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					Niche Marketing
The Internet has become a valuable source of
information and purchasing tool for today's
consumer. With the click of mouse consumers find
almost anything from products to services on the
web and they can shop for the best prices.

With everything at the consumers' fingertips, the
niche entrepreneur can also benefit from today's
market culture. Just as consumers can shop from
their living rooms and kitchens, niche marketers can
conduct business in the convenience of their own
homes. If you are looking to set your own hours, have
less commuting time, and enjoy the general freedoms
of working for yourself, starting a niche home
business may be right for you.

Definitely an important part of your start up plan
is investing time in finding your niche.

So what does this mean, finding your niche?

Identifying a niche is about finding a distinct
segment of consumer interest, then capitalizing on
the niche market. It means finding that particular
spot in the business world where you can stand out
amongst others.
here’s an example of a niche market. have you ever
thought about selling mixed sized shoes to people
who’s feet are different sizes? you could buy
fashionable shoe and sell a pair with a right shoe
one size bigger than the left to one person and
another pair with the left shoe one size smaller to
another that has that need.

If your home business focuses on shoes, you may be
competing with the hundreds of other sellers. But if
your business focuses on selling mismatched shoes,
you may find yourself without any direct
competition. that’s niche marketing!

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