Benefits of Marketing on Facebook

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					Benefits of Marketing on Facebook
Over the years, facebook has only shown signs of
progression and has proven to be a great platform
for advertisers who can derive maximum profits
through engagement ads. The social network of
facebook not only helps you to interact with your
potential customers in a very convenient system but
it also helps to enhance brand reliability, brand
consciousness, and sales growth.

The core services of facebook marketing include the
following key essentials:

- to build an overall facebook integrated campaign
plan applicable to the needs of every client
- to build facebook pages and advertisements for
increased brand awareness
- to provide strategic input on how to create and
maintain successful facebook pages
- to give opportunities of creating targeted
campaigns on facebook
- to provide review of the reporting (the
accumulated automatic results derived from the
facebook pages)
- Suggestions for campaign alteration

Facebook best utilizes “viral” marketing in order to
promote your business. Facebook pages help your
business interact directly with the users and
establish trust between them and the product. When
a facebook user joins a page, a story appears in the
mini-feed announcing that they have become a fan.
Friends in the list are instantly notified and this
increases the opportunity of rapid awareness on the
network. In addition, facebook also gives
advertisers the advantage to reach the exact
targeted audience based on:

- Age
- Gender
- Location
- Interests
- Relationship status
- School/Companies
- Activities and more

Based on such keenly targeted information, the
benefits of marketing products and services on
facebook certainly give maximum push in business
sales. Furthermore, according to facebook
statistics, there are more than 200 million active
users on facebook and a user has an average of 120
friends in their list which gives a good chance of
giving your brand maximum promotion.

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