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									                                                                 DECEMBER 2009 VOL. 51, NO.3

Skating and Hockey Night
Saturday, January 16, 2010
The Pavillion, 130 Racco Parkway, Thornhill
7:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.
Pizza, drinks, and snacks will be served.

Half-day Seminar and
Charitable Draw Dinner
Monday, February 1, 2010
Beth Torah Synagogue, 47 Glenbrook Avenue, Toronto
2:00 p.m.
Dr. Perschbacher            Radiology
Dr. Sara Solomon            Dental Ergonomics and Back Pain
Dr. Ramzi Haddad            The Dental Spa  INSIDE
                                                       Medical Emergencies in
                                                       the Dental Office
                                                       Alpha Omega
                                                       On Sex, Drugs and
                                                       Alpha Omega visits the
                                                       Dead Sea Scrolls
Sheryl’s Schmooze
                                                                                                        Published bi-monthly by
                                                                                                 Toronto Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega

FERBLUNGET – “All shook up”(                              Elvis PrEslEy)
                                                                                                 128 Willowdale Ave., Toronto,
                                                                                                 Ontario M2N 4y2
                                                                                                 Tel: 416-250-7417 Fax: 416-250-8668
seeking respite from the daily toils of                        grace before the lunch meal
dental practice this past summer, an                           made many references to
internet search provided the perfect                           Jesus, only to be followed        Editor
                                                                                                 BArry reinBlATT
combination of a holiday and tax                               by chicken wrapped in
                                                                                                 c/o Alpha Omega, 128 Willowdale Ave.
write-off – a trip to Nashville to the                         bacon. At dinner, the pig         Toronto, Ontario M2N 4y2
Tennessee Academy of General                                   roast at the Hawaiian luau        TEl: (HOME) 905-886-7497
Dentistry convention. After                                    did not offend as much –          (OFFicE) 905-725-9954
aggressive fee chopping on Priceline                           after all it was a luau and       FAx: 905-725-5830
with The Negotiator, William shatner,                          there were other food
the Marriott cool springs was booked for        selections so one could avoid this traif,        Assistant Editor
                                                                                                 ShArOn PerlmuTTer
$45 per night and we were off to Nashville.     should one wish to.
                                                                                                 Advertising Committee Chair
(call me for info on Priceline!).               i thought hard about Alpha Omega and             AlAn KreidSTein 416 630-6282
country music is the lifeblood of               how those in our Fraternity who are not          Entertainment 2009
Nashville, but music fans of every genre        Jewish might feel as they enter a                mArilyn WeinriB
will be amazed when they visit the              synagogue to attend one of our functions,        Days and Evenings 416-638-6161
country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole           and listen as we recite a blessing in            Art Direction
Opry and Historic rcA studio B, where           Hebrew to give thanks for the meal which         rOger murrAy And ASSOCiATeS inC.
Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton        we are about to eat. surely they must feel       Tel: 905-880-7188 ext. 2 Fax: 905-880-3326
and innumerable others recorded many of         the same level of discomfort that i felt in
their blockbuster hit songs. And, Paul          Nashville.
                                                                                                 The opinions as expressed by the editors and
simon’s immortal words kept resonating in       i have polled some of my friends on this         columnists of the AorTA do not necessarily
my brain: “For reasons i cannot explain         issue – and the prevailing thought is that       reflect the views of Toronto Alumni Chapter
there’s some part of me that wants to see       those who join Alpha Omega know that             and/or its executive. All correspondence should
Graceland”, so we trekked 200 miles east        our fraternity base is Judaism – or, it seems    be sent to the Editor c/o Alpha omega, Toronto.
of Nashville to the land of the delta blues –   to be more politically correct these days to
Memphis. Notwithstanding Elvis’ gold            say that Alpha Omega is based on Judaic          nexT exeCuTive meeTing
cadillac with the shag carpet interior,         values. so, our non-Jewish members know          Monday, January 11, 2010
visiting the deep south was an eye opener       what they are getting into before they sign      nexT AOrTA deAdline (feBruAry)
for this Bathurst Manor expatriate.             up.                                              Monday, January 4, 2010
in Memphis, the stax Museum of rock and         i wrote to Dr. leon E. stanislav, chairman
soul chronicles the rise of soul music in                                                        nOTABle AChievemenTS
                                                of the Tennessee Academy of General
this racially charged city. Although                                                             Please inform the AorTA of fraters or members
                                                Dentistry to let him know that i would           of their families who have achieved success,
segregation was the order of the day, music     never join his group should i ever to move       honours or milestones.
transcended the divisions of black and          to Nashville, as i felt that the Academy
white until “the day the music died” –          should make all feel welcome and                 BenevOlenCe
Martin luther King’s assassination in the       inclusive. His response to me was as             Please call Samuel Newman regarding illnesses
lorraine Motel in Memphis in 1968.              follows:                                         or deaths of fraters.
                                                                                                 Office: 416-922-3632
some 41 years since this seminal event in       “i hope you enjoyed the local area some.         Home: 416-782-9850
American and civil rights history, one          i do indeed appreciate your comments and
simply would not expect to see continued        thank you for them. As to the prayer, we         ASSOCiATe PlACemenT
blatant discrimination based on the colour      live in an area called the “bible belt” and      Fraters who are interested in having an associate
of one’s skin. But, a quick visit to the        southern Baptists are the most common            join their practice or who are interested in
Krispy Kreme location closest to Graceland                                                       associating with another dentist (full or part-
                                                denomination along with other protestant
brought the realities of the day to the                                                          time) contact Philip Novack
                                                religions (i grew up catholic in the
forefront as a white patron shouted that he                                                      Office: 416-224-2114
                                                Midwest). While i completely understand          Fax: 416-224-1282
did not want to be served by the black          your viewpoint and respect it, i must tell
waitress behind the counter.                    you that such christian fundamental
And, back at the Academy of General             practices are common, accepted, and
Dentistry meeting, i was aghast as the
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                                                                                                                        AORTA DECEMBER 2009        3
Sheryl’s Schmooze
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expected. i know very well how much of          would like Alpha Omega to mediate this          paedodontist, talking about new advances
the rest of the world may be but in the         problem.                                        in fluorides.
southern Us, you can anticipate this            DArA, doctors against racism and anti-          This fall those Alpha Omegans who take
practice. Just a head’s up when in rome :)      semitism, is a “grass roots organization of     advantage of our varied programming
dr. moira loucks, a fellow Alpha                health care professionals whose activities      have had outstanding programs to attend.
Omegan who sat next to me for 4 years in        are directed at opposing racism and anti-       Our annual Fraternity Night held early in
dental school (lipton, lOucks) was my           semitism in the medical realm specifically      september offered some new twists to our
travelling companion to Tennessee. Her          and academic environments generally”.           tried and true program. i was very proud
knowledge of the civil war was invaluable       certainly Alpha Omega and DArA share            to honour every Executive member with
as our Marriott hotel was only minutes          many of the same ideals and goals which i       their installation in front of their peers by
from Franklin, where the confederate            hope that you will all support by easily        outgoing canadian regional Director, dr.
army fought the federalists in a battle         signing up on their website at                  Avi Wurman, and international President,
which has been called “the bloodiest   dr. michael Bloom, co-            dr. daniel uditsky installed me. Frater
hours of the American civil War.”               founder of DArA will be speaking with           richard rodney most deservedly
However, Moira’s historic expertise was         us at the Half Day seminar and charitable       received the Achievement Award after
priceless with her retort to Dr. stanislav’s    Draw Dinner on Monday February 1, 2010          being introduced by our long-time
intolerant email when she said: “so too         and i hope that you will all be there to        executive assistant, and rick’s wife,
was lynching a part of the deep south but       hear this dynamic speaker.                      Sheila rodney. Our room at Adath israel
we don’t do that anymore”.                      November’s cruel winds are howling and          was beautifully decorated by committee
living in Toronto with a Jewish dean at         cold rain is falling. surely winter’s wrath     chair, dr. Shelley Kestenberg, who
the Faculty of Dentistry, University of         is not far behind. But the lights of the        personally created over 30 gorgeous floral
Toronto, it is easy to be complacent and        menorah will warm our hearts and stir           centerpieces and the atmosphere was
think “why Alpha Omega today?” The              our souls this December as family and           enhanced with candles which were lit on
days of quotas and discrimination are           children re-tell the miracle of the oil which   each table in blessed memory of our
gone. But we hear daily reports of acts of      lasted 8 days. And, our annual Alpha            fraters drs. Jerry giblon and Allan
anti-semitism right in our own backyard.        Omega chanukah Party will bring our             Winnick who passed away this year, as
israel-bashing has reached a fever pitch.       fraters young and old together with their       well as to honour the israeli soldiers that
University campuses are awash in anti-          children and grandchildren for a fabulous       have fallen. A testament to the success of
israel rhetoric and international celebrities   morning of entertainment and food! This         the evening was the large number of
throw their support behind Palestinian          year’s event will be held at the new and        fraters who stayed way past the dessert to
causes.                                         beautiful Beth Torah synagogue and we           continue their schmoozing.

sadly, history has shown us that we             will be entertained by children’s singer        Our visit to the Dea sea scrolls on October
cannot let our guard down. vigilance and        Brent Atkins, and the mysteries of science      18th was a huge success! Fraters were
strength is necessary at all times.             are revealed with the entertainers, Mad         treated to an inspirational lecture by mr.
i received a call from a frater that his        science.                                        Alex gropper and after visiting the
daughter wants to write her DAT test, but       Our next evening continuing education at        exhibit we returned to the beautiful glass
the family is shomer shabbat and she can        Adath israel synagogue is Tuesday               room at the rOM for high tea, fressing
not write the test on a saturday. They          December 8, 2009 with dr. Sara Werb,            and camaraderie. Our program was sold
                                                                                                out with a long waiting list and
                                                                                                unfortunately there was simply no way to

From the Editor
                                                                                                accommodate those who didn’t sign up
                                                                                                quickly as the rOM could only provide us
                                                                                                with a limited number of tickets. A big
                                                                                                thank you to committee chair dr. Carole
This month’s AOrTA is an editor’s and a reader’s dream. There                                   gruson for all of her work and advice.
is almost more content than there is room. To that end, i will let                              “Herodontics” the opening evening
you explore this issue on your own to find what interests you.                                  continuing education seminar, was an
i know there is enough variety for everyone to find something                                   enlightening and thought-provoking
they want to read.                                                                              seminar given by periodontist, dr. yair
Please enjoy, and remember to send me your feedback, positive                                   lenga. The large and diversified turnout
or constructive, to
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Information Security and Managing Risk

       here is a growing awareness in the      information security is a                             manager. This policy is an aggregate
       dental field about the importance       dynamic process. it is not                            of rules and guidelines that define
       of information technology in            something that can be                                 how an organization manages,
running efficient and productive offices.      checked off a to-do list and                          protects, and distributes
The benefits of integrating digital systems    then forgotten about.                                 information. The policy defines,
are numerous and well-publicized.              “security? yeah, we have it.”                         among other things, the roles of
However, the progress towards all-digital      is a statement that reveals                           people with access to information in
practice management is hampered by fear        ignorance about the underlying issues.          the office, such as front office staff,
and resistance to change, both of which        The reality of information security is that     dentists, hygienists, etc. Once defined and
stem from a fear of the unknown. One of        it is an ongoing balancing act between          agreed upon by key stakeholders, the
the major concerns about electronic            understanding the risks, protecting vital       policy is read and signed by all staff
patient records is keeping those records       assets, allocating the budget to do it right,   members. The policy states in clear terms
safe and secure.                               and maintaining usability to ensure             what assets are important for the practice
Patient records such as those found in a       smooth operations.                              to protect, how it will go about protecting
dental office are a treasure trove for         The challenge of securing your office           the assets, who is responsible, who is
identity thieves. Medical and dental           against breaches may seem daunting at           accountable and what are the
offices are tantalizing targets because they   first. Where to begin? The industry             consequences as well as actions to be
have relatively lax physical security, and     accepted best practice approach starts          taken in the event things go wrong.
few if any defenses against computer           with a policy. An information security          Once a security policy is defined, the next
network intrusions and tactics that            policy is a document that is created by an      step is ensuring that it is enforced. One of
malicious criminals use to gain access to      iT security professional in coordination                                 Continued on page 16
valuable patient personal data.                with the practice owner and office

                                                                                                                  AORTA DECEMBER 2009     5
                                                                                              if a medical condition exists, when was it
Medical Emergencies in the                                                                    diagnosed? How is it being treated? What
                                                                                              are the limitations/restrictions? is it under
Dental Office Part 1                                                                          control? What is the prognosis? Does
DAVID GOODMAN BSc. AEMCA Paramedic                                                            anything trigger the condition or make it
“Ambulance 2176,                               History Taking as a means of                   Does the patient take any prescription
you are being                                  Prevention                                     medications, over-the-counter
dispatched to 1478                             Golf is most definitely not a sport i excel    medications or nutritional supplements
Greenbrook rd., a                              in, though i did shoot 7 under par on a        and for what reason/condition? What
dental office for a 64                         very challenging 18 at the mini putt. One      dose? What time of day/night? Are there
year old male who is                           very valuable skill i obtained while taking    recent/newly prescribed medications for
unconscious and not                            golf lessons years ago was to always plan      a new condition? is the patient compliant
breathing.”                                    ahead rather than swing away and wait to       with all their medications?
“10-4, we’re on our way.” (sirens blaring)     see what happens. shoot with intent.
                                                                                              Does the patient have any allergies and if
                                               Always plan 2 to 3 shots ahead and try to
(On scene) “i need an iv sTAT, push                                                           so, what are they? When was the last time
                                               anticipate the potential outcome of your
harder, push faster, make those chest                                                         they had a reaction? What was the
                                               actions. These basic principles many of us
compressions count (30:2). Quick, i need                                                      trigger? Do they have an EpiPen and if so,
                                               exercise when enjoying a game of golf can
the epinephrine and lidocaine, the                                                            have they had to use it? Have they been
                                               extend to our patients as well.
defibrillator is charging, everyone stand                                                     hospitalized in the past for a severe
clear.”                                        History taking is a valuable assessment        allergic reaction? Does the patient have
                                               tool and information gathered can be a         asthma? Does the patient take beta
(shock delivered) “Ok, continue cPr.”
                                               potential predictor of medical                 blockers? *A more severe and life-threatening
“it’s too late...if only there was a           emergencies which may arise for a
defibrillator on site, he might have been                                                     anaphylactic reaction can occur in asthmatics
                                               particular patient. in addition, gathering     and patients who are on beta blockers.
saved.”                                        specific and pertinent patient information
The above scenario was an actual                                                              Does the patient currently have a primary
                                               may provide clues to effectively treat each
ambulance call i was involved in at a                                                         care physician? Do they have annual
                                               specific emergency.
dental office which had a most                                                                physicals? When was their last physical?
                                               There are two parts to history taking. The     Are they currently being treated for a new
unfortunate outcome. let me introduce          first is the initial assessment/general
myself. My name is david goodman. i                                                           medical condition?
                                               impression, the “look test”, followed by a
am a paramedic and founder of Heaven                                                          Has the patient been hospitalized in the
                                               focused and detailed question and answer
can Wait Emergency First Aid Training.                                                        past and if so, what was/were the
                                               period. When you first meet a patient,
in my years working as a paramedic i                                                          reasons? How long were they in hospital
                                               history taking begins as you take note of
have been dispatched to dozens of                                                             and what was the outcome?
                                               their gender, age, race, physical condition,
medical emergencies at dental offices          while being cognisant of any abnormal          Has the patient had any recent or past
ranging from mild emergencies to very          breathing sounds (e.g. wheezes, crackles       surgeries and why?
serious ones.                                  etc), any shortness of breath on exertion,     is the patient pregnant?
According to a study published in JADA         skin colour/tone (e.g. pale), clubbing of      Does the patient have any obvious
in 1986, an incidence rate of 7.5 medical      the fingernails, overall hygiene and/or        surgical scars or implantable devices?
emergencies per dentist occurred over a        any obvious physical or mental
10-year span1. it’s not a matter of “if” but   conditions/disabilities.                       Patient’s Personal Habits
a matter of “when” a dental emergency                                                         Tobacco, alcohol, drug and other related
                                               The second portion of history taking is a
will strike your clinic. Will you be                                                          substance use or abuse
                                               focused question and answer period
prepared?                                      which is further divided into past medical     immunizations
in this two-part article, i will discuss       history and the patient’s personal habits.     sleep patterns
history taking and prevention strategies,      As a paramedic i have devised an               Marital status
medical emergencies common in the              acronym to help me remember specific           Occupation (e.g. past and present work;
dental office, specific treatment              medical conditions which i ask all my          were they exposed to environmental or
algorithms which can be implemented for        patients; Dr.BOsH (diabetes, respiratory,      other toxins?)
all medical emergencies, and what steps a      blood pressure, other medical conditions,
dentist and his/her staff can employ to be                                                    Travel (e.g. exposure to contagious
                                               seizures, heart problems).
better prepared to handle medical                                                             disease?)
emergencies efficiently and effectively        Past Medical History                           living conditions (house, apartment,
when they arise.                               What is the general/overall health of the      cleanliness, pets etc.)
                                               patient? Do they have any health/medical
                                               conditions? (e.g. Dr.BOsH)

Medical Emergencies
 in the early 1980’s, a study conducted in
Japan revealed that 19%-44% of dentists
had at least one patient who experienced a
medical emergency in any one year, 8% of
which were serious in nature. it was found
that 35% of these patients had underlying
medical conditions, 33% being that of
cardiovascular disease. The most common
medical emergency, according to one study
which combined U.s. and canadian
statistics, was syncope which occurred in
50% of patients.1,3 it is important to
mention that syncope can be caused by a
variety of more serious underlying medical
conditions such as heart problems, postural
hypotension, drugs/toxins and low blood
sugar to name a few. Other common and
potentially serious medical emergencies
which occur in the dental setting are
asthma attacks, severe allergic reactions,
diabetic emergencies, angina pectoris/
myocardial infarction, seizures,
unconsciousness and cardiac arrest.
Knowledge is Power while
Assumptions can have Deadly
Dentists can better prepare themselves for
medical emergencies by becoming familiar

                                                 Is getting payment out
with the signs and symptoms of the most
common medical emergencies previously
listed, as well as the differential diagnoses
for each particular condition. Treat every
patient as an individual and always look at
the “big picture” when dealing with
medical emergencies when they arise.
                                                 of some of your patients
A good routine, when dealing with medical
emergencies is to always look at the worst
case scenario and the possible contributing
                                                 like pulling teeth?
factor(s) in that particular medical
emergency. Take into consideration the           Don’t wait until it’s too late,
signs and symptoms, the history of the
patient, and the potential differential          do something about it now
diagnoses working your way backwards
towards an accurate diagnosis. remember,
anxiety is a diagnosis of exclusion and                    CANADIAN CORPORATE LEGAL SERVICES INC.
therefore should be your last diagnosis for                “The effective way to get debtors to pay”
a patient after you’ve ruled out more
serious and deadly causes of an emergency.
                                                 cAll Us AT:        416.784.3770
in part 2 of Medical Emergencies in the
Dental Office, i will be discussing
                                                 Or EMAil Us:
treatment algorithms which can be put into       visiT OUr WEBsiTE:
operation for all medical emergencies in
the dental office, potential causes of the       We have been reuniting ontario dentists with their
unconscious patient, and how a dental            receivables for over 20 years – you should see those smiles!
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                                                                                                  AORTA DECEMBER 2009   7
                                                                                              encourages our older, experienced
Alpha Omega Mentorship –                                                                      members to join and help and build
                                                                                              bridges to our new members. Passing on
We can help you grow.                                                                         the torch, showing a new professional
                                                                                              how to avoid the trials and tribulations of

      he roots of the practice of               focusing on a relationship which will         what we went through, elevating the
      mentorship are lost in antiquity.         centre on mentoring our young members         standard of care of the profession,
      The word itself was inspired by the       in clinical dentistry, practice management,   maintaining a lifetime of Fraternalism,
character of Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey.         work life balance and the values of           Friendship and Networking.
Though the actual Mentor in the story is a      fraternity.                                   For the Mentees this will be a unique
somewhat ineffective old man, the               A list of Alpha Omega Mentors is being        opportunity within the profession. We are
goddess Athena takes on his appearance          compiled that will include long-standing,     blessed to have so many world renowned
in order to guide young Telemachus in his       seasoned Alpha Omegans of all specialties     clinicians in our chapter and the Mentees
time of difficulty.                             and interests, leaders in their respective    will have the opportunity to have
When Odysseus left for the Trojan War he        areas and role models. A second list of       guidance, support and help along the
placed Mentor, an old friend, in charge of      Mentees will be of graduating or recently     initial phase of their careers. invaluable
his son, Telemachus. Athena, disguised as       graduated students. The aim will be to        advice about each stage of one’s career,
Mentor, guides Telemachus on a journey          match up the Mentor and Mentee and            financial insights that only experience and
to discover his father, his heritage, and his   nurture a relationship that will guide the    hard lessons can teach and clinical
inheritance. Telemachus is not guided to        Mentee through the initial stages of their    guidance that only wet fingered
discover the riches of plundered Troy,          professional career, lifetime of Fraternal    experience can amass. A match between
rather he is guided by Mentor to discover       involvement and Judaic values. We are in      Mentor and Mentee will help form bonds
his father and heritage.                        a sense trying to build bridges between       of friendship, knowledge, clinical and
Perhaps the same can be applied to              our seasoned veterans and our eager           personal success.
mentorship, which guides us to                  rookies, in an effort to maintain the light   We hope that we see you join this
understand the inheritance within us and        that is Alpha Omega and give much             outstanding program and become
our full potential in our chosen                needed guidance to some.                      involved in making our fraternity and
profession.                                     What’s in it for the Mentors? in the Greek    profession the envy of all others.
The Alpha Omega Mentorship program is           myth, Mentor is often describes as an         if you are interested in becoming a
                                                ineffective old man. Our program              mentor or mentee please send an email to:
Alpha Omega visits                                                                            Alpha Omega Mentorship

the Dead Sea Scrolls                                                                          We can help you grow
                                                                                              Email to sign up
Alpha Omega visited the Dead sea scrolls        tea/ dessert
at the rOM on sunday, October 18, 2009.         reception
This was a co-sponsored event with the          catered by GMB                                Medical Emergencies in
United Jewish Appeal. it was truly a            caterers.                                     the Dental Office Part 1
remarkable event and was oversubscribed         This was a                                    Continued from page 7
due to the limited amount of tickets that       wonderful
the rOM would allow us to have for the                                                        clinic can be optimally prepared to deal
                                                event and
event.                                                                                        with medical emergencies.
                                                thanks must go Mr. Alex Gropper
The afternoon began with a short                to dr. Sheryl
                                                                                              1. Fast TB, Martin MD, Ellis TM. Emergency
informative UJA video outlining the work        lipton for all her work and foresight into    preparedness: a survey of dental parishioners.
of the UJA and the case for giving for this     bringing this event to Alpha Omega. it        JADA1986; 112:499-501.
year’s campaign. immediately following          was a very successful collaboration with      2. Matsuura H. Analysis of systemic complications and
the video we were treated to a very             UJA and thanks also go to robyn Pollack,      deaths during dental treatment in Japan. Anes Prog.
                                                                                              1989; 36:223–225.
entertaining and enlightening                   the UJA staff person responsible for the
                                                                                              3. Malamed sF. Medical Emergencies in the Dental
presentation by mr. Alex gropper,               Dentist and Hygienist division, for all her   Office. 5th ed. st louis: Mosby; 2000:58–91.
renowned teacher, professor and                 efforts in helping to make this event so
                                                                                              David Goodman is a Paramedic and founder of
archeologist, who was instrumental in           enjoyable. Also thanks to Jackie at the
                                                                                              Heaven Can Wait Emergency First Aid
bringing the Dead sea scrolls to Toronto.       Alpha Omega office and to
                                                                                              Training. David may be reached at
After Mr. Gropper’s presentation we             dr. Charles goldberg, my husband, for
broke into groups and were taken on a           taking the photographs of the event.
tour of the Dead sea scrolls exhibit. The       Carole gruson                                 or feel free to contact David at 416-331-8855.
afternoon concluded with a lovely high

Sunday, november 29
Beth Torah synagogue.
Tuesday, dec. 8, 2009
Dr. sara Werb talking on 'New Advances
in Fluorides and remineralization with
AcP. Adath israel synagogue
Wed. dec. 23 and 30, 2009
Dr. Novack's Florida seminar
implant complications: Etiology,
Prevention, and Treatment!
for more information contact
Dr. Novack at 416-224-2114 or by email at
Wednesday, feb. 24, 2010
Dr. robert Barron(OMFs) Medical
Emergencies and David Goodman AED's.
Sunday december 27, 2009 – Sunday
January 3, 2010
Western carribean from Miami.
monday January 11, 2010
Saturday, January 16, 2010
Pavillion ice Arena
friday, Jan. 22, 2010 – Sunday, Jan. 31,
2010. cervinia/Zermatt/rome.
monday february 1, 2010
Beth Torah synagogue.
Saturday, feb. 13, 2010 – Thursday,
feb. 18, 2010. steamboat, colorado
To be announced
check for future webcasts
and other international info. check for local up-to-date

2009 1st Alpha Omega Cruise
Convention, Carnival valor
December 27, 2009 – January 3, 2010.
7 day Western caribbean from Miami,
Florida. Book and pay early to secure
cabin. visit:

                                            AORTA DECEMBER 2009   9
On Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll

            y guess is, if one hundred of     dental department at Toronto Western
            you saw this page, 99 or 100 of   Hospital. There was a two ton metal filing
            you are reading this now. How     cabinet in the clinic, that hadn't been
could a dentist, possibly skip a title like   moved in about seventy years. it was
that, in a dental periodical? so, what the    about six feet high, and eight feet wide.
heck, why not read on? As the head of the     We were seeing a patient much older than
Toronto General Hospital dental               the filing cabinet, and when Dr. Mcc.
department once said to me, and two           reached up to grab the chart perched on
other dental students when we skipped a       top and leaning against the wall, he
Grand rounds lecture, because it was on       nudged it by accident, and one could hear
heart enzymes, and how they affected          a two or three second pfffttt, as it slid
God knows what – "Gentlemen, i didn't         down, and got stuck between the wall,
see you at Grand rounds yesterday."           floor, and cabinet. He calmly looked at us,
When one of my colleagues said "Well sir,     not nearly as taken aback as we were, and
we didn't think it had much to do with        said "FilED!"
dentistry." The good doctor replied "Next     same doc, next day, took us into the x-ray
time, i'd consider staying, and               viewing room. it was ten feet by ten feet,
heightening your level of ignorance."         and had viewboxes side by side on three
Touché. some of the most profound             walls. They were the big viewboxes. The
words i've heard to this day.                 three of us were standing there as he
less profound, but none the less amusing,     turned off the lights, and snapped three        with gloves on?" i don't remember how
came these words, from the head of the        or four large films of a carcinoma of the       long it took me to adjust, but eventually
                                              sinus, into the snaps. Pfftt, pfftt, pfftt,     things got back to normal. All i know
                                              pfftt. He paused for a moment, and then         now, after about thirty years in practice, is
                                              looked at us and said "i'm going to do          that for a lot of procedures, my hands
                                              that again." He pulled each one back            seem to take over. There isn't a lot that i
                                              down, and then again.... pfftt, pfftt, pfftt,   have to think about. so my mind is
                                              pfftt. He then turned back to us, and in        allowed to wander at times. And here's
                                              his most eloquent scottish brogue               what i thought about, while doing
                                              exclaimed "Makes you feel like a real           dentistry last week. Don't tell my patients!
                                              doctor, doesn't it!"                            if someone's name is Paul Harold Dee,
                                              i've heard some of my classmates call           and he goes to dental school, and
                                              dental school, the worst four years of their    eventually gets his Doctor of Philosophy
                                              life. i loved it! Even over the course of the   degree, would he be Dr. P. H. Dee, P.H.D.
                                              four years, when a paedo demo, a prostho        Next, a classmate of mine in grade three,
                                              demo, and a restorative demo, at different      was Gordon Gordon. i'm glad i never met
                                              times, in differing years, each got so          his parents. But, if someone's first name
                                              angry, they each tried to lift me up by the     was Dean, and their last name was Deen,
                                              lapels of my lab coat, unsuccessfully. i just   and they became the head of the Faculty
                                              think they didn't "get" me. i got me, and       of Dentistry one day, would they be
                                              would have been happy to explain, but           known as Dean Dean Deen? And, if my
                                              they never asked. i hope i didn't shorten       first name was randolph, and my last
                                              anyone's life. i guess i just didn't            name was Orthodontist, and i really loved
                                              understand the rules. But, it was a lot of      doing ortho, but i was a General
                                              fun.                                            Practitioner, would the rcDs come after
                                                                                              me, Dr. randolph Orthodontist, for
                                              i spent the first five years of practice
                                                                                              holding myself out as a specialist? And if
                                              trying to be comfortable, competent, and
                                                                                              they said i wasn't an Orthodontist, could i
                                              confident. When i finally achieved that, it
                                                                                              say "Well, yes and no."
                                              was about 1985, and the dental gods
                                              decided to say "O.K., but can you do it         Finally, (maybe), i read in the last Aorta,

that some members have complained that                 last, i promise, and for the two of you       autograph, so i said "Mikey, he's won
some recent humour articles weren't                    who have made it this far, i thank you        more games than any other coach in NBA
funny anymore. After this attempt, i'm                 from the bottom of my heart. Finally,         history." My son still ignored me. Out of
not about to argue the point. i don't have             about thirteen years ago my son and i         ideas, i implored him, "come on Mikey,
time, i'm still thinking about weird first             were at a raptors game at the skydome.        ask him for his autograph. He was a great
and last name possibilities. But here's an             We had good seats at centre court, and        player too." Mikey turned to me and said,
idea. There are about seven hundred                    about twenty five rows up. There were         only loud enough so that five rows
members of the fraternity. (sorry, society!)           usually four empty seats in front of us.      forward, and four rows backward could
And there are, i believe, six issues of the            They were property of the NBA, and were       hear, "i DON'T cArE WHO HE is, AND i
AOrTA a year. And four of us write these.              for visiting coaches and scouts. Well, the    DON'T WANT His AUTOGrAPH!!"
if everyone took a turn, my next deadline              Atlanta Hawks were playing the next           lenny turned around, looked me in the
wouldn't be for 116.7 years! come on                   night, and at the end of the first quarter,   eye, and said "smart kid you've got."
guys, you can do it!!                                  who sits down, but lenny Wilkens and          Prophetic words, lenny, prophetic words.
i said finally maybe. look back! Another               his assistant coaches. Well, i was beside
                                                                                                     And Happy Holidays to all.
thing just crossed my mind. should a man               myself. so i looked at my then eight year
about to get married, who picks randy                  old son, and began to tell him all about
Travis' "Forever and Ever, Amen", as the               lenny Wilkens. The only man in the
first wedding song, be worried, if his wife            Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach AND a
wants Michael Bolton's "i said i loved                 player, and that he should ask him for his
you, But i lied"... Probably.                          autograph. My son would have nothing
                                                       to do with it. But hey, i wanted his

 Jewish National Fund of Toronto has had a long and productive
 relationship with the Toronto Alumni Chapter of Alpha Omega Fraternity.
 Members of Alpha Omega have been very generous in assisting with the
 work of JNF in helping to build a strong, beautiful, peaceful and
 environmentally friendly Israel.
 When calling the JNF office to plant trees, please mention that you are a
 member of Alpha Omega. JNF will credit Alpha Omega’s project, taken
 out in 1999. This project was established to develop a partnership in a
 very special forest known as the “Jubilee Forest” at Yatir, located
 between Beersheba and Arad. The Jubilee Forest marks and celebrates
 the very special occasion of Israel’s 50th birthday.
 We are pleased to advise you that if you are planning to visit Israel, we
 can make the necessary arrangements for tree planting. It is a very
 moving experience to place a sapling in the soil of Israel and all it takes
 is a phone call to our office at 416-638-7200 to make arrangements. Tax
 receipts will be issued for the amount of the donation.
 The support of the membership of Alpha Omega is truly appreciated and
 we look forward to working with your fraternity for many years to come
 in our joint desire to ensure a stronger, greener Israel.

          Tel: 416-638-7200 • Fax: 416-638-7345
         Email: • Website:

                                                                                                                       AORTA DECEMBER 2009   11
A Slice of Pi

This year, the Alpha Omega Pi chapter is     alumni. Also during the
better than ever! We have a great            first week, we held our
executive who works tirelessly to            annual welcome BBQ at
organize and promote our many academic       the AO house. students
and social events. They are the following:   from all years as well as
ryan Schure, Treasurer; lani Kraus, isr;     many alumni and
Sean Prusky and daniel fingrut,              executive came out for
Clinicians; Cara lindsay and Jaclyn          great food and fun. On
glick, social reps; Sari hershenfield,       september 13, we had a
President-elect; Stacey Kirshenblatt, 3rd    very busy day. it began
year rep; ilana Silber and Sari novack,      with our Dean’s lunch in
2nd year reps; ralph dana and Jennie         which we welcomed the
Kuretzky 1st year reps.                      international President,
                                             daniel uditsky.
Throughout these last couple months, Pi
                                             Following the lunch, thirty
chapter has gotten off to a great start
                                             of our members attended                    contemporary art in downtown Toronto.
with many exciting events. The festivities
                                             the annual frat night dinner at Adath      A group of us ventured though the city
began during the first week of school with
                                             israel. Everyone had a fantastic time!     and explored all the interactive displays
our O-week reception in which first year
students were given the opportunity to       During October, Pi chapter organized       and activities. We met a lot of interesting
learn about the fraternity and network       “AO does Nuit Blanche” in which            people and had a great time.
with upper year members as well as           members participated in a celebration of   Our academic sessions have been ongoing

since the start of the school year and are
run by upper year students and alumni.
They focus on
specific courses
and tips for
clinic. Our
famous academic
packages for each
year have also
been a huge
Pi chapter has a
lot of exciting
upcoming events
including the annual Hanukkah party, big
sibling event, community outreach
program, and ski trip to Blue Mountain. i
encourage all of you to come out and
participate in these events!
looking forward to a great year with
many memories.

                                                                         FOR THE DENTAL PROFESSION
 • Mazel Tov to Dr. Gerald Zeit who was recently elected
   president of the canadian Association of Orthodontists.
 A number of Pi Chapter members received academic awards from the
 University of Toronto. The following is a list of all who received an
 award and the award they received. Mazel Tov to all:
 • Peter Bozavikov (John A. Bothwell scholarship and
   Willa Wen-lan liu chou Award).
 • Fehmida Dosani (irwin Fefergrad Award).
                                                                             our highly trained staff is competent to provide a
 • Bryan Waxman (Dr. Paula Gregory Memorial Award).                          complete service in every phase of orthodontic appliances
                                                                             for the orthodontist and general practitioner.
 • Tracey Hendler and Alice Wu (Dr. Alan K. Joe and
   Family scholarships in Orthodontics).                                 •   Essix Retainers • Habit Breakers • Herbst, Frankels
                                                                         •   Hilger Appliances • Activators, Bionators
 • Alice Wu (Dr. Michael Oliver Memorial scholarship).
                                                                         •   Expansion Appliances, fixed and removeable
 • Tracey Hendler (Ontario Dental Association                            •   Fixed and Removable Spacers • Mt. Sinai Splints
   Proficiency Award).                                                   •   Sagittal Appliances and Indirect Bonding
                                                                         •   T.M.J. and Surgical Splints; Gelb Appliances,
 • Fehmida Dosani (Oral Anatomy scholarship).
                                                                             Talon Night Guards
 • Tarunjot Kaur (Orthodontic Book Prize).
                                                                             Illustrated brochure available upon request
 • rebecca cohen (Prothodontics Prize).
                                                                                       Canadian OrthOdOntiC
 • Fehmida Dosani (Maxwell rockman Memorial Prize).
                                                                                       LabOratOries Limited
 • sameh Gad (Paul Takahashi scholarship).                                             12 LePage Court, North York, Ontario M3J 1Z9
 • sameh Gad (Albert E. Webster Memorial scholarship).                                 Telephone: (416) 630-9234

                                                                                                                   AORTA DECEMBER 2009   13
Alan Norton Winnick (1937-2009)

Alan norton Winnick succumbed to             his many academic appointments and            Department of
cancer on July 13, 2009. To his many         achievements. He was an Associate in          Dentistry at
professional colleagues, Alan was a          Dentistry, Department of Periodontology       scarborough
periodontist, professor, and dear friend.    at the University of Toronto, from 1963 –     General Hospital
Devoted to his family above all else, Alan   1995, a clinical Associate in                 from 1965 – 1980,
was a passionate advocate of the dental      Periodontology at the University of           and the
profession, the continuing importance of     Pennsylvania from 1991 – 2004. He was         Department of
clinical education, and Alpha Omega.         also on the continuing Education              Dentistry at
Alan was born and raised in Toronto,         committee, Department of                      Mount sinai
Ontario canada. He attended Harbord          Periodontology at the University of           Hospital in
collegiate institute, and Forest Hill        Toronto from 1967 – 1992, President           Toronto from
collegiate institute, before obtaining his   of The canadian Academy of                    1962 until his
DDs at University of Toronto in 1960. He     Periodontology in 1970, the curriculum        passing.
obtained his certificate of Periodontology   committee, Faculty of Dentistry at the        Among Alan’s many professional awards
from the University of Pennsylvania,         University of Toronto from 1987 – 1991,       were the H.K Box Medal in
Graduate school of Medicine in 1961, and     and the Faculty council (Elected), Faculty    Periodontology, the American Academy
from Boston University, school of            of Dentistry at the University of Toronto     of Oral Medicine Prize and the student
Medicine, Department of stomatology in       from 1992 – 1995.                             Participation Award in Undergraduate
1962.                                        Alan was also a Fellow in Periodontology      Activities in 1960, as well as the Alpha
Alan respected his profession, and his       at Beth israel Hospital, in Brookline Mass.   Omega international Dental Fraternity
peers, in many ways including through        From 1962 – 1963, affiliated with the         certificate of Merit in 1991.

Alan had numerous honourary                   was able to form passionate opinions,         respect and understanding – if not always
fellowships, teaching appointments and        which he loved to discuss and debate          perfect agreement. i know how valuable
publications of which he took great pride.    relentlessly.                                 these times were to dad and i am grateful
Each of his many invitations to speak on      Alpha Omega became one of dad’s most          beyond words for these friendships born
periodontal topics throughout his career      cherished passions. He joined as a young      of a shared professional commitment.
was met with both gratitude and               professional, in 1961, and the Alpha          As if his fourth child, dad needed to be
pleasure, and further illustrated his         Omega Fraternity immediately became a         sure that he had done everything he could
endless commitment to people and the          lifelong brotherhood. As he did with so       do to ensure dentistry’s continued success
profession.                                   many other of his passions, he dedicated      into the future. As colleague and friend
Notwithstanding his myriad of academic        himself to Alpha Omega fully and              Sidney golden remarked, Alan Winnick’s
and professional achievements, to his         unconditionally. Never a materialistic        dedication and talent served to literally
children – scott, Michael and Jennifer – he   man, dad donned his AO pins proudly as        pave the way for future periodontists. His
was simply “dad” and that was his             the Alpha Omega member, Periodontist –        leadership skills helped focus the
greatest achievement and pleasure of all.     Alan Winnick.                                 direction that many of the organizations
The legacy of caring for humankind and        The comaraderie that he felt toward his       he presided over elected to follow.
community involvement, the importance         Alpha Omega colleagues was appreciated        Way to go dad!
of academics, and the discipline required     by his three children, for it was often       Jennifer Walsh
for the endless pursuit of perfection were    manifest in a trip to Florida where dad
the examples he lived each day.               could combine his two favourite things:
yet, my everlasting memory of dad is          family, and an AO winter convention in         SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM
how he was able to cover the entire           the sun.                                       If any Alpha omega member knows of
surface of his car, our dining room table,    The last few months of dad’s functioning       individuals or corporations who may be
his night table, and our entire basement      life were not easy. yet, once again dad’s      interested in sponsoring our programs
(every inch of it!) with clinical slides,     profession and Alpha Omega were there          please let me know. This will ensure the
research papers, and dental journals.         for him. No longer able to get to his          quality of our programs and events. Please
Buried beneath the surface of his             cherished Friday lunch with special            email this information to
professional curiosity lay an even greater    colleagues, those colleagues came to visit To all committee
curiosity for the world in which we live.     him at the hospital. Privileged to observe     chairmen, please forward a list of your
From politics to arts, from sciences to       this ritual, i was touched to see how these    corporate sponsors. Also please list the
sports, from geography to history, dad        men knew perfectly well my father’s
had a truly insatiable hunger for                                                            contacts and email addresses.
                                              thoughts and ways. As always, dad spoke
knowledge. From this knowledge dad                                                           Thank you in advance. Eddie Glick
                                              his mind and his opinions were met with

                                                                                                                AORTA DECEMBER 2009       15
Information Security and Managing Risk
Continued from page 5

the keys here is identity and access            retention, processing and disclosure of        the practice, then it is not achieving its
control. The sad reality in most dental         medical records and patient information        objectives. security must be balanced with
offices today is that access to computer        privacy. in the recent past, most of these     usability in order for iT to serve as a
equipment and patient data is completely        have been regulations without “teeth” for      growth vehicle for the practice. Password
unrestricted. Well known                        enforcement; this will drastically change      policies are an obvious example of this
username/password combinations such             in the very near future. As recently as        balancing act. One can set an extremely
as “dental/dental” are alarmingly               June of 2009, the Federal Trade                lax password policy such as the
commonplace. While this appears to make         commission and Us Department of                “dental/dental” example discussed
things easy for employees, it introduces a      Health and Human services (HHs) have           earlier, which is very usable but totally
critical vulnerability in the office systems.   issued the first set of HiPAA                  insecure. On the other end of the
This approach is not only unsecure, but         privacy/security guidance under the            spectrum, we could define a ridiculously
when something does go wrong, there is          President Obama’s new Health                   stringent policy in which passwords must
almost no accountability and no audit           information Technology for Economic and        be very long and very strong (random
trace to tell us how it happened or who         clinical Health (HiTEcH) Act                   combination of letters, numbers and
caused the problem. Without                     requirements1. The new guidance relates        symbols), and must be changed every 5
authenticating users individually, it is        to the security breach notification            days. This is a secure policy that is totally
impossible to control access to                 requirement, which will go into effect in      impractical from a user standpoint. The
information or to keep track of access to       the fourth quarter of 2009. Under this         frustration and impact on operations from
ensure that users aren’t straying outside       requirement, any health care institution       forgotten passwords would be very high
of their boundaries accidentally or on          including private practices managing           and would defeat the purpose for which
purpose. With individual user accounts,         personal health records (PHr) must             this policy exists. The practical solution is
problems can more easily be traced to           provide individual notification if there       in a balanced approach that lies
their source and even prevented from            has been a security breach of protected        somewhere in between the two extremes.
occurring in the first place.                   health information (PHi). Notification         it is the information technology
There are many other facets to                  must be provided to individuals in             practitioner’s role to advise the office
information security such as secure             writing within 60 days of discovery of the     owner and manager about best practices
firewalls and routers, but what it all boils    breach. if the breach involves more than       and recommend balanced options in the
down to is risk management. risk is             500 individuals, notice also must be made      information security policy. The ultimate
defined as the combination of likelihood        in prominent media outlets and to the          decision on these policies belongs to the
and cost (impact). We use risk analysis to      secretary of HHs. What is even more            client as they must work in the resultant
set priorities for where to allocate            important to note in the new HiTEcH Act        environment on a daily basis.
resources in order to maximize value for        is that it puts criminal and civil penalties   it is not uncommon for spending on iT
mitigating these risks. For example, it can     on patient health information breaches,        security to be looked upon as an
be said that the likelihood of hard disk        especially on those medical and dental         insurance policy. risk management
failures is fairly high and the cost of such    offices who do not practice minimal due        certainly makes it look that way.
a failure can be extremely high if that         diligence to protect their iT environment.     However, one should keep in mind that
drive happens to be holding the one and         These Us regulatory changes are a sign of      insurance policies only pay out in the
only copy of all your patient records.          things to come in canada. As                   event of a disaster. A well designed and
Therefore the risk associated with that         governments turn to EMr (electronic            secure iT system pays off all the time
scenario is high and mitigating that risk       medical records) as a way to fix               because problems are averted before they
would be a top priority. How do we              healthcare inefficiencies, these regulations   even occur, and efficiency gains benefit
mitigate this risk? Through a combination       will be more strongly enforced.                production.
of redundant drive architectures, and           compliance with these regulations and an       Gil Hagi is the Vice-President of NBI Dental, a full-
backup procedures. There are similar risk       information security policy that goes          service IT provider for new and existing practices.
assessments made on a variety of                beyond current requirements will ensure        Founded in 2008, the company’s mission is to
                                                that a practice is prepared for the future,    provide secure, efficient, and reliable office solutions
potential events and their predicted
                                                as well.                                       using a disciplined and industry-proven approach.
impact on operations.                                                                          To learn more about NBI Dental or to schedule a
regulation compliance is another strong         There is another layer of consideration        free consultation, please visit
motivator for having an effective               when it comes to information security,
information security policy. in the United      and that is usability. if the information      1.
                                                security policy is enforced in such a way      derstanding/coveredentities/federalregisterbre
states and canada, HiPPA and PiPEDA,
                                                that it impedes the smooth operation of        achrfi.pdf
respectively, govern the collection,

Are you on track
to maximize your net worth and create wealth?
If you would value having a “Personal CFo” to assist you in:
  O Maximizing your Practice value

  O consolidating and monitoring all elements of
    your financial affairs including investments,
    insurance, taxes, cashflow, debt, etc.

  O Preparing a personal plan to get and keep you On
    Track to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals

  O Working with your other Professional Advisors to
    ensure your interests are best being served
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Please contact Alan
for a no obligation, free
consultation to allow you
to determine what value
can be provided to you:
Tel: (416) 447-0584 x309             e-mail:

                                                                                   AORTA DECEMBER 2009   17
 TRIBUTE FUND – NEW PRICES                                                       Tributes
 1. Tribute fund – $10.00 each
 2. library fund – $18.00 each
 3. Scholarship fund – $25.00 each                                               GOLDEN TRIBUTE FUND                In Memory
 4. golden Tribute fund – $50.00each                                             Congratulations To:                Brach Family – loss of wife &
 5. Toronto Alpha Omega forest – $18.00 per tree.                                Dr. rick rodney – on receiving     mother
     A donation of Trees in the Toronto Alpha omega Forest in Canada Park,       the Toronto Alumni chapter            Ms. AMANDA sAlEM &
                                                                                                                       Dr. DAviD EisENsTAT
     Israel, may be ordered directly from J.N.F. When ordering please indicate   Achievement Award
     the purchase through Alpha omega Fraternity.                                   Dr. & Mrs. siDNEy GOlDEN        Mrs. Esther Fermin – loss of
     JEWisH NATiONAl FUND – 416-638-7200                                                                            mother
                                                                                 In Memory                             Ms. AMANDA sAlAM &
                                                                                                                       Dr. DAviD EisENsTAT
 FOr TriBUTE cArDs cAll:                                                         Dr. & Mrs. Howard Tile – loss
                                                                                 of father & father-in-law          Mr. Marvin Geist – loss of wife
 miChelle fACTOr – 905-707-9656
                                                                                    Drs. HOWArD PHilliPs, vicTOr       Dr. & Mrs. AUBEy BANAcK
 SheilA rOdney – 416-391-1696                                                       MONcArZ & JEFFrEy FArBEr        Giblon Family on the loss of
 or email                                                                                        frater Jerry Giblon
                                                                                 SCHOLARSHIP FUND
 or fax 416-250-8668 or 416-391-1696                                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. NATE GrEENBErG
                                                                                 In Memory:
 hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Weekdays Only                                                                        Dr. Marvin Klotz – loss of
                                                                                 Mrs. Paula Brown – loss of         brother and Mrs. Jenny Klotz
                                                                                 father                             loss of husband
Sheryl’s Schmooze                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. sTEvEN cOrBEr           Dr. sTEPHEN ABrAMs
                                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. NATE GrEENBErG
Continued from page 4                                                            LIBRARY FUND
                                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. MElvyN KAy
of fraters were treated to an exceptionally high calibre lecture                 Speedy Recovery To:
                                                                                                                    Dr. Paul Okorofsky – loss
which will undoubtedly help them as they make treatment                          sheila rodney                      of father
planning decisions for their patients.                                              Dr. & Mrs. MErricK JAcKsON         Dr. sTEPHEN ABrAMs
Once again trying a new twist to our programming, the Fall                       In Memory                          Dr. ingrid raminis-Tannis –
seminar was held in the evening so that our fraters would not                    Dr. Jamie levitz – loss of         loss of husband
need to book time away from their practices. dr. Carol Waldman                   brother                               Dr. & Mrs. BErNiE crysTAl
tackled a difficult topic with her excellent lecture on “Occlusion:                 Dr. & Mrs. lArry GAUM           Mrs. rhonda sone – loss
The simple road to Predictable success”. We ate a scrumptious                                                       of mother
dinner at Terra restaurant and kosher was provided for those                     TRIBUTE FUND
                                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. AUBEy BANAcK
who requested it from Miami Grill.                                               Congratulations To:                   Dr. & Mrs. MElvyN KAy
And, for those of you who are still making holiday plans, i hope                 Dr. Aubey Banack on your           Mrs. cathy Tile – loss of father
that you will join us at the Alpha Omega international convention                special birthday                      Dr. & Mrs. clAviN TOrNEcK
which will be floating on the caribbean on the carnival valor                       Dr. sTEPHEN ABrAMs                 Dr. & Mrs. MUrrAy WAGMAN
cruise ship leaving Miami on December 27th.                                         Dr. & Mrs. WAyNE PUlvEr         Winnick Family of the loss of
A joyous chanukah and a healthy and safe holiday season to you                   Dr. richard rodney on              frater Alan Winnick
and your families.                                                               receiving the Toronto Alumni          Dr. sTEPHEN ABrAMs
                                                                                 chapter Achievement Award             Dr. & Mrs. NATE GrEENBErG
Fraternally, dr. Sheryl P. lipton
                                                                                    Dr. & Mrs. sTEPHEN ABrAMs       Ms. Honey Wise – loss of
                                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. AUBEy BANAcK
                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Warren sone –
           WinTer BreAK SeminAr                                                  grandson
                                                                                                                    Due to technical difficulties, not
                     FT. lAUDErDAlE FlOriDA                                                                         all the tribute notices may have
                                                                                    Dr. & Mrs. AUBEy BANAcK
                                                                                                                    been published this month. Please
              december 28, 2009 • 8:30 a.m.–11:00 a.m.                              Dr. & Mrs. MElvyN KAy
                                                                                                                    check again next month for those
                                       A                                                                            that may be missing.
         Dr. Les Priemer: Recent Advances in
               Oral Appliance Therapy                                             CONDOLENCES TO:
            for Treatment of Snoring and                                          Mrs. Paula (steven) Brown on the loss of her father
               Obstructive Sleep Apnea                                            Dr. Jamie levitz on the loss of his brother
                     To register phone 416-224-9998                               Mrs. rhonda (Warren) sone of the loss of her mother
                                                                                  Mrs. cathy (Howard) Tile on the loss of her father


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