued from page 2
                                 Best & Worst Breakfast Cereals
WORST VITAMIN-ENHANCED CEREAL                                     WORST GRANOLA
Kellogg’s Smart Start Original Antioxidants (1 cup)               Quaker Natural Granola, Oats, Honey & Raisin (1 cup)
190 calories                                                      420 calories
0.5 g fat (0 g saturated)                                         12 g fat (7 g saturated)
3 g fiber                                                         6 g fiber
14 g sugars                                                       30 g sugars

Of all the cereals on this                                        You’re in big trouble if your morn-
list, this is the best example                                    ings include a bowl of this stuff.
of inflated marketing. This                                       One cup eats up 20 percent of
box is littered with words                                        your day’s energy needs and sad-
that attempt to make you                                          dles you with as much sugar as a
think you’re getting a                                            Snicker’s bar. That’s indulgent
wholesome breakfast, but                                          even by dessert standards. The
in reality you’re getting a                                       culprit in this box is the combined
run-of-the-mill bowl of                                           impact of brown sugar and coconut oil, which together add
highly sweetened cereal                                           loads of calories with scarcely any nutrients. What you want
with a multivitamin tossed                                        to do is switch to a lighter granola like Kashi’s GoLean
in on top. Don’t let the                                          Crunch!, and then instead of eating it by the bowl, use just a
added vitamins persuade you into thinking that the sugar          handful as a topping for unsweetened whole grain cereal or
isn’t a problem. It most certainly is.                            oatmeal. Now that’s a recipe for a good breakfast.

Eat This Instead!                                                 Eat This Instead!
Kashi Vive (1 cup)                                                Kashi GoLean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax (1 cup)
135 calories                                                      200 calories
2 g fat (1 g saturated)                                           4.5 g fat (0 g saturated)
10 g fiber                                                        8 g fiber
8 g sugars                                                        12 g sugars

                                                                      Health Care Reform News
Quaker Oatmeal Express
Golden Brown Sugar (1 cup)                                        Health coverage legislation enacted this year includes a Small
200 calories                                                      Business Health Care Tax Credit to help small businesses and
2.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated)                                       small tax-exempt organizations afford the cost of covering
3 g fiber                                                         their workers.
18 g sugars

Sure it’s convenient to have                                      Eligibility Rules
your oatmeal pre-packaged with a serving bowl, but is it          •   Providing health care coverage. A qualifying employer
really worth the love handles? Because that’s the likely              must cover at least 50 percent of the cost of health care cov-
result of eating this much sugar every morning. Sure,                 erage for some of its workers based on the single rate.
there’s a small shot of fiber, but in terms of the sweet stuff,
this bowl is worse than eating a Little Debbie Marshmallow        •   Firm size. A qualifying employer must have less than the
Pie for breakfast. Instead, leave an old coffee cup at work,          equivalent of 25 full-time workers (for example, an employer
and every morning load it with a packet of Quaker’s High              with fewer than 50 half-time workers may be eligible).
Fiber Cinnamon Swirl. With that swap you’ll earn more             •
belly-filling fiber and eliminate the blood-sugar surge. You’ll       Average annual wage. A qualifying employer must pay
never even miss the plastic serving bowl.                             average annual wages below $50,000.
Eat This Instead!                                                     Both taxable (for profit) and tax-exempt firms qualify.
Quaker High Fiber Cinnamon Swirl (1 packet)
160 calories
2 g fat (0.5 g saturated)
10 g fiber                                                                         See if you qualify…
                                                                        Complete the Three Simple Steps on page 11.

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Page 13                                                                    ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

          Special Instructions

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Page 14                                                                                                                                                   ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

                                  ASC-CA INFORMATION PAGE
     Inland Empire Chapter 14 Board Members
                                                                   Tony Solorio — Solorio’s Autotech                       Robert Salerno — Salerno’s Servicenter
                                                                                 President                                                        Secretary
                                                                              (951) 784-1090                                                   (909) 792-3453

          Glenn Davis - GDA Enterprises                                 Craig Wells—Inland Smog                           Genaro Raya - Raya’s Foreign & Domestic
                   Treasurer                                                  Chapter Rep                                                         Membership
                (909) 946-2282                                               (951) 898-3800                                                     (951) 737-4143
      Gene P Rice - GP Rice Ins Serv                         Pam Stevens — A New Direction For Us                           Elaine Salerno — Salerno’s Servicenter
               Newsletter Editor                                              Board Member                                                      Ways & Means
                (909) 370-3107                                               (909) 574-2866                                                    (909) 792-3453
                                                                                                                                                 D is c la im e r
ASC-CA Headquarters One Capital Mall, Suite 320, Sacramento, CA 95814
       (916) 924-9054 (800) 810-4272 E-Mail:                                                                            A S C In l a n d E m p ir e C h a p t e r 1 4 ,
                                                                                                                    t h e ir o f f i c e r s , b o a r d m e m b e r s , e m p lo y e e s ,
                                                                                                                    m e m b e r s a n d a f f il i a t e s i n n o w a y w a r r a n t
                                  ASC Code of Ethics                                                                t h e q u a lit y , c o m p e t e n c y , o r m e r c h a n t a b il i t y
                                                                                                                    o f a n y g o o d s o r s e r v ic e s a d v e r t i s e d i n t h i s
1.  To promote good will between the motorist and the automotive industry.                                          p u b li c a t io n .           In    a d d i t io n ,     AS C         In l a n d
                                                                                                                    E m p ir e C h a p t e r 1 4 i n n o w a y w a r r a n t o r
2.  To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual Customer.                                             in s u r e t h e g o o d s o r s e r v ic e s d e s c r i b e d
3.  To perform high quality service at a fair price.                                                                h e r e in a n d e v e r y in d iv i d u a l u t i l i z i n g t h e s e
                                                                                                                    s e r v ic e s a r e fo r w a r n e d th a t th a t A S C
4.  To employ the best skilled personnel obtainable.                                                                C h a p te r            14         have           c o n d u c te d             no
5.  To use only proven merchandise of high quality distributed by reputable firms.                                  in v e s t ig a t i o n        in to     an y         r e p r e s e n t a t io n s
                                                                                                                    m a d e in a n y a d v e r t i s in g , li t e r a t u r e o r a d
6.  To itemize all parts and adjustments in the price charged for services rendered.                                d is tr ib u te d        by       the       a d v e r t is e r s    in       t h is
7.  To retain all parts replaced for customer inspection, if so requested.                                          p u b li c a t io n .
8.  To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all                                                 T he         o p in i o n s       e x p re s s e d         in
                                                                                                                    e d i t o r ia ls , a r t i c le s , r e v i e w s a n d l e t t e r s a r e
    abuses within the industry.                                                                                     s o le ly t h e r e s p o n s ib ili t y o f t h e a u t h o r s a n d
9. To uphold the integrity of all members.                                                                          d o n o t n e c e s s a r il y r e f le c t t h e p o s i t io n o f
                                                                                                                    A S C C h a p t e r 1 4 o r i t ’s o f f ic e r s , d ir e c t o r s ,
10. To refrain from advertisement which is false or misleading or likely to confuse or                              e m p lo y e e s o r m e m b e r s .

ASC CA Vendor List
                                                                 Credit Card Processing
                                                                   Nova Information                                               John Bamford
     Chris Butler       (916) 684-5200                              (800) 546-1831                                                 866-520-3030
                                                                                          Paychex Payroll Service          CA Preferred Credit Union
                                                                                              Barbara Quinn          
                                                                                             (800) 729-2439              (800) 449-4540 Fax (415) 495-5503
               (916) 781-4344
                              Albert Hallac                  Dave Gregory—ASC Attorney
                           (800) 995-0111                                David Gregory (951) 781-9091

ASC Insurance Services Programs-
              Workers’ Compensation          Garage Liability           Medical
                             “If it’s insurance… We offer it!”

                     GP Rice Insurance Services, Inc.
          Endorsed Agent
                                                                                                           Bill Curry                                       Scott Commer
                                                                                                         310-376-0179                                     888-798-3131 x2221
     Voice (800) 446-0546           FAX (909) 494-5525

                                                                        What is ASC?
Founded in 1940 as IGO (Independent Garage Owners), the Automotive Service Councils of California is a confederation of regional automotive trade associations
(called chapters), consisting of independent repair shops, as well as associated aftermarket businesses such as parts stores, insurance brokers, and automotive
publications. The association has a Code of Ethics that members are expected to adhere to. When you see the ASC logo, you know that you can count on qual-
ity auto repair.

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Page 15                                                                                                       ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire
                                 Best and Worst Cleaning Products
Two types of Tide detergents we tested provided good cleaning at 19 cents a load for top-
loading machines and 25 cents a load for front-loaders. For dishes, Cascade's Complete with
Bleach Hydroclean Action Powder cleaned well for only 12 cents a load; greener-minded con-
sumers can choose a phosphate-free cleaner from Method that cost 25 cents a load.

In our Ratings of carpet cleaners, the Hoover Dual V Steam Vac All Terrain With Spin Scrub F7452-900, $270, cleaned carpets al-
most as well as a professional service. But we also found carpet-stain removers and paper towels from Dyson and Earth Friendly that
provided much poorer performance at a much higher price than our standouts in the "Best & Worst" categories.

Dishwasher detergents
At just 12 cents per load, Cascade Complete with Bleach Hydroclean Action Powder excelled at
cleaning dishes, thanks in part to phosphates, which can harm the environment. The best phosphate-
free product we tested was Method Smarty Dish tablets, 25 cents per load, which was fine for clean-
ing dishes but not so good at pots. Avoid phosphate-free Wave 2X Ultra High Performance, which
left our loads pretty dirty and costs 33 cents a load.

                                    Laundry detergents
                                    For washing away tough stains, the top scorer is Tide 2X Ultra
                                    with Color Clean Bleach Alternative, 32 cents per average load;
                                    Tide 2X Ultra for Cold Water did almost as well and costs only 19 cents a load. Pass on bottom-
                                    rated Xtra 2X Concentrated Lasting ScentSations Spring
                                    Sun Shine. If you have a front loader, use a high-efficiency
                                    detergent such as top- rated Tide 2X Ultra with Color Clean
                                    Bleach Alternative HE, at 25 cents per load. Skip Purex
                                    Ultra Concentrate HE After the Rain.

Paper towels
Walgreens Ultra Quilted was absorbent and survived more than 100 scrubs over our test tiles. It
costs just $2.50 per 100 square feet. Earth Friendly Products lasted only 15 scrubs, held little
water, and cost almost twice as much.

                       Carpet stain removers
                       Bissell and Dyson carpet stain removers None of the products we tested
                       were great, but Bissell's OxyPro Carpet Spot & Stain Remover, $4.85, was best at
                       lifting French dressing and spaghetti sauce. Dyson's Dyzolv Spot Cleaner, $13,
                       left much of those stains behind and was even worse on coffee and red wine. Im-
                       prove your odds by attacking stains as soon as possible and using a wet/dry vac-
                       uum to suck up the spill and the remover.

Carpet-cleaning machines
The Hoover Dual V Steam Vac All Terrain With Spin Scrub F7452-900, $270, left, cleaned almost as
well as a professional service we hired. The Hoover left very little solution behind, so the carpet dried
faster. Bissell's QuickSteamer 1770, $80, left most of the dirt where we put it, in the carpet.

                                      Wet/dry vacuums
                                      Here's what $100 gets you: the midsized Ridgid WD1450, left, which excelled at sucking up
                                      nails, bolts, and tile shards, or the bottom-rated, midsized Shop-Vac Quiet Plus 585-12-00. It
                                      had an overall score of only 55 (compared with the Ridgid's 83), mostly because of its so-so
                                      performance at wet and dry pick-up. The Ridgid is sold at Home Depot.

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Page 16                                                                ASC Chapter 14 Inland Empire

     ASC Chapter 14 Newsletter
         22421 Barton Road.
              Suite 348
   Grand Terrace, California 92313
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