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									Support critical for Air Pacific
Fiji Sun: Sunday, 6 December, 2009

Support is going to be an important component in making the new Hong Kong flight a success,
says Air Pacific Group chairman, Nalin Patel.

Mr Patel said Hong Kong was an international, financial centre and travel hub.

"Support is going to be a very important part.

"With other cities worldwide, it gives us a new opportunity because it is the new gateway to the
rest of the world

"Air Pacific is fortunate to partner with Cathay Pacific.

"Their connection will give us entry to south East Asia, India, UK, Europe, and Russia, so we are
very grateful to them," said Mr Patel.

Special fare arrangements with various other airlines, he said, had also been negotiated to assist
Air Pacific in providing various options to travellers.

Mr Patel said the economic benefit would be enormous for the tourism industry in terms of
increasing numbers of visitors.

"To the business community it does strengthen the relationship between the two nations, Fiji,
Hong Kong and China, in terms of freight opportunity and business relation. We are confident that
this sector will be a great success."

Air Pacific, he said, was delighted with the support that had been given by Government and major

"We look forward to their continuous support to ensure that this is a viable proposition and it's
important for us to have this new gateway," he added.

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