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					Message from the Chairman and the
President                                       3

Operational and Financial Highlights            6

Milestones and Major Events                     12

Friends of Habitat: Donors and Partners         14

Audited Financial Statements                    16

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Organization   20

The Habitat for Humanity Mission                38

from the Chairman
and the President

The Alliance Mandate
“Historically, Habitat has been a very “entrepreneurial” organization, using rapid worldwide growth
of its programs and volunteer base to serve as many communities as possible. Now that it has a
broad global presence, Habitat can focus on significantly increasing the housing impact it makes
in each of those communities. Leaders from throughout the Habitat movement realize that the
scope of the affordable housing problem – and poverty itself – is so vast that Habitat can’t
possibly make the necessary impact on its own.

As a result, partnerships and alliances have risen to prominence in Habitat’s current strategic
plan. This is possible because Habitat no longer thinks of itself as the controlling hub of a wheel,
but rather as one of the wheel’s spokes (or “nodes”). Each node represents an organization
contributing uniquely but cooperatively to a central focus on poverty. Habitat’s crucial role is that
of housing “catalyst”, sparking awareness about housing and encouraging coordinated, effective
action.” (from Habitat for Humanity and Strategic Partnerships, The Forum, 2008: Volume 15
Number 2)

The Strategic Restructuring Continues
Even as the affiliates are still in the process of full compliance with the HFHI standards of
excellence, the Philippine program was still able to serve over 4,000 families with decent housing.
 The continuing challenge is for the affiliates to embrace the concept of building the Habitat way
through the affiliate-driven regional Habitat Building and Resource Centers.

Elsewhere, particularly in most Habitat Asia Pacific countries, HFHI has veered away from the
independent affiliate model. HFH Asia Pacific has likewise adopted its version of the Habitat
Resource Center, a unit directly under HFHAP or the national organization, which handles the
building of houses.

After a review of the long-term sustainability of affiliates, a process where HFHP worked together
with HFHAP under the country support plan, the number of independent local affiliates was
reduced to sixteen (16). Some affiliates elected to combine, while others which could not be
geographically consolidated went into the process of converting into local management councils
(LMCs). The LMC’s are directly under the administration of HFHP with the principal role of local
networking while the build is done by the regional HBRC team.

In line with the alliance mandate, the Philippine program is pursuing more partnerships with other
organizations, particularly micro-finance institutions and cooperatives, with a similar mission of
building communities with Christian values. These organizations are a natural fit for Habitat as
they have communities to serve; are capable of providing the soft programs to fully empower
communities; can provide funding for their members’ housing needs; has collection as a core
competency; and can serve as mortgage bookrunner.

We also continue to pursue non-traditional ways of funding. Partnerships have been forged with
the Social Housing Finance Corporation and the Home Development Mutual Fund, which will
allow a broader reach to other equally-needy beneficiaries, beyond the informal sector.

These types of alliances will allow the Philippine program to sustain in a significant way its role
as housing “catalyst” towards building communities.

Building Programs Redefined
With the housing gap widening to close to 4 million, much of which is in the poverty housing
sector and attributed to the continuing urban migration, there was a need to redefine the building
programs to more effectively serve the different sectors among the poor. Thus, the building
programs are now defined as:

• Urban Renewal Program. “Habitat takes urban housing to the next level”, where with the
use of appropriate technology, efficient and affodable medium rise condominium type structures
could be built where land is scarce and expensive.

• Disaster Risk Mitigation Program. “Rebuilding lives.” This program has transformed from
disaster relief to risk mitigation as we help relocate informal settlers in endangered zones. Our
strategy of not being a day 1 player but building alliances with disaster relief organizations has
worked well. In the Southern Leyte landslide of February 2006, we have since built over 900
houses. In the Bicol Region over the last 18 months, we have since repaired over 2,000 houses
and built close to 1,000 typhoon resistant, loftable dwellings with the use of combined steel
frame and light concrete in-fill, and a newly developed modified concrete hollow blocks

• Peace Build Program. “Building for peace and development.” Our experience in the
ongoing peace build under the sponsorship of the European Union and the vast array of
alliances with other soft program providers has allowed us to expand our reach beyond housing.
 An ongoing project is the building and rebuilding of 600 school classrooms in Mindanao, a
number of which is located in conflict areas, in partnership with the Petron Foundation and with
funding from the USAID. We see this program to continue to serve conflict victims, internally
displaced people, and even former combatants.

• Regular Program. “No more slums” will continue to be pursued in close partnerships with
local government units.

Friends of Habitat
The “Friends of Habitat”, the formation of which was announced during last year’s AGMM, was
elevated to a formal program of HFHP. Since then, regional launches were done in Palawan,
Butuan, General Santos, Davao, Bicol and in the NCR.

Its principal mssion is to create a circle of friends at the local level that can do the networking
within the major sectors of our stakeholders.

International Recognitions and Participations of HFHP
The Philippine program continued to host various teams from HFHI and other HFHI countries
where we were able to share our best practices as well as lessons learned, particularly our urban
renewal and disaster response programs and our ability to forge good partnerships at the
national and local government levels and other oovernment housing agencies.

In recognition of these innovative ways, HFHP was invited to participate and share its best
practices in various HFHI international fora.

Once again, a Philippine nominee for the HFHI Nehemiah Award, Ms. Alexandra Madrigal
Eduque, was accorded this most prestigious award for volunteerism for FY2008. Ms. Alex, as
she is fondly called by the children of homepartners in Baseco, a community where Habitat has
built 1,000 houses, started to volunteer 2 years ago. Recently, she celebrated her 18th birthday
with close friends and family members, raising an amount that funded 30 disaster resistant
houses as part of our program of “rebuilding Bicol”. She not only elevated the standards of
Habitat volunteerism to a much higher level, but also served as an inspiration to the youth

Building on Faith
True to our mission of demonstrating the love and teachings of Jesus by helping the poor, the
Building on Faith Committee of the national board is actively pursuing more partnerships with
different Christian churches. Monthly meetings are held with partner churches to discuss areas
of cooperation and complementation with the common goal of building communities based on
Christian values.

As we end FY2008, we are optimistic that the ongoing structural interventions will enable the
Philippine program to attain its goal of helping 10,000 families with decent housing each year by

It is on this note that we end the fiscal year, thanking all our stakeholders and most especially our
Lord Jesus Christ, for

                              “Unless the Lord builds the house,
                                   Its builders labor in vain.
                             Unless the Lord watches over the city,
                               The guards stand watch in vain.”
                                         - Psalm 127:1

                  FRANCISCO H. BAUTISTA                   ALBERTO L. JUGO
                       Chairman                           President and CEO

OPER A T I ON A L a n d
Families Served...
Housing Equivalent
- More than 4,000 families were served
with decent housing
- Thousands more were given access to
education and the use of community
- Building programs were realigned to
give more focus to urban renewal
- The disaster program was raised to
the level of disaster risk mitigation
- Even as the strategic restructuring
continued, housing repairs from
partnerships with MFI's as well as the
disaster response projects sustained
the house build momentum
- FY08 ended with over 22,000 families
served with the 50,000 goal by 2011 still
within sight

HFH-AP Extends a Country
Support Plan to HFHP
- The number of affiliates was reduced to 16
- Negros, Iloilo and Roxas formed the Western Visayas
Affiliate; Parañaque, Las Piñas and Muntinlupa as
South Metro
- Formation of HFHP Local Management Councils in:
 Tarlac, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, Kidapawan, Tacurong
- Capacitation sessions conducted with affiliates on
financial reporting and mortgage management

                                                        Funding Sources and Uses
                                                        of Funds

                                                        - The tsunami disaster changed the
                                                        donor priorities

                                                        - The level of undesignated funds has

                                                        - The HFHI shift to project-based
                                                        funding calls for more substantive and
                                                        holistic projects

                                                        - The shift to urban renewal and
                                                        disaster risk mitigation require stronger
                                                        partnerships with national and local

                                                        - There has been a shift to project-
                                                        based partnerships with other

                                                        - Partnerships with the Social Housing
                                                        Finance Corporation and the Home
                                                        Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG)
                                                        will help further the poor families both
                                                        in the informal and formal sectors

Changing the City's Landscape thru Urban Renewal
- Urban migration has pushed the poverty housing problem to a more acute level
- HFHP's program has caught the attention of HFHI for the innovative use of technology and the
partnership with communities, LGU's and funding agencies

                   Rebuilding Lives thru Disaster Risk Mitigation

                    - Alliances with Day 1 disaster relief players
                    - Use of innovative and volunteer-friendly technology
                    allows a fast and efficient build
                    - The disaster risk mitigation program will require
                    HFHI-initiated international funding that can be
                    accessed even before a disaster occurs

Serving Families in Conflict Areas
- More than housing, alliances with soft program partners is more important
- More than housing, access to education and community facilities will lead to long-lasting peace
and development

Building Homes Away from Home

                                             - 46 teams of
                                         851 volunteers from
                                        7 countries: Australia,
                                          Japan, Korea, the
                                       Netherlands, N. Ireland,
                                       China and Saudi Arabia
                                     - There is a need for more
                                      significant project sites to
                                         provide meaningful
                                       volunteerism and social
                                              contact with

                               Setting New Standards for Volunteerism
Eighteen year old Alexandra Madrigal Eduque was awarded the
prestigious Nehemiah Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service
by Habitat International. Active not only in building but also in
advocacy and fund raising for the projects, Alex raises the
standard of volunteerism in the Philippines.

Spreading the Gloves with Friends of Habitat Nationwide

           M I L ES T ON ES a n d
           M A JO R E V E N T S
-South Metro HFH is incorporated after the Parañaque, Las Piñas
  and Muntinlupa affiliates combine
-Three-classroom school building sponsored by Swiss Embassy
  turned over in Bicol
-HFHP participates in the CREBA Exhibit

-Mrs. Diana Negroponte visits the FTI project
-Scott Langford of Australia visits various project sites of HFHP
-Alex Eduque holds her birthday build at FTI

-Pres. & CEO Bert Jugo and Friends of Habitat Co-Chair Margie
  Floirendo are invited to the Cocktail Reception of the Taguig
  Business Council
-Volunteers from Metro Manila and other areas join volunteer
  Bicolanos for the Bicol Express Caravan to build homes of
  typhoon victims in Anislag, Albay
-Margie Floirendo speaks at the Asian Housing Forum about the
  Mindanao Peace Build
-HFHP's senior leadership attends Asia-Pacific Leadership
  Conference in Singapore

-Groundbreaking of Pasig project held; HFHP to build two 4-storey
  buildings for 120 families
-HFHI’s Patrick Kelley visits HFHP for meetings with MFI partners
-HFHP partners with the Computer Manufacturers, Distributors
  and Dealers Assn. of the Phils.
-UP WITH PEOPLE holds a build in St. Hannibal, Pasay project
-The National Board of Trustees of HFHP holds a strategic
  planning session
-Australian Senator Sandy MacDonald visits the FTI project site
-The Philippine College of Surgeons becomes a partner of HFHP
-SERVATHON undertakes a build in St. Hannibal, Pasay

-MOA is signed with Rotary Club of University District, QC
  District 3780
-HFHP is among the partners honored by the Department of
  Education on its "Stakeholders’ Night"

-HFHI’s Andy Brown and Edward Tan undertake an internal audit
  of HFHP
-88 walk-up apartment units are turned over at St. Hannibal, Pasay
-HFHP holds a Spreading the Gloves event with Habitat partners
-The Soroptimist ladies build at the FTI in celebration of
  Soroptimist Day
-HFHP signs a new MOA with DSWD for the construction of 495
  core shelter units in Bicol

-HFHP signs a MOA with Luntiang Pilipinas and holds a Tree
  Planting activity
-Friends of Habitat movement is launched in Butuan
-Friends of Habitat is launched in Palawan
-The Compassion International houses in Anislag are dedicated and
  turned over to the homepartners
-Moneygram's sponsored houses are dedicated at St. Hannibal,

-The Association of UERM Physicians in the US hold a site visit to
  the FTI project
-Friends of Habitat is launched in General Santos City
-Friends of Habitat takes off in Davao
-Palawan affiliate holds Habitat orientation for its board
  governance program

-Ground Breaking at Oriental Mindoro
-The individual water meter system is inaugurated at the Baseco

-HFHP and Petron undertake a partnership to construct a total of
  600 school buildings in Mindanao's conflict areas
-Old and new partners of Habitat converge for the launching of
  Friends of Habitat in NCR
-The second Bicol Express caravan spins off into the Youth Build in
  Camalig, Albay, Bicol

-HFHI’s Rajan Samuel visit HFHP for the Mortgage Management
-HFHP and the Navotas LGU, together with the La Liga Policy
  Institute ink a MOA to build homes
-NCR and Luzon affiliates hold a Regional Workshop in Palawan
-Bosch turns over power tools as a donation to HFHP
-HFHP and DHL sign a MOA for house sponsorship

-HFHI's Peter Gape meets with the HFHP leadership
-HFHI's ResDev Head Gerard Snowball visits HFHP for a mini
  Grants workshop with the staff
-8 Family Townhouse buildings and 1 cluster building are
  inaugurated with VP Noli de Castro as guest of honor
-HBRC Head Warren Ubongen is invited to speak on Urban
  Renewal at the HFH South Asia Leadership Conference in
  Dhaka, Bangladesh
-The first of the Church Relations breakfast meetings with church
  groups is held
-Thailand Social Welfare representatives along with HFHI’s Chir
  Tokrisna visit HFHP
-82 more units are turned over at St. Hannibal, Pasay

F R I EN D S o f H A B I T A T . . .
      Ad Consult
      Advance Solutions
      Albay Services Group Inc.
      Alcantara and Sons, Inc.
      Alexandra Madrigal Eduque and Friends
      Amertron, Inc.
      Angelo King Foundation, Inc.
      Arturo Macapagal
      Assn. of UERM Phil. Physicians in the US
      Ayala Corporation
      Ayala Corporation Employees
      Ayala Foundation
      Ayala Land Inc.
      Chela Realty Corp.
      City Government of Naga
      City of Taguig
      Coko Realty Corp.
      Compassion International
      Cumulus, Inc.
      Delegation of the European Commission
      Department of Education
      Department of Social Welfare and Devt.
      DHL Global Forwarding Phils., Inc.
      Embassy of Switzerland
      EON, Inc.
      Fercat Holdings, Inc.
      Francisco Bayot
      Francisco del Rosario, Jr.
      Globe Telecom, Inc.
      GMA Kapuso Foundation
      GMA Network Inc.
      Hands on Manila
      Hanna Bucher
      Haresh Hiranand
      Helen Bartholomew
      Home Development Mutual Fund
      ING Bank / ING Foundation
      Integrated Computer System
      JP Morgan
      La Liga Policy Institute

. . . D o n o r s a n d Pa r t n e r s
La Salle High School Batch '53
Luntiang Pilipinas Foundation
Lutheran School Mission-HFH
Manila Water Company, Inc.
Margie Moran-Floirendo
Mindanao Land Foundation, Inc.
Mindanao Times
Municipality of Daraga
Municipality of Prieto Diaz
Navotas City Government
Nexus Technology, Inc.
NKD International
Office of Congressman Rodolfo G.
Office of Vice Mayor Mercado, Makati City
Petron Corporation / Petron Foundation
Phil. College of Surgeons
Rebecca Maronilla
Robert Bosch, Inc.
Samahang Pang-Nayon 373 ng North Bay
Scottsdale Steel Tech. Construction and
  Devt. Corp.
Shellsoft Tech. Corp.
Soroptimist International of the Philippines
  Region (A Foundation), Inc.
St. Hannibal Empowerment Center
Social Housing Finance Corporation
Standard Marketing Corp.
Sunstar Davao
Trinidad Corominas
TSPI Development Corporation
United Church of Christ in the Phils. Pag-
  Ugmad sa Kabataan Foundation, Inc.
UST-Central Student Council
VET Specialists, Inc.
WADECOR Employees Agrarian Reform
Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Westchester Realty Group
Worldtext Systems,Inc.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines
The National Board of Trustees
(Left to right, from top to bottom) Francisco Bautista, Chairman; Francisco del Rosario, Jr. (Vice
Chairman); Rebecca Maronilla, Corporate Secretary; Roger Bartholomew, Treasurer; Catherine Maceda,
Communications Committee Chairperson; Corazon Alma de Leon; Serah Grace Arcolas; David Bonifacio;
Todd Malcolm Bradshaw; Felipe L. Gozon; Raul Hernandez; Relli Pableo; Joselito Quirao; Luz Sianghio;
Leonardo Teves; Alberto Jugo, Ex-oficio Member

The National Office Staff                       Regional HBRC Support Team
                                                Woodley Grapa - Visayas
Bert Jugo                                       Boyet Macorol – Mindanao
President and Chief Executive Officer           Maleleel Pedroso – Mindanao Admin.

FINANCE & ADMIN                                 Logistics
                                                Jun de Castro – Team Leader
Finance                                         Jun Masangkay
Jun Santos - Chief Finance Officer              Joe Tanaleon
                                                Ving Mayoralgo
Sol Acosta - Finance Manager
Finance Staff:                                  Administrative Support
Lejanie Barja
                                                Ann Nagtalon
Edwin Buenaventura
Flora Enriquez
Dina Guevarra                                   Partner Support
Phoebe Santos                                   Sharon Magat - Team Leader
Annie Soriano
Tess Soriano                                    Coordinators
Charlie Lepiten - Visayas                       Sharon Magat (NCR/Luzon)
                                                Omega Hermosura (Visayas)
Office Administration & HR                      Florante Tarona (Mindanao)
Marcia Theresa Yogore - HR/Admin Manager        Catherine Lui – Mindanao support
Admin Support Staff:
Marilou Dadea                                   STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT GROUP
Abby Sabroso
Joe Saguing
                                                Tony Valencia
                                                Stakeholder Management / Friends of Habitat Director

Habitat Building and Resource Center            Marketing & Communications
Warren Ubongen - HBRC Manager                   Alice de Sagun - Communications Manager
                                                Kristine Gonzalez - Communications Officer
Project Development
Beth Quijano                                    Stakeholder Engagement
                                                Ritchie Davila - Resource Development Manager
Technical/Project Management                    Gladys Ledina - Government Partnership Devt. Officer
Engr. Ed Quilates – Team Leader
Gerald Caro                                     Stakeholder Group Support Staff
                                                May-Anne Umaly
Project Management
Engr. Vromel Artil
                                                Volunteer Programs/Social Mobilization
                                                Imee Pagdanganan - Volunteer Program Manager /
Project Leaders
Engr. Toto Bañares – Bicol                      NBOT Coordinator
Engr. Jojo Enriquez – Pasig
Engr. Hazel Diokno – Pasay SHEC                 Volunteer Coordinators
                                                Connie Nova
                                                Sharon Bidangan

The Affiliates and Local Management Councils
Metro Manila:

2nd Floor PET Plans Tower
444 EDSA, Guadalupe
1211 Makati City
Tel. (02) 899-3370
Telefax (02) 899-2643

No. of houses built: 30 units
Total GV volunteers: 137 pax
Total local volunteers: 655 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Pascual Laboratories - quarterly medical mission
Miriam College – leadership training in Baseco
Philippine Christian University - community organizing
Asian Social Institute – community organizing
Lighthouse Foundation – community organizing
Tulay sa Pag-unlad - livelihood training and capital loans
Mabuhay Micro-Financing - livelihood training and capital loans
Kabalikat sa Pag-unlad - livelihood training and capital loans
Daan sa Pag-unlad - small business enterprise assistance
Uplift Micro-Financing - small business enterprise assistance
Novaliches Development Coop. - small business enterprise assistance
Center for Community Transformation - small business enterprise assistance
Karla Villanueva Cooperative - small business enterprise assistance
CARITAS Manila - scholarship for Baseco youth and NFA
World Vision - livelihood training; capital loans
Norwegian Mission Alliance - community organizing, livelihood
City Government Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Rodriguez Rizal - site devt. and document permits
Barangay Centers – community conflict resolution
DENR - environmental concerns and permit
Barangay Health Centers - free medical check ups
Tala Medical Center - operation tuli; healing seminar
Bread of Life Medical Mission - free medical mission
Village United Methodist Church - free medical and dental mission
Angono United Methodist Church - scholarship program, emergency financial assistance
Deparo United Methodist Church - scholarship program, emergency financial assistance
Fairview United Methodist Church - scholarship program, emergency financial assistance
Malabon United Methodist Church - Christian education and nurture
United Church of Christ of the Phil. - Christian education and nurture
Philippine Bible Society - free bibles to all homepartners
Lingap Pangkabataan - leadership seminar; feeding program

Lighthouse Foundation - assist in the BASECO leadership
Internationl Grd. Sch of Leadership - Christian Education; volunteers

Board of Directors:
President - Luz C. Sianghio
Vice President - Marc L. Cabrera
Secretary & Com. Dev. Committee Chair - Ma. Carmen “Menchu A. Sarmiento
Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair - Rodrigo M. Mangay-ayam
Resource Development Committee - Roselyn G. Delloso
Construction Committee - Arch. Manifelmo “Manny” C. Dacanay
Admin Committee - Eufracia S. Formoso
Christian Education & Nurture - Ptr. Sergio “John” V. Garcia, Jr.
Legal Committee - Atty. Manuel James K. Raterta
Board Members:
Engr. Benjamin “Benjie” F. Aromin
Lilian C. Asuncion
Edgardo F. Madamba
Ruben M. Morales
Ptr. Carlos M. Pasaporte, Jr

Executive Director - Agripina P. Perez
Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper -Teresita P. Naoe
Cashier -Mary F. Oria
Admin Computer Secretary -Talyn F. Catalan
Resource Development Assistant - Miriam L. Castro
Social Workers - Myrna M. Diaz and Febian C. Rufin
Community Organizer - Allan P. Salas

2nd Floor, Contessa Building
National Road, Poblacion
Muntinlupa City
Tel (02) 861-7389

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
TSPI Development Corporation - microfinance
Phil. Business for Social Progress (PBSP) - community development
LGU’s of Muntinlupa, Las Piñas and Parañaque - site acquisition and site development
Mary Queen of Peace Parish - spiritual and values formation

Board of Directors:
President - Manny Erni
Vice President & Treasurer - Rene Quiroz

Corporate Secretary - Vic Abella
Board Members:
Eng. Rommel Trinidad
Jimmy Renato Javier
Manny Manahan
Atty. Joshue Jurbina
Agnes Baynas
Jean Lopez
Arch. Valentin Rodriquez
Mike Borlaza
Pstr. Hermie Buringot

Executive Director - Nenita Pangilinan
Finance Officer - Rebecca Lamina
Admin Assistant - Angel Sabusab


Old RHU Building, Quezon St.
Centro East, Santiago City 3311
Telefax (078) 682-2491

No. of houses built: 44 units
Total GV volunteers: 35 pax
Total local volunteers: 336 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Isabela State University – volunteers
Central Luzon State University – skills training
LGU of San Jose City – construction materials
Phil. Association of Medical Technologists – volunteers
SK Federation of Santiago City – volunteers
Rotary Club of Santiago City – volunteers
5th Infantry Division Camp Melchor de la Cruz – volunteers
Society of Young Professionals – volunteers/fund raising
Masonic District Lodge No. 51 – volunteers/fund raising

Board of Directors:
President – Relli C. Pableo
Vice President – Antonio Portabes

Secretary – Jesse Andaya
Treasurer – Dr. Luzviminda Roque
Auditor – Wilfredo Baligod
Board Members:
Kgd. Arlene Reyes – Public Information Officer
Anacleto Bumagat – Finance Chairman
Eng. Antonio Ramos: Constrctio Committee
Serafin Ngobayon – Volunteer Management Committee
Bishop Hermogenes Reache – Partnerships and Advocacy
Serafin Ngohayon – Entrust for Ifugao and Nueva Viscaya
Atty. Jose O. Ramos – Legal and Documentation
Antonio Portabes – Entrust for Echague
Romeo L. Saplaco – Entrust for Nueva Ecija
Mayor Mariano Tangson
Eng. Dominador Torio – Resource Development Committee/Entrust for Alicia

Program Administrator – Pstr. Adriana Saturno
Construction Supervisor – Alfredo Mariano
Bookkeeper – Emily D. Pascual
Clerk/Collectors – Nely Viernes and Esperanza Roque

Pinugay Habitat Housing Project Site
Rizal Province
Tel (02) 677-0736
Fax (02) 249-0679

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Provincial Government of Rizal – site development
Housing and Community Development Movement – site development
National Housing Authority – site development
5th Brigade Engineering – volunteers
Rotary Club of Rizal – funds
Manila Seedlings – livelihood
Kiwanis International – feeding program
Servants of the Holy Spirit - values formation
Office of the Mayor of Baras – livelihood
Latter Day Saints – medical mission, volunteers
Royal Grant International – funding, scholarship

Board of Directors:
President – Atty. Evelina Volante
Board Members:

Pedro Loristo – Family Selection Committee
William Mirabueno – Community Developmemt Committee
Eng. Porthos Alma Jose
Frank Ibones
Ed Bolinao
Ramon Henares
Jenny Sumulong
Rebecca Ynares
Ed Santos

Acting Program Manager – Mila Mirabueno
Bookkeeper – Ruth Arcaya

Unit B-HRB Apartment
Bonifacio Drive, San Luis Village
Silang Crossing, 4120 Tagaytay City
Tel. 0917-8395506

No. of houses built: 45 units
Total GV volunteers: 69 pax
Total # of local volunteers: 1,645 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
LGUs of Upland Cavite - site development
De la Salle University - volunteers
International School of Manila - funding and volunteers
SK of Indang - volunteers
Rotary Club of Tagaytay City - logistic support
Development Academy of the Phils. - training venue
Child and Family Service Philippines - land donation
Provincial Gov't of Cavite - land acquisition and site dev
Cavite State University - volunteers, livelihood training for hps
National College for Science and Tech. - volunteers
Colegio de San Juan de Letran - volunteers
Kiwanis Club, Jaycees Knights of Columbus - volunteers
EVY Hardware and Construction Supply - discounted construction materials

Board of Directors:
President – Fidela Castillo
Vice President (Internal) – Dr. Lorenzo Lapitan, Jr.
Vice President (External) – Jocelyn Ricardo

Secretary – Erms Mondejar
Treasurer – Baby Andaya
Auditor – Lina Caraan
Board Members:
Fe Trinidad
Bagnus Castillo
Leonardo Lomeda, Jr.
Raldy Bayot
Eng. Romy Belardo
Joy Bati
Dondon Oligario

Program Manager – Zernan Toledo
Collector/Bookkeeper – Joel Baido

Rm. 2 St. Mary’s Business Center
19 Perez St., 4301 Lucena City
Tel. (042) 710-4042
Telefax (042) 373-6863 / 651-1208

No. of houses built: 12 units
Total GV volunteers: 1,337 pax
Total # of local volunteers: 112 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Carmelitas Missioneries Teresianas – community organizing, values formation
Carmelitas Blessed Palau – land acquisition
Provincial Government of Quezon – site development
Hermama Fausta Development Center – community organizing, value formation
Provincial Engineering office - equipment
LGUs of Sariaya and Tayabas - site development
Red Cross Quezon Provincial - first aid for events
Bukas Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community – values formation
Church of Christ – values formation
Municipal Social Welfare Development Office – family selection
Southern Luzon Polytechnic Colleges – volunteers
Sacred Heart College – volunteers
AFP Southern Luzon Command – volunteers
STI College – volunteers
Maryhill College – volunteers
Ayala Business Club – funds
Rotary Club of Lucena and Sariaya – funds

Mount Carmel Seminary – volunteers
Enverga University – volunteers
Quezon National High School – volunteers
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – volunteers
Holy Rosary Academy – volunteers

Board of Directors:
President – Perlita Villafuerte
Vice President – Arch. Raul Villanueva
Secretary and Treasurer – Elnora F.A. Cueto
Auditor – Romeo Licda
Board Members:
Meriam Bayaua
Luis Bayaua
Elmer Arias
Cristeta Jaca
Atty. Francis Xavier Sia
Michael Pagsugyuin
Seres Jaca
Atty. Sunshine Absede

Program Manager – Rudy Villasenor
Admin Staff – Rolanto Tan
Site Engineer – Eng. Ericson Jader
Part-time Bookkeeper – Tess Pagkatipunan

2nd Floor City Bowling Lanes
Elias Angeles St., 4400 Naga City
Tel. (054) 478-3721

No. of houses built: 50 units
Total GV volunteers: 155 pax
Total local volunteers: 3,025 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Chito Consuelo Madrigal Foundation - funding
Community Develoment Foundation - microfinance assistance
Center for Community Dev't: Ateneo - volunteers
Tabang Atenista Habitat Campus Youth Chapter - youth volunteers
National Housing authority - buildable sites

Camarines Norte Electric Coop - site electricity
LGUs of Naga and Daet - site development
Camarines Norte Press Club - info.dissemination
Ayala Business Club - funds
Singles for Christ - volunteers
Working Youth Club - volunteers
4-H Club - volunteers
COPE Foundation - community organizing, values formation

Board of Directors:
President – William Y. Concepcion
Vice-President (Internal) – Oliver Coronado
Vice-President (External) – Dr. Butch Figuracion
Secretary – Malu Barcillano
Treasurer – Victor Bichara, Jr.
Asst. Treasurer – Mariz Trinidad
Auditor – Leo Borras
Information Officer – Joel Buena
Arch. Danilo Manalang
Juan Carlos delos Reyes
Nanette Guevarra
Atty. William Enrile
Consuelo Dy
Fidel Abano

Finance and Admin. Officer – Eva Goyena0
Community Development Officer – Romulo Frondozo, Jr.
Bookkeeper/Collector – Lloyd Fraginal

ARL Building, Rizal Avenue
5300 Puerto Princesa City
Telefax (048) 433-6123/434-9757
Fax (048) 433-9089

No. of houses built: 38
Total GV volunteers: 76 pax
Total local volunteers: 565 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Rotary Jose P. Rizal - land acquisition
Rotary Palawan - electrification

TESDA - skills training
ERI-Silk Industry Development Project - livelihood
Phil. Institute of Civil Engineers - volunteers
Palawan State University - volunteers
Phil. Institute of Public Accountant - external audit
LGU of Puerto Princesa - site development; heavy equipment
Palawan Technological Institute - volunteers
City Sports Office of Puerto Princesa City - volunteers
AMA Computer Learning Ctr. - volunteers
Frank Horton Society/Alpha Phi Omega - volunteers
Holy Trinity College - volunteers
City Gov't of Puerto Princesa – land; funds for house construction; site dev, training for livelihood projects
  - City housing office
  - City Agriculturist office
  - City engineering office
Land Bank of the Phils. - funding, technical assistance
Provincial Gov't of Palawan - funding assistance for electrician; livelihood trainings and comdev
Phil. Inst. of Certified Public Accountants – assistance in accounting; bookkeeping for collection strategy
Phil. Institute of Civil Engineers - free use of office space for 3 yrs. now
New City Commercial Ctr. - funds for coin bank
Naval Forces West and Western Command – volunteers; security assistance during GV builds
National Housing Authority - technical assistance in site and land development
Local Parish Church of Maracascas - values formation and spiritual guidance of homepartners
LGU- accredited micro-financing; livelihood assistance; project training; value formation towards savings
  - Taytay sa Kauswagon
  - Project Dungganon
Palawan Electric Coop - provides assistance in the electrification project

Board of Directors:
President - Vicky de Guzman
Vice-President - Amy Lustre
Secretary - Eve Loor
Treasurer - Remedios Valencia
Auditor - Jeanette Asuncion
Press Relations Officer - Anabelle Ong
Board Members:
Eng. Rogelio Sandaydiego
Amelia Romero
Col. Alex Asuncion
Ferdinand Adriano
Eng. Maximo Cabasal
Arch. Theodore Fortuno
Elnora Macosa
Pstr. Roberto Saranilla

Admin Officer - Michelle Dimayuga
Bookkeeper - Luz Gonzales
Site Engr. - Engr. Pat Munoz


Lot 37 Block 5, Carmela Valley Homes Subdivision
Talisay City
6115 Negros Occidental
Tel. (034) 495-3559

No. of structures built: 1 community center
No. of GV volunteers: 14 pax
No. local volunteers: 15 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Local Government Units:
 - Talisay City- housing
 - Escalante City- housing
 - Bacolod City- housing
United Architects of the Philippines - housing construction projects
West Negros University- research and development
ARFIEN Forever - professionals
Haligi ng Bata, Inc. - education, livelihood

Board of Directors:
President - Atty. Joselito Quiarao
Vice President - Engr. Leoncio Jamora
Secretary - Mrs. Marivic Gonzales
Treasurer - Mr. Agapito Ibrado
Auditor - Mr. Fernando Pabalinas
Board Members:
Engr. Dioscoro Marañon
Engr. Gabriel Solon
Arch. Rogelio Diaz
Arch. Ubaldo Ramos
Arch. Joeben Tan
Engr. Lalaine Rufin
Mrs. Ann Talledo
Mrs. Serah Grace Arcolas
Mr. Primilo Solinap

Program Administrator - Excel Pabalinas
Volunteer Bookkeeper - Arsenio Belonio
Office Volunteer Staff - Vanessa Abaring and Jennifer Pabalinas

3/F Pons Garcia Building
CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City
Board President: Leonides Borja


BCLDS JC Aquino Ave.
Km. 2 Bayanihan, Butuan City 8600
Telefax No. (085) 342-0903

No. of houses built = 58 units
No. local volunteers = 300 students from Saint Joseph's Institute of Technology and Father Saturnino Urios

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
50 Evangelical Churches - International Day of Prayer
SJIT and FSUU - student volunteers every Saturday at the site
Mr. & Mrs. Ide Lopez - land
City Govt. of Butuan - land, technical help, backfill materials
Butuan Habitat Devt. Coop - trainings, savings
90 Friends of Habitat – donations

Board of Directors:
President - Jowena-Jan M. Hiponia
Vice President/Construction Committee Chairman - Engr. Heddy P. Sumalpong
Secretary/Treasurer - Engr. Erasme Madlos
Natl Representative/ Resource & Volunteer Com. Chair - Todd Malcolm Bradshaw
Family Selection Chair - Mrs. Asuncion Gayon
Board Members:
Mr. Santiago Tagapulot Jr.
Engr. Anselmo Sang Tian
Mr. Alonzo TL. Young
Mr. Eufroceles Udarbe
Dir. Carmencita Cochingco
Ms. Agnes Carlos

Mrs. Nora Rama
Mr. James Satorre
Ms. Rhea Mae Pajarillo (Youth Representative)
Mr. Loreto Maglasang (Homepartner Representative)

Block 34, Phase I, City Relocation Site
Calaanan, Canitoan
9000 Cagayan de Oro City
Tel. (088) 858-8715

No. of houses built: 42 units
No. local volunteers: Over 500 individuals from over 10 organizations and institutions

Board of Trustees:
President – Jose P. Gatus
Vice-President – John L. Elizaga
Secretary – Cynthia B. Rosales
Treasurer - Adelina P. Inting
Auditor - Romeo G. Kwan
PRO - Ermin Stan B. Pimentel
Board Members:
Perlaminda L. Ramiro
Grace Ceres B. Saniel
Rolando I. Teves
Michael R. Go
Nestor M. Banuag, Jr.
Rubina B. Kwan
Virginia P. Guanzon
Manuel G. Boniao
Miguel M. Sabacajan

Program Administrator – Mariano V. Nava
Construction Supervisor – Engr. Junar G. Plaga

Block 2 Lot 3 Phase II Habitat
Kalubihon, Dalipuga, Iligan City
Telefax (063) 225-1196

Board of Directors:
President - Sim S. Quina
Vice President - Ramon S. Lapeña
Secretary - Nestor Degoma
Treasurer - Josephine T. Layasan
Board Members:
Engr. Daniel S. Mostrales
Engr. Rudy Desierdo
Engr. Geam Diao
Engr. Alejandro Erat
Engr. Bartolome Mata
Dr. Grace Marilou Vega
Zita B. Diez
Atty. Demosthenes Plando
Lydia Fe Mostrales
Roy Trinidad

Bookkeeper - Susan Jarantilla
Collector - Franklin Benegrado

City Planning & Devt. Office
City Hall Annex, Zamboanga City
Tel (062) 991-3645
Board Chairman: Engr. Al-Khwarizmi U. Indanan

CLC Sadaan, Midsayap
9410 Cotabato
Tel. (064) 229-7235
Board President: Engr. Julius T. Cadava

2nd Floor Yap Mabuhay Building
Mansanitas Street, General Santos City
Tel. (083) 301-8461 / 0917-7152361
E-mail: /

No. of houses built: Full Houses – 144 units

                      Renovation – 53 units
No. local volunteers: 320 pax

Partners & Areas of Partnership:
Mahintana Foundation - capability building, seedlings during tree planting activities
World Vision - education and health
STI-College Gensan – volunteers; construction materials (paint), medicines for medical mission; capability building
Rosa Mistica Medical Team (Divine Mercy)- medical mission
PMAP- Philippines – volunteers; paint materials
Spectrum - health and education; water and environment
Dev. Alternative Framework (DAF) – funding (Prov. of South Cotabato)
Kalinaw Sarangani of Sar. Prov. - construction materials (cement, sand, gravel, hauling of construction mats)
Municipality of Tupi - manpower
Municipality of Polomolok - sand and gravel
Act for Peace - funding
Landcare Foundation - capability building
SAO- Phils. - values formation (savings)
BLGU of Koronadal Proper, Polomolok, So. Cotabato - basic services
Polonuling, Tupi, So. Cot. - basic services
Bunao, Tupi, So. Cot. - basic services
Lunin Tupi, So. Cot. - basic services
Kalkam, Tupi, So. Cot. - basic services
Tubeng, Tupi, So. Cot. - basic services
Saravia, Koronadal City, So. Cot. - basic services
Lun Padidu, Malapatan, Sar. Prov. - basic services
Tuyan, Mal. Sar. Prov. - basic services

Board of Directors:
Chairman - Engr. Leonardo W. Teves
Vice-Chairman - Engr. Waldemar G. Soguilon
Auditor - Engr. Manuel Fortunato D. Yaphockun
Secretary - Ms. Josephine A. Sabas
Treasurer - Mr. Renato B. Belga
Board Members:
Mr. Henry E. Asense
Hermocilos C. Batilong
Ptr. Berlin M. Ducut
Mr. Balbino C. Fauni
Atty. Josemar Albano
Jocelyn M. Arzaga
Ms. Arabecque TW Batilong
Dra. Emely S. Lagare
Aquiles M. Villanueva
Engr. Ronnie Sechong

Program Administrator - Cristina S. Tosoc
Project Coordinator - Renato A. Padernal
Bookkeeper - Ronneth P. Daquil
Cashier - Halie C. Concepcion
Community Development Specialist - Diomedes M. Madanguit
Logistics - Alan D. Suilo
Accounting Clerk - Virginia R. Elesterio


Chairman - Juanito Sy Que
Vice-Chairman – Serafin David, Jr.
Secretary - Gregoria S. Patriarcha
Treasurer - Dra. Guillermina Tabamo
Asst. Treasurer - Arch. Primo R. Dungca, Jr.
Auditor - Luz C. Ducusin
PRO - Marizen de Leon
Dr. Ismael B. Alonzo
Perciveranda Osio-Osteicoechea
Dr. Noel Mallari
Prime Galang
Constancia Lagman
Alipio de Vera, Jr.

President - Marichu O. Zabarte
Vice President - Rosa Barcelon
Secretary - Victoria R. Cabacis
Treasurer - Dalisay C. Rodriquez
Auditor - Felisa Morales
Ethelwolda G. Bacit - Family Selection Committee
Dra. Basilisa M. Turno - Community Dev’t Committee
Raul Lastimosa
Rebecca Barcelon
Teresita Bascon

President: Nolan Diaz

President: Prof. Vilma Gonzales

President: Rev. David Salazar


PANABO (Davao)
President - Arnold L. Arsolon
Vice President - Atty. Rowena C. Pañales
Secretary - Emmanuel L. Patriarca
Treasurer - Winona J. Avenido
Romeo M. Abarquez – Family Selection Chair
Winona J. Avenido – Member, Family Selection
James Gamao – Construction Committee Chair
Joseph L. Somozo – Member, Construction Committee
Generose T. Ferrazzini – Resource Devt. Chair
Miguel P. Niez – Volunteer Recruitment & Mgt. Committee Chair
Atty. Rowena C. Pañales – Member, Volunteer Recruitment & Mgt. Committee

MATI (Davao)
President – Mr. Dashiel P. Indelible, Sr.
Family Selection Committee Chair – Mrs. Susan P. Franco
Friends of Habitat Committee Chair – Mr.Benjamin C.Rodriguez Sr.
Volunteer Recruitment & Mgt. Chair – Engr. Fidela M. Bisen
Mr. Carlos D. Basas
Mr. Richie Sabanal
Mrs. Fernale Solis
Mrs. Ildie Sabido
Mr. Joel Capalit
Engr. Edsel Bonani
Mr. Ador Abayon
Mr. Ronald Ludia
Engr. Alan Huertas
Dr. Severo Arnao, Jr.
Mrs. Madeline Bulaong
Mr. George Paglinawan
Mrs. Angelica Gayta
Mr. Juvy Mabini
Engr. Timrod Libres
Atty. Alejandro Aquino
Mr. Fidel Ambi
Ms. Elizabeth E. Sampiri
Mrs. Ma. Eden Thelma F. Quiñones

Mission Vision
"A world where everyone has a decent place to live."

Mission Statement
Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with God and people everywhere, from
all walks of life, to develop communities with people in need by building and
renovating houses so that there are decent houses in decent communities in which
every person can experience God's love, and can live and grow into all that God

Mission Methods
Habitat for Humanity mobilizes local leadership and resources to expand access for
all people to decent, affordable shelter. Typically, volunteers and home partners
work together through Habitat for Humanity affiliates to build or renovate houses.
 In this process, Habitat forgoes making a profit on loans through interest, putting
value instead on meeting human need. Long-term housing security for a family –
typically homeownership – is the expected result. Payments made by the new
home partner go into a local Fund for Humanity to build or renovate more houses,
giving home partners the opportunity to give as well as to receive. Habitat home
partners are selected on the basis of need and willingness to partner, regardless of
race, religion, gender or ethnic background.

Mission Principles
• Demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.
• Advocate on behalf of those in need of decent shelter.
• Focus on shelter by building and renovating simple, decent, affordable houses.
• Engage broad community through inclusive leadership and diverse partnerships.
• Promote dignity through full partnership with Habitat homeowners and future
    home partners.
• Promote transformational and sustainable community development.

  Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc.
            PET Plans Tower, 444 EDSA
            Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City

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