gulf oil spill rubric

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					                               Multimedia Project : Gulf Oil Spill

   CATEGORY                   A                      B                       C                      D
Content (30)         Covers topic in-      Includes essential       Includes essential    Content is minimal
                     depth with details    knowledge about the      information about     OR there are
                     and examples.         topic. Subject           the topic but there   several factual
                     Subject knowledge     knowledge appears        are 1-2 factual       errors.
                     is excellent.         to be good.              errors.

Oral Presentation Interesting, well-      Relatively                Delivery not smooth, Delivery not smooth
(15)              rehearsed with          interesting,              but able to hold     and audience
                     smooth delivery that rehearsed with a          audience attention   attention lost.
                     holds audience       fairly smooth             most of the time.
                     attention.           delivery that usually
                                          holds audience

On Topic (15)         All information and Almost all             The majority of           Lots of information
                     graphics address the information and      information and            and/or graphics do
                     question             graphics address the graphics address           not address the
                                          question             the question.              topic.

Attractiveness       Makes excellent use   Makes good use of        Makes use of font,    Use of font, color,
(10)                 of font, color,       font, color, graphics,   color, graphics,      graphics, effects etc.
                     graphics, effects,    effects, etc. to         effects, etc. but     but these often
                     etc. to enhance the   enhance to               occasionally these    distract from the
                     presentation.         presentation.            detract from the      presentation
                                                                    presentation          content.

Pictures/Graphics Creative, on topic,      Blurry but still on      Not on topic; not     Pictures unclear &
(15)              clear, colorful          topic                    creative              off topic

Workload (10)        The workload is       The workload is          The workload was      The workload was
                     divided and shared    divided and shared       divided, but one      not divided OR
                     equally by all team   fairly by all team       person in the group   several people in
                     members.              members, though          is viewed as not      the group are
                                           workloads may vary       doing his/her fair    viewed as not doing
                                           from person to           share of the work.    their fair share of the
                                           person.                                        work.
Mechanics (5)        No misspellings or    Three or fewer           Four misspellings     More than 4 errors
                     grammatical errors.   misspellings and/or      and/or grammatical    in spelling or
                                           mechanical errors.       errors.               grammar.

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