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					Lotus Quickr Introduction

        Martin Gibson
      27th October 2008
           What is Quickr?

Lotus Quickr is a collaboration tool integrated with our email system.

The Lotus Quickr website gives a lot more background than I can offer
here. See it at: -

We have also implemented the Lotus Sametime product.
Sametime allows us to do real-time sharing of documents or live on-
screen presentations to anyone with access to our system.
       Why use Quickr?
• Quickr can be accessed from inside FirstGroup
  and from the Internet meaning that you can
  access it wherever you are.
• You can also create a ‘local’ account in any
  Quickr ‘place’ which can be used for external
  consultants or colleagues working in other
  businesses to access your shared documents.
       What can I share?
• Anything you can save on disk can be shared
  through a Quickr place.
• You can restrict things so that others can only
  read them or you can give your colleagues the
  facility to edit documents.
• Documents can be saved as native files so that
  you can manage version control or you can
  save them as webpages making them more
   How do I access Quickr?
• Quickr is accessed through your normal web
  browser – Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
• You do not have to use a FirstGroup computer
  though as you can get access from anywhere
  on the Internet
  – Remember – this means you need to be careful
    about what you store in a Quickr place.
 How do I structure my Quickr?

• The main thing to decide is about Security
  – When you add users you specify their security
    level at the ‘root’ (top level) of your Quickr.
  – You normally set Users as Readers at the top level
  – You then create Rooms to structure your data.
  – In the Rooms, you give the users increased rights
    as appropriate – Author, Editor or Manager.
  – You then create Folders to store your information
  Setting-up Data Structures
• When you’ve worked out how you want to structure
  your information, you’ll also need to decide how to
  structure your folders.
   – Simple or Ordered Folders for lists of files
   – Headline for a tabbed group of files (5 or 6)
   – Discussion for a forum or discussion group
   – Slide Show for showing files in a very specific order – files
     are displayed in the sequence you specify and only that
   – Task for a list of tasks and to display them as a timeline
        Loading your data
• You can add your data in three ways: -
   – Create a ‘Page’ which is a blank HTML (web) page and you
     can type or add photos, etc to it.
   – Import a document into an ‘Import Page’ which allows you
     to select an existing MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint
     document or GIF or JPG image and load it as a single page
     document. N.B. Images need to be sized to fit.
   – Create a page with a blank MS document and paste the
     data into it from your source document or file.

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