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Your Rights Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution
After the U.S. Constitution was adopted, many Americans felt it was important to protect
individual citizens’ rights. When the first Congress met in 1789, they passed 10 amendments.
These amendments are called the Bill of Rights.

The Interactive Constitution web site at
will help you answer these questions.

1. In your own words, write the First Amendment.

       How does this amendment apply to you?

2. In your own words, write the Sixth Amendment.

       Why is the sixth amendment important?

3. Which amendment(s) would be particularly important to Rosa Parks? Why?

4. Abigail Adams urged her husband John Adams to “remember the ladies” when he worked
with other delegates to write the U.S. Constitution. Sadly, the delegates did not follow her

       Which amendment gives women the right to vote?

       When were women finally afforded the right to vote?

       For how many years have women been permitted to vote in the United States of

5. The Ninth amendment was James Madison's answer to critics of his list of rights he
wanted to add to the Constitution. What does the ninth amendment guarantee?

6. It is argued that the U.S. Government's reading your emails, listening to your phone calls
and checking out which books you have read at the library (Patriot act) violates your rights
under the Constitution. Which of the Bill of Rights amendments do these actions potentially

       Should the government be allowed to do this? Explain.

7. What argument was used to support the 26th Amendment?

Do you agree with it or dispute it? Explain.
  "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither
                           liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

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Adapted from Internet Hunt Activities created by Cindy O'Hora

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