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									Fantastic camera Nikon D7000

I love this camera - that's the bottom line for me. I'm taking a huge step in my first digital camera, the
Nikon D40, my husband wanted so he could start digital photography, and I could not be happier with my

However, I think it would be a waste of money for anyone not familiar with the settings normally used to
film cameras 35mm SLR one. The Nikon D7000 can certainly serve as a good point and shoot. But why
spend almost double that of the lightest on the D3100 if you want to aim and shoot, and maybe edited
with Photoshop or something?

For me, it's worth the difference, because I want the freedom to quickly and easily make adjustments
such as setting aperature or shutter speed to freeze or blur action, adjust the white balance on the
progress of what I want the image, adjust the autofocus and metering field to suit the particular situation
in continuous trigger switch, etc. The Nikon D7000 puts everything in the menus and submenus as Nikon
cheap, but it also puts the right in the camera body, available through a single button and the spin of a

In addition, this ended up being almost as cheap to me as the Nikon D3100, because I had not been
satisfied with the kit lens on the D3100 - and the replacement would have been more expensive than
using all the wonderful Nikon lenses that have stopped thefilm Day - NOW THAT ALL WORK beautifully
on the D7000. (Of course, I did get my D7000 to $ 1,199, not current prices). The Nikon cheap to reduce
their weight and cost by not including a focus motor in the camera - they have to resort to one of the lens.
The D7000, like other greats of the line Nikon includes its own focus motor. Nice little bonus with the
D7000 is the treatment of my old lenses A1.

I have some very good optical A1s, and very fast. With the Nikon D7000, which can be programmed to
recognize - at the touch of a button and turn the wheel again. All I had to do was assign a number of
lenses for each of the objectives and provide the focal length and maximum aperture. Now I can use
without any problems, just focus, as always. And the switch to switch from autofocus to manual focus
lenses age, or an auto focus lens that can actually auto focus on the particular situation (like my AF trying
to collect a small hummingbird in the middle of a rose this morning) is located next to the lens in the left
hand will somehow grab the focus ring for manual focus.

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his is a very sweet camera. It'll make whatever you want. The controls are simple and easy to understand
if you have a background in photography - or want to learn.

As I said, I think people are losing their money if they buy it just because it's the new camera is really hot
when more than necessary. But if you want to be able to control camera settings, and do it quickly without
having to mess around with the camera, this is great.

Note, after reading other reviews. Nikon digital SLR ever have had great video, and this seems to be an
exception - if you want a video camera, get something else. Regarding the complaints about the manual, I
think back to my comments about the need to have some experience with SLR or willing to learn. I found
the manual completely understandable - usually not even explain each function a couple of times if you
read all the way through several hundred pages. The best way I found to deal with this is to sit with the
manual and the camera and really work my way through all the settings button and check so I know what
I have.

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