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					By: Austin Williams
 Process
 Origin
 Facts
 Pictures
 Tourism
 The Great Wall Of China was made of twigs,
  stones, earth, and other materials
 Even though most of the wall has been eroded
  the Chinese have not given up hope to restore
  the wall
 One main reason it was built was because of the
  Ming Dynasty’s army was defeated
 The designer who planed out the Great Wall was
  by Ming and his design was stronger and would
  last longer
 The Great Wall was first built to defend borders
  against enemies
 The proposed suggestion was used because they
  wanted to keep intruders out
 The Ming where the main people who built the
  Great Wall
 Although they did have many tribe disturbances
 The Great Wall China is most visited landmark in
 The Great Wall is 6,4000 kilometers long
 The wall was started about 7B.C and was not
  finished until around the 1400’s( wow that is a
  long time )
 People such as soldiers, peasants, and criminals
 The Great Wall represents the unification of
 It represents China’s unification because it was
  linked together when China was unified
 The Great Wall also represents separation from
  the rest of the world.
 The Great Wall is a huge attraction that
  helps people learn China’s culture

 It   is also part China’s growing population

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