AP Government and Politics (PDF) by alicejenny


									                   AP Government and Politics
                       The Constitution
                               Wilson Chapter 2

The following terms and questions are meant to be guide to help you read & outline the
chapter. Understanding political science terminology is crucial to your success in the
course. You may receive a reading quiz on this information. You may use YOUR OWN
handwritten notes/outline to help you complete the quiz. This outline should be
completed on a separate piece of paper and must be in class for you to take the quiz.

IDENTIFY : Completely define all of the following:

   1) Annapolis Meeting                     15) line item veto
   2) Anti-Federalist                       16) John Locke
   3) Articles of Confederation             17) James Madison
   4) Charles A. Beard                      18) Massachusetts Constitution
   5) Bill of Attainder                     19) Forrest McDonald
   6) Bill of Rights                        20) Natural rights
   7) Confederation                         21) New Jersey Plan
   8) constitution                          22) Pennsylvania Constitution
   9) “unalienable rights”                  23) Separation of Powers
   10) ex post facto laws                   24) Shay’s Rebellion
   11) Federalism                           25) Virginia Plan
   12) Federalist Papers                    26) Declaration of Independence
   13) Great Compromise                     27) republic
   14) habeas corpus                        28) Ratification


   1) Why was the concept of limited government so important to the Founding
      Fathers? How did they attempt to limit government and democracy?
   2) Who were the framers? Do you agree with the Beard analysis?
   3) Explain the political maneuvering behind the Great Compromise?
   4) Why was there originally no Bill of Rights and why was it promised?
   5) What were some major problems with the constitutions of Pennsylvania
      and Massachusetts?
   6) How was slavery handled by the Constitution?
   7) How do Federalism and the separation of power differ?
   8) What problems exist with the constitution and what reforms have been
      proposed to remedy these problems?

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