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									                                               The English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd

  We are delighted to publish our first monthly newsletter
Beyond the Rink and hope that you as an Indoor Bowler
enjoy reading what is happening on and off the rink.
  This publication will be produced monthly and will be available to download from and we would
like the Indoor Bowling community to contribute to any future content. Therefore if you have any success stories
which would be of benefit to other clubs / players then please do let us know.
  In the meantime we hope that you are having an enjoyable season to date and long may this continue.
Peter Thompson
Chief Operating Executive
 England dominate the first                                                                         Water Rates
  British Isles U18 Series
  Teams from England, Scotland, Ireland,
Wales and the Channel Islands assembled                                                             The EIBA Ltd have been liaising closely
                                                                                                    with the CCPR following the news that
at the Jim Baker Stadium in County                                                                  some water companies had changed
Antrim, Ireland, and marched on to the                                                              how they applied their rates to Sports
green to begin this inaugural playing of                                                            Clubs with regards to Surface Drainage.
the Under 18 Mixed Championships. Eng-                                                              In certain areas, mainly the North West,
                                                                                                    Community Groups, including sport, the
land played Scotland first, followed by                                                             criteria used to calculate the drainage
Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands.                                                             costs had led to substantial increases in
 A new strip has been introduced for the International players this year and the Under 18’s were    the rates due.
the first team to show this off and as they marched on to the green were outstanding in their red   Following a period of lobbying by the
                                                                                                    CCPR and other interested groups they
and white shirts and tracksuit tops. To look good gives confidence and our team looked great.       are delighted to announce that the
 The stadium echoed to the sound of the supporters cheering their respective teams on, as scores    Government will now introduce legisla-
were eagerly followed to find out which Country was pulling ahead. The England squad play-          tion to allow water companies to offer
ing 4 wood singles over 9 ends, 2 wood pairs over 9 ends and 2 wood triples over 7 ends, were       concessionary rates, a move which
                                                                                                    benefits sports clubs.
winning more games than they were losing giving our squad the boost they needed, particularly       This decision will be focused on and
over the Scots who are usually our biggest challenge.                                               ensuring that the legislation is brought in
 At the end of the day on Saturday, after having played all the Countries, it was England v Scot-   swiftly.
land, England        v Scotland, Wales v Ireland, and Wales v Channel Islands.                      To ensure that you as a Club are
                                                                                                    safeguarded please contact Peter
 Tension mounted as we all watched eagerly as first the Scots were ahead in some of the games       Thompson at the EIBA Ltd if you find that
and then England fought back. However at the end of the session when the scores were checked        the Surface Drainage rates have
the final was between the two England teams and the Scotland teams were also playing each           increased significantly.
other for 3rd and 4th places.
                                                                                                    There are initial steps which can be taken
  What an end to a wonderful occasion. The idea of Brian Davies, the British BIIBC Secretary        up with your water company and the
to hold an Under 18 Mixed Championship had come true – the event was a great success, par-          EIBA will be pleased to assist if this occurs.
ticularly for England whose squad had won the Silver BIIBC Trophy as well taking the
Runners-up Trophy.

                                                                           WIN AN EIBA LTD FLEECE
 Two of the worlds greatest ever bowlers David Bryant C.B.E. &
Tony Allcock M.B.E. performed the Opening Ceremony at The
Dorset Golf & Bowls Resort’s new 3 rink Indoor Bowls Arena, at
Bere Regis, on the 16th October.
 It was the first time that the two stars, who have won 29 World        Which Country did England win the inaugural British
Bowls titles between them, have together opened a new bowling                   Isles U18 International Series in?
 Over 200 people attended the Opening; guests included the             Please send your answer to under
Chief Executives of Bowls England and The English Indoor                the subject of Competition or post to EIBA Ltd, David
Bowling Association, the EIBA Men’s & Ladies Presidents, and             Cornwell House, Bowling Green, Melton Mowbray,
the Dorset Indoor & Outdoor Presidents, a real who’s who of the                        Leicestershire, LE13 0FA.
Bowls World
 Davis Rhys Jones introduced the guests in his normal witty and               Closing Date 30th ovember 2009
informative manner, and Andy Thomson, England Captain &
Graham Shadwell, England skip and Commonwealth team mem-
ber, played a very high quality exhibition match which everyone
enjoyed.                                                                  EW STATIO ERY
 John Champion the Dorset Resort, Bowls Director thanked
everyone for all their help and support in making the new venture
                                                                            PART ER
such a success. Over 100 new bowlers have been coached over
the last month, and the new Club Leagues are starting shortly. In     The English Indoor Bowling Association Limited
November the bowls visitors will be coming to The Dorset, this        has teamed up with Lyreco UK Ltd as its new
will help the local economy, and will safeguard jobs in this diffi-   stationery supplier. As a partner of the EIBA Ltd
cult economic climate.
 A delicious buffet was provided in The Clubhouse where every-
                                                                      Lyreco UK are delighted to offer all Affiliated
one met the honoured guests and mingled with fellow bowlers,          Clubs and Counties the same exclusive rates and
all who attended agreed it was a fantastic opening for this presti-   service.
gious new bowling centre; Andy Thomson commented that it was          For details of how to sign up to the arrangement
the best Opening he had ever been to! David Bryant said in his        please contact Jon Stephens, Account Manager,
speech that if he was going to join a Bowls Club he would join
The Dorset, he said the location and facilities were second to
                                                                      Lyreco UK on 07766 472 792 or email
none! Praise indeed from The Great Man himself!             
 The English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd

    I TER ATIO AL TRIALS                                             MARKETI G FLYERS
The International Committee have selected                          There are still a number of A4 marketing
  these players for the following trials: -                        flyers available for Clubs who want to
                                                                    promote themselves in their area.
Senior Ladies at Bromsgrove IBC Sunday 6th December                 Please contact the office on 01664 481900
                                                                     to arrange a supply.
    Sue Allen               Wendy King
    Carole Baker            Sue Mart
                                                           Good Luck with the recruitment campaign
    Jean Baker              Carole McLean
    Michelle Barlow         Liz Messer
    Barbara Bellamy         Amy Monkhouse              British Isles Over 50s International
    Pamela Cutts            Catherine Popple
    Karen Edmondson         Ruth Rogers                   England went one better at this years Over 50s
    Ellen Falkner           Julie Saunders            International at Bodelwyddan Castle, Wales and came
    Janice Gower            Sarah Seymour                        away as runners up to Ireland.
    Annette Hallett         Linda Southby
    Katherine Hawes         Debbie Stavrou                      Congratulations to the team of
    Melanie Haylett         Penny Strong                  Pip Branfield, Tony Horobin, Mike London,
    Sandy Hazell            Barbara Tew                  John Ottaway, Mick Sharp, Graham Standley,
    Ann Hill                Liz Tunn                             Brian Taylor and Bill Ward.
    Katrina Jones           Jackie Turner
    Vicki King              Helen Wall

                                                           DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
    We wish all the players the best in                 Presentation Lunch Saturday 8th May 2010
           their endeavours.                          AGM Saturday 5th June 2010 Melton Mowbray
 The English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd

                                BRITISH GAS
                                                                                              CLUB NEWS
                               BUSINESS JOIN
                            FORCES WITH EIBA Ltd

British Gas Business will be working with the English Indoor
                                                                       VETTING & BARRING SCHEME UPDATE
Bowling Association Ltd to help benefit the Association and      The new legislation “Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006” is
its affiliated clubs.                                          being phased in section by section this autumn. From the 12th October
  We will be providing a quotation service, which means that   2009 there will be no ‘standard’ checks for people working with children
you will have the chance to use British Gas Business as your
                                                               or vulnerable adults. All clearances will be at ‘enhanced’ level. The cur-
gas and electricity supplier on competitive contract rates.
You can also let us know when your existing contract ends      rent scheme of CRB clearances through TMG/CRB will continue.
and we can arrange to call you back on the appropriate date.     From July 2010 a new application form will be introduced when CRB
  If your club does switch to British Gas Business you will    and the new ISA registration will be combined on one document. All
benefit from:                                                  people working with children and vulnerable adults can commence to be
A dedicated account manager                                    registered with the new ISA scheme. However, because of the volume
Direct dial telephone number, to your account manager          of expected numbers these registrations will be phased in over the next
Fixed price contracts (at very competitive rates)              5 years. The charge for the combined CRB/ISA will continue to be free
Smooth transfer of supply
                                                               for volunteers, but £64.00 for those people who are employed by sport
 When you are ready to request a quotation simply call         or clubs/associations.
07789 571627and ask for Mark Whiting who will provide you       From November 2010 there will be a legal requirement to register. The
with contract prices for any meters that we can support.       Independent Safeguarding Authority is a government agency set up
Sadly we can only quote for business meters and when you       under the above Act. ISA will hold a database of all those people who
call could you please also:                                    work with children and vulnerable adults and determine whether they
 Try to have in mind when you last changed suppliers for       are suitable.
these meters as this will help keep our records up to date.
                                                                This brand new scheme will involve all bowlers who work with children
Have your bill/bills to hand
 We at British Gas Business look forward to a long and         and vulnerable adults on a regular basis. (‘REGULAR’ currently mean-
meaningful relationship.                                       ing once a month or more and/or 3 or more days in a 30 day period)+

Andrew Wells Field Manager                                     Child Advisory Panel                                              October 2009

 The 2010 Rating Revaluation will take
                                                               Reprotec are very proud and honoured to be given the opportunity to sponsor the
 effect from 1st April 2010 - the first for five years.
                                                               English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd. As part of our support we are offering all
 As a result the majority of commercial properties             Indoor Bowling Clubs access to our full range of photocopying machines and desk
 will experience changed rateable values.                      top printers at special major account bulk purchasing prices including low cost
                                                               lease rental packages.
 This new Rating List will be deposited following              Reprotec are specialists in the supply and servicing of reprographic equipment
 a period of economic difficulty and the credit                throughout the UK. During our 28 years we have grown dramatically through cus-
 crunch has clearly had a major effect on rental val-          tomer referrals and by developing healthy long term working relationships. Full on-
 ues throughout the UK. It remains to be seen how              site training is also provided to enable end users to obtain the very best from the
 the Valuation Office Agency will treat the decline,           equipment.
 as the antecedent valuation date for this revalua-            If you would like to find out more about Reprotec and our business ethos please
 tion is 1st April 2008. This also coincided with              visit our website If you would like to discuss any future
 the much criticised changes in empty property                 copying or printing requirements you may have, please email
 relief that have punished many commercial            or telephone 0115 9400900 quoting:
                                                                                                EIBA SUPPORT 2
 landowners who have been unable to find tenants.
                                                                     As an introductory incentive we are offering the initial
 Draft rateable values and summary valua-                      £75.00 worth of copying free of charge for any orders placed before
 tions were announced by the Valuation Office                                          January 29th 2010.
 Agency on 1st October 2009. Please contact us
 now for urgent rates advice on the 2010 Rating                I hope we can be of assistance in the future
 Revaluation, the first for 5 years.
                                                               Kevin C Lock
                                                               Managing Director
 Sanderson Weatherall offers commercially astute
 and thoroughly professional advice to                                 Copiers, Printers, Print finishing, Multifunctional products
 clients, which is fully compliant with the
 RICS/IRRV/RSA Rating Consultancy Code of                                    Reprotec Office Solutions Ltd
 Practice.                                                         38, Churchill Park, Colwick, ottingham G4 2HF

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