Lewis Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts

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					                     Lewis Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts

Parents of Prospective LMS Cheerleaders:

Cheerleading is a fun and rewarding extra-curricular activity. If selected for the
2006-2007 squad, there are certain personal and financial obligations that you
and your child must assume.

First of all, cheerleaders are financially responsible for all practice uniforms, a
uniform fee for three uniforms and one set of warm-ups that belong to the school,
cleaning and alterations of the uniforms, and the necessary items related to
cheerleading (shoes, socks, hair bows, etc.) An approximate total cost for each
cheerleader will be $400 due May 16th. (Returning cheerleaders can expect to
pay less.)

Furthermore, a LMS Cheerleader has many responsibilities. Cheerleaders practice
two or three times a week during football season, and possibly a power tumbling
and/or cheerleading class at a local gymnastics studio, which will be an
additionally monthly fee. Cheerleaders must attend all LMS football and
basketball games designated by the sponsor. They must also participate in
fundraisers throughout the year. 8th graders are required to assist with the clinic
and tryouts for next year’s squad.

With this in mind, LMS cheerleaders must put cheerleading first before other
extra-curricular activities. It is the cheerleader’s responsibility to make sure his/her
activities do not conflict with cheerleading. If there is a conflict with another
sport, the cheerleading sponsor must be informed and agree that it will work
ahead of time. Because of practice and game time conflicts, cheerleaders are
not eligible to be a member of the volleyball team or the soccer team.
Cheerleaders can play basketball for Lewis Middle School.

Cheerleading officially begins in May. Cheerleaders will be required to learn
many of the chants and cheers over the summer from a videotape. When the
practice season begins, each member must be present at every practice
because our squad functions as a team! The squad will be attending a
cheerleading camp this summer and all cheerleaders must attend, or they will
not be allowed to participate in the first Pep Rally and the first two games.

Being a cheerleader is a major responsibility and certain rules must be followed in
order for the squad to run smoothly. Cheerleaders will be subject to a
merit/demerit system which will be more thoroughly explained once the squad
has been selected.

A panel of judges will select 10 to14 cheerleaders. This is always a difficult task,
therefore cooperation from prospective cheerleaders and their parents is
needed. Anyone wishing to try out must attend a three day clinic. The clinic is
open to prospective cheerleaders only. Parents, siblings, and friends are not
allowed in the gym. The clinic will run from 4:00 – 6:00pm on March 8, 9, 10, and
13 in the Lewis Middle School gym. Tryouts will be from 4:00 – 6:00pm on March
14th. Prospective cheerleaders must be on time and picked up promptly from
clinic and tryouts. Video taping during the tryouts is prohibited. I must receive a
note from a parent if a prospective cheerleader is sick and misses a day of clinic.
The cheerleaders will be selected by the 10 to14 best total of scores from seven
different categories: cheer, chants, jumps, dance, teacher recommendation,
current grades, and optional tumbling. Tumbling is not required, but may add
points to a candidates score if they can perform the tumbling on the last day of
tryouts for the evaluator. (Mats to be provided).

Being a LMS cheerleader is fun and exciting, but it takes dedication and hard
work. It is a year long commitment and must come first before other extra-
curricular activities. Parents and prospective cheerleaders, please talk seriously
before making the final commitment to attend the clinic.

Attached is the registration form that must be completed and turned in to me
the first day of attending the clinic. A copy of your most recent report card that
reflects a “C” or better in each class, a $10.00 clinic fee, and teacher
recommendations must be included in order to participate in the clinic and

If you have any questions, please call me at 833-4130.

Cheers –

S. Weeks – LMS Cheerleading Sponsor
                        LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL

Name of prospective cheerleader:___________________________

Name of Teacher:________________________________________

School:__________________________ Telephone:_____________

All categories below are to be rated on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best). Please complete
in ink. This form must be returned to Mrs. Weeks (sealed by the evaluating teacher) on
the first day of cheer tryout clinic.

1. Completion of Assignments                         _____

2. Classroom Behavior                                _____

3. Respect for Authority                             _____

4. Observance of School Rules                        _____

Signature of Teacher                                         Date

__________________________________                           __________________

** You need 5 of these forms filled out by 5 separate
teachers. Please make copies accordingly. Fifth grade
students, if you do not have 5 separate teachers, have a
form filled out by each teacher that you have during your
school day. Each form must be sealed by the individual
teacher and returned to Mrs. Weeks.

                          LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL

Name of prospective cheerleader:_____________________________________________

All skills below are to be rated on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the best). All skills are to be
mastered without a spotter to qualify for points. Skills will be evaluated on the last day
of cheer tryout clinic.

1. Round off with high rebound                       _______

2. Standing back handspring                          _______

3. Round off back handspring                         _______

4. Round off back handspring series (or tuck)        _______

5. Split (either front or side)                      _______

                                  Total Points       _______

Signature of Evaluator                                       Date

__________________________________                           __________________

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