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Steno Tips - A -

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									                                                   Steno Tips
                            Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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        The shortcuts offered in these pages come from no one theory of steno writing.
   They are simply suggestions from reporters and captioners who have looked for faster ways
                       to write words and phrases that come up frequently.
                    If you would like to share some Steno Tips of your own,
                    please send an e-mail message to:
           Similar strokes with different meanings are pointed out, but not all variants of a word are listed.
   Suffixes like -ble, -ed, -er, -ing, -ion, -ious, -ly, -ment, and -s can often be added by "tucking in" a final D, etc.

-A-                                                               acid: SEUD
                                                                  acknowledge: APBLG (aj)
abbreviate: PWRAOEFT (braoevt)                                    acquire: KWAER
abbreviation: PWRAOEFGS (braoevgs)                                acre: AERBG (aerk)
abolish: PWHREURB (blish)                                         active: TEUF
abort: PWORT                                                      actual: TWAL
absence: ABS                                                      actually: TWAEL
absent: ABT                                                       adapt: TKAPT (dapt)
    in absentia: TPHAERB (naerb)                                  adequate: KWAT
absolute: SHRAOUT (slaout)                                        adequately: KWALT
absolutely: SHRAOULT (slaoult)                                         KWAULT: quality
abuse: AUB                                                             KWAELT: equality
    child abuse: KHAUB                                            addition: TKAGS (dags)
    domestic abuse: TKAUB (daub)                                       TKAEGS: edition (daegs)
    drug abuse: TKRAUB (draub)                                    adhere: TKHAOER (dhaoer)
    physical abuse: TPAUB (faub)                                  adjacent: SKWRAEUPBT (jaint)
    sexual abuse: SHRAUB (slaub)                                  adjudicate: SKWRAOT (jaot)
    sexually abused: SHRAUBD (slaubd)                             adjudication: SKWRAOGS (jaogs)
academic: A*BGD (*akd)                                            adjudicator: SKWRAORT (jaort)
academy: ABGD (akd)                                               adjudicatory hearing: SKWRAORG (jaorg)
accelerate: SHRERT (slert)                                        adjust: SKWRAUFT (jaust)
accelerator: SHRAERT (slaert)                                          adjustor: SKWRAUFR (jausr)
accept: SEP                                                       adjustment: SKWRAUPLT (jaumt)
access: ABGZ (akz)                                                administer: PH-R (m-r)
accident: STKEPBT (sdent)                                         administrative: PH*F (m*f)
accidental: STKEPBL (sdenl)                                            PH-F: manufacture (m-f)
accompanied: K-PD                                                 administrator: PH-RT (m-rt)
accomplish: PHREURB (plish)                                       admissible: TKPHEUFBL (dmisbl)
according: KORGD                                                  admissibility: TKPHEUFBLT (dmisblt)
account: BGT                                                      admit: TKPHEUT (dmit)
accountant: *BGT                                                  admit or deny: AORD
accumulate: KHRAEUT (klait)                                       admonish: PHORB (mosh)
    KALT: calculate                                                    PHO*RB: mosh (mo*sh)
accuracy: KRAES                                                   adolescence: STKHREPBS (sdlens)
accurate: KRAT                                                    adolescent: STKHREPBT (sdlent)
    TRAT: fair and accurate                                       adult: TKULT (dult)
accurately: KRALT                                                 advance: SRAPBS (vans)
accuse: KAOUF                                                     advantage: SRAPBG (vang)
    accusation: KAOUFGS                                                STKRAPBG: disadvantage
accuser: KAOUFR                                                   advertise: TAOEUZ
achieve: KHAEF                                                    affable: AFBL
    KHAOEF: chief                                                 affair: TPA*ER (fa*er)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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affect: TPAEBGT (faekt)                            already: HR-RD (l-rd)
      TPEBGT: effect (fekt)                             HR-LD: landlord
affiliate: AFLT                                    although: AOL
affirmative: AFRT                                  aluminum: HRUPL (lum)
      affirmatively: AFRLT                         amaze: PHAEZ (maez)
affirmative defense: AEFD                          amazing: PHAEFG (maefg)
afford: TPAORD (faord)                             ambiguous: TKPWAOUS (gaous)
afraid: TPRAED (fraed)                                  ambiguity: TKPWAOUT (gaout)
      TPRAEUD: frayed (fraid)                           vague and ambiguous: SRAEUPL (vaim)
Africa: TPREUBG (frik)                             ambition: PWEUGS (bigs)
      TPREBG: frequent                             ambitious: PWEURBS (bishs)
      South Africa: STPREUBG (sfrik)                    PWEURBZ: beneficiaries
African: TPREUPB (frin)                            ambulance: PWHRAPBS (blans)
      South African: STPREUPB (sfrin)              ambush: KPWURB
African-American: TPR*EUPB (fr*in)                 amend: APLD (amd)
agent: AEGT                                        amendment: AEPLD (aemd)
agency: AEG                                        among: PHOPBG (among)
agenda: SKWREPBD (jend)                            among other things: PHOEUPBGS (moings)
agree: TKPWRAE (grae)                              amount: APLT (amt)
      TKPWRAOE: degree (graoe)                     analogy: TPHALG (nalg)
agriculture: TKPWRULT (grult)                           analogous: TPHALGS (nalgs)
ahead: HAED                                        analysis: TPHAULS (nauls)
      TKPWOED: go ahead (goed)                     analyst: TPHAULT (nault)
ahead of: HAEF                                     analyze: TPHAULZ (naulz)
airplane: AEURP                                    anatomy: TPHAPLT (namt)
airport: AEURPT                                         TPHAOPLT: anonymity
Alabama: PWAEPL (baem)                             ancient: AEURBT
Alaska: HRAFBG (lask)                              anesthesia: THAOERB (thaoesh)
alarm: HRARPL (larm)                                    anesthesiology: THAOERBLG
alcohol: KHOL                                           anesthesiologist: THAOERBLGS
alcoholic: KHOBG                                   anesthetic: THEBGT (thekt)
      KHO*BG: chock                                angle: APBG (ang)
alcoholic beverage: KHOB                                AEPBG: angel
alert: HRAERT (laert)                              ankle: A*PBG (ank)0
      HRERT: letter (lert)                         anniversary: AERPBS (aerns)
a little bit: HR-BT (l-bt)                         announce: TPHOUPBS (nouns)
      HRABT: laboratory                            announcement: TPHOUPLT (noumt)
all of a sudden: AUFLD                             annoy: TPHOEU (noi)
all right: HR-RT (l-rt)                            annoyance: TPHOEUPBS (noins)
all right, sir: HR-RTS (l-rts)                     anonymity: TPHAOPLT (naomt)
allege: ALG                                        anonymous: TPHAOPLS (naoams)
      allegation: AELG                             answer: APBS (ans)
allergy: HR-RG (l-rg)                              answers to interrogatories: AEUPBZ (ainz)
      allergic: HR-RBG (l-rk)                      anticipate: AEP
allow: HROU                                        anticipation: AEPGS
alloy: HROEU (loi)                                 antiinflamatory: AEFL
alloys: HROEUZ (loiz)                              anxiety: AEUPBGT (aingt)
      HROEUS: likewise                             anxious: AEUPBGS (aings)
almost: HR-PL (l-m)                                anything like that: TPHEULT (nilt)
alone: HRAOPB (laon)                               apart: PAURT
along: HRAOPBG (laong)                                  separate and apart: SPRART
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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apartment: APT                                    arraign: WRAEUPB (wrain)
    A*PT: apt                                     arraignment: WRAEUPLT (wraimt)
apologize: POLGZ                                  arrange: ARPBG (arng)
apology: POELG                                    arrangement: ARPLT (armt)
    POLG: polling                                 arrhythmia: R*EUPLT (r*imt)
apparatus: PRATS                                       REUPLT: rhythm
apparent: PAERPBT (paernt)                        arson: ARZ
apparently: PAERPBL (paernl)                      artery: AERT
appeal: PAEL                                      arthritis: THRAOEUTS (thraoits)
    appellant: PAEPBLT (paenlt)                        arthritic: THREUBGT (thrikt)
    PEPBLT: penalty                               as a matter of: SPHAF (smaf)
appear: AP                                        as a matter of fact: SPHAFBG (smafk)
    disappear: STKAP (dsap)                       as a result: SARLT
appearance: APS                                   Asia: A*EURB (a*ish)
    APZ: appears                                  Asian: A*EUGS (a*igs)
    first appearance: TPAPS (faps)                as I mentioned: SPHEUPBGS (smings)
apply: PHREU (pli)                                as opposed to: SP-PT
    PHRAOEU: reply (plaoi)                             S-PT: so to speak
    PHRAO*EU: ply (plao*i)                        as you sit here today: STAO*UD
applicant: PHREUBGT (plikt)                       as we sit here today: STAO*ED
application: PHREUBGS (pliks)                          sitting here today: STO*EGD
    PHREUBGZ: milks                               as we can see: SWEBGZ (swekz)
appoint: POEU (poi)                               asked and answered: STPHARD (snard)
appointment: POEUPLT (poimt)                      aspect: SPABG (spak)
appraisal: PRAEUFL (praisl)                       aspirin: SPREUPB (sprin)
appraise: PRAEUF (praif)                          assemble: SAEFRPL
    PRAEUZ: praise (praiz)                        assert: SAERT
appreciate: PRAOERBT                              assess: SAES
    appreciable: PRAOERBL                         asset: SAET
appreciation: PRAOERBGS                           assign: STPHAOEUPB (snaoin)
approach: PROEFP                                  assignment: STPHAOEUPLT (snaoimt)
appropriate: PROEPT                                    associate: SOET
appropriated: PROEPD                                         SOEUT: society
appropriation: PROEPGS                                 association: SOEGS
approve: PRAO*UF                                  assume: SAOUPL (saoum)
    disapprove: STKPRAO*UF                        assumes facts not in evidence: SA*FD
    PRAOF: proof                                  assumption: SAOUPLGS or SUPLGS
    PRAOUF: prove                                 assure: SHAUR
approval: PRAOUFL                                 assurance: SHAURPBS (shaurns)
approximate: P-                                   astound: STOUPBD (stound)
approximated: P-D                                 astounding: STOUPBGD (soungd)
April: PREUL (pril)                               Atlanta: HRAPBT (lant)
architect: TEBGT (tekt)                           at least: THRAOES (tlaoes)
architecture: TERBGT (terkt)                      at some point: SPOEUPLT (spoimt)
architectural: TERBLGT (terklt)                   at that point in time: TAPT
argument: ARGT                                    at the end of the day: TEFPBD (tefnd)
argumentative: TKPWAOUF (gaouf)                   at what time: TWHAT
argumentatively: TKPWAOUFL (gaoufl)               at what times: TWHATS
Arizona: AEURPBZ (airnz)                          attach: TAFP
Arkansas: ARPBS (arns)                            attack: TAEBG
    APBS: answer                                  attacker: TAERBG
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                                         Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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attacking: TAEG                                    back yard: PWR-D (br-d)
attend: TAEPBD (taend)                                  TPR-D: front yard
attention: TAEPBGS (taengs)                        bacteria: PWAERBGT (baerkt)
     call your attention: KAUPBGS (kaungs)         baggage: PWAEPBLG (baej)
     direct your attention: TKREPBGS (drengs)      bailiff: PWHREUF (blif)
     draw your attention: TKRAUPBGS (draungs)      balance: PWAL (bal)
     pay attention: PAEUNBGS (paings)                   KPWAL: imbalance (imbal)
attitude: TAOUD                                    balanced: PWALD (bald)
attorney: TOERPB                                        PWA*ULD: bald
     TORPB: torn                                        PWAULD: balled
attorney general: TOERG                            ball: PWAUL (baul)
attorney/client privilege: THREUF                       PWA*UL: bawl
attract: TRAEBGT (traekt)                               baseball: PW*BL (b*bl)
attractive: TRAF                                        basketball: PW-BL (b-bl)
attribute: TRAEBT                                       football: TP-BL (f-bl)
audit: AUD                                              volleyball: SROBL (vobl)
auditor: AURD                                      ballistic: PWHREUFBG (blisk)
August: AUGT                                       ballot: PWALT (balt)
Austin: A*US                                       ballpark: PWAUP (baup)
Australia: A*ULS                                   bank account: PWAEUBGT (baikt)
Australian: A*UPBLS                                     PWABGT: back the
author: THOR                                       bare: PWA*EUR (ba*ir)
     THOER: thorough                                    PWAEUR: bear
     authors: THORS                                barely: PWA*EURL (bairl)
     THORZ: authorize                              bargain: PWA*RG (ba*rg)
authority: THORT                                        PWARG: barring
authorize: THORZ                                   barrel: PWARL (barl)
     THORS: authors                                     PWHRARL: bilateral (blarl)
auto: AO                                           barricade: PWAEURBGD (bairkd)
automatic: AOBG                                    baseball: PW*BL (b*bl)
automation: AOGS                                   based upon a reasonable degree of:
automobile: AOBL                                   PWARLD
available: SRAEUBL (vaibl)                              WARLD: within a reasonable degree of
     availability: SRAEUBLT (vaiblt)               basement: PWAEUFPLT (baismt)
avoid: SRAOD (vaod)                                basic: PWAEUFBG (baisk)
     SRAOUD: viewed                                basically: PWAEFBG or PWAEUFL
avoidable: SRAOBL (vaobl)                          basis: PWAZ (baz)
avoidance: SRAOPBS (vaons)                         basketball: PW-BL (b-bl)
away: WAE                                          bathroom: PWARPL (barm)
     WRAE: right away                                   PW-RPL: bedroom (b-rm)
award: WAURD                                       Baton Rouge: PW-R (b-r)
     reward: RAURD                                 bear: PWAEUR (bair)
aware: WAER                                             PWA*EUR: bare
awful: AUFL                                             bear in mind: PWAEURPLD (bairmd)
                                                        bearing in mind: PWAEURPLG (bairmg)
                                                   bearable: PWAEURBL (bairbl)
-B-                                                beautiful: PWAOUFL (baoufl)
back and forth: PWAORT (baort)                     because: PWAUS (baus)
background: PW-BGD (b-kd)                          because of: PWAUF (bauf)
backup: PWUP (bup)                                 because of the: PWAUFT (bauft)
                                                   become: PW-BG (b-k)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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bedroom: PW-RPL (b-rm)                             board of directors: PWRERS (brers)
before: PWR (br-)                                       TKRER: director (drer)
before the: PWR-T (br-t)                           bone: PWOPB (bon)
behalf: PWHAF (bhaf)                                    bony: PWOEPB (boen)
     PWHAEUF: behave                               bonus: PWOEPBS (boens)
behalf of the: PWHAFT (bhaft)                      booklet: PWAOBGT (baokt)
behave: PWHAEUF (bhaif)                            borrow: PWAUR (baur)
behavior: PWHAEUFR (bhaivr)                        Boston: PWO*S (bo*s)
beige: PWAEUPBLG (baij)                            bottom: PWOT (bot)
Beijing: PWA*EUPBLG (ba*ij)                        bought: PWAUT (baut)
believe it or not: PWHRAOEFRPBT (blaoefrnt)        boundary: PWOURPBD (bournd)
bench: PWEFRPBLG                                   boyfriend: PWOEUF (boif)
     PW*EFRPBLG: beverage                               girlfriend: TKPWOEUF (goif)
beneath: TPHA*OET (na*oet)                         bra: PWRAU (brau)
     TPHAOET: neat                                      PWRA: vertebra (bra)
beneficiary: PWEURB (bish)                         brake: PWRAEBG (braek)
beneficial: PWEURBL (bishl)                             PWRAEUBG: break (braik)
benefit: PWEUPBT (bint)                            brake light: PWR-LT (br-lt)
between: TWAOEPB (twaoen)                          Brazil: PWRAFL
between the: TWAOEPBT (twaoent)                    breakfast: PWREBG (brek)
     in between the: TPHAOEPBT (naoent)            breakthrough: PWR*T (br*t)
better: PWERT (bert)                                    PWR-T: before the (br-t)
better than: PWERPB (bern)                         breathalyzer: PWRA*LZ (bra*lz)
better than the: PWERPBT (bernt)                   brilliance: PWREUPBLS (brinls)
beverage: PW*EFRPBLG (bevrj)                       brilliant: PWREUPBLT (brinlt)
     PWEFRPBLG: bench                              bring: PWREU (bri)
beyond the scope: KWROEP (yoep)                    bring the: PWREUT (brit)
bilateral: PWHRARL (blarl)                              PWR*EUT: Brit
billion: PW-L (b-l)                                broadcast: PWRAUBG (brauk)
billion dollars: PW-LDZ (b-ldz)                    broaden: PWRAUPBD (braund)
{bio^}: PWAO*                                      brochure: PWROERB (broesh)
biography: PWAOEUFG (baoifg)                            PWROEFP: broach
biographer: PWAOEUFRG (baoifrg)                    broke: PWROEBG (broek)
biological: PWHROL (blol)                               broker: PWROERBG (broerk)
biiology: PWHROLG (blolg)                               brokerage: PWROERPBLG (broerj)
biomedical: PW-PL (b-m)                            broken: PWROEPB (broen)
birth: PW*EURT (b*irt)                             bronchitis: PWROPBGTS (bronkts)
     PWEURT: bitter                                brother: PWROER (broer)
birthday: PW-RD (b-rd)                             brotherly: PWROERL (broerl)
blatant: PWHRAPBT (blant)                          budget: PWUPLBGT (bujt)
blatantly: PWHRAL (blal)                           Buick: PWAOUBG (baouk)
blockage: PWHROPBLG (bloj)                         building: -BLG
blood: PWHRAOD (blaod)                             bullet: PWULT (bult)
blood cell: PWHRAO*FL (blao*sl)                    bulletin: PWUPBLT (bunlt)
blood clot: PWHRAOBGT (blaokt)                     burden: PWURD (burd)
blood pressure: PWHRAOP (blaop)                    burden of proof: PWURP (burp)
blood vessel: PWHRAOFL (blaovl)                         PW*URP: burp
blueprint: PWHRAOUPT (blaoupt)                     bureau: PWAOUR (baour)
blurb: PWHR*URB (bl*urb)                           bureaucracy: PWAOURBG (baourk)
blush: PWHRURB (blush)                             bureaucrat: PWAOURBGT (baourkt)
blunder: PWHRURPBD (blurnd)                        burglar: PWHRAR (blar)
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                                         Steno Tips
                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
                                           page 6 of 68

burglary: PWHRAER (blaer)                            capture: KAURPT
    PWHRAEUR: blare                                  carat: KA*EURT
burgle: PWURLG (burlg)                                    KAEURT: indicator
burse: PWURS (burs)                                  carbon: KARPB (karn)
    disburse: SPWURS                                      KAERPB: cancer
burst: PW*URS (b*urs)                                     H-BGD: hydrocarbon
business: PWEUS (bis)                                carbon dioxide: KA*RBD
    PWEUZ or -BZ: busy                                    KARBD: cashed
    course of business: KOURBS                       cardiac: KA*RBG (kark)
    place of business: PHRAEUBS (plaibs)             cardinal: KARPBLD (karnld)
business address: PWADZ (badz)                       cardiovascular: KR-F (c-f)
button: PWUPBT (bunt)                                {cardio^}: KRAO*
by and large: PWHRARPBLG (blarj)                          KRAOU: crew
by the same token: PWOEBG (boek)                     careful: KAEUFL
by the way: PWAU (bau)                               carefully: KAE*UFL
                                                     cargo: KAORG
-C-                                                  carouse: KROUZ
                                                     carpal: KA*RPL
cabinet: KABT                                             KARPL: camera
cafeteria: KAEFT                                     carpal tunnel: KA*RPLT
calamity: KHRAPLT (klamt)                            carpet: KARPT
calculate: KALT                                      carry: KAER
calculation: KALGS                                   carrier: KA*ER
calendar: KHREPBD (klend)                            cartilage: KARPBLG (karj)
California: KAEFL                                    carton: KARPBT (karnt)
callous: KALS                                        caseworker: KWOERBG (kwoerk)
     KAUL: call                                      casino: KA*EPBS (ka*ens)
calls for a legal conclusion: KA*ULZ                 cassette: KAFT
calls for speculation: KAUFBGS (kaufks)              cast: KA*S
call your attention: KAUPBGS (kaungs)                casual: KARBL (kashl)
calorie: KA*ERL                                      casualty: KARBLT (kashlt)
camera: KARPL (karm)                                 catalog: KAG
campaign: KPAEUPB (kpain)                            catalyst: KA*LT
camps: KAFRPZ                                             KALT: calculate
campus: KAFRPS                                       catastrophe: KAEFS
Canada: KA*PBD (ka*nd)                               catastrophic: KAEFBG (kaefk)
Canadian: KA*EPBD (ka*end)                           category: TKPWOER (goer)
cancel: KAEL                                              TKPWOR: gore
cancellation: KAELGS                                      TKPWO*ER: gory
cancer: KAERPB (kaern)                               categoric: TKPWOERBG (goerk)
candidate: K-D                                       categorical: TKPWOERL (goerl)
candor: KARPBD (karnd)                               cathedral: KA*RLD
candy: KAEPBD (kaend)                                catwalk: KWAUBG (kwauk)
     KAEUPBD: contained                              caucus: KA*UBGS (ka*uks)
capable: KAEUPBL                                     cautious: KAURBS (kaushs)
     capability: KAEUPBLT                            cavity: KA*FT
capacity: KPAFT                                           KAFT: cassette
     KPAUFT: exhaust                                 ceiling: SAO*ELG
capital: KAEP                                             SAOELG: sealing
capitulate: KAEPT                                    celebrate: SPWRAEUT (sbrait)
caption: KAPGS                                       celebrity: SEBLT
     closed-captioning: KHROEPG (kloepg)
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                                         Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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cell: KR-L                                         charity: KHAEURT
     KREL: correctly                               check: KHEBG (khek)
cellar: KRERL                                      checking account: KHEBGT (khekt)
cellular: KR-RL                                    checkout: KHOUT
cement: SPHEPBT (sment)                            checkup: KHUP
cent: KREPBT                                       chemical: KHEPL (khem)
     SEPBT: cent                                   chemicals: KHEPLZ (khemz)
     S*EPBT: scent                                 chemistry: KHEPLS (khems)
center: STR                                        Chevrolet: SH*EFRLT
     ST-R: sister                                  chic: SHAOEBG
center lane: SHRAPB (slan)                              SHA*EUBG: sheik
     SHRAEUPB: slain                               Chicago: SHEU
centerpiece: STR-PS                                child abuse: KHAUB
centimeter: SPHAOERT (smaoert)                     child support: KHORT
central: STRAL                                     China: KHAOEUPB (khaoin)
centralize: STRALZ                                 Chinese: KHAOEUPBZ (khaoinz)
centrifugal: STR-FLG                               chiropractor: KPRAR (kprar)
     centrifuge: STR-FG                                 chiropractic: KPRARBG (kprark)
century: STPHREU (snri)                            chocolate: KHOBGT (khokt)
cereal: SAO*ERL                                    chord: KHO*RD
     SAOERL: serial                                     KHORD: change order
cerebellar: SPWERL (sberl)                              KORD: corresponded
cerebellum: SPWHRUPL (sblum)                       chrome: KROEPL (kroem)
cerebral: SPWRAL (sbral)                           chromosome: KROEPLS (kroems)
{cerebro^}: SPWRO* (sbro*)                         chronic: KRO*PBG (kro*ng)
cerebrum: SPWRUPL (sbrum)                               KROPBG: correct me if I'm wrong
ceremony: SAEURPL (sairm)                          chronological: KROPBL (kronl)
certain: SERPB (sern)                              chronology: KROPBLG (kronlg)
certainly: SERPBL (sernl)                          Christ: KRAOEUFT (kraoift)
certainty: SERPBT (sernt)                               Jesus Christ: SKWR-BG (j-k)
certify: SER                                       Christian: KHEPB (khen)
certificate: SERT                                  Christianity: KHEPBT (khent)
certification: SERGS                               Christmas: KPHAS (kmas)
challenge: KHALG                                        KPHAZ: commas
chairman: KHAEURPL (khairm)                        Chrysler: KRAOEURLS (kraoirls)
chairman of the board: KHAEUB                      cigar: STKPWAR (sgar)
chairperson: KHAEURP (khairp)                      cigarette: STKPWRET (sgret)
chamber: KHAEUFRP                                  Cincinnati: STPHAET (snaet)
Chamber of Commerce: KHERS                         circle: SKHR (skl)
champ: KHAFRP                                      circular: SKHR*AR (skla*r)
champion: KHA*FRP                                       SKHRAR: scholar
chapter: KHARPT                                         SKHROR: discolor
character: KARBGT (karkt)                          circulation: SEURGS
characterization: KA*RBGS (ka*rks)                 circumstance: SEURBG (sirk)
characterize: KA*RBGT (ka*rkt)                          facts and circumstances: TPEURBGS
     mischaracterize: PHEUFBGT (miskt)             (firks)
characterized: KA*RBGD (ka*rkd)                         under the circumstances: UTS
characteristic: KARBG (kark)                       circumstantial: SEURBL
     KA*RBG: cardiac                               circumstantial evidence: SKEFD
charge: KHARPBLG (kharj)                           cite: KRAOEUT
     discharge: SKHARPBLG (skharj)                 citizen: SEPB (sen)

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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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citizenship: S*EPBS (s*ens)                       coin: KOEUPB
     SEPBS: sense                                 coins: KOEUPBZ
city: STEU                                        coincidence: KOEUPBS
city limit: STHREUPLT (stlimt)                    coincident: KOEUPBT
civic: S*EUFBG (sivk)                             collaborate: KHRABT (klabt)
civil: S*EUFL (s*ivl)                             collaboration: KHRAGS (klags)
     SEUFL: sizzle                                collapse: KHRAPS (klaps)
civilian: S*FL (s*vl)                                  KHRAPZ: claps
civilization: S*EUFLGS                            collateral: KHRARL
claim: KHRAEUPL (klaim)                           collide: KHRAOEUD (klaoid)
     disclaim: STKHRAEUPL (dsklaim)                    KHRAO*EUD: Clyde
     exclaim: SKHRAEUPL (sklaim)                  color: KHROR (klor)
claimant: KHRAEUPLT (klaimt)                           discolor: SKHROR (sklor)
clamor: KHRARPL (klarm)                           colorful: KHROFRL (klofrl)
clan: KHRAPB (klan)                               colorless: KHRORLS (klorls)
clandestine: KHRA*PBS (kla*ns)                    colossal: KHROFL (klosl)
clarify: KHRAEUF (klaif)                          Columbia: KHR*UPL (kl*um)
clarification: KHRAEUFBGS (klaifks)               column: KHRUPL (klum)
classic: KHRAFBG (klask)                          columns: KHRUPLZ (klumz)
classical: KHRAFBLG (klaskl)                           KHRUPLS: clumsy (klums)
classroom: KHR-RPL (kl-rm)                        combat: KPWAT (kbat)
     KHRARPL: clamor                              combatant: KPWAPBT (kbant)
classify: KHRAFR (klafr)                          combine: KPWAOEUPB (kbaoin)
     classification: KHRAFRGS                     combination: KPWEUPBGS (kbings)
cleanup: KHRUP (klup)                             combustion: KPWUGS (kbugs)
clemency: KHREPLS                                      combustible: KPWUFBL (kbusbl)
clement: KHREPLT                                  comfort: K-FRT
Cleveland: KHRAOEFLD (klaoefld)                        discomfort: SK-FRT
clinic: KHR*EUPBG (kl*ink)                        comfortable: K-FRBL
clinical: KHREUPBL (klinl)                             uncomfortable: UFRBL
clinician: KHREUPBGS (klings)                     comma: KPHA (kma)
clod: KHRO*D (klo*d)                              commas: KPHAZ
     KHROD: enclosed                                   KPHAS: Christmas
closed-captioner: KHROERP (kloerp)                command: KPHAPBD (kmand)
closed-captioning: KHROEPG (kloepg)               commander: KPHARPBD (kmarnd)
close: KHROES (kloes)                             commandment: KPHAPLT (kmamt)
     disclose: SKHROES (skloes)                   commerce: KPHERS (kmers)
     enclose: KHRO (klo)                          commercial: KPHERBL
closure: KHROER                                   commingle: KPHEUPBLG (kminlg)
     enclosure: KLORB                                  PHEUPBLG: mingle
clot: KHROT (klot)                                commit: KPHEUT (kmit)
     blood clot: PWHRAOBGT (blaokt)               committee: KPHET or K*E
cloth: KHRO*T (klo*t)                             commode: KPHOED (kmoed)
cluster: KHRUFR (klusr)                           commodity: KPHOT (kmot)
clutter: KHRURT (klurt)                           common: KPHOPB (kmon)
coagulate: KAOLGT                                 commoner: KPHORPB (kmorn)
coalition: KOELGS                                 commonly: KPHOPBL (kmonl)
cocaine: KOEUBG (koik)                            commotion: KPHOEGS (kmoegs)
     crack cocaine: KROEUBG (kroik)               commune: KPHAOUPB (kmaoun)
cognizance: KOGS                                  communicate: KPHAOUBGT (kmaoukt)
cognizant: KOGT                                   community: KPHAOUPBT (kmaount)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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commute: KPHAOUT (kmaout)                         compose: KPOES
compact: KPA*BGT (kpa*kt)                             composed: KPOEFD
   KPABGT: exact                                      composing: KPOEFG
companion: KPAPB (kpan)                           composer: KPOEFR
company: K-P                                          composure: KPOERB
   K*P: kidnap                                        SKPOERB: exposure
   K-PD: accompanied                              composite: KPOFT
   K-PG: accompanying                             composition: KPOGS
compare: KPAEUR (kpair)                           compost: KPOEFT
   comparable: KPAEURBL                           compound: KPOUPBD (kpound)
compares: KPAEURZ                                 comprehend: KPREPBD (kprend)
comparison: KPAEURS                               comprehension: KPREPBGS (kprengs)
compass: KPAS                                     comprehensive: KPR*EPBS
compassion: KPAGS                                 comprise: KPRAOEUZ
compassionate: KPARBT (kpasht)                        comprised: KPRAOEUFD
compatible: KPABL                                     comprising: KPRAOEUFG
   KAEUPBL: capable                               compromise: KPROPLS (kproms)
   compatibility: KPABLT                          compulsion: KPULGS
compel: KPEL                                      compunction: KPUPBGS (kpungs)
   KP*EL: excel                                   compute: KPAOUT
   SKPEL: expel                                   computer: KPAOURT
compensate: KPEPBT (kpent)                        conceal: SKAOEL
compensation: KPEPBGS (kpengs)                    conceive: SKAOEF
competent: KPE                                        conceivable: SKAOEFBL
   competence: KPEPBS (kpens)                     concentrate: KOPBS
compile: KPAOEUL                                      K*OPBS: cons
   compilation: KPAOEULGS                         concentration: KOPBGS
complacent: KPHRAEPBT (kplaent)                   concept: SKEPT
   complacency: KPHRAEPBS                         concern: KERPB
complain: KPHRAEUPB (kplain)                      concert: SKERT
complainant: KPHRA*EUPBT (kpla*int)               conclude: K-BG (k-k)
complaint: KPHRAEUPBT (kplaint)                   condemn: KEPL (kem)
complement: KPHREPLT (kplemt)                         KHEPL: chemical
   KPHREUPLT: compliment                          condemnation: KEPLGS
complete: KPHRAOET (kplaoet)                      condition: K-PB
complex: KPHREBGS (kplex)                             terms and conditions: TERBGZ (terks)
   complexion: KPHREBGZ                           condom: KOPLD (komd)
complexity: KPHREBGT (kplekt)                     condominium: KPHEUPL (kmim)
compliance: KPHRAOEUPBS (kplaoins)                conduct: KUBGT (kukt)
complicate: KPHREUBGT (kplikt)                    conductor: KURBGT
   KPHREBGT: complexity                               SKURBGT: semiconductor
complication: KPHREUBGS (kpligs)                  confer: K-FR
complicit: KPHREUFT (kplist)                      conference: K-FRPBS (k-frns)
   SKPHREUFT: explicit                            conference room: K-RPL (k-rm)
   KPWHREUFT: implicit (implist)                  confide: KWAOEUD
compliment: KPHREUPLT (kplimt)                    confident: K-FT
comply: KPHRAOEU (kplaoi)                             K*FT: confidant
   compliance: KPHRAOEUPBS (kplaoins)             confidential: K-FLT
   compliant: KPHRAOEUPBT (kplaoint)              configure: KWEUG
component: KPOEPBT (kpoent)                       confirm: KWEURPL (kwirm)
                                                  confiscate: K-FBGT (k-fkt)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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conflict: KWHREUBGT (kwlikt)                        constant: STAPBT (stant)
conflict of interest: KWHREUPBT (kwlint)                STPHAPBT: instant (snant)
conform: KWORPL (kworm)                                 STPHAEUPBT: insanity (snaint)
confront: KROPBT (kront)                            constitute: STU
confrontation: KROPBGS (krongs)                         institute: STPHAOT
confuse: KWAOUZ                                         substitute: STAOT
confused: KWAOUFD                                   constituted: STUD
congratulate: TKPWRA*T (gra*t)                          ST*UD: stud
congratulation: TKPWRA*GS (gra*gs)                  constitution: STUGS
congress: TKPWRES (gres)                            constitutional: STUL
    TKPWRAOES: grease (graoes)                      constitutionality: STULT
    TKPWRAOE: degree (graoe)                        constrain: SKRAEUPB (skrain)
    TKPWRAE: agree (grae)                           constraint: SKRAEUPBT
conjunction: KUPBGS (kungs)                         constrict: SKREUBGT (skrikt)
connect: KEBGT (kekt)                               constricted: SKREUBGD (skrikd)
connected: KEBGD (kekd)                             construct: KRUBGT (krukt)
connection: KEBGS                                   constructed: KRUBGD (krukd)
    K*EBGS: context                                 consult: KULT
    in connection with: TPH-BGS (n-x)                   K*ULT: cult
Connecticut: K*T                                    consume: KAOUPL (kaoum)
conquer: KO*RPBG (ko*rng)                           consummate: KAOUPLT (kaoumt)
conscience: SHEPBS (shens)                          consumption: KUPLGS (kumgs)
conscientious: SHEPBGS                              contact: KABGT (kakt)
conscious: KR-RBS                                   contain: KAEUPB (kain)
consecutive: SK-F                                   contaminate: KAPLT (kamt)
consensus: SKEPBS (skens)                           contamination: KAPLGS
consent: SKEPBT (skent)                             contemplate: KPHRAEUT (kplait)
consequence: KWEPBS (kwens)                         contemporary: KRAER
    SKWEPBS: sequence                                   KROER: contrary
consequences: KWEPBZ (kwenz)                        contemporaneous: KRAEPBS (kraens)
consequent: KWEPBT (kwent)                              contemporaneously: KRAEPBLS (kraenls)
    consequential: KW*ERBL (kw*eshl)                    contemporaneity: KRAEPBT (kraent)
conserve: KEFRB                                     contempt: KEPLT (kemt)
consider: K-R                                       contempt of court: KOFBGT (kofkt)
    take into consideration: TAEURGS                contend: KEPBD
    took into consideration: TAORGS                 content: KEPBT (kent)
considerate: K-RT                                       K*EPBT: Kent
consist: K-S                                        contention: KEPBGS (kengs)
consistent: SKEUPBT (skint)                         contentious: KERBGS (keshs)
    SK-PBT: significant                             contest: KEFT
consolidate: SKOLT                                  context: K*EBGS (k*ex)
consolidation: SKOLGS                                   KEBGS: connection
    SKO*LGS: psychologist                           continent: KO*PBT (ko*nt)
consortium: SKORPL (skorm)                              continental: KOPBLGTS
conspicuous: SPEUBGS (spiks)                        contingent: KEUPBLG (kij)
conspiracy: SPREU                                   contingency: KEUPBLGS (kijs)
conspirator: SPROR
conspiratorial: SPRORL
constable: STABL
    STAEUBL: stable

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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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continue: T-PB (t-n)                               corporate: KORPT
    continual: T-PBL (t-nl)                            incorporate: KOERPT
    continuation: T-PBGS (t-ngs)                   corps: KO*RPS
    continues: T-PBZ (t-nz)                        corpse: KORPS
    continuous: T-PBS (t-ns)                       correct: KREBGT (krekt)
{contra^}: KRA                                         TREBGT: true and correct (trekt)
contract: KR-T                                     correctly: KREL
    subcontract: SKR-T                                 KR-L: cell
    contractor: KR-RT                              correct me if I'm wrong: KROPBG (krong)
contraction: KR-BGZ                                    KRO*PBG: chronic
    KR-BGS: contribution                           correlate: KRELT
contradict: KREUBGT (krikt)                        correspond: KOR
contrary: KROER                                        KOER: core
    KRAER: contemporary                            correspondence: KORS
contrast: TRA*S                                    correspondent: KORT
contribute: KR-BT                                      KOURT: court
    contributed: KR-BD                             corroborate: KROBT
    contributions: KR-BGS                          corrode: KROED
    contributor: KR-RBT                                KRO*ED: crowed
contributory negligence: TREG                      corrupt: KRUPT
control: KROL                                      cost: KOFT
controlled substance: KRUB                         cost of living: KHREUFG (klivg)
controversy: KROFRS                                council: KO*UPBS (ko*uns)
    controversial: KROFRL                          counsel: KOUPBS (kouns)
convene: KWAOEPB (kwaoen)                          count: KOUPBT (kount)
    KWAO*EPB: queen                                    countless: KOUPBLS (kounls)
convenient: KWAOEPBT (kwaoent)                     counter: KOURPBT (kournt)
convention: KWEPBGS (kwengs)                           KO*URPBT: {counter^}
converge: KWERPBLG (kwerj)                         counterfeit: KOUFT
conversation: K-FRGS                               counterpart: KOUPT
conversion: KWERGS                                 country: KUPB (kun)
convert: KWERT                                     county: KOUPB (koun)
convex: KWEBGS (kwex)                                  KO*UPB: County
convey: KWAEU                                      couple: KUPL (kupl)
    KWA*EU: quay                                       KOPL: come (kom)
convict: KWEUBGT (kwikt)                               couple of days: KUPLDZ
convicted: KWEUBGD (kwikd)                             couple of times: KUPLTS
convince: KWEUPBS (kwins)                          courage: KURPBLG (kurj)
convulse: KWULS                                        KERPBLG: encourage
convulsion: KWULGS                                     SKURPBLG: discourage
cooperate: KAOPT                                   course of business: KOURBS
cooperation: KAOPGS                                court: KOURT
coordinate: KAORPBT (kaornt)                           KORT: correspondent
coop: KAOP                                             in open court: TPHOURT (nourt)
cope: KO*EP                                            district court: TKROURT (drourt)
copy: KOEP                                             superior court: SPROURT
    copier: KOERP                                      Supreme Court: SKOURT
copyright: KP-RT                                       trial court: TRAOEUBGT (traoikt)
core: KOER                                         court file: KRAOEUL
    KOR: correspond                                Court finds: KRAOEUPBDZ
                                                       Court find: KRAOEUPBD
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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court hearing: KR-RG                              curious: KAOURS
court of appeal: KOURL                                curiosity: KAO*URS
courthouse: KHOUS                                     KAOURZ: cures
courtroom: KOURPL (kourm)                         curiously: KAOURLS
court supervision: KR-FRGS                        currency: KREPBS (krens)
cousin: KUFPB (kusn)                              current: KURPBT (kurnt)
covenant: KOFPBT (kovnt)                              KURPBS: occurrence
covet: KO*FT (ko*vt)                              curriculum: KREUPBLG
coward: KOURD                                     curriculum vitae: KR*EUFT
cowboy: KOUB                                      custody: KUD
cranial: KRAEUPBL (krainl)                        custodial parent: KUPT
cranium: KRAEUPL (kraim)                          custom: KUFPL (kusm)
crater: KRAEURT (krairt)                          customary: KPHAER (kmaer)
     KAEURT: indicator                            customarily: KPHAERL (kmaerl)
crazy: KRAEZ                                      customer: KPHER (kmer)
create: KRAET                                     cylinder: SEURLD
     KRAEUT: crate (krait)
creature: KRAOEFP
credence: KRAOEPBS (kraoens)
credential: KRERBL (kreshl)                       damage: TKAPBLG (daj)
credible: KREBL                                   danger: TKAEURPBG (dairng)
     KR*EBL: incredible                               endanger: SPWAEURPBG
     credibility: KREBLT                          dangerous: TKAEURPBGS (dairngs)
credit: KREUT                                         TKAEURPBGZ: dangers (dairngz)
     SKREUT: discredit                            data: TKAT (dat)
credit card: KRARD                                    TKAEUT: date
criminal: KREUPL (krim)                           database: TK-B (d-b)
cripple: KR*EUPL (kr*ipl)                         date of birth: TK*B (d*b)
criteria: KRAOEURT (kraoirt)                      day or so: TKAEURS (dairs)
criterion: KRAOEURPB (kraoirn)                        TKAEURZ: dares (dairz)
critic: KREUBG (krik)                             day or two: TKAEURT (dairt)
critical: KREUL (kril)                            daylight: TKAEULT (dailt)
     criticality: KREULT (krilt)                  daytime: TKAEUPLT (daimt)
criticize: KREU (kri)                             dazzle: TKAFL (dasl)
     criticism: KREUFPL (krism)                   deaf: TKAEF
critique: KRAOEBGT (kraoekt)                          TKEF: defy
cross-examine: KROG                               deal: TKAOEL (daoel)
cross-examination: KROGS                          dealer: TKHRER (dler)
crosswalk: KRAUBG (krauk)                         dealership: TKHRERP (dlerp)
cruel: KRAOUL                                     death: TKAET (daet)
cruelty: KRAOULT                                  death penalty: TKP-T (dp-t)
cruel and unusual punishment: KRAO*URB                TK-PT: department
crux: KR*UBGS (kr*ux)                             debate: TKAEBT (daebt)
crystal: KREUFL (krisl)                           debilitate: TK-BLT (d-blt)
cubic: KAOUBG (kaouk)                             debit: TKEBT
cultivate: KU*FLT (ku*vlt)                            TKET: debt
culture: KURLT                                    debris: PWRAOE (braoe)
     subculture: SKURLT                               PWRAO*E: Brie
cumulative: KAO*UFPLT (kao*ufmt)                  debt: TKET (det)
                                                      TKAET: death (daet)
                                                      TKAEUT: date (dait)

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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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decade: TKEBGD (dekd)                              deficiency: TKWEURBS (dwishs)
    TK*EBGD: decked                                deficient: TKWEURBT (dwisht)
decay: TKAE (dae)                                  define: TKWAOEUPB (dwaoin)
    TKAEU: day                                          TKWAO*EUPB: divine
    TKA*E: district attorney                       definite: TKWEPBT (dwent)
decease: STKAOES (dsaoes)                               TKWEUPBT: divinity
    STKAOEZ: disease (dsaoez)                      definition: TKWEPBGS (dwengs)
decedent: STKAO*EPBT (dsao*ent)                    deflect: TKWHREBGT (dwlekt)
deceit: STKAOET (dsaoet)                           deform: TKWORPL (dworm)
deceive: STKAOEF (dsaoef)                          defraud: TKWRAUD (dwraud)
December: STKEPL (dsem)                            defunct: TKWUPBGT (dwunkt)
decent: STKAOEPBT (dsaoent)                        defy: TKEF (def)
    indecent: SPWAOEPBT                                 TKAEF: deaf
decently: STKAOEPBLT (dsaoenlt)                    degenerate: TKAOEPBLGT (daoejt)
deception: STKEPGS (dsepgs)                        degree: TKWRAOE (graoe)
decide: STKAOEUD (dsaoid)                               TKWRAE: agree (grae)
decimal: STKPHAL                                        bachelor's degree: PW-FPD
    STKPHA*L: dismal                               Delaware: TKWAEUR (dwair)
    {DECIMAL}: POEUPB (poin)                       delay: TKHRAEU (dlai)
decipher: STKAOEUFR (dsaoifr)                      delegate: TKELGT (delgt)
decision: STKEUGS (dsigs)                          delete: TKHRAOET (dlaoet)
decisive: STKAOEUFB                                deliberate: TKHREUBT (dlibt)
declare: TKHRAEUR (dlair)                          deliberation: TKHREUBGS (dlibgs)
    TKHRAR: dollar                                 delicate: TKHRABGT (dlakt)
    declaration: TKHRARGS (dlargs)                      TKHREUBGT: deliberating
decline: TKHRAOEUPB (dlaoin)                       delicious: TKHREURBS (dlishs)
decrease: TKRAOES (draoes)                         delight: TKHRAOEUT (dlaoit)
    TKRAOEZ: decrees                               delinquency: TKHREUPBGS (dlings)
decreased: TKRAOEFD                                delinquent: TKHREUPBGT (dlinkt)
decree: TKRAOE                                     delinquent minor: TKHR-PL (dl-m)
deduct: TKUBGT (dukt)                              delirious: TKHRAOERS (dlaoers)
    TK*UBGT: duct                                  delirium: TKHRAOERPL (dlaoerm)
deducted: TKUBGD                                   deliver: TKHREUFR (dlivr)
defame: TKWAEUPL (dwaim)                           delivery: TKHRAEFR (dlaevr)
default: TKWAULT (dwault)                          delivery room: TKHR-RPL (dl-rm)
defeat: TKWAOET (dwaoet)                           delta: TKAELT (daelt)
defect: TKWEBGT (dwekt)                            delude: TKHRAOUD (dlaoud)
defector: TKWERBGT (dwerkt)                        deluxe: TKHRUBGS (dlux)
defective: TKWEFB                                  delve: TK*EFL (d*evl)
defend: TKWEPBD (dwend)                                 TK*EUFL: devil
defendant: TK-FT (d-ft)                            demand: TKPHAPBD (dmand)
Defendant's Exhibit: TK-BT (d-bt)                  demean: TKPHAOEPB (dmaoen)
    Government Exhibit: TKPW-BT (g-bt)             demeanor: TKPHAOERPB (dmaoern)
    People's Exhibit: P-BT                              misdemeanor: PH-RPL (m-rm)
    Plaintiff's Exhibit: PHR-BT (pl-bt)            demise: TKPHAOEUZ (dmaoiz)
    State's Exhibit: S-BT                          demo: TKPHO (dmo)
defense: TKWEPBS (dwens)                                TKPO: depo
    STKWEPBS: self-defense                         democracy: TKEPLS (dems)
defenseless: TKWEPBLS (dwenls)                     Democrat: TKEPL (dem)
defer: TKWER (dwer)                                democratic: TKEPLT (demt)
deficit: TKWEUT (dwit)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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demolish: TKPHORB (dmosh)                          develop: TKWOP (dwop)
    PHORB: admonish                                development: TKWOPLT (dwomt)
demolition: TKPHOLGS (dmolgs)                      deviate: TKAOEFT (daoeft)
Denver: TK*EFRPB (d*efrn)                          device: TKWAOEUS (dvaois)
dep: TKEP (dep)                                         TKWAOEUZ: defies
    depo: TKPO (dpo)                               devil: TK*EUFL (d*ivl)
department: TK-PT (d-pt)                                TK*EFL: delve
Department of Corrections: TKORBGS (dorks)         devious: TKAO*EFS (daoevs)
deponent: TKPOEPBT (dpoent)                        devote: TKWOET (dwoet)
depose: TKPOES (dpoes)                             devour: TKWOUR (dwour)
deposed: TKPOEFD                                   devout: TKWOUT (dwout)
deposing: TKPOEFG                                  diabetes: TKAOEBTS (daoebts)
deposit: TKPOFT (dpoft)                            diabetic: TKAOEUBT (daoibt)
deposition: TKPOGS (dpogs)                         diagonal: TK-L (d-l)
    STKPOGS: disposition                           diagram: TK-PL (d-m)
depreciate: TKPRAOERBT (dpraoesht)                 dialogue: TKHROG (dlog)
depress: TKPRES (dpres)                            dial: TKAOEUL
depression: TKPREFGS (dprefgs)                     dials: TKAOEULZ
deprive: TKPRAOEUF (dpraoif)                       dialysis: TKAOEULS
depth: TK*EPT (d*ept)                              diameter: TKAOEURPLT (daoirmt)
deputy: TKEPT (dept)                               diaper: TKAOEURP (daoirp)
derive: TKRAO*EUF (draoif)                         diaphragm: TKAOEUFPL (daoifm)
    TKRAOEUF: drive                                dichotomy: TKAOEUBGT
derogate: TKROGT (drogt)                           dictate: TKEUBGT (dikt)
derogatory: TKROEGT (droegt)                       dictator: TKEURBGT (dirkt)
descend: STKEPBD (dsend)                           dictionary: TKAERBGZ (daerkz)
describe: STKRAOEUB (dsraoib)                      did there: TKHR
    describing: STKRAOEUG                          did there come a time: TKROBGT           (drokt)
description: STKREUPGS (dsripgs)                   did there ever come a time: TKROFRBGT (drofrkt)
    SKRUPGS: subscription                          did you or did you not: TKURPBT (durnt)
deserve: STKEFRB (dserv)                           diesel: TKAOEFL (daoesl)
design: STKAOEUPB (dsaoin)                         diet: TKAO*EUT (dao*it)
designate: STKEUGT (dsigt)                              TKAOEUT: indict
desire: STKAOEUR (dsaoir)                          difference: TKEUFRPBS (difrns)
desirable: STKAOEURBL (dsaoirbl)                   different: TKEUFRPBT (difrnt)
desperate: STKPRAEUT (dsprait)                     difficult: TKEUL (dil)
despicable: STKPEUBL (dspibl)                      difficulty: TKEULT (dilt)
despise: STKPAOEUZ (dspaoiz)                       diffract: TKWRABGT (dwrakt)
despite the fact: STKPAOEUBGT (dspaoikt)           diffuse: TKWAOUS (dwaous)
destination: STPHAEUGS                             digest: TK-PBLG (d-j)
destroy: STROEU (stroi)                                 TKAPBLG: damage
destruction: STKRUBGS (sdrux)                      digit: TKEUPBLG (dij)
detach: TKAFP (dach)                               digital: TK*EUPBLG (d*ij)
    TAFP: attach (tach)                            dignity: TK*EUGT (d*igt)
detail: TKAEUL (dail)                                   dignitary: TKAERGT (daergt)
detect: TKAOEBGT (daoekt)                          dilapidated: TKHRAPD (dlapd)
detective: TKEBGT (dekt)                           dilate: TKAOEULT
detergent: TKERPBLGT (derjt)                       dilemma: TKHREPL (dlem)
deteriorate: TKR-RT (dr-rt)                        dimension: TKPHEPBGS (dmengs)
    distribute: TK-RT (d-rt)                       diminish: TKPHEURB (dmish)
determine: TKERPL (derm)                           diminution: TKPHAOUPBGS (dmaoungs)

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                                              Steno Tips
                          Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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dining room: TK-RPL (d-rm)                              discuss: SKUS
diploma: TKPHROEPL (dploem)                             discussing: SKUFG
diplomat: TKPHROEPLT (dploemt)                               SK*UFG: scuffing
diplomatic: TKPHRABG (dplak)                            disease: STKAOEZ
direct: TKREBGT (drekt)                                      STKAOES: decease
     directly: TKREL (drel)                             disgorge: STKPWORPBLG (sgorj)
     direct your attention: TKREPBGS (drengs)           disgrace: STKPWRAEUS (dsgrais)
     TREBGT: true and correct                           disgruntled: STKPWRUPBLD (sgrunld)
direct evidence: TKR*EFD (dr*efd)                       disguise: STKPWAOEUZ (sgaoiz)
     TKREFD: dressed                                    disgust: STKPWUFT (sguft)
direct examination: TKREGS                              dishonest: STKHOPBS (dshons)
     TKR*EGZ: dregs                                          STKHOPBZ: dishonors (dshonz)
director: TKRER (drer)                                  dishonor: STKHOPB (dshon)
     PWRERS: board of directors (brers)                 disk: TKEUFBG (disk)
dirty: TKAERT (daert)                                   diskette: TKEUFBGT (diskt)
disability: STKABLT (dsablt)                            dislike: STKHRAOEUBG (dslaoik)
disable: STKAEUBL (dsaibl)                              dislodge: STKHROPBLG (dsloj)
disagree: STKRAE (sgrae)                                dismal: STKPHA*L (dsma*l)
disadvantage: STKRAPBG (dsrang)                              STKPHAL: decimal
     SRAPBG: advantage                                  dismiss: STKPHEUS (dsmis)
disappear: STKAP (dsap)                                 disorder: STKORD (dsord)
disappoint: STKPOEU (dspoi)                             disorganized: STKORGD (dsorg)
disapprove: STKPRAO*F (dsprao*v)                        disorient: STKOERPBT (dsoernt)
     STKPRAOUF: disprove                                disparage: STKPARPBLG (dsparj)
disarm: STKARPL (dsarm)                                 dispatch: STKPAFP (dspach)
disarrange: STKARPBG (dsarng)                           dispel: STKPEL (dspel)
disassociate: STKOET (dsoet)                            dispense: STKPEPBS (dspens)
disaster: STKAFR (dsafr)                                disperse: STKPERS (dspers)
disastrous: STKAFRS (sdafrs)                            displace: STKPHRAEUS (dsplais)
     STKAFRZ: disasters (sdafrz)                             STKPHRAEUZ: displays
disburse: SPWURS (sburs)                                display: STKPHRAEU (dsplai)
discern: STKERPB (dsern)                                displease: STKPHRAOES (dsplaoes)
discharge: SKHARPBLG (skarj)                            dispose: STKPOEZ (dspoez)
disciple: STKAOEUPL (dsaoipl)                                disposal: STKPOEFL (dspoesl)
discipline: STKPHREUPB (dsplin)                         disposition: STKPOGS (dspogs)
disclose: SKHROES (skloes)                                   TKPOGS: deposition (dpogs)
disclosure: SKHROER (skloer)                            dispositive: STKPO (dspo)
    full and complete disclosure: TP*BGD (f*kd)         disproportion: STKPRORPGS (dsprorpgs)
    full, complete and accurate disclosure: TPA*BGD     disproportionate: STKPRORBT (sdprosht)
discolor: SKHROR (sklor)                                displeasure: STKPHRER
disconnect: SKEBGT (skekt)                              dispute: STKPAOUT
discount: SKOUPBT (skount)                              disqualify: SKWAUFL
discourage: SKURPBLG (skurj)                            disquiet: SKWAO*EUT
    SKOURPBLG: scourge                                  disregard: STKRARD (dsrard)
    courage: KURPBLG (kurj)                             disrupt: STKRUPT (dsrupt)
    encourage: KERPBLG (kerj)                           dissatisfy: STKAE
discover: SKOFR                                         dissect: STKEBGT (dsekt)
discredit: SKREUT (skrit)                               disseminate: STKEPLT (dsemt)
discreet (prudent): SKRAOET                             distance: STKAPBS (dsans)
    discrete (distinct): SKRAO*ET                       distant: STKAPBT (dsant)
discrepancy: SKREP                                      distinct: STKEUPBGT (dsinkt)
discriminate: SKREUPLT (skrimt)
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                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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distort: STKORT (dsort)                               TKURG: during (durg)
     STORT: extort                                do you recognize: TKOURZ (dourz)
distribute: TK-RT (d-rt)                          drama: TKRAUPL (draum)
distribution: TK-RGS (d-rgs)                      dramatic: TKRAUBG (drauk)
district: STKREUBGT (dsrikt)                      drastic: TKRAFBG (drask)
     STREUBGT: strict                             dreadful: TKREFL (dreful)
district attorney: TKA*E (da*e)                   driver's license: TKHR-PBS (dl-ns)
disturb: STURB                                    driveway: TKROEU (droi)
disturbance: STURPBS (sturns)                     drizzle: TKREUFL (drifl)
diver: TKAOEUFR (daoivr)                          drug abuse: DRAUB
diverge: TKWERPBLG (dwerj)                        drugstore: TKROR (dror)
diverse: TKWERS (dwers)                           dual: TKWAL (dwal)
diversity: TKW*ERS                                due: TKAO*U (dao*u)
divest: TKWEFT or TKW*ES                          due diligence: TK-D (d-d)
dividend: TKW*EPBD (dw*end)                       due to the fact: TKABGT (dakt)
     TKWEPBD: defend (dwend)                      duplex: TKPHREBGS (dplex)
divide: TKWAOEUD (dwaoid)                         duplicate: TKPHREUBGT (dplikt)
divine: TKWAO*EUPB (dwao*in)                      duration: TKURGS (durgs)
     TKWAOEUPB: define                            during: TKURG (durg)
division: TKWEUGS                                 during that time: TKRAT (drat)
     subdivision: SWEUGS                          during the time: TKRET (dret)
divorce: TKWORS or SRORS                          during this time: TKREUT (drit)
divulge: TKWULG (dwulg)                           DVD: TK*FD (d*fd)
dizzy: STKEU (dsi)                                dynamic: TK-BG
doctor: TKR (dr-)
doctorate: TKR-T (dr-t)
     TK-RT: distribute (dr-rt)                    -E-
document: TKOUPLT (doumt)                         EBITDA: EBT
     documentation: TKOUPLGS (doumgs)             e-mail: AOEPL (aoem)
     documented: TKOUPLD (doumd)                  each and every: KHEFR
     -page document: POUPLT (poumt)               each and every day: KHEFRD
documentary: TKOURPLT (dourmt)                    each of us: AOEFPS
do me a favor: TKAOFR (daofr)                     each other: KHOER
domestic: TKPHEFBG (dmesk)                        eager: AO*ERG
     domestically: TKPHEFBLG (dmeskl)                  AOERG: earring
domestic abuse: TKAUB (daub)                      eagle: AOELG
donate: TKO*EPBT (do*ent)                         early: ERL
     TKOEPBT: don't                               earlier: KWRAERL (yaerl)
donation: TKOEPBGS (doengs)                       earliest: KWRAERLS (yaerls)
donor: TKOERPB (doern)                            earth: ERT
dormant: TKORPLT (dormt)                          earthquake: ERBG (erk)
dormitory: TKOERPLT (doermt)                      east: AOEFT
doubt: TKOUBT (doubt)                             eastbound: AOEBD
doubtful: TKOUFL (doufl)                          eastern: AOERPB
doubtless: TKOULS (douls)                         easterly: AOERL
     TKOULZ: dowels (doulz)                       easy: EZ
Dow Jones: TKOUPBLG (douj)                             easily: ELZ
downstairs: TKO*UPBZ (do*unz)                     echo: KHO
     upstairs: *UPZ                               echocardiogram: KHO*G (kho*g)
downtown: TKOUPBT (dount)                         economic: KPHEBG (kmek)
do you agree: TKOURG (dourg)                      economical: KPHEL (kmel)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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economically: KPH*EL (km*el)                       eliminate: ELT
economist: KPHEUFT (kmist)                         elimination: ELGS
economy: KPHE (kme)                                elite: HRAET (laet)
edit: TK*EUT                                       embark: KPWARBG (embark)
edition: TK*EUGS                                   embarrass: KPWARS (embars)
     TKEUGS: digs                                  embarrassing: KPWAFRG
editor: TK*EURT (d*irt)                            embarrassment: KPWAFRPLT (embafrmt)
editorial: TK*EURLT (d*irlt)                       embassy: KPWAES (embaes)
educate: KAET                                      embed: KPWED (embed)
education: KAEGS                                   embezzle: KPWEFL (embesl)
     KAEUGS: indication                            embezzler: KPWEFR (embesr)
educational: KAERB                                 emblem: KPWHREPL (emblem)
     KAEURBL: occasional                           embrace: KPWRAEUS (embrace)
     KAEURB: occasion                              embroider: KPWROEURD (embroird)
Edward: TKWARD (dward)                             embryo: KPWRO (embro)
effect: TPEBGT (fekt)                              embryology: KPWROLG (embrolg)
     TPAEBGT: affect (faekt)                       embryonic: KPWRO*PBG (embro*nk)
     into effect: SPWAOFBGT                        emerge: PH*ERPBLG (m*erj)
     something to that effect: STKPWEBGT                PHERPBLG: merge
effective: TPEF (fef)                              emergency: PH-PBLG (m-j)
effectively: TPEFL (fefl)                          emergency room: E-RPL (erm)
efficient: TPEURBT (fisht)                         emission: AOEPLGS
egregious: TPKWRAOEPBLGS (graoejs)                 emit: AOEPLT
Egypt: SKWREUPT (jipt)                             emotion: PHOERB (moesh)
Egyptian: SKWREUPGS (jipgs)                             PHOEGS: motion
either: AOERT                                      emotional: PHOERBL (moeshl)
eject: SKWRAEBGT (jaekt)                           emphasis: EFPLS (emps)
     SKWRABGT: jacket                              emphasize: EFPLZ (empz)
     reject: R-PBLG (r-j)                          empire: KPWAOEUR (empaoir)
elaborate: HRAEBT (laebt)                          empiric: KPWAOERBG (empaoerk)
elapse: HRAEPS (laeps)                             empirical: KPWAOERBLG (empaoerkl)
elbow: *EBL                                        employ: PHROEU (ploi)
elder: ERLD                                             PHRO*EU: ploy
elect: HR-BGT                                      employee: PHROE (ploe)
election: HR-BGS                                   employment: PHROEUPLT (ploimt)
electric: HREBG                                         unemployment: PHRO*EUPLT (plo*imt)
electricity: HREBGT                                empower: KPWOUR (empour)
electrician: HREBGS                                emporium: KPWORPL
electrical: HRAL                                   empty: PH-T (m-t)
electrically: HRAEL                                enable: TPHAEBL
electrode: TROED                                   enact: TPHABGT (nakt)
electromagnetic: HR*PL (l*m)                       encephalitis: STPHEFLTS (nseflts)
electron: TROPB (tron)                             {encephalo^}: STPHEFL (nsefl)
electronic: TROPBG (trong)                         enclose: KHRO (klo)
electronically: TROPBL (tronl)                          KHRO*D: clod
element: HR-PLT (l-mt)                                  close: KHROES (kloes)
elementary: HR-RPLT (l-rmt)                             disclose: SKHROES (skloes)
elevate: SRAEUT (vait)                             encourage: KERPBLG (kerj)
elevator: SRAEURT (vairt)                               courage: KURPBLG (kurj)
eligible: SKWREUBL (jibl)                               discourage: SKURPBLG (skurj)
     SKWR*EUBL: ineligible                         endanger: SPWAEURPBG (endairng)
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                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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endeavor: SPWEFR                                  equip: KWEUP (kwip)
     SPW-FR: interfere                            equipment: KWEUPLT (kwimt)
endorse: SPWORS (endors)                          equity: EBGT (ekt)
     endorsement: SPWOPLT (endomt)                equivalence: KWEUFLS (kwifls)
endow: SPWOU (endou)                              equivalent: KWEUFLT (kwiflt)
endowment: SPWOUPLT (endoumt)                     equivocate: KWEUFBGT (kwifkt)
endure: SPWAOUR (endaor)                          erect: AOERBGT (aoerkt)
enemy: PHAEPB (maen)                              error: ROR
energy: TPH-RG                                         RO*ER: roar
energetic: TPH-RBGT                               erroneous: ROEPBS (roens)
enforce: TPOERS (foers)                                RAOEPBZ: reasons
     TPORS: force                                 erupt: RUPT
engage: TPKWAEPBLG (gaej)                              RURPT: rupture
     TKPWAEUPBLG (gaij)                           escalate: SKHRAEUT (sklait)
engine: SKWREUPB (jin)                            escape: SKAEUP (skaip)
engineer: SKWRER (jer)                            escort: SKORT
England: TKPWHREPBD (glend)                            SKOURT: Supreme Court
English: TKPWHREURB (glish)                       escrow: SKROE
enjoy: SKWRAOEU (jaoi)                            esophagus: SOFGS
enormous: TPHORPLS (norms)                        especially: EP or SPAEL
     TPHORPLZ: norms                              essence: STPHEPBS (snens)
enough: TPHUF (nuf)                               essential: SERBL (seshl)
ensure: STPHUR                                         essentially: SAERBL (saeshl)
     SHUR: insure                                 establish: STAEB
     SHAOUR: sure                                 establishment: STAEBT or STAEPLT
entail: SPWAEUL (entail)                          estate: STAET
enter: SPWER                                      esthetic: STHEBGT (sthekt)
enterprise: EPZ                                   estimate: STEUPLT (stimt)
entertain: SPW-PB (ent-n)                         estrange: STRAEPBG (straeng)
entertainment: SPW-PLT (ent-mt)                   eternal: TERPBL (ternl)
enthuse: THUZ                                     eternity: TERPBT (ternt)
enthusiasm: THUFPL (thusm)                        ether: AO*ERT
enthusiastic: THU                                 ethic: *EBGT (*ekt)
enthusiastically: THUL                                 EBGT: equity
entire: SPWAOEUR or TEUR                          ethical: *EBLGT (*eklt)
entity: *EPBT (*ent)                              eulogy: AOULG
entrepreneur: PREUR or SPWREP                     Europe: AOURP
     PRAOEUR: prior                               evade: SRAED (vaed)
     entrepreneurial: PREURL or SPWRERL           evaluate: SRAELT (vaelt)
enumerate: TPHAOUPLT (naoumt)                     evaluation: SRAELGS (vaelgs)
envelope: TPH-FL (n-fl)                           evaporate: SRAPT (vapt)
environment: SRAOEURPLT (vaoirmt)                 evaporation: SRAPGS (vapgs)
envy: SRAEPB (vaen)                               even: AOEPB (aoen)
     SRAEUPB: vain                                evening: AOEPBG (aoeng)
epilepsy: HREPS (leps)                            event: SRAOEPBT (vaoent)
epileptic: HR*EPT (l*ept)                              KWAOEPBT: convenient
equal: KWAL                                       eventually: SRAOEPBLT (vaoenlt)
equality: KWAELT
equate: KWAET
equilibrium: PWRUPL (brum)

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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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evidence: EFD                                      exemplary: KPAEFRPL
    circumstantial evidence: SKEFD                 exemplify: KPEFRPL
    direct evidence: TKR*EFD (dr*efd)                   KPAFRPL: example
         TKREFD: dressed                           exempt: KPEPLT (xemt)
    forensic evidence: TPREFD (frefd)              exhibit: KPEUBT (xibt)
    in evidence: TPHEFD (nefd)                          People's Exhibit: P-BT
    into evidence: SPWEFD (intefd)                      State's Exhibit: S-BT
    physical evidence: TPEFD (fefd)                     Government Exhibit: TKPW-BT (g-bt)
    substantial evidence: STEFD                         Plaintiff's Exhibit: PHR-BT (pl-bt)
evident: EFT                                            Defendant's Exhibit: TK-BT (d-bt)
evoke: AO*EFBG (ao*efk)                                 Petitioner's Exhibit: PE-BT
evolution: EFGS                                         Respondent's Exhibit: R-BT
exact: KPABGT (xakt)                               exhibit number: KP*UB
    KP*ABGT: compact                               exist: KPEUFT (xist)
exactly: KPAL                                      existence: KPEUPBS (xins)
exaggerate: KPAPBLG (xaj)                          expect: KP-P
exaggeration: KPA*GS                               expend: SKPEPBD (xpend)
    KPAGS: compassion                              expenditure: SKPEFP (xpech)
exalt: KPALT                                       expensive: SPEFPBS (spefns)
examine: KP                                        experience: SPERPBS (sperns)
examination: KP-GS                                 experiment: SPERPLT (spermt)
    physical examination: TP-GS (f-gs)             expert: SPERT
example: KPAFRPL (xampl)                                expert report: SPRORT
    for example: TPRAFRPL (frampl)                 expertise: SPAOES or SP*ERT
    exemplary: KPAEFRPL                            expire: SKPAOEUR (xpaoir)
exasperate: KPAPT                                  explain: SPHRAEUPB (splain)
exasperation: KPAPGS                               explanation: SPHRAPBGS (splangs)
exceed: KPAOED (xaoed)                             explicit: SKPHREUFT (xplist)
excel: KP*EL (x*el)                                     KPWHREUFT: implicit
    KPEL: compel                                   explode: SPHROED (sploed)
except: KPEPT (xept)                                    explosive: SPHROEFB
exception: KPEPGS (xepgs)                          exploit: SPHROEUT (sploit)
excerpt: KPERPT (xerpt)                            explore: SPHROER (sploer)
excess: KPES (xes)                                 exponent: SKPOEPBT (xpoent)
excessive: KPE*FS                                  export: SKPOERT (xport)
exchange: SKHAEUPBG (skhaing)                           KPWOERT: import
excise: KPAOEUZ (xaoiz)                            expose: SKPOES (xpoes)
excite: KPAOEUT (xaoit)                            exposure: SKPOERB (xpoesh)
excitement: KPAOEUPLT (xaoimt)                     expound: SKPOUPBD (xpound)
exclaim: SKHRAEUPL (sklaim)                        express: SPRES
exclude: SKHRAOUD (sklaoud)                        expressway: SPROEU
exclusive: SKHRAOUF (sklaouf)                      expulsion: SKPULGS (xpulgs)
excrement: SKREPLT (skremt)                        exquisite: SKWEUFT
exculpatory: SKUP                                  extemporaneous: STRA*EPBS (stra*ens)
excursion: SKURGS                                  extend: STEPBD (stend)
excuse: SKAOUS                                     extent: STEPBT (stent)
excuse me: SKAOUPL (skaoum)                        exterior: STAOR or STR-R
    KAOUPL: consume                                     interior: SPWAOR or SPWR-R
execute: SKAOUT                                    exterminate: STERPLT (stermt)

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                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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external: STERPBL (sternl)                                   factor: TPARBGT (farkt)
     ST*ERPBL: sternal                                             TPARBT: fabricator
     internal: SPWERPBL (spwernl)                            factory: TPAERBGT (faerkt)
extinguish: STEURB (stish)                                   factual: TPABLGT (faktl)
extort: STORT                                                fail to appear: TPAEUP (faipt)
     STKORT: distort                                         failure: TPAURL (faurl)
extortion: STORGS                                            fair: TPAEUR (fair)
extract: STRABGT (strakt)                                          fairness: TPAEURPBS (fairns)
     STR-BGT: subtract                                             fair to say: TPAEURTS (fairts)
extraneous: STRAEPBS (straens)                                     is it fair to say: STPAEURS
     STRAEUPBS: strains                                            it is a fair statement: STPAEURPLT
extraordinary: KPRAOERD                                            would it be fair to say: WAEURS
extraordinarily: KPRAOERLD                                   fair and accurate: TPRAT (frat)
extrapolate: STRAPT                                          fair and reasonable: TPARL (farl)
extravagance: STRAFGS                                        fair enough: TPRUF (fruf)
extravagant: STRAFGT                                         faith: TPA*EUT
extreme: STRAOEPL (straoem)                                        TPAEUT: fate
     STRAO*EPL: stream                                             good faith: TKPW-F (g-f)
extremity: STREPLT (stremt)                                  faithful: TPAEUFL (faifl)
extrinsic: STREUPBS (strins)                                 fall: TPAUL (faul)
     STREPBZ: strengthens                                          fallen: TPAUPBL (faunl)
extrinsically: STREUPBLS (strinls)                           fallacy: TPAELS (faels)
extrovert: KPROEFRT (xroefrt)                                fallacious: TPHRAEURBS (flaishs)
extrude: STRAOUD                                             false: TPALS (fals)
     STRAO*UD: strewed                                       familiar: TPAPL (fam)
exuberance: KPAOUPBS (xaouns)                                familiarity: TPAPLT (famt)
exuberant: KPAOUPBT (xaount)                                 family: TPAEPL (faem)
exude: KPAOUD                                                family room: TP-RPL (f-rm)
eyewitness: AOEUPBS                                          front room: TPR-RPL (fr-rm)
     AO*EUPBZ: ions                                          fame: TPAEUPL (faim)
                                                             famous: TPAEUPLS (faims)
                                                             fan: TPAPB (fan)
-F-                                                          fanatic: TPA*PBGT (fa*nkt)
fabricate: TPABT (fabt)                                      fancy: TPAEPBS (faens)
fabricated: TPABD (fabd)                                     fantastic: TPAPBT (fant)
fabricator: TPARBT (farbt)                                   fantasy: TPAEPBT (faent)
     TPARBGT: factor                                               TPAEUPBT: faint (faint)
fabulous: TPABLS (fabls)                                     farce: TPARS
     TPAEUBLZ: fables                                              TPA*RS: faster
face: TPAEUS                                                 farm: TPARPL (farm)
facial: TPAEURBL                                             farmer: TPAERPL (faerm)
     TPARBL: fascial                                         fart: TPART (fart)
facilitate: TPAELT (faelt)                                   farther: TPA*RT (fa*rt)
facility: TPEULT (filt)                                      fashion: TPAGS
fact of the matter: TPAERT                                         TPAGZ: fags
     TPAER: father                                           fascia: TPARB (fash)
fact of the matter is: TPAERTS (faerts)                      fascial: TPARBL (fashl)
     TPAEURTS: fair to say (fairts)                                TPAEURBL: facial
faculty: TPULT (fult)                                        fascinate: TPAFT (faft)
facts and circumstances: TPEURBGS         (firks)            fascination: TPAFGS

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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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fast: TPA*S (fa*s)                                 fender: TPERPBD (fernd)
     faster: TPA*RS                                ferment: TPERPLT (fermt)
     fastest: TPA*ES                               ferocious: TPROERBS (froeshs)
fasten: TPAFPB (fasn)                              fertile: TPERLGTS (fertl)
fatal: TPAEULGTS (faitl)                           fertility: TPERLT (ferlt)
fatality: TPALT (falt)                             fetal: TPAOELGTS (faoetl)
     TPEULT: facility                              fetus: TPAOETS (faoets)
father: TPAER (faer)                               feud: TPAOUD (faoud)
father-in-law: TPAERPBL (faernl)                   feudal: TPAOULGDZ (faoudl)
fathom: TPA*PLT                                    few: TPAOU (faou)
     TPAPLT: familiarity                                 few minutes: TPAOUPLTS (faoumts)
fatigue: TPAEG (faeg)                                    few of the: TPAOUFT (faouft)
fatty: TPAET (fatty)                               fiancé: TPAOEPBS (faoens)
faucet: TPAUFT (faust)                             fiancée: TPAO*EPBS (fao*ens)
faux: TPA*U (fa*u)                                 fiasco: TPAOEFBG (faoesk)
favor: TPAEUFR (faivr)                             fiber: TPAOEURB (faoirb)
     TKAOFR: do me a favor                               fibrous: TPAOEURBS (faoirbs)
favorable: TPAEUFRBL                                     TPAOEURBZ: fibers
favorite: TPAEUFRT (faivrt)                        fiberglass: TP*G (f-g)
faze: TPA*EUZ (fa*iz)                              fibrillation: TPR-LGS
     TPAEUZ: phase                                 fiche: TPAOERB
fear: TPAOER (faoer)                               fiction: TP*EUBGS (f*ix)
fearful: TPAOERFL (faoerfl)                              TPEUBGS: fix
fearless: TPAOERLS (faoerls)                       fidelity: TP*ELD (f*eld)
feasible: TPAOEFBL (faoesbl)                       fiddle: TPEULGDZ (fidl)
feasibility: TPAOEFBLT (faoesblt)                  fidget: TPEUPBLGT (fijt)
feast: TPAOEFT (faoest)                            fiduciary: TPAOURB (faoush)
feat: TPAO*ET (fao*et)                             fiend: TPAOEPBD (faoend)
     TPAOET: feet                                  fierce: TPAOERS (faoers)
feather: TP*ERT (f*ert)                                  TPAOERZ: fears
feature: TPAOEFP (faoech)                          figment: TP*EUGT (f*igt)
February: TPEB (feb)                               figure: TPEUG (fig)
federal: TPERL (ferl)                                    TP*EUG: fig
Federal Express: TP*EBGS (f*eks)                   filament: TPEUPLT (fimt)
FedEx: TPEBGS (fex)                                film: TPHREUPL (flim)
feeble: TPAOEBL (faoebl)                           filter: TPEURLT (firlt)
feedback: TPAOEBD (faoebd)                         fin: TPEUPB (fin)
feel: TPAOEL (faoel)                               final: TPAOEUPBL
     feel like: TPHRAOEUBG (flaoik)                      finally: TPAO*EUPBL
     feels like: TPHRAOEUBGZ (flaoikz)             finality: TPAOEUPBLT
     felt like: TPHREBGT (flekt)                   finance: TP-PBS (f-ns)
feign: TPAEUPB (fain)                              financial: TP-PBL (f-nl)
fellow: TPHROE (floe)                              financially: TP*PBL (f*nl)
     TPHRO: flow                                   find: TPAOEUPBD
fellowship: TPHROEP (floep)                              fined: TPAO*EUPBD
felon: TPHROPB (flon)                              fine: TPAOEUPB
felony: TPHROEPB (floen)                           finest: TPAO*EUPBS
     TPHRO*EPB: flown                              finger: TPEUPBG (fing)
     felonious: TPHROEPBS (floens)                 fingerprint: TPEUPT (fipt)
female: TPAOEPL (faoem)                            finish: TPHEURB (nish)
femur: TPAOERPL (faoerm)                                 TPHEURBL: initial
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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finite: TPAOEUPBT (faoint)                         flex: TPHREBGS (flex)
      infinite: TPEUPBT (fint)                          TPHREBGZ: flecks
fire: TPAOEUR (faoir)                              flexible: TPHREBL (flebl)
firearm: TPRARPL (frarm)                           flexibility: TPHREBLT (fleblt)
fire department: TPAOEURPT (faoirpt)               flinch: TPHREUFRPBLG
firefighter: TPAOEUFRT (faoifrt)                   fling: TPHREUPBG
fireman: TPAOEURPL (faoirm)                        flip: TPHEUP (flip)
firemen: TPAO*EURPL (fao*irm)                      float: TPHROET (floet)
fireplace: TPAOEURPS (faoirps)                     flock: TPHROBG (flock)
fire station: TPAOEURGS (faoirgs)                  flog: TPHRO*G (flo*g)
first: TPEURS                                           TPHROG: flowing
      TPEURZ: firs                                 flood: TPHRAOD (flaod)
first apperarance: TPAPS (faps)                         TPHROD: flowed
      APS: appearance                              floor: TPHRAOR (flaor)
first degree: 1-GD                                 floral: TPHRORL
firsthand: TPRAPBD (frand)                         Florida: TPHROR
      secondhand: SKRAPBD                          floss: TPHROS
first of all: TPRAUL (fraul)                            TPHROZ: flows
      second of all: SKAUL                         flounder: TPHROURPD
first time: TP*EURT (f*irt)                        flour: TPHRO*UR
      TPEURT: fitter                                    TPHROUR: flower
fiscal: TP*L (f*l)                                 flourish: TPHROURB
      TP-L: physical                               flown: TPHRO*EPB (flo*en)
fission: TPEUGS                                         TPHROEPB: felony
      TPEUGZ: figure                               flu: TPHRU* (fl*u)
fist: TP*EUS                                            TPHRU: influence
      TPEUS: physician                             fluctuate: TPHRUBGT (ffukt)
fit: TPEUT                                         flue: TPHRAO*U (flao*u)
fitness: TPEUPBS                                   fluency: TPHRAOUPBS (flaouns)
      TPEUPBZ: fins                                fluent: TPHRAOUPBT (flaount)
flack: TPHRABG (flak)                              fluid: TPHRAOUD (flaoud)
flair: TPHRAEUR (flair)                            flunk: TPHR*UPBG (flu*nk)
flare: TPHRAER (flaer)                             fluorescence: TPHRAOURPBS (flaourns)
flash: TPHRARB (flash)                             fluorescent: TPHRAOURPBT (flaournt)
flashlight: TPHRARBLT (flashlt)                    flurry: TPHRUR (flur)
flat: TPHRAT (flat)                                flush: TPHRURB (flush)
flatten: TPHRAPBT (flant)                          flutter: TPHRURT (flurt)
flattery: TPHRAERT (flaert)                        flux: TPHRUBGS (flux)
flavor: TPHRAEUFR (flaivr)                         foal: TPO*EL (fo*el)
flaw: TPHRAU (flau)                                focus: TPOE (foe)
flawless: TPHRAULS (flauls)                             focal: TPOEL (foel)
flax: TPHRABGS (flax)                              foe: TPO*E (fo*e)
      TPHRABGZ: flacks                             foible: TPOEUBL (foibl)
flea: TPHRAO*E (flao*e)                            fold: TPOELD (foeld)
flee: TPHRAOE (flaoe)                                   TPOLD: followed (fold)
fleece: TPHRAOES (flaoes)                          folder: TPOERLD (foerld)
      TPHRAOEZ: flees                              follow: TPOL (fol)
flesh: TPHRERB (flesh)                             foment: TPOEPLT (foemt)
flew: TPHRAOU (flaou)                              fond: TPOPBD (fond)
      TPHRAO*U: flue                               fondle: TPOPBLGDZ (fondl)
      TPHR*U: flu                                  fool: TPAOL (faol)
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                                              Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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foolish: TPAORB (faosh)                                for the most part: TPOPT (fopt)
     TPAOURB: fiduciary                                fortunate: -FRT
football: TP-BL (f-bl)                                      unfortunate: UFRT
footprint: TPAOPT (faopt)                              fortunately: -FRL
force: TPORS (fors)                                    fortune: TPORPBT (fornt)
     TPOERS: enforce (foers)                           forum: TPOURPL (fourm)
forced: TPOFRD (fofrd)                                 fossil: TPOFL (fosl)
forceful: TPOFRL (forfl)                               foster: TPR*
for crying out loud: TPHROUD        (floud)            foster home: TPRO*EPL (fro*em)
ford: TPO*RD (fo*rd)                                   found: TPOUPBD
Ford: TPORD (ford)                                     foundation: TPOUPBGS
forecast: TPOERBG (foerk)                              fountain: TPOEPBT (foent)
     TPORBG: fork (fork)                               fraction: TPRABGS (fraks)
foreclose: TPHROES (floes)                             fracture: TPRAUR (fraur)
     TPHROEZ: flows                                    fragile: TPRALG (fralg)
foreclosed: TPHROEFD (floefd)                          fragment: TPRAGT
foreclosure: TPHROER (floer)                           franchise: TPRAFRPBLG (franch)
foreign: TPORPB (forn)                                 fraternity: TPRARPBT (frarnt)
foreigner: TPOERPB (foern)                             fraud: TPRAUD
foreman: TPOERPL (foerm)                                     defraud: TKWRAUD (dwraud)
     TPORPL: form (form)                               fraudulent: TPRAULT (frault)
foremen: TPO*ERPL (fo*erm)                             freedom: TPRAOEPLD (fraoemd)
forensic: TPREPBS (frens)                              freedom of choice: TPRAOEFPS (fraoechs)
     TPREUPBS: for instance                            freedom of speech: TPRAOEFP (fraoech)
forensic evidence: TPREFD (frefd)                      freedom of the press: TPRAOEPS (fraoeps)
     EFD: evidence                                     freelance: TPRAOELS (fraoels)
forest: TPO*RS (fo*rs)                                 freeway: TPROEU (froi)
forever: TPOFR                                         freeze: TPRAOEZ (fraoez)
forfeit: TPOFRT (fofrt)                                      freezing: TPRAOEFG (fraoefg)
forge: TPORPBLG (forj)                                 freezer: TPRAOEFR (fraoefr)
forgery: TPOERPBLG (foerj)                             frenzy: TPRAEPBZ (fraenz)
forget: TPORGT (forgt)                                 frequency: TPREBGS (freks)
forgot: TPO*RGT (fo*rgt)                               frequent: TPREBG (frek)
forgive: TPREUF (fr*iv)                                frequented: TPREBGD (frekd)
     forgave: TPRA*EUF (fra*iv)                        frequently: TPREL (frel)
forgiven: TPREUFPB (fr*ivn)                            freshman: TPRAPL (fram)
forgiveness: TPREUFPBS (fr*ivns)                       freshmen: TPREPL (frem)
fork: TPORBG (fork)                                    friction: TPREUBGS (friks)
forklift: TPHREUFT (flift)                             friend: TPREPBD (frend)
formal: TPORL (forl)                                        boyfriend: PWOEUF (boif)
formally: TPOERL (foerl)                                     girlfriend: TKPWOEUFRLD (goif)
format: TPORPLT (formt)                                friendly: TPREPBLD (frenld)
formation: TPORPLGS (formgs)                           friendship: TPREUP (frip)
former: TPRORPL (frorm)                                frighten: TPRAOEUPBT (fraoint)
formerly: TPROERPL (froerm)                            frivolous: TPREU*FLS (fr*ivls)
formula: TPHRORPL                                      frolic: TPROLG (frolg)
forward: TPWARD (fward)                                from now on: TPRO*UPB (fro*un)
fort: TPORT (fort)                                     from time to time: TPREUPLT (frimt)
forth: TPO*RT (fo*rt)                                  front: TPROPBT (front)
     forthright: TPOERT (foert)                        frontal: TPROPBLGTS (fronlgts)
for the: TPOT (fot)                                    front door: TPRAOR (fraor)
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                                          Steno Tips
                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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front end: TPROEPBD (froend)                         gasoline: TKPWHRAOEPB (glaoen)
frontier: TPRORPBT (frornt)                               TKPWHRAO*EPB: glean
front seat: TPROET (froet)                                gas station: TKPWAGS
front yard: TPR-D (fr-d)                                  TKPWAGZ: gags
     PWR-D: back yard                                gasp: TKPWAFP (gasp)
frugal: TPRAOLG (fraolg)                             gastric: TKPWREUBG (grik)
frugality: TPRAOLGT (fraolgt)                        gather: TKPWAER (gaer)
fruit: TPRAOUT (fraout)                                   TKPWA*ER: Gary
     fruitful: TPRAOUFL (fraoufl)                    gauge: TKPWAUEPBLG (gaij)
     fruitless: TPRAOULS (fraouls)                        TKPWAEPBLG: engage
fruition: TPRAOUGS (fraougs)                         gender: SKWRERPBD (jernd)
frustrate: TPRUT (frut)                              gene: SKWRAO*EPB
     frustration: TPRUGS (frugs)                          genetic: SKWR-BGT (j-kt)
fulfill: TP*UFL (f*ufl)                                   genetics: SKWR-BGTS (j-kts)
full and complete disclosure: TP*BGD     (f*kd)           genetically: SKWR-BLGT
full, complete and accurate disclosure: TPA*BGD      general: SKWREPB (jen)
fundamental: TP-D (f-d)                              generally: SKWREPBL (jenl)
fundamentalism: TP*UFPL (fu*fm)                      generality: SKWREPBLT (jenlt)
fundamentalist: TP*UFT (fu*ft)                       generalize: SKWR-LZ (j-lz)
funeral: TPAOURPBL (faournl)                         generalization: SKWR-LGS (j-lgs)
furious: TPAOURS (faours)                            generate: SKWREPBT (jernt)
furnace: TPURPBS (furns)                             generation: SKWREPBGS (jerngs)
     TPURPBZ: furnishes                              generic: SKWRAEURBG (jairk)
furnish: TPURPB (furn)                                    TKPWAEURBG: geriatric
furniture: TPURPBT (furnt)                           generous: SKWRERPBS (jerns)
further: TPURT (furt)                                generously: SKWRERPBLS (jernls)
futile: TPAOULGTS (faoutl)                                SKWRURPBLZ: journals
futility: TPAOULT (faoult)                           genital: SKWR*EPBLGTS (j*entl)
future: TPAOUFP (faouch)                                  SKWREPBLGTS: gentle (jentl)
                                                     genius: SKWRAOEPBS (jaoens)
-G-                                                       SKWRAO*EPBZ: genes (jao*enz)
gadget: TKPWAPBLGT (gajt)                            genus: SKWRAO*EPBS (jao*ens)
gainful: TKPWAEUFL (gaifl)                           geography: TKPWAOEF (gaoef)
galactic: TKPWHRABGT (glakt)                              geographic: TKPWAOEFBG (gaoefk)
galaxy: TKPWABGS (gax)                               geology: SKWRAOELG (jaoelg)
gallant: TKPWAPBLT (ganlt)                                geological: SKWRAOL (jaol)
gallery: TKPWAERL (gaerl)                                 SKWRAOUL: jewel (jaoul)
gallon: TPKWAPBL (ganl)                              geometry: SKWR-PL (j-m)
game: TKPWAEUPL (gaim)                                    geometric: SKWR*PL (j*m)
gamma: TKPWAEPL (gaem)                               Georgia: SKWRAERPBLG (jaerj)
gamut: TKPWAPLT (gamt)                               George: SKWRORPBLG (jorj)
garage: TKPWRAPBLG (graj)                            geriatric: TKPWAEURBG (gairk)
garbage: TKPWARPBLG (garj)                                SKWRAEURBG: generic
garden: TKPWARPBD (garnd)                            germane: TKPWAEURPL (gairm)
gargle: TKPWARLG (garlg)                                  SKWRAEURPL: Jeremy
garment: TKPWARPLT (garmt)                           gesture: SKWREFP (jech)
garrulous: TKPWAEURLS (gairls)                       giant: SKWRAOEUPBT (jaoint)
gasket: TKPWAFBGT (gafkt)                            gigantic: SKWRAOEUBGT (jaoikt)
                                                     giggle: TKPWEULG (gilg)
                                                     girlfriend: TKPWOEUF (goif)
                                                          boyfriend: PWOEUF (boif)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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give me a moment: TKPWOPLT (gomt)                 Government Exhibit: TKPW-BT (g-bt)
give or take: TKPWAEUBG (gaik)                    governor: TKPWOF (gof)
glacier: TKPWHRAEURB (glaish)                     grace: TKPWRAEUS (grais)
     glacial: TKPWHRAEURBL (glaishl)              graced: TKPWRAEUFD (graifd)
glamour: TKPWHRARPL (glarm)                       graceful: TKPWRAEUFL (graifl)
glamorous: TKPWHRARPLS (glarms)                        TKPWRAEFL: grateful
glass: TKPWHRAS (glas)                            gracious: TKPWRAEURBS (graishs)
glasses: TKPWHRAFS (glafs)                        gradual: TKPWRAL (gral)
glaucoma: TKPWHRAUBG (glauk)                      gradually: TKPWRAEL (grael)
glimmer: TKPWHREURPL (glirm)                      graduate: TKPWRAUT (graut)
glimpse: TKPWHREUFRPS (glimps)                    graduation: TKPWRAUGS (graugs)
glitter: TKPWHREURT (glirt)                       grammar: TKPWRARPL (grarm)
gloat: TKPWHROET (gloet)                          grandchild: TKPWR-FP (gr-ch)
glory: TKPWHROER (gloer)                          grandchildren: TKPWR-FPZ (gr-chz)
glorify: TKPWHROEFR (gloefr)                      granddaughter: TKPWR-D (gr-d)
glorious: TKPWHROERS                              grandfather: TKPWR-FR (gr-fr)
     TKPWHROERZ: glories                          grand jury: TKPW-PBLG (g-j)
glucose: TKPWHRAOUBG (glaouk)                     grand larceny: TKPW-LS (g-ls)
glutton: TKPWHRUPBT (glunt)                       grandmother: TKPWR-PL (gr-m)
     gluttony: TKPWHR*UPBT (gl*unt)               grandma: TKPWRAEPL (graem)
gluttonous: TKPWHRUPBS (gluns)                    grandpa: TKPWRAEP (graep)
goggle: TKPWOLG (golg)                            grandparent: TKPWR-P (gr-p)
gold: TKPWOELD (goeld)                            grandson: TKPWR-S (gr-s)
golden: TKPWOEPBLD (goenld)                       granite: TKPRWAEPBT (graent)
gold medal: TKPWOELGDZ (goedl)                    granted: TKPWR-PBD (gr-nd)
golf: TKPWOFL (gofl)                              granule: TKPWRAPBL (granl)
golfer: TKPWOFRL (gofrl)                          graph: TKPWRAF (graf)
gonad: TKPWOEPBD (goend)                          graphic: TKPWRAFBG (grafk)
good: TKPWAOD (gaod)                              graphically: TKPWRAEFBG (graefk)
     goodness: TPKWAOPBS (gaons)                  {^graphy}: TKPWRAEF
     TKPWAOPBZ: goons                                  TKPWRA*EF: gravy
good afternoon: TKPWAFPB (gafn)                   grasp: TKPWRAFP (grafp)
goodbye: TKPW-B (g-b)                             grate: TKPWRAET (graet)
good evening: TKPWAOEPBG (gaoeng)                 grateful: TKPWRAEFL (graefl)
good faith: TKPW-F (g-f)                               TKPWRAEUFL: graceful
good luck: TKPWHRUBG (gluk)                       gratitude: TKPWRAOUT (graout)
good morning: TKPWORPBG (gorng)                   great: TKPWRAEUT (grait)
good night: TKPWAOEUT (gaoit)                     greater: TKPWRAEURT (grairt)
goodwill: TKPW-L (g-l)                            greatly: TKPWRAEULT (grailt)
gore: TKPWOR (gor)                                greatest: TKPWRAEUFT (graift)
     Gore: TKPWO*R (go*r)                         greenhouse: TKPWRAOEPBS (graoens)
gory: TKPWO*ER (go*er)                                 greens: TKPWRAOEPBZ
gorge: TKPWORPBLG (gorj)                          green light: TKPWR-LT (gr-lt)
     SKWRORPBLG: George                           grenade: TKPWREPBD (grend)
gorgeous: TKPWORPBLGS (gorjs)                     grief: TKPWREF (gref)
     TKPWORPBLGZ: gorges                          grieve: TKPWRAOEF (graoef)
gourmet: TKPWORPLT (gormt)                        grievance: TKPWRAOEFS
govern: TKPWOFRPB (gofrn)                              TKPWRAOEFZ: grieves
governance: TKPWOFRPBS (gofrns)                   grievant: TKPWRAOEFT
     TKPWOFRPBZ: governs                          grimace: TKPWREUPLS (grims)
government: TKPWOFT (goft)                        grocery: TKPWROERB (groesh)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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grocery store: TKPWROR (gror)                     hammer: HAERPL (haerm)
     TKPWROER: grower                                HARPL: harm
groom: TKPWRAOPL (graom)                          handcuff: HAUF
gross: TKPWROES (groes)                           handgun: HAUG
     TKPWROEZ: grows                              handicap: HA*EP
grossly: TKPWROEFL (groefl)                       handprint: H-PT
grotesque: TKPWROEFBG (groefk)                    handwriting: HARPBG (harng)
ground: TKPWROUPBD (ground)                       handwritten: HARPB (harnd)
groundless: TKPWROUPBLS (grounls)                 handwritten document: HARPBD (harnd)
gruesome: TKPWRAOUPLS (graoums)                   handwritten letter: HARPBL (harnl)
     grooms: TKPWRAOPLZ                           hand you what has been marked: HOEBGD
guarantee: TKPWAEURPBT (gairnt)                   hand you what has been marked as: HOEBGDZ
guaranty: TKPWA*EURPBT (ga*irnt)                  happiness: HAEPS
guard: TKPWAURD (gaurd)                           happier: HAERP
guardian: TKPWA*URD (ga*urd)                      harbor: HAORB
guardian at litem: TKPW*L (g*l)                   hardly: HARLD
     TKPW-L: goodwill                             hardship: H*EUP
guardianship: TKPWEUP (gip)                       hardware: H-R
gubernatorial: TKPWUBT (gubt)                         software: SW-R
guerilla: TKPWERL (gerl)                          hardy: HAERD
     TKPWEURL: girl                               harmless: HARLS
guilt: TKPWEULT (gilt)                            harmonious: HARPLS (harms)
     guilty: TKPW-LT (g-lt)                           HARPLZ: harms (harmz)
     guilty plea: TKPW-P (g-p)                    harness: HARPBS (harns)
guilt or innocence: TKPWEURPBS (girns)            harsh: HAFRPB
guiltless: TKPWEULS (gils)                        harshly: HAFRPBL
     TKPWEULZ: gills                              hateful: HAEUFL (haifl)
guidance: TKPWAOEUPBS (gaoins)                    Hawaii: HAU
guideline: TKPWHRAOEUPB (glaoin)                  hazard: HAFRD
gulf: TKPWUFL (gufl)                              hazardous: HAFRS
gulp: TKPWHRUP (glup)                             headache: HAEUBG (haik)
gun: TKPWUPB (gun)                                headlight: H-LT
gunfight: TKPWUFT (guft)                          headline: HEPBLD (henld)
gunfire: TKPWUFR (gufr)                           headquarter: HEBGT
gunman: TKPW*UPL (g*um)                           heal: HAOEL
     TKPWUPL: gum                                     heel: HAO*EL
gunshot: TKPWURBT (gusht)                             he'll: AOEL
gutter: TKPWURT (gurt)                            health: HELT
gynecology: TKPWAOEULG (gaoilg)                   healthy: HAELT
     gynecological: TKPWAOEUBG (gaoik)            hear: HAER
     gynecologist: TKPWAOEULGS (gaoilgs)              HAOER: here
                                                  hear about: HAERB
                                                      hereby: H-RB
-H-                                               hears: HAERZ
habit: HABT                                       hearsay: HAERS
habitat: HA*BT                                    heart: HAERT
habitual: HABLT                                       sweetheart: SWHAERT
haggle: HALG                                      heavy: HEF
hair: HAEUR                                       heavier: HEFR
haircut: HAEURBGT                                 heaviest: HEFS
hamburger: HARG                                   heavyweight: H-BGT (h-kt)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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heel: HAO*EL                                      his or her: HEURB
     HAOEL: heal                                       he or she: HORB
hefty: HAEFT                                      Hispanic: HAEUP (haip)
height: HAOEUT (haoit)                            history: HOER
heighten: HAOEUPBT (haoint)                            historic: HOERBG (hoerk)
heinous: HAEUPBS (hains)                               historical: HOERL
heir: A*EUR                                            HORL: holler
helicopter: HERPT                                 hitherto: HEUFRT
he'll: AOEL                                       hoarse: HAORS
hello: H-L                                             HAORZ: heroes
helmet: HEPLT (hemt)                              hole: HOEL
help: HEP                                         holiday: HO*ELD
helpful: HEFL                                     holler: HORL
helpless: HELS                                         HOERL: historical
     HELZ: hells                                  hollow: HOL
hem: H*EPL (h*em)                                 holster: HO*LS
hemisphere: HEPLS (hems)                          holy: HO*EL
hemispheric: HE*PLS                               homeowner: HOERPL (hoerm)
     H*EPLZ: hems                                 hometown: HOEPLT (hoemt)
hemorrhage: H-PBLG (h-j)                          homework: H-RBG (h-rk)
he or she: HORB (hosh)                            homicide: HOPLDZ (homdz)
     HEURB: his or her                            homosexual: H-FL
herald: HERLD                                     homosexuality: H-FLT
     HAEURLD: Harold                              Honda: HO*PBD (ho*nd)
hereafter: HAOEFR                                 hone: HO*EPB (ho*en)
hereby: H-RB                                      honest: HOPBS (hons)
     thereby: THR-B                                    HOPBZ: honors (honz)
heredity: H-RT                                         dishonest: STKHOPBS (dshons)
     hereditary: H-RD                             honesty: HOEPBS (hoens)
heritage: HERPBLG (herj)                          honey: HOEPB (hoen)
hernia: HERPB (hern)                              honor: HOPB (hon)
hernial: HERPBL (hernl)                                dishonor: STKHOPB (dshon)
hero: HAOR                                             Your Honor: URPB (urn)
     heroine: HAORPB (haorn)                           thank you, Your Honor: THURPB      (thurn)
heroin: HAEURPB (hairn)                           honorable: HOERBL
     HAEURPBS: inheritance                        hormone: HORPL (horm)
hesitate: HES                                     horror: HOR
     hesitant: HEPBT                                   horrible: HORBL
heterosexual: HERL                                     horrify: HOEUFR (hoifr)
     homosexual: H-FL                                  horrific: HOEUFRBG (hoifrk)
heterosexuality: HERLT                                 horrendous: HORPBDZ (horndz)
hiatal: HAOEULGTS (haoilgts)                      hospital: HOPT
hidden: H*EUPBD (h*ind)                           hospital record: HORD
     HEUPBD: behind                                    HAORD: horde
highjack: HEUPBLG (hij)                           hostage: HOPBLG (hoj)
highlight: HAOEULT (haoilt)                       hostile: HOFL
high school: H-S                                  hour or so: HOURS
highway: HOEU (hoi)                                    HOURZ: hours
hilarious: HEURLS (hirls)                         hour or two: HOURT
hinder: HEURPBD (hirnd)                           household: HOUFLD
hindrance: HEURPBS (hirns)                        human: HAOUPL (haoum)
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human being: HAOUBG (haouk)                        Illinois: TPHOEUS (nois)
humanitarian: HAOURPLT (haourmt)                        TPHOEUZ: annoys
humanity: HAOUPLT (haoumt)                         illustrate: *EULS (*ils)
humiliate: HAO*UPLT (hao*umt)                           *EULZ: ills
humiliation: HAOUPLGS (haoumgs)                    illustration: *EULGS (*ilgs)
humor: HAOURPL (haourm)                            image: EUPBLG (ij)
humorous: HAOURPLS (haourms)                       imagine: PHAPBLG (maj)
hunger: HURPBG (hurng)                             imagination: PHAEPBLG (maej)
hungry: HAURPBG (haurng)                           imbalance: KPWAL
hurricane: HURBG                                        PWAL: balance
hurry: HUR                                         imbibe: KPWAOEUB
    hurried: HURD                                  imbue: KPWAOU
husband: HUS                                       immediate: PHAOED (maoed)
    you and your husband: HAUPB (haun)             immediately: PHAOELD (maoeld)
    you and your wife: WAUPB (waun)                immigrant: TKPWREUPBT (grint)
husband and wife: HEUF (hif)                       immigration: TKPWREUPBGS (grings)
hustle: HUFL                                       I’m just saying: AO*EUPBLGS (ao*ijs)
hydrocarbon: HAOEUB (haoib)                        immunity: PHAOUPBT (maount)
hydrochloric: HAOEURBGD (haoirkd)                  impact: KPWABGT (kpwakt)
hydrochloric acid: HAOEURBGDZ (haoirkdz)           impair: KPWAEUR (kpwair)
hydrogen: HAOEUPBLGD (haoijd)                      impale: KPWAEUL (kpwail)
hygiene: HAOEUPBLG (haoij)                         impanel: KPWAPBL (kpwanl)
    hygienic: HAO*EUPBLG (hao*ij)                  impart: KPWART (kpwart)
hygienist: HAOEUPBLGS (haoijs)                     impartial: KPWARBL (kpwashl)
hypocrisy: HAOEUPS (haoips)                        impartiality: KPWARBLT (kpwashlt)
hypocrite: HEUPT (hipt)                            impatience: KPWAEURBS (kpwaishs)
hypodermic: HAOEURPD (haoirpd)                     impatient: KPWAEURBT (kpwaisht)
hypothesis: HAO*EUPT (hao*ipt)                     impeach: KPWAOEFP (kpwaoech)
hypothetical: HAOEUPT (haoipt)                     impede: KPWAOED (kpwaoed)
                                                        impedance: KPWAOEPBS (kpwaoens)
                                                   impediment: KPWEPLT (kpwemt)
-I-                                                impel: KPWPEL
I beg your pardon: EU-BD (i-bd)                    impend: KPWEPBD (kpwend)
Idaho: TKHO (dho)                                  imperative: KPWEFRT
identify: AOEUF (aoif)                             imperfect: KPWER
     AO*EUF: I've                                  imperfection: KPWERGS
identical: AOEUBG (aoeuk)                          imperfectly: KPWERL
identity: AOEUFT (aoift)                                KPWAEURL: imperil
idle: AOEULGDZ (aoidl)                             imperial: KPWAOERL
idol: AO*EULGDZ (ao*idl)                           imperialist: KPWAOERLS
if anything: -FG                                   imperious: KPWAOERS
ignition: TPHEUGS (nigs)                           impermanence: KPWERPLS (kpwerms)
ignorance: TPKWORPBS (gorns)                       impermanent: KPWERPL (kpwerm)
ignorant: TKPWORPBT (gornt)                        impersonal: KPWERPBL (kpwernl)
ignore: TKPWOERPB (goern)                          impersonate: KPWERPBT (kpwernt)
ill: *EUL (*il)                                    impertinence: KPW*ERPBS (kpw*erns)
     illness: *EUPBLS (*inls)                      impertinent: KPW*ERPBT (kpw*ernt)
illegal: HRAO*EL (lao*el)                          impervious: KPWEFRBS
     HRAOEL: legal                                 impetus: KPWETS
illegitimate: HR*EPBLGT (l*ejt)                    impinge: KPWEUPBG (kpwing)
     HREPBLGT: legitimate                          impious: KPWAOEUS (kpwaois)
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                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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implant: KPWHRAPBT (kpwlant)                      impugn: KPWAOUPB (kpwaoun)
implausible: KPWHRAUFBL (kpwlaufl)                impunity: KPWAOUPBT (kpwaount)
implement: KPWHREPLT (kpwlemt)                    impulse: KPWULS
implementation: KPWHREPLGS                        impure: KPWAOUR
implicate: KPWHREUBGT (kpwlikt)                   impurity: KPWAOURT
implication: KPWHREUBGS                           impute: KPWAOUT
implicit: KPWHREUFT (kpwlist)                     I’m sorry: AO*EUPLS (ao*ims)
implode: KPWHROED (kpwloed)                       I’m not sure: AO*EUPLTS (ao*imts)
    implosion: KPWHROEGS (kpwloegs)               in absentia: TPHAERB (naerb)
implore: KPWHROER (kpwloer)                       inadvertent: SRERPBT (vernt)
imply: KPWHRAOEU (kpwlaoi)                             inadvertently: SRAERPBT
impolite: KPWOLT                                  in and of itself: TPHAFTS (nafts)
    polite: POLT                                  in and of themselves: TPHAFZ (nafz)
import: KPWORT                                    inasmuch as: TPHAFPS (nachs)
importance: KPWORPBS or PORPBS                    inaudible: TPHAUBL (naubl)
important: KPWORPBT or PORPBT                     inaugural: TPHAURL (naurl)
impose: KPWOEZ                                    inaugurate: TPHAUGT (naugt)
imposing: KPWOEFG                                 inauguration: TPHAUGS (naugs)
imposition: KPWOGS                                Inc.: AO*EPBG (ao*eng)
impossible: KPWOB                                      AO*EUPBG: ink
    impossibly: KPWOEB                            incentive: STPHEFB (nsefv)
impossibility: KPWOBLT                            inception: STPHEPGS (nsepgs)
impotent: KPWOEPBT (kpwoent)                      incidence: EUPBS (ins)
impotence: KPWOEPBS (kpwoens)                     incident: EUPBT (int)
impound: KPWOUPBD (kpwound)                       incidental: EUPBLT (inlt)
impractical: KPWRABG (kpwrak)                     incision: STPHEUGS (snigs)
    practical: PRABG (prak)                       incite: STPHAO*EUT (snao*it)
impractically: KPWRAEBG (kpwraek)                      STPHAOEUT: insight
impracticality: KPWRABGT (kpwrakt)                include: KHRU (klu)
impregnable: KPWREBL                              inclusion: KHRUGS (klugs)
impregnate: KPWREGT                               inclusive: KHRAOUF (klaouf)
impress: KPWRES                                        exclusive: SKHRAOUF
impressed: KPWREFD                                incompetent: KP*E
imprint: KPWREUPBT (kpwrint)                           KPE: competent
imprison: KPWROPB (kpwron)                        incompetence: KP*EPBS (kp*ens)
    prison: PROPB                                      KPEPBS: competence
imprisonment: KPWROPLT (kpwromt)                  incomplete: KPHRAO*ET (kplao*et)
improbable: KPWROBL                                    KPHRAOET: complete
improbably: KPWROEBL                              incorporate: KOERPT
improper: KPWRORP                                      KORPT: corporate
improperly: KPWROERP                                   incorporated: KOERPD
impropriety: KPWROEUT (kpwroit)                   incorporation: KOERPGS
improve: KPWRAOUF                                 increase: KRES
improvement: KPWRAOUFPLT (kpwraoufmt)             increased: KREFD
imprudent: KPWRAOUPBT (kpwraount)                 incredible: KR*EBL
imprudence: KPWRAOUPBS (kpwraouns)                     KREBL: credible
impudent: KPWAO*UPBT (kpwao*unt)                  increment: KREPLT (kremt)
    KPWAOUPBT: impunity                           incriminate: KREUPLT (krimt)
impudence: KPWAOUPBS (kpwaouns)                   incumbent: PWAEPBT (baent)
    KPWAOUPBZ: impugns                                 incumbency: PWAEPBS (baens)

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                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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Indian: EUPBD (*ind)                              infinite: TPEUPBT (fint)
Indiana: A*EPBD                                        finite: TPAOEUPBT (faoint)
Indianapolis: EUPLS                               infinity: TP*EUPBT (f*int)
indecent: SPWAOEPBT                               inflict: TPHREUBGT (flikt)
     STKAOEPBT: decent                            influence: TPHRU (flu)
     indecency: SPWAOEPBS (spwaoens)              influential: TPHRUL (flul)
indeed: SPWAOED                                   inform: TPH-F (n-f)
independence: EUPS                                infrastructure: TPRUBG (fruk)
independent: EUPD                                 infringe: TPREUG
indent: SPW*EPBT (spw*ent)                             infringer: TPREURG
     SPWEPBT: intent                              infringement: TPR*EUPLT
index: SPWEBGS (spwex)                                 TPREUPLT: from time to time
indicate: KAEUT (kait)                            in general: TPH-G (n-g)
indication: KAEUGS (kaigs)                        ingestion: SKWREGS (jegs)
     KAEURB: occasion                             ingredient: TKPWRAOEPBT (graoent)
indict: TKAOEUT (daoit)                           inhabit: TPHABT (nabt)
indigent: *EUPBLG (*ij)                           inhabitant: TPHAPBT (nant)
     EUPBLG: image                                inherent: HERPBT (hernt)
individual: SREUD (vid)                           inherently: HERPBLT (hernlt)
     individually: SREULD (vild)                  inherit: HAEURPBT (hairnt)
individuality: SREULT (vilt)                      inheritance: HAEURPBS (hairns)
indoctrinate: SPWO*BGT (spwo*kt)                       HAEURPB: heroin
     SPWOBGT: intoxicate                          initial: TPHEURBL (nishl)
induce: SPWAOUS                                   initiate: TPHEURBT (nisht)
inducement: SPWAOUFT                              initiation: TPHEURBGS (nishgs)
induct: SPWUBGT (spwukt)                               TPHEUGS: ignition
induction: SPWUBGS (spwuks)                       inject: SKWREBGT (jekt)
indulge: SPWULG                                   injunction: TPHUPBGS (nunks)
indulgence: SPWULGS                               injure: SKWR-UR (jur)
indulgent: SPWULGT                                injurious: SKWR-URS (jurs)
industry: STREU                                   injury: SKWR-R (j-r)
     industrial: STREUL                           ink: AO*EUPBG (ao*ink)
ineligible: SKWR*EUBL (j*ibl)                          AO*EPBG: Inc.
     SKWREUBL: eligible                           innocence: TPH-PBS (n-ns)
inertia: TPHERB (nesh)                            innocent: TPH-PBT (n-nt)
inertial: TPHERBL (neshl)                         inoculate: TPHOBGT (nokt)
     TPHEURBL: initial                            inoculation: TPHOBGS
in essence: TPHEPBS (nens)                             TPHOBGZ: knocks
inevitable: TPHEFBL (nefbl)                       in open court: TPHOURT (nourt)
     inevitably: TPHAEFBL (naefbl)                innovate: TPHOEFT (noeft)
inevitability: TPHEFBLT (nefblt)                  innovation: TPHOEFGS (noefgs)
in fact: TPHAFBGT (nafkt)                         innovator: TPHOEFRT (noefrt)
infant: TPH-FPBT (n-fnt)                          inquire: KWAOEUR (kwaoir)
infancy: TPH-FPBS (n-fns)                              KWAER: acquire
infect: TPH-FBGT (n-fkt)                          inquisition: SKWEUGS
infection: TPH-FBGS (n-fks)                       insane: STPHAEUPB (nsain)
infer: TPH-FR (n-fr)                              insanity: STPHAEUPBT (nsaint)
inference: TPH-FRPBS (n-frns)                          STPHAPBT: instant
inferior: TPHR-FR (nr-fr)                         insect: STPHEBGT (nsekt)
     superior: SPR-R                              insert: STPHERT (nsert)
inferiority: TPHR-FRT (nr-frt)                    insertion: STPHERGS (nsergs)
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inside: STPHAOEUD (nsaoid)                         intermediate: SPWERPLD (spwermd)
     STPHAO*EUD: snide                             interment: SPWERPLT (spwermt)
insight: STPHAOEUT (nsaoit)                        intermittent: SPWRERPLT (spwrermt)
insist: STPHEUFT (nsift)                                intermittence: SPWRERPLTS
insistence: STPHEUPBS (nsins)                      in terms of: TPHERPLZ (nermz)
insistent: STPHEUPBT (nsint)                       intern: SPWERPB (spwern)
inspect: TPH-P (n-p)                               internist: SPWERPBS
install: STPHAUL (nsaul)                                SPWERPBZ: interns
installment: STPHAUPLT (nsaumt)                    internal: SPWERPBL (spwernl)
instance: STPHAPBS (nsans)                         internally: SPWAERPBL (spwaernl)
instant: STPHAPBT (nsant)                          Internal Revenue: *EUFR
instantaneous: STPHAEPBS (nsaens)                  Internal Revenue Service: *EUFRS
instinct: ST*EUPBGT                                international: SPWERPBLT (spwernlt)
institute: STPHAOUT (nstaout)                      interpolate: SPWERPT
institution: STPHAOUGS (nstaougs)                       SPWREPT: intercept
institutional: STPHAOURBL (nsaoushl)               interpret: TERP
instruct: STRUBGT (strukt)                         interpreter: T*ERP
instruct the witness not to answer: STRAPBS        interrogate: TERG
instrument: STRU                                   interrogation: TERGS
instrumental: STRUL                                interrogatory: TROG
insulate: STPHAOULT (nsaoult)                           interrogatory number: KWR*UB
insulation: STPHAOULGS (nsaoulgs)                  interrupt: TRUPT
insure: SHUR                                       intersect: SPWERBGT (spwerkt)
     SHAOUR: sure                                  intersected: SPWERBGD (spwerkd)
     STPHUR: ensure (nsur)                         intersection: SPWERBGS (spwerks)
     insurance: SHURPBS (shurns)                   interstate: SPWERS
     insurance company: SHURBG (shurk)                  SPWERZ: enters
intact: SPWABGT (spwakt)                           interval: SPWEFRL
integrate: SPWEGT                                  intervene: SPWRAOEPB (spwraoen)
     integration: SPWEGS                           intervention: SPWREPBGS (spwrengs)
integrity: SPW*EGT                                 interview: SPWR-FR
intellect: SPWHREBGT (spwlekt)                          SPW-FR: interfere
intellectual: SPWHREL (spwlel)                     intestine: SPWEFPB (spwesn)
intelligence: SPWELGS                              intestinal: SPWEFPBL (spwesnl)
intelligent: SPWELGT                               in the meantime: TPHAOEPLT (naoemt)
intelligible: SPWEBL                               intimate: SPWEUPLT (spwimt)
intend: SPWEPBD (spwend)                           intimidate: TEUPLT (timt)
intense: SPWEPBS (spwens)                          into: SPWAO
intensity: SPW*EPBS (spw*ens)                      intolerant: SPWORPBLT (spwornlt)
intent: SPWEPBT (spwent)                                tolerant: TORPBLS (tornls)
interact: SPWRABGT (spwrakt)                       intolerance: SPWORPBLS (spwornls)
interaction: SPWRABGS (spwraks)                    intone: SPWOEPB (spwoen)
intercept: SPWREPT                                 intoxicate: SPWOBGT (spwokt)
intercourse: SPWR-BG (spwr-k)                           SPWO*BGT: indoctrinate
interest: SPW                                      intoxicated: SPWOBGD (spwokd)
interest rate: SPW-RT                              intoxication: SPWOBGS (spwox)
interfere: SPW-FR (int-fr)                         intravenous: SPWRAFPBS (spwrafns)
     SPWR-FR: interview                            intrepid: SPWREPD
interference: SPW-FRPBS (spw-frns)                 intricacy: SPWREUBGS
interim: SPWREUPL (spwrim)                         intricate: SPWREUBGT (spwrikt)
interior: SPWAOR or SPWR-R                         intrigue: SPWRAOEG
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intrinsic: TREUPBS (trins)
intrinsically: TREUPBL (trinl)
introduce: SPWRAOUS                                 Jackson: SKWRAEBGS (jaeks)
introduced: SPWRAOUFD                               janitor: SKWRAORPBT (jaornt)
introduction: SPWRUBGS                              January: SKWRAPB (jan)
introvert: SPWROFRT                                 Japan: SKWRAP (jap)
intrude: SPWRAOUD                                   Japanese: SKWRAEP (jaep)
intrusion: SPWRAOUGS                                jealous: SKWRELS (jels)
intubate: SPWAOUBT                                        SKWRELZ: gels
intubation: SPWAOUBGS                               jealousy: SKWRAELS (jaels)
intuit: SPWAOUT                                     Jefferson: SKWREFRS (jefrs)
     SPWAOT: into the                               jeopardy: SKWREPD (jepd)
intuition: SPWAOUGS                                 jeopardize: SKWREPDZ (jepdz)
invade: SRAEUD (vaid)                               jewel: SKWRAOUL (jaoul)
invasion: SRAEUGS (vaigs)                           jewelry: SKWRAERL (jaerl)
invent: SR*EPBT (v*ent)                             jiggle: SKWREULG (jilg)
     SREPBT: vent                                   jitter: SKWREURT (jirt)
invention: SR*EPBGS (v*engs)                        jobs: SKWROBZ (jobz)
inventory: TOEUR (toir)                             job site: SKWROBS (jobs)
invest: SREF (vef)                                  jobless: SKWROBLS (jobls)
investigate: SREFT (veft)                           joint venture: SKWR-F (j-f)
investigation: SREFGS (vefgs)                       Jewish: SKWRAOURB (jaoush)
invisible: SR*EUFBL (v*ifbl)                        judicial: SKWRAOURBL (jaoushl)
     visible: SREUFBL                               journal: SKWRURPBL (jurnl)
invite: SRAOEUT (vaoit)                             journalism: SKWRUFPL (jufm)
invoice: SROEU (voi)                                journalist: SKWRURPBLS (jurnls)
invoiced: SROEUD (void)                             journey: SKWRAERPB (jaern)
     SRO*EUD: void                                  jovial: SKWROEFL (joefl)
invoke: SROEBG (voek)                               joviality: SKWROEFLT (joeflt)
involve: SROLF (volf)                               joy: SKWROEU (joi)
in your own words: TPHURPBS      (nurns)
                                                          SKWRAOEU: enjoy
Iowa: WOEU (woi)                                    joyous: SKWROEUS (jois)
Iowan: WOEUPB (woin)                                judge: SKWR (j)
Iran: RAUPB (raun)                                  Judge, I object: SKWREUBT (jibt)
Iraq: RAUBG (rauk)                                  judicial: SKWRAOURBL (jaoushl)
Iraqi: RAEBG (raek)                                 judiciary: SKWRAERB (jaesh)
ire: AOEUR (aoir)                                   judicious: SKWRAOURBS (jaoushs)
     irate: AOEURT (aoirt)                          juggle: SKWRULG (julg)
Ireland: AOEURLD (aoirld)                           junction: SKWRUPBGS (jungs)
Irish: AOEURB (aoish)                               juncture: SKWRURPBT (jurnt)
irrelevant: *EUFRLT or *EUR                         jungle: SKWRUPBL (junl)
     irrelevance: *EUFRLS                           junior: SKWRAORPB (jaorn)
Islam: SHRA*PL (sla*m)                              junction: SKWRUPBGS (jungs)
Islamic: SHRA*BG (sla*k)                            jurisdiction: SKWR-RD (j-rd)
Israel: SRAO*EL                                     jurisdictional: SKWR-RLD (j-rld)
Israeli: SRA*EL                                     jurisprudence: SKWR-PS (j-ps)
Italy: EULT                                         juror: SKWRAOR (jaor)
Italian: *EULT                                            prospective juror: PR-PBLG (pr-j)
                                                    jury: SKWREUR (jir)
                                                    just in time: SKWRAOEUPL (jaoim)

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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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justice: SKWRUS (jus)                                    laps: HRAPZ (lapz)
justify: SKWRUF (juf)                                    lapse: HRAPS (laps)
     justification: SKWRUFGS (jufgs)                     laptop: HRAPT           (lapt)
juvenile: SKWRAOUFL (jaoufl)                             large: HRARPBLG (larj)
juxtapose: SKWRUBGT (jukt)                                    PWHRARPBLG: by and large
juxtaposed: SKWRUBGD (jukd)                                   larger: HRAERPBLG (laerj)
juxtaposition: SKWRUBGS (juks)                                largest: HRAERPBLGS (laerjs)
                                                         largesse: HRARPBLGS (larjs)
                                                         last: HRAFT       (laft)
-K-                                                      lastly: HRAFLT         (laflt)
Kansas: KAEPBS (kaens)                                   Las Vegas: HRAFGZ (lafgz)
keep in mind: KAOEPLD (kaoemd)                           lately: HRAEULT (lailt)
Kentucky: KAEPBT (kaent)                                 lateral: HRARL (larl)
keyboard: KAOEBD                                              bilateral: PWHRARL (blarl)
kidnap: K*P                                                   collateral: KHRARL (klarl)
     K-P: company                                        laterally: HRAERL (laerl)
kidney: KEUPBD (kind)                                    Latin: HRAEPBT (laent)
kilogram: K-LG                                           Latino: HROEPBT (loent)
kilometer: KHRORPLT (klormt)                             laugh: HRAF (laf)
kilter: KEURLT                                           laughter: HRAFRT (lafrt)
kindness: KAOEUPBS (kaoins)                              law enforcement: HRAUFRT (laufrt)
kingdom: KEUPBGD (kingd)                                 lawless: HRAULS (lauls)
kiss: KEUS                                               lawsuit: HRAUT (laut)
kissed: KEUFS                                            lawyer: HRAUR (laur)
kitchen: KEUFP (kich)                                    leader: HRAOERD (laoerd)
know: TPHOE (noe)                                        leadership: HRERP (lerp)
     new: TPHAOU (naou)                                  leakage: HRAO*EPLG (lao*ej)
knowingly: TPHOELG (noelg)                               leather: HR*ERT (l*ert)
knowledge: TPHOPBLG (nuj)                                lecture: HRERBGT             (lerkt)
knuckle: TPHULG (nulg)                                   ledge: HREPBLG (lej)
Korea: KRAE                                              ledger: HRERPBLG (lerj)
     SKRAE: South Korean                                 left hand: HR-PBD (l-nd)
Korean: KRAEPB (kraen)                                   left-hand side: HR-PBDZ (l-ndz)
     SKRAEPB: South Korean                               left side: HR-DZ (l-dz)
Kroger: KROERG                                           legal: HRAOEL (laoel)
Kuwait: KWAEUT                                                illegal: HRAO*EL (lao*el)
                                                              paralegal: PHRAOEL (plaoel)
                                                         legality: HRAOELT (laoelt)
-L-                                                      legalization: HRAOELGS (laoelgs)
laboratory: HRABT (labt)                                 legend: HR*EPBLGD (l*ejd)
labor: HRAEUB (laib)                                     legion: HRAOEPBLG (laoej)
lacerate: HRARGT (largt)                                 legislate: HR-PBLG             (l-j)
laceration: HRARGS (largs)                               legislative: HR-FPBLG (l-fj)
lacks foundation: HROUBGS (loux)                         legislator: HR-RPBLG (l-rj)
ladder: HRARD (lard)                                     legislature: HR-PBLGT (l-jt)
ladies and gentlemen: HRAEUPBLG        (laij)            legitimate: HREPBLGT (lejt)
ladies and gentlemen of the jury: HRAEURPBLG             length: HREPBGT (lengt)
lament: HRAPLT (lamt)                                    length: HRA*EPBGT               (la*engt)
landlord: HR-LD (l-ld)                                        HRAEPBGT: a long time ago
language: HRAPBG (lang)                                  length of time: HR*EPBGT (l*engt)
launder: HRAURPBD (laurnd)
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                                           Steno Tips
                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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let me: HREPL (lems)                                limousine: HREUPLS
let me ask: HREPLS (lems)                                HREUPLZ: limbs
let me tell you: HREPLT (lemt)                      Lincoln: HRO*EPBG (lo*eng)
      HR-PLT: element                               liquid: KWEUD (kwid)
let me tell you this: HREPLTS (lemts)               liquor: HREURBG (lirk)
let's see: SHRETS            (slets)                literal: HREURLT (lirlt)
letter: HRERT         (lert)                        literature: HRURT (lurt)
      HRAERT: alert                                 litigate: HR*EUGT (l*igt)
let the record reflect: HRERBG (lerk)               litigator: HR*EURGT (l*irgt)
      HRERBGT: lecture                                   litigant: HR*EUPBT (l*int)
liability: HRAOEUBLT (laoiblt)                      litigation: HREUGS (ligs)
liable: HRAOEUBL (laoibl)                           Little Rock: *LGTS
libel: HRAO*EUBL (lao*ibl)                          live: HRAO*EUF (lao*if)
libelous: HRAO*EUBLS (lao*ibls)                     livelihood: HRAOEUFLD (laoifld)
libels: HRAOEUBLZ (laoiblz)                         living room: HR-RPL (l-rm)
liberal: HREUBL            (libl)                   loan: HROEPB (loen)
liberate: HR*EUBT (l*ibt)                           lo and behold: HROEBLD (loebld)
liberty: HREUBT (libt)                              lobe: HRO*EB (lo*eb)
library: HRAERB (laerb)                             lobby: HROEB (loeb)
license: HR-PBS (l-ns)                              lobbyist: HROEBS (loebs)
      driver's license: TKHR-PBS (dl-ns)                 HROEBZ: lobbies (loebz)
license plate: HRAOEUPT (laoipt)                    local: HROL (lol)
lieutenant: HRAOUPBT (laount)                       locality: HROLT (lolt)
lifeless: HRAOEFULS                                 location: HROEBGS (loeks)
life span: HRAOEUFP (laoifp)                        locate: HROEBGT (loekt)
lifestyle: HRAOEUFS (laoifs)                        located: HROEBGD (loekd)
lifetime: HRAOEUFT (laoift)                         lock: HROBG (lok)
ligament: HREUGT (ligt)                             locker: HRORBG (lork)
light: HRAOEUT                                      locomotion: HRO*EGS (lo*egs)
      brakelight: PWR-LT (br-lt)                    logic: HR*OPBLG (lo*j)
      daylight: TKAEULT (dailt)                          HROPBLG=lodge
      flashlight: TPHRARBLT (flashlt)               logical: HR-L (l-l)
      green light: TKPWR-LT (gr-lt)                 logistics: HRO*PBLGS (lo*js)
      headlight: H-LT                               loiter: HROEURT (loirt)
      highlight: HAOEULT (haoilt)                   London: HROPBD (lond)
      moonlight: PHAOPBLT (maonlt)                  lone: HRO*EPB (lo*en)
      signal light: STPHALT (snalt)                 lonesome: HRO*EPBS (lo*ens)
      spotlight: SPOLT                              long-distance: HRAOPBS (loans)
      stoplight: ST-LT                              look like: HRAOL (laol)
      street light: STR-LT                               looking like: HRAOLG (laolg)
      taillight: T-LT                                    looks like: HRAOLZ (laolz)
      twilight: TWAOEULT (twaoilt)                  lookout: HROUT (lout)
      yellow light: KWR-LT (y-lt)                        lout: HRO*UT (lo*ut)
lighten: HRAOEUPBT (laoint)                         Los Angeles: HRAEUPBGS (laings)
lighter: HRAOEURT (laoirt)                          loud: HRO*UD
lighting: HRAOEUGT (laoigt)                              allowed: HROUD
lightning: HRAO*EUGT (lao*igt)                      Louisiana: HRAOUPBZ (laounz)
likewise: HROEUS (lois)                             loyal: HROEUL (loil)
      HROEUZ: alloys                                loyalty: HROEULT (loilt)
limit: HREUPLT (limt)                               lubricate: HRAOBT (laobt)
limitation: HREUPLGS (limgs)
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                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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luck: HRUBG (luk)                                 manner: PHARPB (marn)
luckily: HRUBLG (lukl)                            manslaughter: PHAPBS (mans)
luggage: HRUPBLG (luj)                            manufacture: PH-F (m-f)
lumber: HRURPL (lurm)                             manufacturer: PH-FR (m-fr)
lunacy: HRAOUPBS (laouns)                         marble: PHABL (mabl)
lunar: HRAOURPB (laourn)                          Margaret: PHARGT (margt)
luscious: HRURBS (lushs)                          margin: PHARPBLG       (marj)
lyric: HRAOERBG (laoerk)                          marijuana: PHAEURPB (mairn)
                                                  marine: PHAERPB (maern)
                                                  Marine: PHA*ERPB (ma*ern)
-M-                                               Marine Corps: PHA*ERBG (ma*erk)
machine: PH-PB (m-n)                              marital: PHAEURLGTS (mairtl)
machinery: PH-RPB (m-rn)                          mark: PHARBG (mark)
machinist: PH*PBS (m*ns)                          marker: PHAERBG (maerk)
macro: PHAORBG (maork)                            marry: PHAER (maer)
Macintosh: PHA*BGT (ma*kt)                        marriage: PHAERPBLG (maerj)
madam: PHAPLD (mamd)                              Martin: PHARPBT (marnt)
magazine: PHAG (mag)                              Martin Luther King: PHR-BG (mr-k)
magic: PHA*PBLG (ma*j)                            marvel: PHAFRL (mafrl)
magnet: PHAPBGT (mangt)                           Maryland: PHAEURLD (mairld)
magnetic: PHA*PBGT (ma*ngt)                       Massachusetts: PHAFPS
magnificence: PH-FPBS (m-fns)                     massage: PHAUPBLG (mauj)
magnificent: PH-FPBT (m-fnt)                      material: TERL
mail: PHAEUL (mail)                               materiality: TERLT
    PHAEL: male                                   materiel: T*ERL
    voice mail: SROEUL (voil)                     maternity: PHAERPBT (maernt)
mailbox: PH-B                                     matter: PHAERT (maert)
Manhattan: PHAPBT (mant)                          Matthew: PHA*UT (ma*ut)
Maine: PHA*EPB (ma*en)                            mature: PHAUR (maur)
mainframe: PHAEUFPL (maifm)                       maturity: PHAURT (maurt)
mainstream: PHA*EUPBS (ma*ins)                    maverick: PHAFRBG (mafrk)
Main Street: PHA*EPBS (ma*ens)                    max: PHA*BGS (ma*x)
maintain: PHAEUPBT (maint)                        maximum: PHABGS (max)
maintenance: PHAEUPBS (mains)                     meager: PHAOERG (maoerg)
    PHAEUPBZ: mains                               meander: PHAOERPBD (maoernd)
major: SKWROR (jor)                               meantime: PHAOEPLT (maoemt)
majority: SKWRORT (jort)                          measles: PHAOEFL (maoefl)
make sure: PHAEURB (maish)                        measure: PHER (mer)
makeup: PHUP (mup)                                measurement: PHERPLT (mer)
male: PHAEL (mael)                                mechanic: PHEBG (mek)
    PHAEUL: mail                                  mechanism: PHEUFPL (mism)
malefactor: PHAFRLT (mafrlt)                      medal: PHELGDZ (medl)
malicious: PHALGS (malgs)                         meddle: PH*ELGDZ (m*edl)
malignant: PHALGT (malgt)                         media: PHAED (maed)
malpractice: PHAPT (mapt)                         medical: PHEL (mel)
manage: PH-G (m-g)                                medical record: PHORD (mord)
management: PH-GT (m-gt)                          Medicaid: PH*EBGD (m*ekd)
maneuver: PHAOUFR (maoufr)                        Medicare: PHEBGD (mekd)
manifold: PHAFLD (mafld)                          medication: PHAEUGS (maigs)
manipulate: PHEUPT (mipt)                         medicine: PHED (med)
manipulation: PHEUPLGS (mipgs)                    medium: PHAOEPLD (maoemd)
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                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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meeting: PHAOEGT (maoegt)                         milestone: PHAOEULS
member: PHEB (meb)                                     PHAOEULZ: miles
member of the jury: PH*EPBLG (m*ej)               militant: PHEUPBLT (minlt)
membership: PHERP (merp)                          military: PHEULT (milt)
membrane: PH*B (m*b)                                   militarily: PHEURLT   (mirlt)
membranous: PH*BS (m*bs)                          milk: PHREUBG (mlik)
memo: PHOEPL (moem)                               millennium: PH*EPL (m*em)
memoir: PHOEURPL (moirm)                          milligram: PH-LG (m-lg)
memoranda: PHEPLD (memd)                          milliliter: PH-LT (m-lt)
memorandum: PHEPL (mem)                           millimeter: PH-PLT (m-mt)
memorial: PHERL (merl)                            mill: PHEUL (mil)
memory: PHERPL (memory)                           mil: PH*EUL (m*il)
men: PHEPB (men)                                  million: PH-L (m-l)
    men and women: PHEPBL (menl)                  million dollars: PH-LDZ (m-ldz)
menace: PHEPBS (mens)                             mindless: PHAOEUPBLS (maoinls)
menial: PHAOEPBL (maoenl)                         mine: PHAOEUPB (maoin)
mental: PHEPBLGTS (mentl)                         miner: PHAO*EURPB (mao*irn)
merchandise: PH-DZ (m-dz)                              PHAOEURPB: minor
merchant: PH-FPT (m-cht)                          mineral: PHEURPBL (mirnl)
mercy: PHERS                                      mingle: PHEUPBLG (minlg)
merciless: PHERLS                                      KPMEUPBLG: commingle
    PHERLZ: memorials                             miniature: PHEURPBT (mirnt)
merits: PHAEURTS                                  minimal: PHEUPBL (minl)
meritorious: PHOEURTS (moirts)                    minimum: PHEUPB (min)
message: PHEPBLG (mej)                            minister: PH*EUPBS (m*ins)
metabolism: PWHREUFPL (blism)                     Minneapolis: PHEUPS (mips)
metal: PHELGTS (metl)                             Minnesota: PHAEPBS (maens)
metaphor: PH-FRT                                  minor: PHAOEURPB (maoirn)
metaphoric: PH-FRBGT (m-frkt)                          PHAO*EURPB: miner
meter: PHAOERT (maoert)                           minority: PHAOEURPBT (maoirnt)
method: THOD                                      minus: PHAOEUPBS
methodic: THOBG (thok)                                 PHAOEUPBZ: mines
methodically: THOBLG       (thokl)                     PHRUPBS: plus or minus
Mex: TPH*EBGS                                     miracle: PHAOERBG (maoerk)
Mexico: PHEBGS (mex)                              miraculous: PHAOERBGS (maoerks)
    PHEBGZ: mechanics                                  PHAOERBGZ: miracles
Mexican: PH*BGS (m*x)                             Miranda rights: PHEURTS (mirts)
Michigan: PHEURB (mish)                           mirror: PHAO*ER (mao*er)
microphone: PHAOEUF (maoif)                       mischaracterize: PHEUFBGT (miskt)
microprocessor: PH-P (m-p)                        mischaracterization: PHEUFBGS (mifks)
microscope: PH-BG (m-k)                           misdemeanor: PH-RPL (m-rm)
midget: PHEUPBLGT (mijt)                               PHERPL: memory
midnight: PHEUPBD (mind)                          misery: PHEURS (mirs)
    PHAOEUPBD (maoind)                                 miserable: PHEUFRBL
migrate: PHAOEURGT (maoirgt)                      misrepresentation: PHEUFGS (mifgs)
    migrant: PHAOEURPBGT (maoirngt)               missile: PHEUFL (misl)
migration: PHAOEURGS (maoirgs)                    Missouri: PHOURS (mours)
mileage: PHAOEUPBLG (maoij)                       mistake: PH-S (m-s)
mile an hour: PHEUR (mir)                              PH-S PH-S: make no mistake about it
miles an hour PHEURS (mirs)                            PH-Z: Ms.
miles per hour: PHEURPS (mirps)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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mistaken: PH-PBS (m-ns)                            more: PHOR (mor)
    PH-PBS PH-PBS: if I'm not mistaken                PHOER: mother (moer)
mitigate: PHEUGT (migt)                            more or less: PHOERLS (moerls)
mobile: PHOEBL (moebl)                             more than: PHOERPB (moern)
Mobile: PHO*EBL                                    more than likely: PHORPBL (mornl)
mobility: PHOEBLT (moeblt)                         morning: PHORPBG (morng)
mobilization: PHOEBLGS (moeblgs)                      good morning: TKPWORPBG (gorng)
moderate: PHORT (mort)                             mortgage: PHORPBLG (morj)
    PHOERT: motor                                  mosquito: PHOEBGT (moekt)
modest: PHODS                                      motel: PHOELGTS (moetl)
    PHODZ: mods                                       PHOLGTS: mottle (motl)
modern: PHORPB (morn)                              mother: PHOER
    PHO*RPB: morn                                  mother-in-law: PHOERPBL (moernl)
modify: PHOEUF (moif)                                 PHORPBL: more than likely
modification: PHOEUFGS (moifgs)                    motion for summary judgment: PHUPLT     (mumt)
module: PHAOULD (maould)                           motive: PHOEFB
    modular: PHAOURLD (maourld)                        motivate: PHOEFBT
moist: PHOEUFT (moift)                                 motivation: PHOEFBGS
moisture: PHOEUFRT (moifrt)                        motor: PHOERT (moert)
molar: PHOERL (moerl)                                  PHOER: mother (moer)
    PHORL: moral                                       motor vehicle: PHOERBG (moerk)
molecule: PHOELG (moelg)                           motorcycle: PHOEUBG (moik)
    molecular: PHOERLG                             mountain: PHOEPBT (moent)
molest: PHOELS (moels)                             move: PHAOF (maof)
    PHOELZ: moles                                  movement: PHAOFPLT (maofmt)
molestation: PHOELGS (moelgs)                      mover: PHAOFR (maofr)
moment: PHOEPLT (moemt)                                PHAOUFR: maneuver (maoufr)
momentum: PHO*EPLT (mo*emt)                        movie: PHAEF (maef)
monitor: PHORPBT (mornt)                           muffle: PH*UFL (m*ufl)
monk: PHO*PBG (mo*nk)                                  PHUFL: muscle
monkey: PHO*EPBG (mo*enk)                          muffler: PH*UFRL (m*ufrl)
monopoly: PHR-P (ml-p)                             multi^: PHULT (mult)
monopolize: PHR*P (ml*p)                           multiple: PHEUPL (mipl)
monopolization: PHR*PGS (ml*pgs)                   multiply: PHUPT (mupt)
month: PHO (mo)                                        PH*UPT: muppet
    six-month date: SPH-D                              multiplication: PHUPLGS
    six-month period: SPH-P                            multiplier: PHURPT
month ago: PHOG (mog)                              mumble: PHUFRPL
    months ago: PHOGS (mogs)                       mump: PHUFRP
    PHOEGS: motion                                 munch: PHUFRPBLG
monthly: PHOL (mol)                                municipal: PHUPBL (munl)
moon: PHAOPB (maon)                                municipality: PHUPBLT (munlt)
    PHAOUPB: immune                                munition: PHAOUPBGS (maoungs)
moonlight: PHAOPBLT (maonlt)                       murder: PHURD (murd)
Montana: PH-PBT (m-nt)                             murderer: PHRURD (mrurd)
moral: PHORL (morl)                                muscle: PHUFL
    PHOERL: molar                                  museum: PHAOUPL (maoum)
                                                   music: PHAOUFBG (maousk)
                                                   musical: PHAOFBLG (maouskl)
                                                   musician: PHAOUGS (maougs)
                                                   mutter: PHURT (murt)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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mutual: PHAOUFP (maouch)                           neighbor: TPHAEUB (naib)
my: PHEU (mi)                                      neighborhood: TPHAEUBD (naibd)
my recollection: PHEUBGZ                           nephritis: TPHEFRTS (nefrts)
    PHEUBGS: mix                                   nerve: TPHEFRB (nerv)
my understanding: PHEUPBGD                         nerves: TPHEFRBZ (nervz)
                                                   nervous: TPHEFRBS (nervs)
                                                   network: TPHERBG (nerk)
-N-                                                neural: TPHAOURL (naourl)
naive: TPHAOEUFB                                   neurologist: TPHAOURLGS (naourlgs)
    TPHAEUFB: native                               neurological: TPH-RL (n-rl)
naivety: TPHAOEUFBT                                neurology: TPHAOURLG (naourlg)
narc: TPHARBG (nark)                               neuron: TPHAOURPB (naourn)
narcotic: TPHARBGT (narkt)                         neuronal: TPHAOURPBL (naournl)
narrate: TPHAEURT (nairt)                          neurosis: TPHAOURS        (naours)
narration: TPHAEURGS (nairgs)                      neurotic: TPHAOURBGT (naourkt)
narrow: TPHAEUR (nair)                             neuter: TPHAOURT (naourt)
nation: TPHAEUGS (naigs)                           neutral: TPHAOURLT (naourlt)
national: TPHAT (nat)                              neutron: TPHAOURPBT (naournt)
    nationally: TPHAET (naet)                      Nevada: TPH*EF (n*ef)
nationality: TPHAELT (naelt)                       never mind: TPHEFRPLD (nefrmd)
natural: TPHAL (nal)                               nevertheless: TPHEFRLS (nefrls)
    supernatural: SPR-PBL (spr-nl)                 Newark: TPHAOURBG (naourk)
naturally: TPHAEL (nael)                           New England: TPHAOUGD (naougd)
naturalization: TPHALGS (nalgs)                    New Hampshire: HAFRPS (hamps)
nature: TPHAEUT (nait)                             New Jersey: TPH-PBJG (n-j)
native: TPHAEUFB                                   New Mexico: TPH-PL (n-m)
    TPHAOEUFB: naive                                   TPH*PL: nickname
nausea: TPHAURB (naush)                            New Orleans: TPHORLS
nauseous: TPHAURBS (naushs)                        new: TPHAO (nao)
naval: TPHAFL (navl)                                   knew: TPHAOU (naou)
navel: TPHA*EUFL (na*ivl)                          newspaper: TPHAOP (naop)
    TPHAEUFL: nasal (naisl)                        newsroom: TPHAORPL (naorm)
navy: TPHAEF (naef)                                New York: TPHORBG (nork)
nearby: TPHAOERB (naoerb)                          New York Times: TPHORBGTS
neatly: TPHAOELT (naoelt)                          next: TPHEBGS (nex)
Nebraska: TPHEB (neb)                              next time: TPHEBGT (nekt)
nebulous: TPHEBLS (nebls)                          nice: TPHAOEUS (naois)
necessary: TPHES (nes)                             nicely: TPHAOEFL (naoifl)
necessity: TPHE (ne)                               nicer: TPHAOEURS (naoirs)
nefarious: TPHEFRS (nefrs)                         nickel: TPHEULG (nilg)
negate: TPHEGT (negt)                              nickname: TPH*PL (n*m)
negative: TPHEF (nef)                              nicotine: TPHEUBGT (nikt)
negatively: TPHEFL (nefl)                          niece: TPHAOES (naoes)
neglect: TPHEG (neg)                                   TPHAOEZ: knees
negligence: TPHEPBLGS (nejs)                       night: TPHAOEUT (naoit)
negligent: TPHEPBLG (nej)                          night of the: TPHAOEUFT (naoift)
negotiate: TPH-GT (n-gt)                           nightclub: TPHAOEUBL (naoibl)
    negotiator: TPH-RGT (n-rgt)                    nightmare: TPHAOEUPLT (naoimt)
negotiation: TPH-GS (n-gs)                         nighttime: TPHEUPLT (nimt)
negro: TPHERG (nerg)                               nimble: TPHEUFRPL (nimbl)

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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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nobility: TPHOEBLT (noeblt)                        notorious: TPHORTS (norts)
noble: TPHOEBL (noebl)                             notwithstanding: TPHAPBG (nang)
nobody: TPHOB (nob)                                nourish: TPHAOURB (naoursh)
nobody else: TPHOBLS (nobls)                       November: TPHOEF (noef)
no doubt about it: TPHOUBT (noubt)                 nowhere: TPH-R (n-r)
no further questions: TPHOFBGS (nofks)             nuance: TPHAOUPBS (naouns)
no matter what: TPHAORT (naort)                    nuclear: TPHUBG (nuk)
noise: TPHO*EUZ                                    nucleus: TPHAOUBGS (naouks)
    TPHOEUZ: annoys                                    TPHAOUBGZ: nukes
nominate: TPHOPLT (nomt)                           nude: TPHAOUD (naoud)
nomination: TPHOPLGS (nomgs)                           TPHAOD: understood
nominee: TPHAEPL (naem)                            nugget: TPHUGT (nugt)
non^: TPHOPB (non)                                 nuisance: TPHAOUFPBS (naoufns)
none of the: TPH-FT (n-ft)                         numb: TPHUPL (num)
nonetheless: TPHOPBLS (nonls)                      number: TPHUB (nub)
nonprofit: TPH*P (n*p)                                 exhibit number: KP*UB
nonresponsive: TPHORP (norps)                          interrogatory number: KWR*UB
no objection: TPHOEBGS (noeks)                         question number: KW*UB
no one: TPH-PB (n-n)                               numeral: TPHAOURPL (naourm)
no one else: TPH-PBLS (n-nls)                      numerator: TPHAOURPLT (naourmt)
no question about it: TPHOEBT (noebt)              numerous: TPHAOURPLS (naourms)
normal: TPHORL (norl)                                  TPHAOURPLZ: numerals
normality: TPHORLT (norlt)                         nun: TPH*UPB (n*un)
north: TPHOERT (noert)                                 TPHUPB: none (nun)
    northbound: TPHOERBD (noerbd)                  nurture: TPHURT (nurt)
    northerly: TPHOERL (noerl)                     nutrient: TPHAOUPBT (naount)
    northern: TPHOERPB (noern)                     nutrition: TPHAOUGS (naougs)
    northeast: TPH*D (n*d)                         nutritious: TPHAOURBS (naoushs)
    northwest: TPH*Z (n*z)                         nuzzle: TPHUFL (nufl)
    northeastern: TPHAOERPB (naoern)
    northeasterly: TPHAOERPBL (naoernl)
    northwestern: TPHERPB (nern)
    northwesterly: TPHERPBL (nernl)
North Carolina: TPHOERBG (noerk)
North Dakota: TPH-D (n-d)
North Korea: TPH*BG (n*k)
not at the present time: TPHEPT (nept)
notebook: TPHOEB (noeb)
not guilty: TPH*G
nothing: TPHOG (nog)
nothing further: TPHOFG (nofg)
    no further questions: TPHOFBGS (nofks)
notice: TPH-TS (n-ts)
notify: TPHOEUF (noif)
    notification: TPHOEUFBGS (noifks)
not offhand: TPHOFD (nofd)
not that I remember: TPHAEURPL (nairm)
not to mention: TPHEPBGS (nengs)
not to mention the fact: TPHEFBGT (nefkt)
not to my knowledge: TPHEUPBLG         (nij)
not to my understanding: TPHEUPBGD (ningd)
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                                           Steno Tips
                          Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
                                              page 40 of 68

-- Objections                                          objectivity: OFBT
                                                       oblige: PWHRAOEUPBLG (blaoij)
"Object" phrases: J+                                   obligation: PWAEUGS or OGS
"Object as" phrases: JA+                               obscene: OBS
"Object to the" phrases: JE+                                OBZ: objects
"Objection" phrases: JO+                               obscenity: O*BS
"Objection to the" phrases: JOE+                       observe: OEB
Object.   Form. SKWR-FPL (j-fm)
                                                       observer: OERB
Object.   Leading. SKWR-LG (j-lg)                      obsolete: OBLTS
Object.   Nonresponsive. SKWR-PBS (j-ns)               obstacle: O*BL
Object.   Form of the question.                        obtain: OBT
    SKWR-FPLGS (j-fmgs)                                obvious: OUB
Object. Sidebar. SKWR-BS (j-bs)                        obviously: OUBL
                                                       occasion: KAEURB (kaish)
Object as to form. SKWRAFPL (jafm)                          KAEUGS: indication
Object as leading. SKWRALG (jalg)                      occasional: KAEURBL (kaishl)
Object as nonresponsive. SKWRAPBS (jans)               occupancy: OUPS
Object to the form. SKWREFPL (jefm)
                                                       occupant: OUPT
Object to the responsiveness. SKWREPBS (jens)          occupation: OUPGS
Object to the form of the question.                    occupational: OUPLGS
    SKWREFPLGS (jefmgs)                                occupy: OUP
Object to the sidebar. SKWREBS (jebs)                  occur: KUR
                                                       occurrence: KURPBS (kurns)
Objection.   Form. SKWROFPL (jofm)                     ocean: OEGS
Objection.   Leading. SKWROLG (jolg)                   October: OBGT
Objection.   Nonresponsive. SKWROPBS (jons)            odor: O*ERD
Objection.   Form of the question.                          OERD: ordinary
    SKWROFPLGS (jofmgs)
Objection. Sidebar. SKWROBS (jobs)                     offend: OFPBD (ofend)
    SKWROBZ: jobs                                      offender: OFRPBD (ofrend)
Objection, Your Honor. SKWRORPBS (jorns)               offense: OFPBS (ofns)
                                                       offer: OFR
Object to the form. SKWROEFPL (joefm)                  office: OFS
Object to the form of the question.                    officer: STPER (sfer)
    SKWROEFPLGS (joefmgs)                              official: TPEURBL (fishl)
Object to the sidebar. SKWROEBS (joebs)                offhand: OFD (ofd)
Judge, I object: SKWREUBT (jibt)                            not offhand: TPHOFD (nofd)
THE COURT: Overruled. TKPWHROFRPBLGTS                       right offhand: ROFD
THE COURT: Sustained. TKPWHRUFRPBLGTS                  off and on: TPAUPB (faun)
                                                       off the top of my head: TPOPD (fopd)
                                                       Ohio: HAE
-O-                                                    oil and gas: OEUG
obedience: OEBS                                        oil field: OEUFLD
    disobedience: STKOEBS                              ointment: OEUPLT (oimt)
obedient: OEBT                                         okay: OBG (ok)
    disobedient: STKOEBT                               Oklahoma: OEBLG (oekl)
obey: O*EB                                             old: OLD
    OEB: observe                                       older: ORLD
    disobey: STKO*EB                                   oldest: O*LDZ
object: OB                                             Oliver: O*FRL
objection: OBGS                                        ominous: O*PLS (o*ms)
    O*BGS: ox
objective: OFB
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
                                        page 41 of 68

omission: OEPLGS (oemgs)                          organ: TPHORG (norg)
omit: OEPLT (oemt)                                organic: TPHO*RG (no*rg)
on and off: TPHAUF (nauf)                         organize: ORG
on behalf of: PWAOF (baof)                             disorganize: STKORG
on behalf of the: PWAOFT (baoft)                  organization: ORGS
once and for all: WUFRL                           orgasm: TKPWAFPL (gasm)
once in a while: WUPBLS (wunls)                   orient: OERPBT (oernt)
one another: WURPB (wurn)                         oriental: OERPBLT (oernlt)
one half: WHAF                                    orientation: OERPBGS (oerngs)
one of the things: WUFTS                          orifice: OEUFRS (oifrs)
one way or another: WAOURPB (waourn)              original: ORPBLG (orj)
one way or the other: WAOURPBT (waournt)          originate: ORPBLGT (orjt)
online: O*PBL (o*nl)                              orphan: OFRPB (ofrn)
only: OPBL (onl)                                  orthopedic: ORP
on or about: TPHAUB (naub)                        orthopedist: ORPS
on the other hand: OERPBD (oernd)                 osmosis: SPHOES (smoes)
on the part of: TPHOP                             osmotic: SPHOBGT (smokt)
    on the part of the: TPHOPT                    other: OER
open: OEP                                         other than: OERPB (oern)
operable: PRABL                                        ORPB: owner
operate: PRAEUT (prait)                           otherwise: OEUS
    operator: PRAEURT (prairt)                         likewise: HROEUS (lois)
operation: PRAEUGS (praigs)                       ought to be: AUBT
operational: PRAEURBL (praishl)                   outage: OUPBLG (ouj)
opinion: P-PB                                     outbound: OUBD
opponent: POEPBT (poent)                          outcome: OUBG (ouk)
opportune: TAO*UPB (tao*un)                       outfit: OUFRT
    TAOUPB: tune                                  outlet: OULT
opportunist: TAO*UPBS (tao*uns)                   outline: OUL
opportunity: TAOUPBT (taount)                          O*UL: owl
oppose: OP                                        outrage: OURPBLG (ourj)
opposite: OPS                                     outrageous: OURPBLGS (ourjs)
optimism: OEFPL (oefm)                            outside: OUDZ
    pessimism: PEFPL (pefm)                       outstanding: OUG
optimist: OEFPLS (oefms)                          over: OEFR
optimistic: OEFBG (oefk)                          overage: OEFRPBLG (oefrj)
    pessimistic: PEFBG (pefk)                     overcome: OEFRBG (oefrk)
option: OPGS                                      overhead: OEFRD
orbit: ORBT                                       overnight: OEFRPBT (oefrnt)
orbital: ORBLT                                    overrule: OEFRL
order: ORD                                        overt: O*EFRT
    change order: KHORD                           overtime: OEFRT
    purchase order: PRORD                         ovulate: O*FLT
    so ordered: SORD                              ovulation: O*FLGS
ordinary: OERD                                    owe: OE
    ordinarily: OERLD                             own: OEPB (oen)
Oregon: OERG                                           disown: STKOEPB (dsoen)
                                                       wholly-owned: WHOEPB (whoen)
                                                       wholly-owned subsidiary: WHOEPBD

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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
                                         page 42 of 68

owner: ORPB                                        pardon: PARD
ownership: O*RP                                    pardon me: PARPL (parm)
    ORP: orthopedic                                paren: PREPB (pren)
oxygen: STKPWEPB      (sgen)                       parent: PARPBT (parnt)
                                                   parental: PARPBLT (parnlt)
-P-                                                parity: PAEURT
                                                   park: PARBG
pace: PAEUS (pais)                                 parking: PARG
    PAEUZ: pays (paiz)                             parking lot: P-LT
paces: PAEUFZ (paifz)                              parliament: PAPLT (pamt)
Pacific: PA*FBG (pa*fk)                            parochial: PROEBLG (proekl)
package: PAPBLG (paj)                                   PROEBG: protocol
packet: PABGT (pakt)                               parole: PROEL
    PA*BGT: pact                                   parrot: PA*EURT (pa*irt)
pageant: PAPBLGT (pajt)                            part: PART
-page document: POUPLT (poumt)                          partly: PARLT
pain and suffering: PAEUFRG                        partial: PARBL (pashl)
painful: PAEUFL                                    partiality: PARBLT (pashlt)
painkiller: P-BG (p-k)                             participant: PARPT
painless: PAEUPBLS                                 participate: PARP
pair: PAEUR                                        particle: P-RL
    PA*EUR: repair                                 particulate: P-RLT
    PEAR: pear                                     particular: TEUBG (tik)
palace: PALS                                            in particular: TPHEUPT    (nipt)
    PALZ: pals                                     particularly: TEUBLG (tikl)
    palatial: PHRAEURBL (plaishl)                  partly cloudy: P-BGD
palate: PA*LT                                      partly cloudy skies: P-BGDZ
    palatability: PA*BLT                           partner: PARPB (parn)
pallet: PALT                                       partnership: PEUP (pip)
pander: PA*RPBD (parnd)                            party: PAERT
    PARPBD: partnered                              pass: PAS
panic: PA*PBG (pa*nk)                                   passing: PAFG
paper: PAEURP (pairp)                              passage: PAFPBLG (pasj)
    piece of paper: PO*P                           passenger: PAEPBG (paeng)
    sheet of paper: SHO*P                          passion: PAGS
paperwork: PAEURBG (pairk)                         passionate: PARBT (pasht)
parade: PRAED                                           KPARBT: compassionate
    PRAEUD: prayed                                 passive: PA*FS
paragraph: PRAF                                    passively: PA*FLS
paralegal: PRAOEL                                  passport: PAPT
    legal: HRAOEL                                  password: PAFRD
parallel: PARL                                     paste: PAEUFT (paift)
paralysis: PR-LS                                   patch: PAFP
paralyze: PR-L                                     path: PA*T
paralyzer: PR-RL                                   patent: PAEBT (paent)
paramedic: PARPLD (parmd)                          pathological: PHROL
parameter: PRARPLT (prarmt)                        pathologist: PHROLGS
paramount: PAEURPLT (pairmt)                       pathology: PHROLG
paranoid: PAEURPBD (pairnd)                        {^pathy}: PA*ET
paraphernalia: PAEUFRPB (paifrn)                   patience: PAEURBS (paishs)
parasite: PAEUFRT (paifrt)                         patient: PAEURBT (paisht)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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patio: PAOT                                       penis: PAOEPBS (paoens)
    PA*OT: poot                                   pension: PEPBGS (pengs)
patrol: TROL                                      penitentiary: P*ERPBT (p*ernt)
patrolman: TROPL (trom)                                PERPBT: pertinent (pernt)
patrolmen: TREPL (trem)                           Pennsylvania: PAEPBS (paens)
pattern: PAERPB (paern)                                PAEPBZ: pianos
pauper: PAURP                                     pentagon: PEPBGT
pause: PAUS                                       Pentagon: P*EPBGT
    PAUZ: paws                                    penultimate: P-PBLT (p-nlt)
pave: PA*EUF (paiv)                                    PEPBLT: penalty
pavement: PA*EUFPLT (paivmt)                      people: PAOEPL
pay: PAEU (pai)                                   People's Exhibit: P-BT
    take-home pay: TH-P                           pepper: PERP
payable: PAEUBL (paibl)                           per: P*ER
paycheck: PAEUFP (paich)                               PER: perfect
payment: PAEUPLT (paimt)                          per capita: P-BGT
payroll: PROL                                     perceive: PAOEFR
peace: PAES                                       percent: PERS
peaceful: PAEFL                                   percentage: P*ERPBLG (p*erj)
peacefully: PA*EFL                                perception: PERPGS
peal: PA*EL                                       peremptory: PRERPLT (prermt)
    PAEL: appeal                                  perfect: PER
    PAOEL: peel                                        KPWER: imperfect
peanut: PA*EPBT (pa*ent)                          perfectly: PERL
    PAEPBT: patent                                perfection: PERGS
pear: PAER                                        perform: P-F
    PAEUR: pair                                   performer: P-FR
    PA*EUR: repair                                performance: P-FS
pearl: PAERL                                      perhaps: PRAPS
peasant: PEFPBT (pesnt)                           peril: PAEURL (pairl)
peculiar: PHRAR (plar)                                 KPWAEURL: imperil
peculiarity: PHRART (plart)                       perilous: PAEURLS (pairls)
pecuniary: P-PBG                                  perimeter: PREURPLT (prirmt)
pedal: PELGDZ                                     period: PERD
peddle: P*ELGDZ                                        six-month period: SPH-P (sm-p)
pedestrian: PED                                   periodically: PERLD
pediatric: TR*EUBG                                period of time: PERT
pediatrician: TR*EUGS                             peripheral: PREUFRL (prifrl)
peel: PAOEL                                       periphery: PREUFR (prifr)
    PAEL: peal                                    perish: PERB (pesh)
peer: PAOER                                       perjury: PERPBLG (perj)
peerless: PAOERLS                                 perm: PE*RPL (p*erm)
peeve: PAO*EF                                     permanent: PERPL (perm)
pellet: P*ELT                                          permanence: PERPLS (perms)
    pelt: PELT                                    permission: PERPLGS (permgs)
pelvis: PEFLS                                     permit: PERPLT (permt)
penal: PAOEPBL (paoenl)                           pernicious: PERPBGS
penalize: PAOEPBLZ (paoenlz)                      perp: P*ERP
penalty: PEPBLT (penlt)                           perpendicular: PERPBGD (perpkd)
penetrate: P-PBT                                  perpetrate: PERPT
penetration: P-PBGS                               perpetuate: PEURPT (pirpt)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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per se: P-RS                                       phrase: TPRAEUZ (fraiz)
person: PERPB (pern)                               phrased: TPRAEUFD (fraifd)
personal: PERPBL (pernl)                           Phyllis: TP*EULS (f*ils)
     personality: PERPBLT (pernlt)                 physical: TP-L (f-l)
personnel: P*ERPBL (p*ernl)                        physical abuse: TPAUB (faub)
perspective: PERBGT (perkt)                        physical examination: TP-GS (f-gs)
persuade: PEFRD                                    physical therapy: TPAEURP
persuasion: PEFRGS                                      physical therapist: TPAEURPS
persuasive: SWAEUFS                                physician: TPEUS (fis)
persuasively: SWAEUFLS                             physics: TPEUFBGZ (fifkz)
pertain: PEURT (pirt)                              piano: PAEPB (paen)
pertinent: PERPBT (pernt)                          pianist: PAEPBS (paens)
     impertinent: KPWERPBT (impernt)               pickup: PUP
perverse: P*EFRS                                        P*UP: pup
perversion: P*EFRGS                                pickup truck: PUPT
pervert: P*EFRT                                         P*UPT: puppet
pessimism: PEFPL (pefm)                            picture: PEUBGT (pikt)
pessimist: PEFPLS (pefms)                          piece: PAOES
pessimistic: PEFBG (pefk)                               PAES: peace
petition: PAET                                     pieces: PAOEFZ
Petitioner's Exhibit: PEBT                         piece of: PAOEFS
     Respondent's Exhibit: R-BT                    piece of paper: PO*P
petroleum: PUPL (pum)                              pier: PAO*ER
phantom: TPAOPLT (faomt)                                PAOER: peer
pharmaceutical: TP-BG (f-k)                        pierce: PAOERS
pharmacy: TPARPLS (farms)                               PAOERZ: peers
     TPARPLZ: farms                                pierce the corporate veil: POEUFL (poivl)
     pharmacist: TPA*RPLS (fa*rms)                 pigment: P*EUGT (p*igt)
phenomenon: TPAOPB (faon)                               PEUGT: pitting
phenomenal: TPAOPBL (faonl)                        pilfer: PEUFRL (pifrl)
philander: TPHRARPBD (flarnd)                      pillar: PEURL (pirl)
Philadelphia: TPHREFL (flefl)                      pilot: PAOEULT (paoilt)
Phillip: TPEUP (fip)                               pine: PAOEUPB (paoin)
Phillips: TPEUPS (fips)                            pineapple: PAEP
philosophy: TPHROEF (floef)                        pipeline: PHRAOEUPB (plaoin)
philosopher: TPHROEFR (floefr)                     piracy: PAOEURS
philosophic: TPHROEFBG (floefk)                    pirate: PAOEURT (paoirt)
philosophically: TPHROEFL (floefl)                 pistol: PEUFL (pifl)
phlebotomy: TPHREBT (flebt)                        piston: PEUFPB (pisn)
Phoenix: TPOEPBGS (faoenx)                         Pittsburgh: PURG
phone: TPOEPB (foen)                               pivot: PEU*FT (p*ivt)
phony: TPO*EPB (fo*en)                             pivotal: P*EUFLT
phosphorus: TPOFRS (fofrs)                         pizza: PEUZ
photograph: TPRAF (fraf)                           placate: PHRAEUBGT (plaikt)
photographer: TPRAFR (frafr)                       place: PHRAEUS (plais)
photographic: TPRAFBG (frafk)                           PHRAEUZ: plays
photography: TPRAEF (fraef)                        placement: PHRAEUFPLT (plaismt)
photographically: TPRAEFL (fraefl)                 place of business: PLAEUBS (plaibs)
photon: TPO*EPBT (foent)                           placebo: PHRABS (plabs)
     TPOEPBT: fountain                             placenta: PHRA*EPBT (pla*ent)
                                                   placental: PHRA*EPBLGTS (pla*entl)
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                                          Steno Tips
                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
                                          page 45 of 68

plague: PHRAUG (plaug)                              point of: POEUF (poif)
     PHRAEUG: playing                               point of view: POEUF (po*if)
plain: PHRAEUPB                                     poison: POEUFPB (poisn)
     PHRAEPB: plane                                 poke: POEBG (poek)
plaintiff: PHR-F                                    poker: POERBG (poerk)
Plaintiff's Exhibit: PHREUBT (plibt)                Poland: PO*ELD
Plaintiff's Exhibits: PHREUBTS (plibts)             polar: POERL
planet: PHRAEPBT (plaent)                           polarity: POERLT
plasm: PHRAFPL (plasm)                              Polaroid: POERLD
plasma: PHRAEFPL (plaesm)                           pole: POEL
plastic: PHRAFBG (plask)                            Pole: PO*EL
plastically: PHRAFBLG (plafkl)                      police: PHREUS (plis)
platform: PHRORPL (plorm)                           police department: PHREUPT (plipt)
platinum: PHRAPLT (plamt)                           policeman: PHRAPL (plam)
plausible: PHRAUBL (plaubl)                         policemen: PHREUPL (plim)
playable: PHRAEUBL (plaibl)                         police report: PHRO*RT (plo*rt)
playboy: PHRAEUB (plaib)                                 PHRORT: plotter
playful: PHRAEUFL (plaifl)                          police officer: PHREUFR (plifr)
plaza: PHRAZ (plaz)                                 policy: POL
plea: PHRAOE (plaoe)                                polite: POLT
pleas: PHRAOEZ (plaoez)                             politician: PHREUGS (pligs)
     please: PHRAOES (plaoes)                       politics: PHREUTS (plits)
pleasant: PHREFPBT (plesnt)                         political: PHREUL (plil)
please: PHRAOES (plaoes)                            poll: P*OL
please look: PHRAOBG (plaok)                        pollute: PHRAOUT (plaout)
pleasure: PHRERB (plesh)                                 pollutant: PHRAOUPBT (plaount)
pleasurable: PHRERBL (pleshl)                       pollution: PHRAOUGS (plaougs)
plentiful: PHREFL (plefl)                           pomp: POFRP
plenty: PHREPBT (plent)                             pompous: POFRPS
pleural: PHRAOURL (plaourl)                         pond: POPBD (pond)
     PHRURL: plural                                 ponder: PORPBD (pornd)
plural: PHRURL (plurl)                              pony: POEPB (poen)
plurality: PHRURLT (plurlt)                         poly^: PHRO (plo)
plus or minus: PLUPBS (pluns)                       polymer: POPL (pom)
plum: PHR*UPL (pl*um)                               populate: POPT
plumb: PHRUPL (plum)                                population: POPGS
plumber: PHRURPL (plurm)                            popular: PORP
plummet: PHRUPLT (plumt)                            popularity: PORPT
plunder: PHRURPBD (plurnd)                          populate: POPT
plutonium: PHRAOUPLT (plaoumt)                      population: POPGS
ply: PHRAO*EU (plao*i)                              pore: PO*R
     PHRAOEU: reply (plaoi)                              porous: PO*RS
     PHREU: apply (pli)                                  POR: pour
     plier: PHRAO*EUR (plao*ir)                          POUR: power
Plymouth: PHR*EUPLT (pl*imt)                        porn: PORPB
pneumonia: TPHAOUPL (naoum)                         pornography: PO*RPB (po*rn)
pocket: POBGT (pokt)                                     pornographic: PO*RPBG (po*rnk)
podium: POEPLD (poemd)                              portal: PORLGTS (portl)
poem: POEPL (poem)                                  portfolio: POEFRLT
poetic: POEBGT (poekt)                              portion: PORGS

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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
                                         page 46 of 68

pose: POEZ                                         precise: PREUS (pris)
posed: POEFD                                            PR*EUS: priss
position: POGS                                     precisely: PREULS (prils)
    POEGS: potion                                       PREULZ: Aprils (prilz)
positive: POF                                      precision: PREUGS (prigs)
positive: POFL                                     predicament: PREUPLT (primt)
possess: PO*F                                      predict: PREUBGT
possession: PO*FGS                                 predictable: PREUBL
possessive: PO*FS                                  predictability: PREUBLT
possible: POB                                      prediction: PREUBGS
possibility: POBT                                       PREUBGZ: pricks
possibly: POBL                                     predictive: PREUFBGT
post: POEFT                                        preempt: PRAOEPLT
Post: PO*EFT                                       preface: PREFS
postage: POEPBLG (poej)                            prefer: PREFR
posterior: PO*ER                                   preference: PREFRPBS
posteriority: PO*ERT                               prefix: PRAOEFBGS (praoefx)
post office: POFS                                  pregnancy: PREGS
posture: PO*URS                                    pregnant: PREGT
potassium: POPLS (poms)                            prejudice: PREPBLG (prej)
    POPLZ: polymers                                preliminary: PHREUPL (plim)
potato: PO*ET                                      preliminary hearing: PHR-RG (pl-rg)
potent: PO*EPBT (po*ent)                           premeditate: PR-PLT (pr-mt)
    POEPBT: opponent                               premier: PRAOERPL (praoerm)
potency: PO*EPBS                                   premiere: PRAO*ERPL (prao*erm)
potential: POERBL (poeshl)                         premise: PREPLS (prems)
potentiality: POERBLT (poeshlt)                    premium: PRAOEPL (praoem)
potion: POEGS                                      prepare: PRAOEP
poverty: PO*FRT                                    preponderance: P-PD
powder: PO*URD                                     preponderance of evidence: P-PDZ
power: POUR                                        preponderance of the evidence: PEPDZ
    POR: pour                                      preponderate: P-PT
powerful: POUFL                                    prerogative: PROGT
powerless: POURLS                                  Presbyterian: PREZ
practice: PRA                                      prescribe: PRAOEUB (praoib)
practical: PRABG (prak)                            prescription: PREUPGS (pripgs)
practitioner: PRARGS                               presence: PREPBS (prens)
Prague: PRAUG                                      present: PREPBT (prent)
prairie: PRA*ER                                    presentation: PREPBGS (prengs)
preamble: PRAFRPL                                  presently: PREPBL (prenl)
precaution: PRAUGS                                 presidency: P*TS
precede: PRAOED                                    president: P-T
precedent: PRAOEPBT (praoent)                      president-elect: PHREBGT (plekt)
precept: PREPT                                     President of the United States: PAEUTS (paits)
precinct: PR*EUPBGT                                pressure: PRER
precious: PRERBS (preshs)                          prestige: PR*EPBLG (pr*ej)
precipitate: PR*EUPT (pr*ipt)                           PREPBLG: prejudice
                                                   prestigious: PR*EPBLGS
                                                   presume: PRAOUPL (praoum)
                                                   presumption: PRUPLGS (prumgs)
                                                   presumption of innocence: PRUPBS (pruns)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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pretend: PR-PBD (pr-nd)                            procure: PRUR
pretender: PR-RPBD (pr-rnd)                        procurement: PRURPLT (prurmt)
pretrial: PRAOET                                   produce: PRAO
pretrial converence: PR-BG (pr-k)                  produced: PRAOD
pretty: PREUT (prit)                                   PRAOUD: prude
pretty bad: PREUBD (pribd)                         producer: PRAOR
pretty good: PREUGD (prigd)                        product: PRUBGT (prukt)
pretty much: PREUFP (prich)                        productive: PRUFBGT (prufkt)
pretty sure: PREUTS (prits)                        productivity: PRUFT
prevail: PRAOEFL                                   production: PRUBGS (pruks)
prevalence: PREFPBLS (prefnls)                     prof: PROF
prevalent: PREFPBLT (prefnlt)                          profs: PROFZ
prevent: PREFPBT (prefnt)                          profess: PROFS
prevention: PREFPBGS (prefngs)                     professional: PROFL
preview: PR-FR                                     professionally: PROEFL
previous: PRAOEFS                                  professor: PROFR
previously: PRAOEFLS                                   PRAUFR: proffer
prey: PRA*EU                                       professorial: PROFRL
primary: PRAER                                     proffer: PRAUFR
     primarily: PRAERL                             proficient: PRORBT
primate: PRAOEUPLT (praoimt)                       proficiently: PRORBLT
prime: PRAOEUPL (praoim)                           profile: PROEUFL (proifl)
     primacy: PRAOEUPLS (praoims)                  profit: PROFT
prime minister: PRAO*EUPLS (prao*ims)              profitable: PROFBL
prince: PREUPBS (prins)                            profitability: PROFBLT
principal: PREUPB (prin)                           profiter: PROFRT
principality: PREUPBLT (prinlt)                    profound: PROUFPBD (proufnd)
principle: PR*EUPB (pr*in)                         profoundly: PROUFPBLD (proufnld)
prior: PRAOEUR (praoir)                            prognosis: PROGS
priority: PRAOEURT (praoirt)                           PROGZ: progresses
prison: PROPB (pron)                               progress: PROG
     KPWROPB: imprison                             program: PRAPL (pram)
     KPWROPLT: imprisonment                        programmer: PRARPL (prarm)
prisoner: PRORPB (prorn)                           prohibit: PROEUBT (proibt)
privacy: PRAOEUFS (praoifs)                        project: PROPBLG (proj)
private: PRAOEUFT (praoift)                        projector: PRORPBLG (prorj)
privately: PRAOEUFLT (praoiflt)                    prom: PRO*PL (pro*m)
privilege: PREUF                                       PROPL: promise
probability: PROBLT                                prominence: PRO*PLS (pro*ms)
probable: PROBL                                        PRO*PLZ: proms
probable cause: PRAUZ                              prominent: PRO*PLT (pro*mt)
probably: PROEBL                                       PROPLT: prompt
probate: PROEBT                                    PROPL: promise (prom)
probation: PR-B                                    promissory note: PROET
problem: PROB                                      promote: PROEPLT (proemt)
procedure: PROER                                   promotion: PROEPLGS (proemgs)
procedural: PROERL                                 promulgate: PR*UPLT (pr*umt)
proceed: PROE                                      promulgation: PR*UPLGS (pr*umgs)
proceeding: PROEG                                      PRUPLGS: presumption
process: PROS
processor: PRORS
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pronoun: PROUPB (proun)                            prove: PRAOUF
    pronouns: PROUPBZ                                  disprove: STKPRAOUF
pronounce: PROUPBS (prouns)                        proven: PRAOUFPB (praoufn)
proof: PRAOF                                       proverb: PROFRB
    burden of proof: PWURP (burp)                  proverbial: PROFRBL
    standard of proof: SPRAOF                      provide: PROEU (proi)
    waterproof: WAURP                                  provider: PROEUR (proir)
prop: PROP                                         providence: PROFD
propagate: PRAEUPT (praipt)                        province: PROFPBS (profns)
propagation: PRAEUPGS (praipgs)                    provision: PROEUGS (proigs)
propel: PROEPL                                     provocation: PROEFBGS (proefks)
propeller: PROERPL                                 provoke: PROEFBG (proefk)
proper: PRORP                                      prow: PROU
properly: PROERP                                   prowess: PROUS
    PRORPL: promiser                                   PROUZ: prows
property: PRORPT                                   prowl: PROUL
prophecy: PROEFS                                   prowler: PROURL
prophesy: PRO*EFS                                  proximate: PROBGS (prox)
prophet: PRO*FT                                    proximate cause: PRAUBGS (praux)
    PROFT: profit                                  proximity: PROBGT
prophetic: PROFBGT (profkt)                            PROEBGT: protect
proportion: PRORGS                                 prude: PRAOUD
propose: PROEP                                     prudence: PRAOUPBS (praouns)
proposition: PROPGS                                prudent: PRAOUPBT (praount)
proprietor: PRAO*EURT (prao*irt)                   psych: SAO*EUBG (sao*ik)
    PRAOEURT: priority                             psyche: SAOEUBG (saoik)
proprietary: PRAERT                                psychic: SKEUBG (skik)
    PRAEURT: operator                              psychiatric: SKRAOEUT (skraoit)
prose: PRO*EZ                                      psychiatrist: SKRAOEUS (skraois)
    PROEZ: proceeds                                psychiatry: SKRAOEU (skraoi)
prosecute: PR-                                     psychological: SKOL
    prosecutor: PR-R                               psychologist: SKO*LGS
prosecution: PR-GS                                     SKOLGS: consolidation
    P-RGS: incorporation                           psychology: SKOLG
prospect: PR-P                                     pub: P*UB
prospective juror: PR-PBLG (pr-j)                      PUB: public
prospector: PR-RP                                  pube: PAOUB
prosper: PRORPS                                    puberty: PAOUBT
prosperity: PROURPT                                public: PUB
    PRORPT: property                               publication: PUGS
prosperous: PROURPS                                    PUGZ: pugs
prostitute: PRO*S                                  publicity: PUBT
prostitution: PRO*GS                               publicly: PUBL
protect: PROEBGT (proekt)                          publish: PEURB
protected: PROEBGD                                 puddle: PULGDZ (pudl)
protection: PROEBGS                                pulp: PHRUP
protein: PROEUPB (proin)                           pulpit: PHRUPT
Protestant: PROT                                   pulmonary: PHROPL (plom)
protocol: PROEBG (proek)                           pulmonologist: PHROPLGS (plomgs)
proton: PROEPBT (proent)                           pulmonology: PHROPLG (plomg)
proud: PROUD
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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punctual: PUPBL (punl)                              quick: KWEUBG
punctuation: PUPBGS (pungs)                         quickly: KWEUL
puncture: PUPBGT (pungt)                                KW*EUL: quill
pun: P*UPB (p*un)                                   quiet: KWAO*EUT
punish: PUPB (pun)                                      KWAOEUT: quite
punishment: PUPBT (punt)                            quietly: KWAO*EULT
punt: P*UPBT (p*unt)                                quintessential: KWEURBL (qishl)
pupil: PAOUPL                                       quite a bit: KWAOEUBT
puppet: PUPT                                        quite a few: KWAOEUF
purchase: PR-FP (pr-ch)                             quite a few of us: KWAOEUFS
    purchaser: PR-FRP                               quite a few times: KWAOEUFTS
purchase order: PRORD                               quite a while: KWAOEUL
pure: PAOUR                                         quite frankly: KWAOEUFL
purely: PAOURL                                      quitclaim deed: KW-BGD (kw-kd)
purify: PAOUFR                                      quiver: KWEUFR
purity: PAOURT                                      quorum: KWOURPL (kwourm)
purple: PURPL                                       quota: KWO*ET
purport: PURPT                                      quote: KWOET
purpose: PURP                                       quotation: KWOEGS
purr: P*UR                                          quotient: KWOERBT
purse: PURS
    PURZ: purrs
pursue: PUFR
    pursuant: PUFRPBT (pufrnt)                      rabbit: RABT
pursuit: PUFRT                                      rabies: RAEBZ
put: PUT                                            race: RAEUS (rais)
putt: P*UT                                               RAEUZ: raise
putter: P*URT                                       racial: RAEURBL (raishl)
puzzle: PUFL                                        racism: RAEUFPL (raifm)
pyramid: PAOERPLD (paoermd)                         racket: RABGT (rakt)
                                                         RAEBGT: react
                                                    radar: RAEURD (raird)
-Q-                                                 radiation: RAOGS
                                                    radical: RALD
quadrant: KWAURPBD (quarnd)                         radio: RAO
qualify: KWAUFL                                     radioactive: RAOFT
    qualification: KWAUFLGS                         radioactivity: RAO*FT
quality: KWAULT                                     radiological: RAOL
quantify: KWAUF                                          RAOUL: rule
    quantification: KWAUFBGS                        radiologist: RAOLGS
quantity: KWAUPBT (quant)                           radiology: RAOLG
quantum: KWAUPLT (qaumt)                            radius: RAUD
quarrel: KWARL                                           radial: RAULD
quarter: KWAURT                                     raft: RAFT
quarter: KWAERT                                     rafter: RAFRT
quarterly: KWAERL                                   railroad: R-R
quash: KWAURB                                       rainfall: RAEUFL (raifl)
quasi: KWAEZ                                        raise: RAEUZ (raiz)
quaver: KWAEUFR                                     raised: RAEUFD (raifd)
question: KWE                                            RA*EUFD: rave
    question number: KW*UB                          ramble: RAFRPL (rampl)
questioner: KWER                                    ramification: RAFBG (rafk)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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ramp: RAFRP                                        realtor: RAOERLT
rampant: RAFRPT (rampt)                            reason: RAOEPB (raoen)
ranch: RAFRPBLG                                    reasonable degree: R*D
random: RAPBD (rand)                               reasonable degree
Randy: RAEPBD (raend)                                   of medical probability: R-PLD (r-md)
range: RAEUPBG (raing)                             reasonable medical probability: R-PL (r-m)
ranger: RAEURPBG (rairng)                          rebate: RAEBT
rank: RA*PBG                                       rebuke: R-BG (r-k)
ransom: RAPBS                                      recall: -RL
rap: RAP                                           recapitulate: RAUPT
rapid: RA*PD                                       receipt: RAOET
     RAPD: rapped                                  receive: SAOEF
rare: RAEUR (rair)                                 receivable: SAOEFBL
     PA*EUR: repair (pa*ir)                        recent: RAOEPBT (raoent)
rarity: RAEURT (rairt)                             recently: RAOEPBLT (raoenlt)
ratchet: RAFPT (racht)                             receptacle: SEPL
rate: RAEUT (rait)                                 reception: REUPGS (ripgs)
rate of speed: RAEUPS (raips)                      receptionist: R*EUPGS (r*ipgs)
     RAEUPZ: rapes                                 receptive: R*EUFPT (r*ifpt)
rather: RAERT                                      receptor: RERPT
rather than: RAERPB (raern)                        recession: REUGS (rigs)
ratio: RAEURB (raish)                                   REUGZ: rigs
rational: RARBL (rashl)                            recipe: REPS
rationale: RA*RBL (ra*shl)                         recipient: REUPT (ript)
rationality: RARBLT (rashlt)                       reciprocal: SEURPL
ravage: RAFPBLG (rafj)                                  SHRAR: similar
Ray: RA*EU                                         reciprocality: SEURPLT
Raymond: RA*EUPLD                                  recite: R-BGT (r-kt)
     RAEUPLD: remained                             reckless: RELS
re: RAO*E                                               RELZ: relatives
{re^}: RAOE                                        recognition: ROEUGS (roigs)
react: RAEBGT (raekt)                              recognize: ROEUS (rois)
reaction: RAEBGS (raeks)                                recognized: ROEUFD (roifd)
     RAEBGZ: Iraqis                                recognizance: ROGS
reactor: RAERBGT (raerkt)                          recollect: REBGT (rekt)
read: RAOED                                        recollection: REBGS (reks)
     R*ED: red                                          refresh my recollection: REURBGS (rirks)
ready: R-D                                               refresh your recollection: RURBGS   (rurks)
Reagan: RA*EUG                                     recommend: REPL (rem)
real: RAOEL                                        recommendation: REPLGS (remgs)
     really: RAEL                                  reconcile: ROEUBG (roik)
relate: RELT                                       reconciliation: ROEUBGS (roiks)
     R-LT: red light                                   ROEUBGZ: reconciles
real estate: RAE                                   record: RORD
realistic: RAOEFBG (raoefk)                            record will reflect: R-FLT
realistically: RAOEFBLG (raoeflk)                      record should reflect: R-RBT (r-sht)
reality: RAOELT                                    recorder: ROERD
     RELT: relate                                  recount: RAOEBGT (raoekt)
realize: R-L                                       recover: ROFR
realtime: RAOEPLT (raoemt)                         recovery: ROEFR
     realtimer: RAOERPLT (raoermt)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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recruit: KRAOUT                                    regard: RARD
recruitment: KRAOUPLT (kraoumt)                         with regard to: WRARD
rectangle: TAPBL (tanl)                            regardless: RARLS
rectangular: TARPBL (tarnl)                        regency: RAOEPBLGS (raoejs)
rectangularity: TARPBLT (tarnl)                    regent: RAOEPBLGT (raoejt)
rectify: REFBG                                     regime: RAEPL (raem)
rectification: REFBGS                              regimen: RA*EPL (ra*em)
rector: RERBGT (rerkt)                             region: RAOEPBLG (raoej)
recuperate: RAOUPT                                 register: REPBLG (rej)
recuperation: RAOUPGS                              registration: R-GS
red: R*ED                                          registry: R*EPBLG (r*ej)
red blood cell: RAOFL                              regular: REG
red light: R-LT                                    regularly: RELG
     RELT: relate                                       R*ELG: religion
reduce: RAOUS                                      regulate: REGT
     reduced: RAOUFD                               regulation: REGS
reducible: RAOUFBL                                 regulator: RERGT
reducibility: RAOUFBLT                             regurgitate: TKPWUR (gur)
reduction: RUBGS (ruks)                            regurgitation: TKPWURGS (gurgs)
redundant: RUPBD (rund)                            rehabilitate: RAEBLT
     redundancy: RUPBDZ (rundz)                    rehabilitation: RAEBLGS
refer: REFR                                        rehearse: RERS
reference: REFRPBS (refrns)                        rehearsal: RERLS
referent: REFRPBT (refrnt)                         reimburse: RAOEB
referral: REFRL                                    reimbursable: RAOEBL
refine: R-F                                        reiterate: REURT (rirt)
refinery: R-FR                                     reiteration: REURGS (rirgs)
reflect: R-FL                                      reject: R-PBLG (r-j)
reflection: R-FLGS                                 relate: RLT
reflective: R*FL                                   relation: RELGS
reflex: R-FBGS (r-fx)                              relationship: R*EUP (r*ip)
reform: RORPL (rorm)                                    REUP: rip
reformation: RORPLGS (rormgs)                      relative: REL
reformatory: RORPLT (rormt)                        release: R-LS
refrain: TPRAEUPB (frain)                               R-LZ: realizes
refresh: RERB                                      relevance: REFLS
     refresh my memory: REURPL                     relevancy: RAEFLS
     refresh my recollection: REURBGS              relevant: REFLT
     refresh your memory: RURPL                    religion: R*ELG
     refresh your recollection: RURBGS             religious: R*ELGS
refrigerate: TPREURPBLGT                           reluctance: RUBGTS (rukts)
refrigerated: TPREURPBLGD (frirjd)                 reluctant: RUBGT (rukt)
refrigerator: TPREURPBLG (frirj)                   reluctantly: RUBLGT (ruklt)
refuge: REFPBLG (refj)                             reliable: R*BL
refund: REFPBD (refnd)                                  reliability: R*BLT
refusal: REFL                                      reliance: R*LS
refuse: REF                                        reliant: R*LT
refute: R-FT                                       rely: R*L
reg: R*EG                                          remain: RAEUPL (raim)
     REG: regular                                  remainder: RAEURPBD (rairnd)

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remark: RARBG (rark)                              resemble: REFRPL
remarkable: RARBLG (rarkl)                             resemblance: REFRPLS
remarkably: RA*RBLG (ra*rkl)                      reserve: REFRP
remedy: R*EPLD (r*emd)                            reside: ROEUD (roid)
     REPLD: recommended                           residence: R-PBS (r-ns)
remember: -RPL (-rm)                              resident: R-PBT (r-nt)
remembrance: -RPLS (-rms)                         residential: R-PBGS
remind: RAOEUPBD (raoind)                         resign: R*PB (r*n)
     RAO*EUPBD: rind                              resignation: R*PBS (r*ns)
reminder: RAOEURPBD (raoirnd)                     resist: R-S
remit: REPLT (remt)                               resolution: ROEFLGS
remove: RAO*UF                                    resolve: ROEFL
rend: REPBD                                       resource: ROURS
render: RERPBD (rernd)                            respect: R-P
rendition: REPBGS (rengs)                              with respect: WR-P
renounce: ROUPBS (rouns)                               with respect to: WR-PT
rent: REPBT                                            with all due respect: WRAOURP
rental: REPBLGTS                                  respire: ROEUP (roip)
rep: R*EP                                         respiration: ROEUPGS (roipgs)
     REP: representative                          respirator: ROEURPT (roirpt)
     REPS: recipe                                 respiratory: ROEUPT (roipt)
repair: PA*EUR                                    respond: SPOPBD (spond)
reparation: PA*EURGS                                   responder: SPORPBD (spornd)
repeat: RAOEPT                                    respondent: SPO*PBT (spo*nt)
repetition: RAOEPGZ                               Respondent's Exhibit: R-BT
repetitious: RAOEPGS                              response: SPOPBS (spons)
replenish: PHREPB (plen)                          responsibility: SPOPBT (spont)
reply: PHRAOEU (plaoi)                            responsive: SPOF
     PHREU: apply (pli)                           responsiveness: SPOFPBS (spofns)
     PHRAO*EU: ply (plao*i)                       restaurant: STRAUPBT (straunt)
report: RORT                                      restraint: STRA*EUPBT (stra*int)
     expert report: SPRORT                             STRAEUPBT: straighten
reporter: ROERT                                   restrict: REUBGT (rikt)
     court reporter: KROERT                       restricted: REUBGD (rikd)
     court reporting: KROERGT                     restriction: REUBGS (riks)
represent: REPT                                   rest room: R-RPL (r-rm)
representation: REPGS                             result: RULT
representative: REP                                    as a result: SARLT
     R*EP: rep                                         as the result: SERLT
request: KW                                       resume: RAOUPL (raoum)
require: RAOEUR (raoir)                                RAOPL: room
requirement: RAOEURPLT (raoirmt)                  resumption: RUPLGS (rumgs)
reside: ROEUD                                     retail: RA*EUL (ra*il)
residence: R-PBS (r-ns)                                RAEUL: rail
resign: R*PB                                      retain: RAEUPBT (raint)
     resignation: R*PBGS                          retainer: RAEURPBT (rairnt)
rep: R*EP                                         retire: TAO*EUR (tao*ir)
republic: RAEP                                    return: RURPB (rurn)
     RAEUP: rape                                  reveal: RAO*EFL
Republican: RA*EP                                 revelation: REFLGS
research: REFRPBLG (resrj)                        revenue: R-FPB (r-fn)
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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review: R-FR                                       roadway: ROEU (roi)
     reviewing: R-FRG                              roadways: ROEUZ (roiz)
     interview: SPWR-FR                                 ROEUS: recognize
revision: REUFGS (rifgs)                           roam: ROEPL (roem)
revoke: ROEBG (roek)                                    RO*EPL: Rome
revolve: ROFL                                      roar: RO*ER
revolver: ROFRL                                    roast: ROEFT
reward: RAURD                                      rob: ROB
     award: WAURD                                  robber: RORB
rhetoric: R*EBGT (r*ekt)                           robbery: ROERB
     REBGT: recollect                              Robert: ROBT
Rhode Island: RAO*EULD                             Roberts: ROBTS
     RAOEULD: riled                                Robertson: RO*BTS
rhythm: REUPLT (rimt)                              robot: ROEBT
     R*EUPLT: arrythmia (r*imt)                    robotic: ROEBGT
Richard: REUFPD                                    robust: ROEBS
Richards: REUFPDZ                                       ROEBZ: robes
Richardson: R*EUFPDZ                               rocket: ROBGT
Richmond: R*EUFPD                                  rodent: ROEPBT
riddle: REULGDZ (ridl)                             Roger: RORPBLG (rorj)
ridicule: REUL (ril)                               Rogers: RORPBLGZ (rorjs)
     R*EUL: rill                                   rogue: RO*EG
ridiculous: REULS (rils)                                ROEG: rowing
rifle: RAOEUFL (raoifl)                            role: ROEL
     RAO*EUFL: rival                               roll: ROL
right: RAOEUT (raoit)                              romance: ROPLS
rightly: RAOEULT (raoilt)                          romantic: ROPLT
right arm: RARPL (rarm)                            Rome: RO*EPL
right away: WRAE                                   roof: RAOF
     WAE: away                                     roofed: RAOFD
right back: RAOEUB (raoib)                              RAOUFD: reduced
right hand: R-PBD (r-nd)                           room: RAOPL
right-hand side: R-PBDZ (r-ndz)                         RAOUPL: resume
right now: RAOEUPBT (raoint)                            bathroom: PWARPL (barm)
right offhand: ROFD                                     bedroom: PW-RPL (b-rm)
right off the bat: ROFBT                                classroom: KHR-RPL (kl-rm)
right-of-way: ROEUF (roif)                              conference room: K-RPL (k-rm)
rigid: R*EUPBLGD (r*ijd)                                courtroom: KOURPL (kourm)
     REUPBLGD: ridge (rijd)                             delivery room: TKHR-RPL (dl-rm)
rile: RAOEUL (raoil)                                    dining room:    TK-RPL (d-rm)
rise: RAOEUZ (raoiz)                                    emergency room: ERPL (erm)
     RAOEUS: rice (raois)                               family room: TP-RPL (f-rm)
riser: RAOEUFR                                          front room: TPR-RPL (fr-rm)
ritual: REULT                                           living room: HR-RPL (l-rm)
     REUL: ridicule                                     rest room: R-RPL (r-rm)
rival: RAO*EUFL                                    Roosevelt: RAOFLT
     RAOEUFL: rifle                                rot: ROT
road: ROED                                         rotten: ROPBT
     RO*ED: rode                                   rough: RUF
                                                   roughen: RUFPB
                                                   roughness: RUFPBS
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                                         Steno Tips
                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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rout: RO*UT                                          salacious: SHRAEURBS (slaishs)
route: ROUT or RAOUT                                 salad: SA*LD
routine: ROEUPB                                      salary: SHRAER (slaer)
rove: RO*EF                                          sale: SAEL
rover: RO*EFR                                        salesman: SPHAPB (sman)
    ROEFR: recovery                                  salesmen: SPHEPB (smen)
royal: ROEUL                                         salinity: SHREUPBT (slint)
royalty: ROEULT                                      salon: SHROPB (slon)
rubber: R-RB                                         saloon: SHRAOPB (slaon)
    RURB: rush                                       salt: SALT
ruin: RAOUPB                                              SAULT: assault
ruination: RAOUPBGS                                  salubrious: SHRAOUBS (slaoubs)
rule: RAOUL                                          salubriously: SHRAOUBLS (slaoubls)
rules of evidence: RAOUFLDZ                          salvation: SA*FLGS
rumble: RUFRPL                                       salve: SA*FL
rumor: RAOURPL                                       same objection: SPHAEUBGS (smaiks)
ruler: RAOURL                                        sample: SAFRPL (sampl)
rumple: R*UFRPL                                      sanction: SA*PBGS (sa*nks)
run: RUPB                                            sandal: SAPBLGDZ (sandl
rung: RUPBG                                          sandwich: SW*EUFP (sw*ich)
running: R-G                                         sane: SAEUPB (sain)
runoff: ROF                                               insane: STPHAEUPB (nsain)
rupture: RURPT                                       sanity: SAPBT
rural: RURL                                               SAEPBT: assistant
Russian: RUGS                                        satellite: SAELT
    RUGS: rugs                                       satisfy: SAE
Ruth: R*AOUT                                              satisfaction: SAEGS
    RAOUT: route                                          satisfactory: SAER
ruthless: RAOULS                                          satisfactorily: SAERL
    RAOULZ: rules                                    sausage: SAUPBLG (sauj)
                                                     savage: SAFPBLG (safj)
-S-                                                  save: SA*EUF (sa*iv)
                                                          SAEUF: safe
Sacramento: SA*BGT (sa*kt)                           saving: SAEUFG (saifg)
sacred: SKRED                                        savings account: SAEUBGT (saikt)
sacrilegious: SKRELGS                                savings and loan: S-L
sacrifice: STPAOEUS (sfaois)                         scaffold: SKAFLD
     STPEU: certify (sfi)                            scandal: SKAPBLGDZ (skandl)
sacrificial: STPEURBL (sfishl)                       scant: SKAPBT (skant)
sacral: SKRAL                                        scantily: SKAPBLT (skanlt)
sacrum: SKRUPL (skrum)                               scare: SKAEUR (skair)
sad: SAD                                             scarce: SKAEURS (skairs)
sadly: SALD                                               SKAEURZ: scares
safe: SAEUF (saif)                                   scarcity: SKA*EURS (ska*irs)
     SA*EUF: save                                    scarf: SKAFRB
safeguard: SAEUFGD (saifgd)                          scarlet: SKARLT
safely: SAEUFL (saifl)                               scathe: SKA*EUT
safety: SAEUFT (saift)                                    SKAEUT: skate
sail: SAEUL (sail)                                   scatter: SKART
     SAEL: sale                                      scavenge: SKAFPBG (skafng)
sailor: SAEURL (sairl)                               scavenger: SKAFRPBG (skafrng)
St. Paul: SP*AUL
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                                         Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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scene: SKAOEPB (skaoen)                            sculpt: SKHRUPT (sklupt)
     SKAO*EPB: skein                               sculptor: SKHR*URPT (skl*urpt)
scene of the accident: STPHABGS (snax)             sculpture: SKHRURPT (sklurpt)
     STPHABGZ: snacks                              scurrilous: SKURLS
scenery: SKAOERPB (skaoern)                        scuttle: SKULGTS
scent: S*EPBT (s*ent)                              search: SEFRPB
     SEPBT: sent                                   search warrant: SW
     KREPBT: cent                                       SW-R: software
schedule: SKEL                                     season: SOEPB
schematic: SKAOEPLT (skaoemt)                      seat belt: SPWELT (sbelt)
scheme: SKAOEPL (skaoem)                           seclude: SKHRAO*UD (sklao*ud)
schism: SKEUFPL (skifm)                                 SKHRAOUD: exclude
schmooze: SPHAOZ (smaoz)                           seclusion: SKHRAO*UGS (sklao*ugs)
scholar: SKHRAR (sklar)                            second: SEBGD (sekd)
scholarship: SKHRARP (sklarp)                      secondhand: SKRAPBD (skrand)
school: SKAOL                                           firsthand: TPRAPBD (frand)
school district: SKEUBGT (skikt)                   second of all: SKAUL
sciatic: SAOEUBGT (saoikt)                              first of all: TPRAUL
science: SAOEUPBS (saoins)                         secrecy: SKRES
     SAOEUPBZ: signs                               secret: SRET
scientific: STEUFBG (stifk)                        secretly: SKRELT
scientifically: STEUFBLG (stifkl)                  secretary: SEBGT (sekt)
scientist: STEUS (stis)                            sect: S*EBGT (s*ekt)
     STEUZ: cities                                 section: S-BGS (s-ks)
scleral: SKHRERL (sklerl)                               SEBGS: sex (sex)
scleritis: SKHRERTS (sklerts)                      secular: SERBLG (serkl)
sclerosis: SKHRERS (sklers)                        secure: SKAOUR
sclerotic: SKHRERBGT (sklerkt)                     security: SKAOURT
scope: SKOEP                                       sedan: STKAPB (sdan)
     beyond the scope: KWROEP (yoep)               sedate: STKAEUT (sdait)
scorch: SKOFRPB                                    sedation: STKAEUGS (sdaigs)
score: SKOER                                       sediment: SEPLT (semt)
scoreless: SKOERLS                                      SPHEPLT: cement
scour: SKOUR                                       sedimentation: SEPLGS (semgs)
scourge: SKOURPBLG (skourj)                        seduce: STKAOUS (sdaous)
     SKURPBLG: discourage                          seduced: STKAOUFD (sdaoufd)
scramble: SKRAFRPL                                 seducer: STKAOUFR (sdaoufr)
screw: SKRAOU                                      seduction: STKUBGS (sduks)
screwdriver: SKRAOEUFR (skraoifr)                  seems to me: SPHAOEPLS (smaoems)
scribble: SKREUBL                                       seemed to me: SPHAOEPLD
scrimmage: SKREUPBLG (skrij)                       segment: S*EGT
script: SKREUPT (skript)                                SEGT: setting
scripture: SKREURPT (skrirpt)                      segregate: STKPWRAEUT (sgrait)
scrotal: SKROELGTS (skroelt)                       segregation: STKPWRAEUGS (sgraigs)
scrotum: SKROEPLT (skroemt)                        seismic: SPHEUBG (smik)
scruple: SKRAOUPL                                  seismology: SPHOLG (smolg)
scruple: SKRAOUPLZ                                      seismologist: SPHOLGS (smolgs)
scrupulous: SKRAOUPLS                              select: SHREBGT (slekt)
scrutinize: SKRAOUPB (skraoun)                     selector: SHRERBGT (slerkt)
scrutiny: SKRAOUPBT (skraount)                     selection: SHREBGS (sleks)

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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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self: SEFL                                        settle: SHR (sl)
{self-^}: S*EFL                                   settlement: SHR-PLT (sl-mt)
self-defense: STKWEPBS (sdwens)                   settler: SHR-R (sl-r)
self-esteem: S*EFLS                               sever: SEFR
self-image: SEUPLBG (sij)                              SAOEFR: receiver
selfish: SEURB (sish)                             severable: SEFRBL
selfishness: SEURBS (sishs)                       several: SEFRL
semantic: SPHA*PBG (sma*nk)                       severance: SEFRPBS
semester: SPHES (smes)                                 SEFRPB: search
{semi^}: SPHE (sme)                               severe: STPAOEFR (sfaoefr)
semiconductor: SKURBGT (skurkt)                        STPAOER: sphere
seminar: SAERPL (saerm)                           severely: STPAOEFRL (sfaoefrl)
senate: STPHET (snet)                             sew: SO*E
senator: STPHER (sner)                            sewage: SAOUPBLG (saouj)
senatorial: STPHERL (snerl)                       sex: SEBGS
senile: SAOEPBL (saoenl)                               sexy: SAEBGS (saex)
senility: SAOEPBLT (saoenlt)                      sexual: SEBLGS (sexl)
senior: S-R                                            sexually: S*EBLGS
seniority: S-RT                                   sexual abuse: SHRAUB (slaub)
sense: SEPBS (sens)                               sexually abused: SHRAUBD (slaubd)
     STPHEPBS: essence                            sexual harassment: SAFPLT
sensation: SEPBGS (sengs)                         sexually harass: SAF
senseless: SEPBLS                                 sexual intercourse: SKOURS
sensor: SERPBS                                    shabby: SHAEB
sensory: SAERPBS                                  shack: SHABG
sentence: STPH-PBS (sn-ns)                        shackle: SHALG
separate: SPRAEUT (sprait)                        shade: SHAEUD (shaid)
separate and apart: SPRART                        shadow: SHO*ED
separately: SPRAEULT                                   SHOED: showed
separation: SPRAEUGS (spraigs)                    shake: SHAEUBG (shaik)
sequel: SKWEL                                     shaken: SHAEUPB (shain)
     SKEL: schedule                                    SHA*EUPB: Shane
sequence: SKWEPBS (skwens)                        shaky: SHAEBG (shaek)
sequential: SKWERBL (skweshl)                     shall: SHAL
sequester: SKWERS                                 shallow: SHA*L
sequestration: SKWERGS                            shareholder: SHAEURLD
sequin: SKWEUPB                                   shatter: SHART
sergeant: SARPBLGT (sarjt)                        shake: SHAEUBG
serial: SAOERL                                         SHA*EUBG: sheik
     SAO*ERL: cereal                              sheet of paper: SHO*P
serious: SAOERS                                   shepherd: SHEPD
seriously: SAOERLS                                sherbet: SHERBT
seriousness: SAOERPBS (saoerns)                   sheriff: SHREUF (shrif)
sermon: SERPL (serm)                              shimmer: SHEURPL (shrim)
serpent: SERPT                                    shipment: SHEUPLT (shimt)
serum: SAOERPL (saoerm)                           shipyard: SHARD
servant: SEFRBT                                        SHA*RD: shard
serve: SEFRB                                      shortage: SHORPBLG (shorj)
service: S-FS                                     shorten: SHORPBT (shornt)
service station: S-FGS                            shorthand: SHORPBD (shornd)
session: SEGS                                     shotgun: SHAUG (shaug)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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show you what has been marked: SHOEBGD             site: SAO*EUT
show you what has been marked as: SHOEBGDZ               SAOEUT: sight
shudder: SH*URD                                          KRAOEUT: cite
     SHURD: insured                                sitting: SEUGT (sigt)
shutdown: SHOUPB (shoun)                           sitting here today: STO*EGD
shun: SH*UPB (sh*un)                               sitter: SEURT (sirt)
     SHUN: {^ion}                                  situate: SWAEUT (swait)
shutter: SHURT                                     situation: SWAEUGS (swaigs)
sibling: SEUBLG                                    situational: SWAEURBL (swaishl)
sideline: SHRAOEUPB (slaoin)                       six-month date: SPH-D (sm-d)
sidewalk: SWAUBG (swauk)                           six-month period: SPH-P (sm-p)
sideways: SWA*EUS (sw*ais)                         size: SAOEUZ
     SWA*EU: subway                                sized: SAOEUFD
     SWAEUZ: sways                                 sizzle: SEUFL
sight: SAOEUT (saoit)                                    SEU*FL: civil
     site: SAO*EUT                                 skeleton: SKELT
     cite: KRAOEUT                                 skeptical: SKEPL
signal: STPHAL (snal)                              skepticism: SKEFPL (skesm)
signal light: STPHALT (snalt)                      sketch: SKEFP (skech)
Singapore: SPO*ER                                  sketchy: SKAEFP (skaech)
signature: S-GT                                    skill: SKEUL (skil)
significance: SEUGS (sigs)                               skillful: SKEUFL (skifl)
significant: SEUG (sigs)                           skillet: SKEULT (skilt)
signify: STPAOEU (sfaoi)                           skip: SKEUP
silence: SHREPBS (slens)                           skipper: SKEURP (skirp)
silent: SHREPBT (slent)                            sky: SKAOEU (skaoi)
silver: SEUFRL                                     skylight: SKAOEULT (skaoilt)
similar: SHRAR (slar)                              slack: SHRABG (slak)
similarity: SHRART (slart)                         slacker: SHRARBG (slark)
similarly: SHRARL (slarl)                          slander: SHRARPBD (slarnd)
simple: SEUFPRL (simpl)                            slaughter: SHRAURT (slaurt)
     simply: S*EUFRPL (s*impl)                     sleep: SHRAOEP (slaoep)
simplicity: SPHREUFT (splift)                      sleeper: SHRAOERP (slaoerp)
simulation: SEUPLGS                                slender: SHRERPBD (slernd)
simultaneous: STAEPBS                              slight: SHRAOEUT (slaoit)
     STAEPBZ: sustains                             slighter: SHRAOEURT (slaoirt)
simultaneously: STAEPBLS                           slightest: SHRAO*EUS (slao*is)
single: S*EUL                                            SHRAOEUS: slice
     SEUL: sill                                    slightly: SHRAOEULT (slaoilt)
singular: S*EURL                                   slip: SHREUP
singularity: S*EURLT                                     slipper: SHREURP (slirp)
sinister: SEURPBS                                  slip and fall: STPAUL (sfaul)
     SEURPBZ: sinners                              sliver: SHREUFR (slifr)
sinus: SAO*EUPBS                                   slogan: SHRO*EG (slo*eg)
     SAOEUPBS: science                                   SHROEG: slowing
siphon: SAOEUFPB (saoifn)                          slow: SHROE (sloe)
sister: ST-R                                       slowly: SHROEL (sloel)
     STR: center                                   small: SPHAUL (smaul)
sister-in-law: ST-RPBL                             smaller: SPHAURL (smaurl)
                                                   smallest: SPHA*ULS (sma*uls)

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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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smart: SPHART                                      solve: SO*FL
smartly: SPHARLT (smarlt)                          solvency: SO*FLS
smoke: SPHOEBG (smoek)                             solvent: SO*FLT
smoker: SPHOERBG (smoerk)                          something: STKPW (sg)
smother: SPHORT (smort)                            something else: STKPW-LS (sg-ls)
smuggle: SPHULG (smulg)                            something happen: STKPW-P (sg-p)
smuggler: SPHURLG (smurlg)                         something is: STKPW-S (sg-s)
sneaker: STPHAOERBG (snaoerk)                      something like that: STKPW-LT (sg-lt)
snippet: STPHEUPT (snipt)                          son: SOPB
snow: STPHOE (snoe)                                son-in-law: SOPBL (sonl)
snow and ice: STPHAOEUS (snaois)                   sonic: SO*PBG (so*nk)
snowboard: STPHOEB (snoeb)                              SOPBG: song
snowfall: STPHOEFL (snoefl)                        so forth: STPOERT (sfort)
snowflake: STPHOEFBG (snoefk)                      so on and so forth: STPO*ERT (sfo*ert)
snowmobile: STPHOEBL (snoebl)                      sophomore: SOFPL (sofm)
snowstorm: STPHORPL (snorm)                        sorority: SORPBT (sornt)
snuggle: STPHULG (snulg)                           sort of: SOFRT
sober: SOEB                                             sort of thing: SO*FRT
sobriety: SPWRAOEUT (sbraoit)                      sort of like: SOFRLT
so-called: SKAULD                                  so to speak: S-PT
     SKA*LD: scald                                      SP-PT: as opposed to
social: SOERBL (soershl)                           soul: SO*UL
socialism: SOEFPL (soefm)                          sound bite: SPWAOEUT (sbaoit)
socialist: SOERBLT (soeshlt)                       sound like: SOUL
socialize: SO*ERBLZ (so*eshlz)                     sounds like: SOULZ
socialization: SO*ERBLGS (soershlgs)               source: SOURS
society: SOEUT                                          SOURZ: sours
sociologist: SOERBLGS                              sourced: SOUFRD
sociology: SOERBLG                                 south: SOUT
socket: SOBGT (sokt)                                    southern: SORPB (sorn)
sodium: SOEPLD (soemd)                             South Africa: STPREUBG
sodomy: SOPLD (somd)                               South African: STPREUPB
soften: SOFPB                                      southbound: SOUBD
softly: SOFLT                                      southeast: S*D
softness: SOFPBS                                        southeasterly: S*LD
software: SW-R                                          southeastern: SAOERPB (saoern)
     SWR: somewhere                                southwest: S*Z
so I guess: SOEUGS (soigs)                              southwesterly: S*LZ
     I guess: EUGS (igs)                                southwestern: SWERPB (swern)
solace: SOLS                                       South Korea: SKRAE
solar: SO*ERL                                      South Korean: SKRAEPB (skraen)
     SOERL: southerly                              sovereign: SO*FRPB (so*vrn)
soldier: SOPBLG (soj)                              sovereignty: SO*FRPBT (so*vrnt)
solemn: SHREPL (slem)                              space: SPAEUS (spais)
solemnity: SHREPLT (slemt)                         space shuttle: SPULGTS (sputl)
solicit: SHREUFT (slift)                           space station: SPAEUGS (spaigs)
     SHR*EUFT: shrift                              spacecraft: SPAEUBG (spaik)
solid: SO*LD                                            SPA*EUBG: spake
solution: SHRAOUGS (slaougs)                       spacious: SPAEURBS (spaishs)
                                                   spaghetti: SPAEGT
                                                   spaniel: SPAPBL
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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Spanish: SPARB (spash)                              sponsor: SPORPBS (sporns)
spark: SPARBG                                            SPOPBS: response
spark plug: SPHRUG (splug)                          spontaneous: SPAEPBS (spaens)
sparse: SPARS                                            SPAEPBZ: subpoenas
     SPARZ: spars                                   spontaneously: SPAEPBLS (spaenls)
sparsely: SPARLS                                    sporadic: SPORBG (spork)
speaks for itself: SP-FRTS                          sport: SPORT
special: SPERBL                                          SPOERT: support
     specialty: SPERBLT                             sportsmanship: SPEUP (spip)
specialize: SP-L                                    spotlight: SPOLT
     specialist: SP-LS                              spreadsheet: SPRERBT (spresht)
     specialization: SP-LGS                         Springfield: SPREUFLD (sprifld)
specific: SPEFBG (spefk)                            sprinkle: SPR*EUPBL (spr*inkl)
specification: SP-FBGS (sp-fks)                     squabble: SKWAUBL
specify: SPEF                                       squander: SKWAURPBD (sqaurnd)
specimen: SPES                                      stability: STABLT
specious: SPAOERBS                                  standard of care: ST-BG
spectacular: SP-BGT (sp-kt)                         standard of proof: SPRAOF
spectacularly: SP-BGLT (sp-klt)                     straighten: STRAEUPBT (straint)
spectator: SPERBGT (sperkt)                              STRA*EUPBT: restraint
speculate: SPULT                                         stat: STA*T
speculation: SPULGS                                 State's Exhibit: S-BT
speculative: SPHRUF (spluf)                         state of: STAEUF (staif)
speed: SPAOED                                            state of the: STAEUFT (staift)
     speedy: SPAED                                  state of mind: STAEUFPLD (staifmd)
speed limit: SPHREUPLT (splimt)                     state trooper: STRAORP
speedway: SPOEU (spoi)                              state your name: STAURPB
spell: SPEL                                         state your full name: STAUFRPB
     can you spell: KUPS                            state your name for the record: STAURPBD
     do you spell: TKAOUPS                          state your full name for the record: STAUFRPBD
     how do you spell: HOUPS                        state your name and address: STAURPBDZ
     will you spell: HRUPS                          stats: STA*TS
spell your name: SPAEUPL (spaim)                    status: STATS
spell your last name: SPHRAEUPL (splaim)            steady: STAED
sphere: STPAOER (sfaoer)                                 instead: STED
spheric: STPAOERBG (sfaoerk)                        strength: STREPBT (strent)
spherical: STPAOERBLG (sfaoerkl)                    strengthen: STREPB (stren)
spherically: STPAO*ERBLG (sfao*erkl)                strenuous: STREPBS (strens)
sphincter: STP*EUPBGT (sf*inkt)                          STREPBZ: strengthens
spine: SPAOEUPB (spaoin)                            strenuously: STREPBLS (strenls)
spineless: SPAOEUPBLS (spaoinls)                    stepfather: STEFR
spirit: SPEURT (spirt)                              stretch of the imagination: STREPBLGS (strejs)
spiritual: SPEURLT (spirlt)                         subcontract: SKR-T
spirituality: SP*EURLT (sp*irlt)                         contract: KR-T
splatter: SPHRART (splart)                          subculture: SKURLT
splendid: SPHREPBD (splend)                              culture: KURLT
splendor: SPHRERPBD (splernd)                       subdivision: SWEUGS
splinter: SPHREURPBT                                     SWAEUGS: situation
spokesman: SP-PL (sp-m)

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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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subpoena: SUP                                         surprise: SPRAOEUZ
    S*UP: sup                                         surrender: SURPBD (surnd)
subpoena duces tecum: SUPT                            surround: SROUPBD (sround)
    SAOUPT: superintendent                            surrounding: SROUPBGD (sroungd)
subscribe: SKRAO*EUB                                  surveil: SWAEUL (swail)
subsequent: SKWEPBT (skwent)                          surveillance: SWAEULS (swails)
    SKW*EPBT: consequent                              survey: STPAEU (sfai)
subsequently: SKWEPBL (skwenl)                        surveyor: STPAEUR (sfair)
subsidiary: STKAER (sdaer)                            survive: S*UFR (s*ufr)
    wholly-owned subsidiary: WHOEPBD                  survival: S*UFRL
subsidiarity: STKAERT (sdaert)                        susceptible: STEBL
substance: S-BS                                       susceptibility: STEBLT
    controlled substance: KRUB                        suspect: S-P
    green leafy substance: TKPW*LS                    suspend: SP*EPBD (sp*end)
    white powdery substance: W*PS                     suspender: SP*ERPBD (sp*ernd)
substances: S-BZ                                      suspension: SPEPBGS (spengs)
substantial: STARBL (stashl)                          suspicion: SPEUGS (spigs)
    substantially: STAERBL (staeshl)                  suspicious: SPEURBS (spishs)
substantial evidence: STEFD                           swallow: SWAL
substitute: STAOT                                     sweetheart: SWHAERT
    constitute: STU                                   sympathy: STHEU (sthi)
    institute: STPHAOT (snaot)                        sympathetic: STHEBGT (sthekt)
subtract: STR-BGT (str-kt)                            sympathetically: STHEBLGT (sthektl)
    STRABGT: extract                                  synopsis: STPHOEUPS (snoips)
suburb: SPWURB (sburb)                                syringe: SREUPBG (sring)
    URB: urban                                        system: ST-PL (st-m)
suburban: SPWURPB (sburn)
subway: SWA*EU
summary: SPHAER (smaer)                               -T-
summary judgment: SOEUPBLG (soij)
   motion for summary judgment: PHOEUPBLG    (moij)   table: TAEUBL (taibl)
superintendent: SAOUPT                                tablet: TABLT
superior: SPR-R                                       tacit: TA*S
    superiority: SPR-RT                               tacitly: TA*LS
superior court: SPROURT                               tackle: TALG
supernatural: SPR-PBL (spr-nl)                        tact: TABGT (takt)
    natural: TPHAL (nal)                              tactic: TA*BGT (ta*kt)
supervise: SPR-FS                                     tactically: TA*BLGT (ta*ktl)
supervised: SPR-FD                                    tail: TAEUL (tail)
supervision: SPR-FRGS                                 taillight: T-LT (tailt)
    court supervision: KR-FRGS                        tailor: TAEURL (tairl)
supervisor: SPR-FR                                          Taylor: THROR
supplement: SPHREPLT (splemt)                         Taiwan: TWAPB (twan)
supplemental: SPHR-L (spl-l)                          take-home pay: TH-P
support: SPOERT                                       take into account: TAEUBGT
    child support: KHORT                              take into consideration: TAEURGS
suppress: SPR*ES                                      take place: TAEUPS
Supreme Court: SKOURT                                       TAEUPZ: tapes
    SKORT: escort                                     talent: TAPBLT
surpass: SPAS                                         talk about the: TAUBT
    SPAZ: spas                                        Tampa: TA*EPL
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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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Taurus: TAURS                                      tender: TERPBD (ternd)
Taylor: THROR (tlor)                               tenderly: TERPBLD (ternld)
tangent: TAPBGT                                    tendon: TE*PBD (t*end)
tank: TA*PBG (ta*nk)                                    TEPBD: tend
tanker: TA*RPBG (ta*rnk)                                Tennessee: TA*EPBS (ta*ens)
tape record: TRORD                                 tense: TEPBS (tens)
tape recorder: TROERD                              tensile: T*EPBLS (t*enls)
target: TARGT                                      tension: TEPBGS (tengs)
tariff: TAEUFRB (tairf)                            tent: TEPBT
taste: TAEUFT (taift)                              tenth: T*EPBT
tax: TABGS                                         tepid: TEPD
taxable: TAFBL                                     term: TERPL
taxation: TAFGS                                         terms and conditions: TERBGZ       (terks)
taxed: TAFD                                        terminate: TERPLT (termt)
taxi: TAEBGS (taex)                                termination: TERPLGS (termgs)
      TAEBGZ: attacks (taeks)                      termite: T*ERPLT (t*ermt)
taxicab: TAEB                                      terrestrial: TRERLS
tech: T*EBG (t*ek)                                 terrible: TERBL
technical: TEBG (tek)                              terribly: T*ERBL
technically: TEBLG (tekl)                          terrific: TREUFBG (trifk)
technician: TEGS                                   terrifically: TREUFBLG (trifkl)
technique: TAOEBG (taoek)                          terrify: TREUFR (trifr)
technological: TO*ELG                              territory: TERT
technologist: TOELGS                               terror: TROR
technology: TOELG                                  terrorism: TROFRPL
      TOLG: toggle                                 terrorist: TROFRT
teenage: TAOEPBLG (taoej)                          terrorize: TROFRZ
teenager: TAOERPBLG (taoerj)                       terrorizing: TROFRGZ
teeter: TAOERT                                     test: TEFT
telephone: TEFL                                    testament: TEFPLT (tefmt)
telephone: TAEFL                                   testify: TEF
telescope: T-PGS                                   testimony: T-PL (t-m)
televise: T*FL                                     Texas: T-BGS (t-x)
television: TWEUGS (twigs)                         textbook: TEBT
television station: TW-GS                          thank you: TU
tell the: TELT                                     Thanksgiving: THEUFG (thifg)
tell the jury: TEPBLG (tej)                        theater: THAOERT
temp: T*EFRP                                       themselves: THEPLZ (themz)
temper: TEFRP                                      theology: THAOELG
temperature: TEFRPT                                     theological: THAO*ELG
temple: TEFRPL                                     theorem: THAOERPL
temporary: TRAER                                   theoretic: THAOERBGT
      contemporary: KRAER                          theorist: THAOERS
      KROER: contrary                              theory: THAOER
temporarily: TRAERL                                therapeutic: THAEURPT (thairpt)
tempt: TEPLT (temt)                                therapist: THAEURPS (thairp)
temptation: TEPLGS (temgs)                         therapy: THAEURP (thairp)
tenant: TA*EPBT (ta*ent)

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                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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there: THR                                           tobacco: TPWABG (tbak)
thereby: THR-B                                       to be honest: TPWOPBS (tbons)
     hereby: H-RB                                    to be honest with you: TPWU (tbu)
     whereby: WR-B                                   today: TOED
therein: THR-PB (thr-n)                                   TO*ED: toad
thereto: THR-R                                       toe: TOE
thermometer: THERPLT (thermt)                             TO*E: tow
third party: THEURP (thirp)                          together: TOEG
this, that, and the other: THOERT                         TO*EG: towing
Thomas: THOPLS (thoms)                               toilet: TOEULT
Thompson: TOFRPS (tomps)                             tolerate: TORLT
thorough: THOER                                      tolerable: TORBL
thoroughly: THOERL                                   tolerance: TORPBLS (tornls)
thoroughness: THOERPBS (thoerns)                     tolerant: TORPBLT (tornlt)
thousand: THOU                                       to make a long story short: THRORT             (tlort)
thousand dollars: THOUDZ                             tomato: TOEPLT (toemt)
threaten: THREPB (thren)                             tome: TO*EPL (to*em)
threw: THRAOU                                        tomorrow: TOEPL (toem)
through: THRAO                                       to my knowledge: TEUPBLG (tij)
throughout: THROUT                                          to the best of my knowledge: T*EUPBLG     (t*ij)

throughput: THRAOPT                                  tong: TOPBG
thumbprint: TH-PT                                    tongue: TUPBG
thunder: THURPBD (thurnd)                            tonight: TOEPBT
thundershower: THOUR                                 Tony: TO*EPB (to*en)
thunderstorm: THORPL (throm)                         too: TAO
Thursday: Thursday                                   too far: TAOFR
thyroid: THAOEURD (thaoird)                          too fast: TAOFS
tick: T*EUBG (t*ik)                                  too good: TAOGD
     TEUBG: particular                               took into consideration: TAORGS
tickle: TEULG (tilg)                                 took place: TAOPS
tickler: TEURLG (tirlg)                              too large: TAORPBLG (taorj)
tide: TAO*EUD (tao*id)                               too late: TAOLT
     TAOEUD: tied                                    too little: TAOLGTS (taotl)
     tidal: TAOEULGDZ (taoidl)                       too long: TAOPBG (taong)
tighten: TAOEUPBT                                         TAOUPBG: tuning
timber: TEURPL (tirm)                                too many: TAOPL (taom)
time of the accident: TAOEUFBGS     (taoifks)             TAOUPL: tomb
timid: TEUPLD (timd)                                 too many times: TAOPLTS (taomts)
tin: TEUPB                                           too much: TAOFP (taoch)
     T-PB: continue                                  too often: TAOFPB (taofn)
tinker: T*EURPBG (t*irnk)                            topic: TOEP
tinkle: T*EUPBL (t*inl)                              torment: TORPLT (tormt)
tiny: TAOEUPB (taoin)                                tornado: TORPBD
     TAO*EUPB: tine                                  Toronto: TROPBT (tront)
tire: TAOEUR (taoir)                                 torpedo: TOERPD
     TAO*EUR: retire                                 torrent: TORPBT
tireless: TAOEURLS (taoirls)                         tort: TORT
tiresome: TAOEURPLS (taoirms)                        tortious: TOEURTS (toirts)
tissue: TEURB (tish)                                 tortious interference: TOEUFRPBS          (toifrns)
titan: TAO*EUPBT (tao*int)                           torture: TOURT
titanium: TAOEUPLT (taoimt)
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                                            Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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total: TOELGTS                                       Travis: TRA*FS
totalitarian: TOELT                                  treacherous: TREFRPBS
to tell you the truth: THRAO*UT (tlao*ut)            treachery: TREFRPB
to the best of your ability: T*URBLT                 treason: TROEPB (troen)
tough: TUF                                           treasure: TRER
toughen: TUFPB                                       treasury: TRERB (tresh)
toughness: TUFPBS                                    treat: TRAOET
tour: TAOUR                                          treatment: TRAOEPLT (traoemt)
tourism: TAOUFPL                                     treaty: TRAET
tourist: TAOURS                                      tremendous: TRE
toward: TWARD                                        tremendously: TREL
township: TW-P                                       tremor: TRERPL (trerm)
Toyota: TO*EUT (to*it)                               trespass: TR-P
trace: TRAEUS                                        trespasser: TR-RP
     TRAEUZ: trays                                   trial court: TRAOEUBGT (traoikt)
Tracy: TRAES                                         trial judge: TRAOEUPBLG (traoij)
trade: TRAEUD (traid)                                triangle: TRAOEUPBG (traoing)
tradition: TRAGS                                     triangulate: TRAOEUPBGT (traoingt)
traditional: TRAL                                    tribunal: TREUBL (tribl)
traditionally: TRAEL                                 tribute: TREUBT (tribt)
tragedy: TRAPBLGD (trajd)                            tricycle: TROEUBG (traoik)
tragic: TRAPBLG (traj)                                     bicycle: PWOEUBG (boik)
train station: TRAEUGS (traigs)                            true and correct: TREBGT (trekt)
trait: TRAEUT (trait)                                trifle: TRAOEUFL (traoifl)
traitor: TRAEURT (trairt)                            trigger: TREURG (trirg)
trample: TRAFRPL                                     trillion: TR-L
transact: TR-BGT (tr-kt)                             trillion dollars: TR-LDZ
transaction: TR-BGS (tr-ks)                          trinity: TREUPBT (trint)
transcribe: TRAOEUB                                  trinket: TR*EUPBT (tr*inkt)
     TRAO*EUB: tribe                                 triple: TR*EUPL (tr*ipl)
transcript: TREUPT                                         TREUPL: trim
transcription: TREUPGS                               triumph: TRAOEUFPL (traoimp)
transfer: TR-FR                                      triumphant: TRAOEUFPLT (traoimpt)
transform: TR-FRPL (tr-frm)                          trivia: TRA*EF
transformation: TR-FRPLGS (tr-frmgs)                 trivial: TR*EUFL
transistor: T-RT                                     trophy: TROEF
transition: TREUGS (trigs)                           trouble: TRUBL
transitional: TREURBL (trishl)                       trouser: TROURS
translate: TR-LT                                     trowel: TROUL
translation: TR-LGS                                  truant: TRAOUPBT (traount)
translator: TR-RLT                                   true and accurate: TRAT
transmit: TR-PLT                                           truly and accurately: TRALT
transmission: TR-PLGS                                      truly and accurately depict: TREUBGT   (trikt)
transparency: T-RPS                                  true and correct: TREBGT (trekt)
transparent: T-RPT                                   truism: TRAOUFPL (traoufm)
transplant: TR*PT                                    Truman: TRAOUPL (traoum)
transport: TR-PT                                     trumpet: TRUFRPT (trumpt)
transportation: TR-PGS                               truthful: TRAOUFL
trauma: TRAUPL (traum)                               tsunami: SAOUPB (saoun)
traumatic: TRAUBG (trauk)                            tubal: TAOUBL
travel: TR*AFL                                             TAO*UBL: tubule
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                                            Steno Tips
                        Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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Tuesday: TAOUS                                       underground: URGD
Tulsa: TULS                                          underneath: URPBT (urnt)
tumble: TUFRPL (tumpl)                               understand: -PBD (-nd)
tumor: TAOURPL (taourm)                              understood: TPHAOD (naod)
turbulent: TURBLT                                        TPHAOUD: nude
     T*URBLT: to the best of your ability            under the circumstances: UTS
turgid: TURPBLGD (turjd)                             under the influence: UFLS
turnover: TOEFR                                      underwriter: *URT
turnpike: T*P                                        underwriting: *URGT
Tucson: TAO*US                                       unemployed: PHRO*EUD (plo*id)
tutor: TAOURT                                            PHROEUD: employed
tutorial: TAOURLT                                    unemployment: PHRO*EUPLT (plo*imt)
TV station: T*FGS                                    unfortunate: UFRT
tweeze: TWAOEZ                                       unfortunately: UFRL
tweezer: TWAOERZ                                     unhappy: TPHAEP (naep)
twilight: TWAOEULT                                   uniform: AOUFRPL (aoufrm)
twinkle: TW*EUPBL                                    uniformity: AOUFRPLT (aofrmt)
two: TWO                                             unify: AOUFPB (aoufn)
two at a time: TWAOEUPL (twaoim)                     unilateral: AOUPBL (aounl)
two of: TWOF                                         union: AOUPB (aoun)
two of the: TWOFT                                    unique: TPHAOEBG (naoek)
two of them: TWOFPL (twofm)                          unison: AOUPBS (aouns)
two of us: TWOFS                                         AOUPBZ: unions
Tylenol: TAOEUPBL (taoinl)                           unit: AOUPBT (aount)
type: TAOEUP                                         unite: KWRAOUPBT (yaount)
type of: TAOEUF                                      United Nations: TPHA*EUGZ (na*igz)
type of the: TAOEUFT                                 United States: AO*US
typewriter: TWRAOEURT (twraoirt)                         U.S.: *US
typewritten: TWREUPB (twrin)                         United States of America: AO*UPLS (ao*ums)
typical: T-L                                         unity: KWRAO*UPBT (yao*unt)
     typically: T*L                                  universal: KWRAOUFRL (yaoufrl)
tyrannical: TAOERPBL                                 universality: KWRAOUFRLT (yaoufrlt)
tyranny: TAOERPB                                     university: KWRAOUFRT (yaoufrt)
tyrant: TAOEURPBT                                    unusual: AO*URB (ao*ush)
                                                            KRAO*URB: cruel and unusual punishment
                                                     update: *UPD (*upd)
-U-                                                  upset: UPS
ubiquity: PWEUBGT (bikt)                             upstairs: *UPZ
ubiquitous: PWEUBGTS (bikts)                             downstairs: TKO*UPBZ
ugly: ULG                                            uranium: AOURPL (aourm)
    uglier: URLG                                     urban: URB
ulcer: URLS                                              suburb: SPWURB (sburb)
ultimate: ULT                                            suburban: SPWURPB (sburn)
unable: TPHAEUBL (naibl)                             urgent: URPBLGT (urjt)
     TPHAEBL: enable                                 urgency: URPBLGS (urjs)
unanimous: TPHAPBS (nans)
unanimously: TPHAPBLS (nanls)
uncomfortable: UFRBL
uncle: UPBL
undercover: *UFRBG (*ufrk)
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                                        Steno Tips
                       Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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urine: AOURPB (aourn)                              vandal: SRAPBLGDZ (vandl)
     urinal: AOURPBL (aournl)                      vanish: SRARB (vash)
     urinalysis: AOURPBLS (aournls)                vanity: SRAEUPBT (vaint)
     urinate: AOURPBT (aournt)                     vapor: SRAEURP (vairp)
urination: AOURPBGS (aourngs)                      variability: SRAERBLT (vaerblt)
urologist: AOURLGS                                 variable: SRAERBL (vaerbl)
urology: AOURLG                                    variance: SRAERPBS (vaerns)
use: AOUS                                          variant: SRAERPBT (vaernt)
     usable: AOUBL                                 variation: SRAERGS (vaergs)
     usage: AOUPBLG (aouj)                         variety: SRAERT (vaert)
     user: AOUFR                                   various: SRAERS (vaers)
     useful: AOUFL                                 vary: SRAER (vaer)
     useless: AOULS                                VCR: SR-RBG (v-rk)
usual: AOURB (aoush)                               vector: SRERBGT (verkt)
usually: AOURBL (aoushl)                           Vegas: SR*EGZ (v*egz)
Utah: HAUT                                         vegetable: SREPBLGT (vejt)
uterus: AOURTS                                     vehemence: SRAOEPLS (vaoems)
utility: AOULT                                     vehement: SRAOEPLT (vaoemt)
     utilitarian: AOULRPBLT (aournlt)              vehicle: SREBG (vek)
utilization: AOULGS                                vein: SRA*EUPB (va*in)
utilize: AOUT                                      velocity: SRELS (vels)
utter: URT                                         vend: SREPBD
utterance: URPBS (urns)                            vendor: SRERPBD (vernd)
     URPBZ: urns                                   Venezuela: SR*EPBZ (v*enz)
utterly: URLT                                      vengeance: SREPBGS (vengs)
                                                   vent: SREPBT
                                                        SR*EPBT: invent
-V-                                                ventral: SRERPBLT (vernlt)
vacant: SRAEUBGT (vaikt)                           ventricle: SR-RLT (v-rlt)
vacancy: SRAEBGS (vaeks)                           ventricular: SR-RL (v-rl)
vacate: SRAEBGT (vaekt)                                 SRERL: vertical (verl)
vacation: SRAEUBGS (vaiks)                         ventricular fibrillation: SR-F (v-f)
vaccine: SR-BGS (v-x)                              venue: SREPB (ven)
vacuum: SRABG (vak)                                verbatim: SRERBT (verbt)
vagina: SRAPBLG (vaj)                              verdict: SRERD (verd)
vague and ambiguous: SRAEUPL (vaim)                verifiable: SRAEUFBL (vaifbl)
     ambiguous: TKPWAOUS (gaous)                   verification: SRAEUFGS (vaifgs)
     ambiguity: TKPWAOUT (gaout)                   verify: SRAEUF (vaif)
vain: SRAEUPB (vain)                               Vermont: SRERPLT (vermt)
     SRA*EUPB: vein                                versus: SRURS (vurs)
Valerie: SRAERL (vaerl)                            vertebra: PWRA (bra)
valid: SRALD (vald)                                     PWRAU: bra (brau)
validity: SRALT (valt)                             vertebral: PWRAL (bral)
valley: SRAEL                                      vertebrate: SREBT (vebt)
     SRA*EL: Israeli                               vertical: SRERL (verl)
valor: SRARL (varl)                                     horizontal: HORL
value: SRAUL (vaul)                                vessel: SREFL (vefl)
     valuable: SRAUBL (vaubl)                      vestige: SREFPBLG (vefj)
valve: SRAFL (vafl)                                veteran: SRERPB (vern)
van: SRAPB                                         veto: SRAOET (vaoet)
Vancouver: SRA*PBG (va*nk)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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viability: SRAOEUBLT (vaoiblt)                    vocabulary: SROEBL (voebl)
viable: SRAOEUBL (vaoibl)                         vocal: SROEBLG (voekl)
Viagra: SRAO*EURG (vao*irg)                       vocation: SROEBGS (voeks)
vibrant: SRAO*EUBT (vao*ibt)                      vocational: SROERBL (voeshl)
vibrate: SRAOEUBT (vaoibt)                        voice: SROEUS
vibration: SRAOEUBGS (vaoibs)                     voice mail: SROEUL
vicinity: SREUPBT (vint)                          void: SRO*EUD (void)
vicious: SREURBS (vishs)                               SROEUD: invoiced
victim: SREUBGT (vikt)                                 avoid: SRAOD (vaod)
victor: SREURBGT (virkt)                          voir dire: SROEURD (voird)
Victor: SR*EURBGT (v*irkt)                        volleyball: SROBL (vobl)
Victoria: SRA*ERBGT (va*erkt)                     volume: SROPL (vom)
victory: SRAERBGT (vaerkt)                        voluntary: SROL (vol)
video: SROED (voed)                                    voluntarily: SROEL (voel)
videographer: SROEFR (voefr)                      volunteer: SROER (voer)
videotape: SROEP (voep)                           vomit: SROPLT (vomt)
Vienna: SRA*EPB (va*en)                           vowel: SROUL (voul)
Vietnam: SRAPL (vam)                              voyage: SROEUPBLG (voij)
view: SRAOU (vaou)                                voyeur: SRO*EUR (vo*ir)
viewed: SRAOUD (vaoud)                            vulgar: SRURLG (vurlg)
     SRAOD: avoid                                 vulgarity: SRURLGT (vurlgt)
viewpoint: SRAOUPT (vaoupt)                       vulnerability: SRURBLT (vurblt)
vigilance: SREUPBLGS (vijs)                       vulnerable: SRURBL (vurbl)
vigilant: SREUPBLGT (vijt)                        vulture: SRURLT (vurlt)
vigor: SREURG (virg)
village: SREULG (vilg)
villager: SREURLG (virlg)                         -W-
villain: SREUPBL (vinl)                           waist: WAEUFT (waift)
violate: SRAOEULT (vaoilt)                            WAEFT: waste
violation: SRAOEULGS (vaoilgs)                    wait a minute: WAEUPLT (waimt)
violence: SRAOEUPBLS (vaoinls)                    wait a moment: WOPLT (womt)
violent: SRAOEUPBLT (vaoinlt)                     waive: WAEUF (waif)
violin: SRAO*EUPBL (vao*inl)                          WAEF: wave (waef)
     SRAOEUPBL: vinyl                             waiver: WAEUFR (waifr)
viral: SRAOEURL (vaoirl)                          walk: WAUBG
     virus: SRAOEURS (vaoirs)                     walking: WAUG
virgin: SREURPBLG (virj)                          wall: WAUL
Virginia: SRAERPBLG (vaerj)                       Wallace: WA*LS
virile: SRAOERL (vaoerl)                          walls: WAULZ
virtual: SREURLT (virlt)                          Wall Street: WAULS
virtue: SREURT (virt)                             Wall Street Journal: WAUPBLG (wauj)
visa: SRAEZ (vaez)                                wander: WA*RPBD (wa*rnd)
vis-a-vis: SRAO*EZ (vao*ez)                           WARPBD: warned (warnd)
visible: SREUFBL (vifbl)                          warehouse: WHAEURS (whairs)
visibility: SREUFBLT (vifblt)                     warfare: W-FR
visit: SREUFT (vift)                                  welfare: W-F
visual: SREURBL (vishl)                           warm: WARPL
vital: SRAOEULGTS (vaoitl)                        warmer: WAERPL (waerm)
vitamin: SRAOEUPLT (vaoimt)                       warmest: WA*RPLS (wa*rms)
vivid: SREUFD (vifd)                              warmth: WARPLT (warmt)
vividly: SREUFLD (vifld)
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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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warrant: WARPBT                                   westbound: WAOEBD
warranty: WAERPBT (waernt)                        westerly: WERL
Warren: WAURPB (waurn)                            western: WERPB (wern)
    WARPB: warn                                   West Virginia: W*F
warrior: WA*ER                                    wheelchair: WHAOEFP (whaoech)
    WAER: aware                                   wharf: WHAFRB
Washington: WARBT (washt)                         what has been marked: WHARBGD
Washington, D.C.: W-DZ                            what has been marked as: WHARBGDZ
waste: WAEFT                                      whereabouts: WR-BZ
    WAEUFT: waist                                 whereby: WR-B
water: WAURT                                          hereby: H-RB
waterproof: WAURP                                     thereby: THR-B
wave: WAEF                                        whichever: KH-FR
wavelength: WAEFLT                                whichever occurs first: KHUFRS
waver: WAEFR                                          KHEFR: each and every
weak: WAEBG (waek)                                White House: WHOUS
    WA*EBG: awake                                 whole: WHOEL
weakly: WAEBLG (waekl)                                HOEL: hole
weakness: WAEPBS (waens)                          wholly-owned: WHOEPB (whoen)
wealth: WELT                                      wholly-owned subsidiary: WHOEPBD
wealthy: WAELT                                    (whoend)
weapon: WEP                                       wholly-owned subsidiaries: WHOEPBDZ
weather: WHR*                                     widow: WOED
    WHR: whether                                  wife: WAOEUF (waoif)
weave: WAO*EF                                         you and your wife: WAUPB (waun)
    WAOEF: we've                                      you and your husband: HAUPB (haun)
website: WEBS                                     wiggle: WEULG (wilg)
    WEBZ: webs                                    wilderness: WEURPBLS (wirnls)
wed: W*ED                                         wildlife: WAOEUFLD (waoifld)
wedding: WEGD                                     William: W*EUPL (w*im)
Wednesday: WEPBS (wens)                           William: W*EUPLZ (w*imz)
week: WAOEBG (waoek)                              Williamson: W*EUPLS (w*ims)
weekend: WAOEBGD (waoekd)                         Wilson: WEULS
week or two: WAOEBGT (waoekt)                     windshield: WEURBLD (wishld)
weigh: WA*EU                                      window: WOEUPBD (woind)
    WAEU: way                                     windy: WAEPBD (waend)
weight: WA*EUT                                    winter: WEURPBT (wirnt)
    WAEUT: wait                                   wiper: WAOEURP (waoirp)
weird: WAOERD                                     wireless: WAOEURLS (waoirls)
weirdly: WAOERLD                                  Wisconsin: WEUFS (wifs)
weirdness: WAOERPBS (waoerns)                     wisdom: WEUZ (wiz)
welcome: HR-BG (l-k)
welfare: W-F
    W-FR: warfare
well: W-L
were you aware: WRAUR
were you aware of: WRAUFR
were you aware of the: WRAUFRT
were you aware of the fact: WRAUFRBGT

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                                       Steno Tips
                      Shortcuts for Common Words and Phrases
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withdraw: WRAU                                    wrong: WROPBG
withdrawal: WRAUL                                 wrongful: WROFL
withheld: WH*ELD                                  wrongly: WROL
withhold: WHO*LD                                  wrinkle: WREUPBL (wrinl)
within: W-PB                                      www: W*Z
within a reasonable degree of: WARLD              Wyoming: WAOEUPLG (waoimg)
with reference: WREFRPBS (wrefrns)
with regard to: WRARD
with respect: WR-P
    R-P: respect                                  X-ray: KPRAEU (xrai)
    with all due respect: WRAOURP                 Xerox: KPAOERBGS       (xaoerx)

wit: WEUT
witness: W-PBS (w-ns)                             -Y-
witness stand: SWAPBD (swand)                     y'all: KWRA*UL (ya*ul)
wizard: WEUFRD (wifrd)                                 KWRAUL: you all (yaul)
wolf: WOFL                                        year: KWRAOER (yaoer)
     WUFL: wonderful                              year or less: KWRAOERLS (yaoerls)
woman: WOPL (wom)                                 year or so: KWRAOERS (yaoers)
women: WEPL (wem)                                 year or two: KWRAOERT (yaoert)
women and children: WEPBL (wenl)                  years of age: KWRERPBLGZ (yerjz)
wonder: WORPBD (wornd)                            years ago: KWRERGZ (yergz)
wonderful: WUFL                                   years old: KWRERLDZ (yerldz)
wonderfully: W*UFL                                yellow: KWROEL (yoel)
work: WORBG                                       yellow light: KWR-LT (y-lt)
worker: WAORBG (waork)                            yellow line: KWROEPBL (yoenl)
     caseworker: KWAORBG                          yesterday: KWRED (yed)
workers' compensation: W-BG (w-k)                 you know what I mean: TPHOEUPL (noim)
work for: WOFR                                    you know what I'm saying: TPHOEUPLS
work for the: WOFRT                               your Honor: URPB (urn)
workmanship: W-P                                       *URPB: urn
workplace: WORPS                                       thank you, Your Honor: THURPB (thurn)
world: WORLD
World War I: WORPBLD (wornld)
World War II: TWORLD
worry: WOER
worship: WORP
worshipper: WRORP
worth: WORT
     worthy: WOERT
     worthily: WOERLT
     worthless: WORLS
wreck: WREBG (wrek)
wreckage: WREPBLG (wrej)
wrecker: WRERBG (wrerk)
wrestle: WREFL
wrestler: WREFRL
wriggle: WREULG (wrilg)
wrist: WREUFT (wrift)
write: WRAOEUT (wraoit)
writer: WRAOEURT (wraoirt)
written: WREUPB (wrin)
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