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                 Anil Relia
Adviser, Department of Science & Technology and
      Technical Operations Manager, NABL
Organization of NABL
Promotion & Implementation of Accreditation system for
Scope of Accreditation
Cooperations with Related Bodies
New Areas of Accreditation
NABL customer profile
Present status
                 About NABL
NABL is an autonomous body under the Department of
Science & Technology, Government of India, and is
registered under the Societies Act.

NABL has been established with the objective to provide
Government and Industry with a scheme for third-party
assessment of testing, calibration and medical laboratories

Program started in 1981

First Accreditation granted in 1992

Autonomous Body registered under societies Act in 1998
Implement Accreditation System
       for Laboratories

 NABL grants accreditation to testing & calibration
 laboratories as per ISO/IEC 17025 and medical
 laboratories as per ISO 15189.
 NABL operates its own system as per ISO/IEC 17011.
Organization Structure of NABL
                                           Governing Body /
                                           Chairman NABL

                                                                                          Technical Committees &
                                             Director NABL                                Advisory Committees

                                                                                          Accreditation Comm - Testing

                                                                                          Accreditation Comm - Calibration
                                           Technical Operations
                                                                                          Accreditation Comm - Medical

                                                                                          Appeals Committee

Quality Officer    Training                                             Complaints &
                    Officer   PT Officer
                                                                       Appeals Officer

                                Group I          Group II           Group III               Group IV              Group V
                  Assessors   Chem+Mech         Chem+Bio           Mechanical          Elect+Electronics      Medical & Forensic
                                Testing          Testing      Testing & Calibration   Testing & Calibration        Testing
International Recognition of NABL

NABL is signatory to Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation
Co-operation (APLAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangements
(MRA) and International Laboratory Accreditation Co-
operation (ILAC) MRA since 2000.
Promote Accreditation System for
NABL promotes accreditation to Government & Regulators
  Central Government Health Scheme,
  Bureau of Energy Efficiency,
  Food Safety and Standards Authority of India,
  State Electricity Boards,
  Agricultural and Processed Food Products        Export
  Development Authority,
  Telecom Engineering Centre,
  Central Pollution Control Boards,
  Export Inspection Agency,
  Tea Board, Coffee Board, Spices Board.
Promote Accreditation System for

 NABL adopts the requirements of Government &
 Regulators in the Criteria documents to suit their

 NABL is responsive to the needs of the customers for
 initiating accreditation in new areas, e.g. GMO Testing,
 Mobile Phone Testing, Forensic Electronics, Crime Scene
Scope of NABL Accreditation
Testing Laboratories

Non-Destructive Testing
Optical and Photometry
 Scope of NABL Accreditation

Calibration Laboratories

  Thermal & Optical
Scope of NABL Accreditation
Medical Laboratories

 Clinical biochemistry
 Clinical Pathology
 Microbiological & Serology
 Nuclear Medicine
   Evaluating the Competence

On site assessment of the laboratory by the experts for its
technical competence and its adherence to management
system practices

By analyzing the test data of a particular test/measurement
generated by the laboratory during participation in a
proficiency testing program
  Training Programs for
Assessors and Laboratories

NABL organizes Assessors’ training courses as per
ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189.

NABL also organizes technical training & quality system
courses for laboratories.

NABL imparts in-house training as per ISO/IEC 17011.

NABL has organized Assessors’ training courses for Sri
Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mauritius & Mongolia.
Standards and Conformance
Co-operation with Related Bodies
                     and Regulatory

 Documentary                                      NMI
Standards Body
                                             (National Physical
 (Bureau of Indian        (NABL)               Laboratory)

                     Quality Council of
                                          National Scientific
                                          (IIP, CBRI, IICT, CFTRI,
                                                CECRI, IHBT)
        Support from
 National Physical Laboratory
International / National Traceability to Accredited
Proficiency      Testing           /     Inter-Laboratory
Technical Assessors for NABL Assessments
Experts for decision making in Accreditation Committee
Training to Assessors, Laboratories and NABL Staff in
Calibration Programs
Provides expertise for preparation of specific criteria and
technical documents
      Co-operation from
National Scientific Laboratories

Development of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
on the basis of market demand as proposed by NABL

Traceability for Chemical Reference Material (as NMI) in
collaborative arrangement with NPL.
      Arrangement with
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
 Develop standards for products and tests

 Propagates     accreditation    through     Laboratory
 Recognition Scheme

 Training of Assessors, Laboratories and NABL Staff

 Provides Technical Assessors for assessment of NABL

 Representatives from BIS are members in various
 decision making and Technical Committees
       Arrangement with
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
NABL represents BIS in ISO CASCO (WG 28) for
revision of ISO Guide 43

NABL represents in various BIS committees

Laboratories of BIS have been accredited by NABL as
per ISO/IEC 17025.

Assists BIS in creating awareness regarding Quality
         Arrangement with
   Quality Council of India (QCI)

Promotes Laboratory Accreditation through:

   Quality Conclaves
   Seminars etc.
New Areas of Accreditation

Accreditation of PT Providers

Accreditation of Reference Material Producers

Accreditation in Software Testing

Accreditation in Medical devices

Accreditation in Wild Life for Forensic
                    Customer Profile
a) Govt. Agencies
Sl. No. Name                                   Testing Calibration    Total
1      Department of Atomic Energy               01         --          01
2      Ministry of Agriculture                   01         --          01
3      Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers       11         01          12
4      Ministry of Commerce & Industry           05         --          05
5      Ministry of Communications &              09         12          21
       Information Technology
6      Ministry of Consumer Affairs & Public     09         03          12
7      Ministry of Defence                       46         05          51
8      Ministry of Environment & Forests         02         --          02

9      Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public     08         07          15

                    Customer Profile
Govt. Agencies
Sl. No. Name                                  Testing Calibration   Total
10     Ministry of Home Affairs                 08         --        08
11     Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas      28         --        28
12     Ministry of Power                        07        04         11
13     Ministry of Small Scale Industries       03        03         06
14     Ministry of Textiles                     17         --        17
15     Council of Scientific and Industrial     08        02         10
       Research (CSIR)
       TOTAL                                   163        37        200
                   Customer Profile
Non Govt. Agencies
  Sl. No.                               Name
  1         Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd., Gujarat
  2         Maruti Udyog Ltd. (Polymer Laboratory), Gurgaon
  3         TATA Power/TISCO/TATA Refractories / TATA Steel
  4         Reliance Industries Ltd., Hazira, Jamnagar & Coimbatore
  5         HCL ltd., Chennai
  6         GE India Technology Centre, Bangalore
  7         TUV Sud South Asia Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Mumbai, Tirupur
  8         Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Medak & Palakkad
  9         ITC R&D Centre, Bangalore
  10        MICO Application Centre (MICO Bosch Group), Bangalore
  11        MRF – R&D Corporate Technical, Chennai

                   Customer Profile
Non Govt. Agencies

    Sl. No.                             Name
   12         SGS India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, Chennai, Thane
   13         UltraTech Cement Limited, Anantapur Dist.
   14         Birla Cement Works, Chittorgarh
   15         Larsen and Toubro Limited, Mumbai
   16         Raymond Limited – Denim Division, Yavatmal
   17         Godfrey Philips India Limited, Mumbai
   18         Sundaram Auto Components Ltd, Hosur
   19         Whirlpool of India Limited, Pune
   20         Blue Star Limited, Chennai, New Delhi & Kolkata
   21         Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Metrology Lab), Kandivili
   22         Wipro Technologies, Bangalore
                Customer Profile
Cross Border Laboratory Accreditation by NABL

 SGS Bangladesh Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh, (Mechanical & Chemical Fields)

 Bureau   Veritas   Consumer      Products   Services   (Bangladesh)   Ltd.,   Dhaka,
 Bangladesh (Mechanical & Chemical Fields)

 Textile Training & Services Centre – Textile Testing        Laboratory, Sri Lanka,
 (Mechanical & Chemical Fields)

 Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Lanka) Ltd., Sri Lanka, (Mechanical &
 Chemical Fields)

 SGS Lanka Pvt. Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka, (Mechanical, Biological & Chemical Fields)

 ITS Labtest, Bangladesh (Mechanical & Chemical Fields)
Growth of Accredited Laboratories
        Status of NABL Accreditation
                 (as on 31st May 2009)

 Testing Laboratories
     Laboratories accredited : 641 (in 1055 fields)

 Calibration Laboratories
     Laboratories accredited : 275 (in 431 fields)

 Medical Laboratories
     Laboratories accredited : 156 (in 692 sub-fields)

Total Laboratories Accredited : 1072
                          (in 2178 fields/sub-fields)
Thank you…
    Benefits of Accreditation
Better control of laboratory operations

Improves staff confidence and enhances business

Enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction

Reliability of data for R&D

Insurance companies can rely on test results

Ensures better support in the event of legal cases

Provides traceability in measurements to national standards

Provides global equivalence

Saving of time & money due to re-testing
                    Present Conformity Structure
 International Laboratory                                                   International Accreditation
                                             International Mutual
 Accreditation Cooperation                                                            Forum
          (ILAC)                                                                       (IAF)

    Asia Pacific Laboratory                                                     Pacific Accreditation
   Accreditation Cooperation                                                        Cooperation
           (APLAC)                                                                      (PAC)

  National Accreditation Board for                                              Quality Council of India
Testing and Calibration Laboratories                                                     (QCI)
                                         ISO/IEC 17011                                           NABCB
                                                                        ISO/IEC 17011

          Testing Laboratories
                                    ISO/IEC 17025             ISO/IEC 17021
         Calibration Laboratories                                                        Certification Bodies
                                                                                         Inspection Bodies
                                                              ISO/IEC 17020
                                     ISO 15189
          Medical Laboratories
                                                                                    Training & Eductaion
                                                             ISO/IEC 17024

                                                            NBQP                              NABH
                                                            Quality Promotion           Hospital & Healthcare providers

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