Asthma – Pediatric Patients

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					                                                              ST. VINCENT'S HOSPITAL
                                                              BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA

                                                       ADVANCED COMPETENCY CHECKLIST
                                                         Asthma – Pediatric Patients

GOAL: Safely and competently provides all essential aspects of nursing care for the pediatric patient with asthma.

Assessment / Documentation                          Objective: The associate will provide appropriate care for the pediatric patient with
                                                    asthma and the family of that child.
                                                        Performs age appropriate assessment on the child to determine goals
                                                        for nursing care.
                                                        Correctly identifies signs and symptoms of worsening asthma.
                                                        Appropriately assesses family situation for needed referrals to social
                                                        Appropriately assesses the use of all medical equipment by the child
                                                        and family.
                                                        Documents all pertinent information in the child’s medical record.
Pathophysiology                                     Objective: The associate will demonstrate an understanding of the potential
                                                    complications associated with asthma in children.
                                                        Verbalizes understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease
                                                        Recognizes signs of worsening distress and reports immediately to
Diagnostic Evaluations                              Objective: The associate will recognize the significance of abnormal findings.
                                                        Demonstrates recognition of abnormal lab values.
                                                        Documents all pertinent information.
Treatments                                          Objective: The associate will demonstrate skills necessary to prevent any untoward
                                                    outcomes for the patient related to the disease process.
                                                        Demonstrates knowledge of the use of respiratory equipment utilized
                                                        with the asthma patient.
                                                        Appropriately refers the patient for entry to the pediatric asthma
                                                        Documents patient's response to all treatments.
Patient/Family Education                            Objective: The associate will inform and instruct the patient/ family about the use of all
                                                    equipment and the medication prescribed for the patient.
                                                        Gives the patient verbal/ written information about asthma and the
                                                        pediatric asthma program at St. Vincent’s.
                                                        Instructs patient/ family to notify the nurse of any change in patient
                                                        Documents all instructions given to patient/ family.
Expected Outcomes                                   Objective: The associate will successfully demonstrate knowledge and skills in
                                                    performing all appropriate care for the pediatric asthma patient.
                                                        Demonstrates ability to give age specific care to the pediatric patient
                                                        and his family.
                                                        Reviews NICU policy # S-2-6085-VI related to the care of these patients.

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