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									                                                                  October 2008

                            ‘Spring Clean’

            A word from Mount Gambier                               Riverland Rambling’s

HOMECARE PLUS South East has once again                 The field days have come and gone with a
been successful in providing the support for the        fantastic turnout. It was great to see so many
„Millicent Respite House‟, as it has done for the       people from all areas and to be able to speak to
past 2 years.                                           them about HOMECARE PLUS and what services
                                                        and products we can provide for them.
This year the dates of operation are from the 2nd
December 2008 until the 25th January 2009.              Neil Schulz, one of our Support Workers, provided
                                                        tremendous assistance for the two days
We will be running a „Summer Fun Activity               transporting and packing products for display.
Program‟, similar to last year for ages 5 – 15
years. The program has extra days this year, with       Manual Handling updates will be attended by a
a total of 9 days of activities.                        group of Support Workers at TAFE on the 30th and
                                                        31st of October 2008.
We will be providing overnight respite during this
period, for all ages; children and adults.              Date to remember: 13th December 2008: Riverland
                                                        HOMECARE PLUS Christmas Party at the Berri
Staff who are interested in participating can           Resort Hotel.
register their interest with the administration staff
at Mount Gambier HOMECARE PLUS office. Staff              Happenings at HOMECARE PLUS Adelaide
are also encouraged to discuss the program with
their clients so that the news is spread far and        Well we have another new face in HOMECARE
wide.                                                   PLUS Adelaide! Leeann Hanks has joined the
                                                        HOMECARE PLUS team as a Client Service
This program is possible due to the funding and         Officer. Welcome Leeann!
collaborative efforts of the South East Community
Health Inc, Wattle Range Council, Carers Respite        Training Updates:
and Carelink Centre, Millicent Hospital, Millicent      Infection Control - Thursday 20th of November.
Work Options and HOMECARE PLUS.                         Occupational Health Safety & Welfare Tuesday
                                                        25th of November.
All bookings are through Carers Respite and             Manual Handling - Thursday 27th of November.
Carelink Centre on 1800 059 059. If staff require
any    further   information, please      contact       If you would like to be booked into any of the
HOMECARE PLUS administration on 8723 3788.              above training sessions, please contact Olivia
                                                        Radic on 8355 3500 Monday to Friday between
Dates to Remember:                                      9am and 5pm.
Carers Week: 19th to 25th October                       Date to remember: 16th November Adelaide
The Loop Conference: Kingston 17th November             Homecare PLUS Christmas Party at the Adelaide
                      Millicent 18th November           Oval Function Centre.
                      Mt Gambier 19th November

               Healthy Lifestyle News                           Keeping Safe – Car Safety
The PQA/HOMECARE PLUS Walkathon has                                       Improve your safety, stop, think
unfortunately come to an end, however we do                               and then act, try to apply these
hope that you will all continue to walk and do                            simple safety tips.
active exercise.
                                                                           CLOSE – CONCEAL – LOCK
Congratulations Wendy! The person with the most
recorded steps for the period of the walkathon is        Close – your vehicle window
Wendy Widdison from Mount Gambier.                       Conceal – valuables (do this before you park
Congratulations and thank you also, to everyone           as you may be watched)
who participated in the Walkathon. Each and              Lock – your vehicles doors and do not leave
every person deserves a round of applause for             spare keys hidden in or on your vehicle.
entering their steps weekly and for giving it a go.      Park in a well lit area
                                                         Do not place your name, address or
             Healthy Lifestyle Letter                     registration number on your car key-tag.
                                                         Always have your car keys in your hand when
                 The following letter has been            approaching your vehicle.
                 sent in by a staff member               Keep windows up and doors locked. Consider
                 regarding the PQA/HOMECARE               carrying a mobile phone in your centre console
                 PLUS Walkathon. This letter just         out of sight.
                 proves how beneficial this              If you have an accident it is not always
                 Walkathon has been for this              necessary to leave your vehicle. If in doubt
                 particular person.                       exchange particulars through a partly opened
Hi Olivia,                                                window with doors locked.
                                                         Ensure you have sufficient fuel to get to your
I cant remember if I told you or not, but I actually      destination and home again.
have arthritis in both my knees and before I             Carry a street directory, torch, pen and paper
started doing this walkathon I had great difficulty       in the glove box of your car at all times.
standing after sitting for long periods or even          Never leave valuables (eg CD‟s, handbag,
getting out of bed. I had almost fallen over a few        briefcase, shopping, mobile phone or laptop)
times just trying to stand up when getting out of         where they can be seen.
bed, that is how bad my knees are.                       If your car should break down in an isolated
I have always been an active person, working with         area:
all the kids we had here at some stage. They did           Activate the hazard lights
keep you on your toes believe me and I did a lot of        Raise the bonnet
walking with them. I kind of got a bit lazy after          Sit inside the car with the doors locked until
starting work in the office and was not very active,          help arrives.
sitting all day at my desk.
                                                        Never go with strangers, stay in your car, ask them
Since I have started this walkathon I have not only     to call for assistance through the window.
felt good, but also not had hardly any pain in my
knees and I can actually stand up again without
pain and get out of bed without pain in my knees.               Dietician / Stress Program 2008

So I just wanted to let you know and thank you for      A healthy diet and being able to
getting me off my lazy butt and having the              manage stress effectively is a big
motivation again to actually do this. It has helped     part of ensuring and maintaining a
me out heaps and made me realise that I do have         healthy lifestyle. PARAQUAD
time to exercise even though I sit on my butt all       SA/HOMECARE PLUS will be
day and I feel great too.                               inviting a Dietician to present a
                                                        session to staff regarding a healthy diet. Our very
I won’t stop exercising after this has finished and I   own Sharron Neeson (Support Services Manager)
will still have the motivation each day to exercise.    will also be presenting a session, on Stress
Cheers,                                                 Management. We would like to invite our staff to
Staff Member                                            attend these sessions which will be held towards
                                                        the end of October. Flyers will be mailed out and
                                                        dates will be confirmed very soon, so keep a look
                                                        out with your timesheets.

                       Health Tips                                           Zucchini Slice
1. Move More
                                                                375gr zucchini/carrot
Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your
body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and           1 large onion
escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your              3 rashes of bacon
kids. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a              1 cup grated cheddar
fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small        cheese
increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in            1 cup s/r flour
the gym or a 45-minute aerobic dance class.                     ½ cup oil
                                                                5 eggs
2. Cut Fat                                                      Salt and Pepper to taste

Avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers and           1. Trim ends from zucchini/carrot, (wash carrot),
other fatty meats. Dairy products such as cheese,               grate coarsely.
cottage cheese, milk and cream should be eaten in            2. Peel and finely chop onion. Remove rind from
low fat versions. Nuts and sandwich meats,                      bacon and dice.
mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces should              3. Combine zucchini, onion, bacon, cheese, sift
be eaten in limited amounts – Everything in                     flour, add oil and lightly beaten eggs.
moderation!                                                  4. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
                                                             5. Pour into well greased 28cm x 18cm lamington
3. Quit Smoking                                                 tray. Pre-heat fan forced oven to 180 and cook
                                                                for 45min.
The jury is definitely in on this verdict. Quitting
smoking will enhance your health and your life. Not          For something a little different to put in the lunch box
only will it be healthier for you, it will also save you a   or take on a picnic cook individual serves in a muffin
lot of money. Have a think about how much is spent           tray.
on cigarettes each week. 4 packets at $10.00 each
equals $40.00 per week or $2,080 p.a. Interesting
isn‟t it!                                                        Star Sign - Libra Sept 24th – Oct 23rd

4. Reduce Stress                                             Oh Dear, Librans (or is it Librarians) I always get
                                                             that wrong!! I think this picture is very appropriate.
Easier said than done, stress busters come in many                                         Time to lay off the
forms. Some techniques recommended by experts                                              chocolate chip cookies –
are to think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a                                         maybe find a new brand
day doing something you like; get a massage, a                                             of biscuits. Time to get
facial or a haircut. Meditate. Count to ten before                                         on (and off) those scales,
losing your temper or getting aggravated.                                                  remember DON‟T LOOK
                                                                                           DOWN! Now is not the
6. Wear Your Seat Belt                                                                     time to be indecisive,
                                                                                           make a choice and stick
Statistics show that seat belts add to longevity and                                       to it for a while, and then
help alleviate potential injuries in car crashes.            make another and another. That‟s the way it goes –
Thought for the day: Buckle down and buckle up.              up and down and up and down and whoa getting a
                                                             little dizzy but you get the idea…
7. Avoid Excessive Drinking
                                                                                  Handy Tips
While recent studies show a glass of wine or one
drink a day (two for men) can help protect against           Kitchen Tips:
heart disease, more than that can cause other health         What to do with left-over bits of
problems such as liver and kidney disease and                cheese:
                                                             Keep a plastic tub for grated cheese
8. Keep a Positive Mental Outlook                            in the freezer; when you have a
                                                             small awkward bit of cheese left,
There's a definitive connection between living well          just grate it into the tub. If you mix different kinds of
and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life.       cheese, so much the better. Grated cheese keeps
Try and balance a healthy lifestyle and positive             well in the freezer, and is ideal for making sauces
outlook.                                                     or for putting under the grill when you just want

                   Paper work tip:                                        Answers to the last Puzzle
                                                                              Six Animals
Things to remember when
filling out Client Incident                                 Down: Moose, Tapir, Hyena
Report Forms;                                               Up: Lemur, Panda, Horse
      You should fill them out
                                                            Was that one too easy or too hard, try this one:
       when something outside
       of the care plan occurs.                                                    Quiz
      Only contain facts, things
                                                            The 26 letters of the alphabet all appear once, and
       you know to be true (ie. you have seen them
                                                            once only, in these squares.
       first hand)
      Be concise.                                          The clues given below are in no particular order,
      Contact the office to let them know the report is    but the number of the letters in the word is
       coming.                                              indicated in brackets.
                                                            Footwear (4)           Firework (5)
                Updates for Training                        Irrigate (3)           Cap for a Turk (3)
Training is an essential part of HOMECARE PLUS‟s            Boggy (6)              Discarded Material (4)
commitment to ensuring that all Support Workers             A Cat‟s tool (3)      I must have this above (3)
are able to perform their duties in the safest
possible manner for themselves and our clients.
Support Worker core training is a mandatory
condition of employment with HOMECARE PLUS
as per the current Employee Collective Agreement
Clause 15.4 of this agreement states that “It is
mandatory that “the employee” attend the training
sessions as arranged by “the employer”. Failure to
comply with this will result in shifts being suspended
until such time as a member of the HOMECARE
PLUS administrative staff sites proof of training.
To ensure staff compliance with this requirement of
employment HOMECARE PLUS provides on a
regular basis, the opportunity to update pre-
requisite training. Below is a list of training and the
timeline in which it is due. If you are due for training,
ensure that you contact HOMECARE PLUS in your
region to register for the next session.
                                                               Answers will be revealed in the next issue of
    Infection Control - Assessed every 2 years                               “CONNECT”
    Medication Management - Assessed every 2
     years                                                        Thank you to all who contributed to this
    MH Practical - Assessed every 1 year                         newsletter…. You know who you are!!
    OHS&W - Updated every 2 years
    Senior First Aid - Assessed every 3 years

               New Office – Port Pirie

Sue Houston, Manager HOMECARE PLUS
Adelaide and Riverland regions, is currently working
to establish services in the Mid North of the state
with an office and respite facility situated in Port
Pirie. If you are looking for a change of scenery and
are interested in working either on an ongoing or
temporary basis in Port Pirie or the surrounding
areas including Melrose please give Sue a call on
8355 3500.


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