Tasty and Nutritious Vegetable Soup by Subiandini


									                            Tasty and Nutritious Vegetable Soup

I've been in the market for a good vegetable soup recipe, and this one looks like it fits the
bill. It's got plenty of vegetables and even works in corn and potatoes, both of which I
love in soups (though I don't recall the last time I've ever had them both in one soup
bowl). And maybe the best part of this recipe is that it manages to work in chorizo while
still maintaining its "healthy" label. Talk about healthy and delicious.

You could probably skip the chorizo, but if you're doing so to try to follow a vegetarian
diet, there's no point—this recipe calls for chicken stock as a base. My Mom made a
version of this soup growing up. Now that I have two kids of my own, I see why: it’s
easy, nutritious and tastes delicious! Basically there are a few basic ingredients and the
rest is optional. It’s super-easy to customize this soup to your tastes!

It comes from The Joy of Cooking. I actually removed some of the ingredients from the
recipe to make it quicker. I removed the pistou (French Pesto) which I think is
unnecessary. I also removed the pasta in the recipe. The recipe calls for 2 handfuls of
spaguetti which you can add with the zucchini at the end until cooked. When I make a
vegetable soup, I like it to be full of vegetables and very low calorie. This is the kind of
soup that you can eat bowl after bowl without feeling heavy. The saffron adds a touch of
gold to the recipe.

•      Aids in maintaining weight

•      Gives energy

•      Helps in down ward movement of air and feces

•      Improves digestion and is easy to digest

•      Increases appetite

•      It provides the vitamins and minerals essential to the body

•      Relieves anorexia

•      Relieves tiredness
•     This soup has the combined qualities of all the vegetables

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