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					                      Goodtimers Concealed Carry Class

When:        August 27th from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Where:       Milford Martial Arts Academy
             1053 State Route 28
             Milford, Ohio 45150

Details:     The class is scheduled for breaks every hour and around noon for lunch.
             Ohio law requires that students receive 12 hours of instruction (class time) so
             we will allow time to pick up lunch and continue with a working lunch in the
             classroom. This will eliminate a later stay.
             In the afternoon the class will move to the outdoor range. Please dress
             accordingly and be prepared for the weather. Students are asked to bring
             eye and ear protection and at least 25 rounds for the weapon that they will be
             shooting to qualify. Students are allowed to bring additional rounds and/or
             weapons as additional range time will be available after all are qualified.
             Class cost is $100 and upon successful completion students will receive a
             certificate valid for 3 years for an Ohio or Florida license or both. The Florida
             class normally is an extra $75 however we are offering the Florida class for
             free during the Ohio class.
             The Ohio CCW license is good for 5 years and is renewable once before a
             refresher class is necessary. Ohio provides reciprocity with 20 states for
             concealed carry. The Florida license is good for 7 years and provides
             reciprocity for 34 states including the Ohio states plus 14 more and is
             renewable forever without a refresher class. The most notable state that
             Florida covers that Ohio does not is Georgia. You can reside in Ohio and get
             a Florida license which is valid in Ohio or you can get both.

Instructor   Fred Fatute is a Police Sergeant and has been an officer for 25 years. He
             has been teaching firearms for the entire 25 years and is certified to certify
             anyone anywhere in the U.S. with any firearm from a revolver up to sub
             machine guns. Fred is an Armorer for Glock, Colt, Sig and Remington. He is
             certified through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council and the Ohio
             Attorney General. He can also be found on the web site of the Clermont
             County Sheriff and the Ohio Attorney General. His first CCW class provided
             instruction for the judges and prosecutors of Clermont County

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