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					                                                      Ministry   of Transportation
                                                      & Highways
                                                      940 Blanshard    Street
                                                      Victoria,     BC
                                                      Circular     Letter:   G25/87
                                                       Date:     December4, 1987

                                                       File:     70-01-49



Attached is a current  information sheet regarding short term (30 days or
less) car rental contracts in effect     for the 12 month period commencing
December 1, 1987 together with a listing     of rental offices and telephone
Three companies       have   been   selected,     Budget  Rent-A-Car Ltd.,    Tilden
Rent-A-Car and Dominion       U-Drive.     Rental  rates vary depending on location
and term.     Employees    should   select the most appropriate rental company
for each application.
Employees  renting vehicles within B.C., are reminded not to purchase the
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) option.    The Personal Accident  Insurance
(PAI) option shall not be purchased by employees either inside or outside

Assistant Deputy Minister,
Administrative Services
                                                                  Ministry of Provincial
                           Province of
                           British Columbia
                                                                  Secretary and
                                                                  Government Services
                                                                      VEHICLE MANAGEMENT            SERVICES
                                                                                                                                                   November 23, 1987
                                                               Re:       Short-Term                   Car Rentals

  Three car rental companies have been selected to provide government with a low cost
  supply of rental vehicles for a 12 month period beginning December 1, 1987. Rental
  costs vary depending on location and term as shown below.

                                                VICTORIANANC              MVER                                           OTHER          LOCATIONS                                1    ALL      LOCATIONS

                                                 PICKUPS         and                                                      PICKUPS           and
                                       CARS      CARGO         VANS         PASS.           VANS             CARS         CARGO           VANS       I    PASS.          VANS           OTHER          VEH'S
BUDGET RENT-A-CAR                                                           Rack           Rate                                                      I    Rack          Rate     I      Rack          Rate
l/2     Day                            16.50          16.50                25%      discount                                       ---                   25%     discount             25%      discount

1 Day                                  20.50          20.50                25%      discount                 29.95               29.95                   25%     discount              25%     discount

1 Week                                123.00         123.00                25%      discount                149.75           149.75                  125%        discount        1     25%     discount

Z/km      under     150     km/day       O$              OZ                25%      discount                   O@                  W                     25%     discount              25%     discount

g/km      over     150     km/day        0e               9e               25%      discount
                                                                                                        I--  152                  15z                    25%     discount              25%     discount

      BUDGETprices apply to reservations   made direct                                                         to the rental                     agency.                  Reservations
      Lhrough a travel agent will increase the prices                                                          by 10%.
                                                VICTORIA/VANCOUVER                                                       OTHER          LOCATIONS                                      ALL     LOCATIONS
                                                  PICKUPS         and                                                      PICKUPS           and
                                       CARS       CARGO        VANS          PASS.           VANS            CARS          CARGO          VANS            PASS.          VANS           OTHER          VEHIS

TI     LDEN RENT-A-CAR                                                       Rack          Rate                                                           Rack          Rate            Rack          Rate
l/2      Day                           24.00          24.00                30%      discount                 28.00                28.00                  30%     discount              30%     discount

1 Day                                   25.00         25.00                30%      discount                 29.00                29.00                  30%     discount              30%     discount

1 Week                                150.00         150.00                 30%     discount                165.00               165.00                  30%     discount              30%     discount

Z/km      under      150     km/day      O$               W                 30%     discount                   0~                   O#                   30%     discount              30%     discount

g/km      oyer     !5C     km/day        OZ               O@                30%     discount            1     i5$                 15$                130%        discount              30%     discount

       TILDEN prices   apply to reservations   made through travel   agents.                                                                                              Reservations
       direct to the rental agency will decrease prices by $1.00 per day.
                                                 VICTORIA/VANCOUVER                                                      OTHER           LOCATIONS                                     ALL     LOCATIONS

                                                  PICKUPS         and                                                      PICKUPS           and
 DOMINIONU-DRIVE                        CARS      CARGO        VANS          PASS.           VANS             CARS         CARGO          VANS             PASS.          VANS          OTHER           VEH'S
 -I2     Day                            16.95          20.00                        --                         -I-                  ---                           ---                          mm-

 I Day                                  24.00          25.00                        ---                         --                  ---                           ---                          e-e

 1 Week                                165.00        150.00                          ---                        ---                 ---                           ---                           me-

 @/km      under     150     km/day       0#              0%                         ---                        --                  ---                           VW-                           ---

 $/km      over    150     km/day        1211          15$                           --                         --                  --                            -e-                           v--

       DOMINION prices                apply to both direct                          reservations                      and reservations                           through             travel

Budget Rent-A-Car   is the prime rental     company and Tilden Rent-A-Car and
Dominion U-Drive are designated as back-ups.      Employees should select the most
appropriate  rental  company for each application    and note the difference    in
cost between making a reservation    direct   to the rental agency or reserving
through a travel agent.

One-half day rates for Victoria  and Vancouver airports  are for any period of
12 hours.  Downtown half day rates are for an 8 hour period between 8 a.m. and
6 p.m. Mileage rates and limits  are identical to 24 hour days.       _

Rates apply to rentals that terminate and originate    in the same city.   If the
termination  point is different    from the renting point,  always request a car
belonging to the destination    point if possible.   This will  avoid a drop-off


Employees - Must be able to produce identification           that shows they are
employees of the 9. C. government or public agencies.       This identification   may
be in the form of a business card, security  identification,      or a letter   from
the ministry or public agency.

Consultants/Contractors      - Persons working under agreement or contract with the
B. C. government or public agency must have a letter           from the ministry     or
public    agency identifying     who they are, start     and finish   dates of their
contract,   and be signed by the Senior Financial     Officers   or their designates,
or in the case of public agencies, their executive.


Passenger car rentals  apply to the vehicles   in the size range of             Reliants,
Aries, Tempo, Pontiac 6000, Taurus Sable and Station Wagons.
Pickups   and cargo vans apply to l/2     ton and 314 ton pickups   and vans.

Passenger vans apply to 7 through       15 passenger capacity.

Other types of vehicles such as 4 wheel drive trucks and larger vehicles                are
covered in the 'ALL LOCATIONS/OTHERVEHICLES' column with a discount off                 the
rack rate.


     Third Partv Insurance - Coverage included in the rental rate.       One
     Million  Dollars  in coverage protects    the driver and owner (rental
     firm) against third party liability    in the form of bodily harm and
     property damage should an accident take place.
                                                                                    . . .3

    Collision    Damaae - Damage to rental  car only,  is included in the
    rental     rate,  subject  to   a $500 deductible.     Ministries are
    responsible for a maximum cost of $500 per accident except where the
    operator is convicted under the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Comorehensive - Comprehensive damage includes      broken windshields,
    windows, theft in part or full,    fire damage, vandalism damage and
    impact with an animal.   Damage to rental car only, is included in the
    rental rate subject to a $150.00 deductible per occurrence.

    Employees rentins vehicles   shall not Durchase the              Collision    Damage
    Waiver (CDW) option,    except for rentals    outside            the Province of
    British Columbia.  Personal Accident Insurance (PA11             opti 0 n shall not
    be purchased by employees either in or outside of                 the Province of
    British Columbia.

For employees on travel      status the rental company will requ re a credit card
imprint  or a cash deposit at the time of rental.          If mikistry  operations
require  a vehicle,    prior    arrangements can be made with Budget to invoice
direct to the ministry    using a P.O.S.O. against MS-067394 and identifying     the
renter and the desired billing      address.

Promotional  benefits which are provided by rental              companies from time to time
are not applicable   to government rentals.

Any loss or damage to rental vehicles is to be reported to Vehicle Management
Branch as soon as possible by completing and submitting a standard Form H13.

Rental   companies      completely   fill   gas tanks after    vehicles are          returned.
Contracts will be      reopened and adjustments to invoices made in cases           where the
agent is told the       tank is full but it is not. This problem can be            avoided by
telling  the agent     where the car was last filled  and arranging to be          billed   for
fuel on a kilometer       basis for distance since the last fill-up.

Attached   is a list    of car rental   offices    throughout   the province,   by location.

Any problems     or questions     should    be referred     to Vehicle   Management Branch,

                                             A-   R. B. L. Adam, P. Eng.
                                                               MR RENTAL OFFICES - BY LOCATION

ABBOTSFORD                                                    CHILLIWACK                                                 CRESTON

  Budget        Rent-A-Car           Ltd.                        Budget        Rent-A-Car              Ltd.                Tilden          Rent-A-Car
  32897       South      Fraser        Wav                       45748       West     Yale          Road                   1218        Canyon       Street
  Abbotsford,            8. C.         V2S      2A6              Chilliwack,            B.       C.      V2P      2N4      0;ston,            8. C.
  Tel:        853-8361                                           Tel:        792-9101                                                :   428-5205

BRENIUOOD        BAY                                          cotax                                                      DAWSON        CREEK

  Budget       Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                         Budget     Rent-A-Car                 Ltd.               Budget            Rent-A-Car         Ltd.
  7088      West     Saanich         Road                         1555 Comox        Road                                   Dawson            Creek      Airport
  Srentw;c$          iI;';;  8.      C.   VOS         1AO         F;yox,     8. C.       V9N            3P7                Dawson            Creek,       B, C.      VlG             2H6
  Tel:             -                                                     : 338-7717                                        Tel:            782-5435

                                                                  Tilden         Rent-A-Car                                Budget   Rent-A-Car                       Ltd.
BURNABY                                                           Comox        Airport                                     801 - 104 Avenue
                                                                  1496        Ryan     Road                                Oawson   Creek,     B.               C.          VlG      2H6
   Budget       Rent-A-Car         Ltd.                           Laze,         B. C.                                      Tel:   782-5435
   2685     Gilmore        Avenue                                 Tel:         339-6331/2376
   Burnaby,         B. C.       V5C 4T7                                                                                    Tilden    Rent-A-Car
   Tel:      432-1920                                                                                                      801 Alaska       Avenue
                                                              COQUITLAM                                                    Oawson    Creek,      B.             C.
                                                                                                                           Tel:    782-3940
CAMPBELL        RIVER                                             Budget     Rent-A-Car                 Ltd.
                                                                  323 North       Road
   Budget       Rent-A-Car          Ltd.                          $uitlam,          8. C.               V3K     3V8      DUNCAN
   1351     Island        Highway                                        : 939-4407
   Campbell        River,        8. C.                                                                                      Budget      Rent-A-Car         Ltd.
   Tel:       923-4283                                                                                                      5416    Trans      Canada      Highway
                                                              COURTENAY                                                     R.R.#6,       Duncan,     B. C.         V9L                    4TR
   Budget       Rent-A-Car           Ltd.                                                                                   Tel:      682-0016,       Lot.      213
   2602     South      Island       Highway                       Budget   Rent-A-Car                    Ltd.
   Campbell        River,         B. C.     V9W         lC7       1555 Comox      Road
   Tel:       923-4283                                            Comox,   B. C.       V9N               3P7             FORT        ST.      JOHN
                                                                  Tel:   338-7717
   Budget      Rent-A-Car               Ltd.                                                                                Budget      Rent-A-Car      Ltd.
   Camobell       River         Airoort                           Tilden           Rent-A-Car                               R.R.   #l,     Site    7, Comp.                     13
   Fad;bbell      River,           B.'C.                          1496         Ryan     Road                                Fort   St.     John,     8. C.                    VlJ     4M6
         :   923-4283                                             Lazo,          B. C.                                      Tel:      787-9266
                                                                  Tel:           339-6331/2376
    Tilden       Rent-A-Car                                                                                                 Tilden             Rent-A-Car
    1541     Croatian        Road                                                                                           Fort           St.    John    Airport
    Campbell          River,    B.        C.                   CRANBRDOK                                                    Fort           St.    John,     B.C.
    Tel:       923-7278                                                                                                     Tel:             785-5590
                                                                      Budget       Rent-A-Car          Ltd.
                                                                      1024     Cranbrook        Street           North      Tilden             Rent-A-Car
 CASTLEGAR                                                            Cranbrook,          B. C.       VlC        3S3        9312           - 100 Street
                                                                      Tel:       489-4371                                   Fort           St.    John,    B.         C.
    Budget       Rent-A-Car              Ltd.                                                                               Tel:             785-5626/5590
    Castlegar         Airport                                         Budget       Rent-A-Car            Ltd.
    Castlegar,           8, C.                                        Cranbrook         Airport          Terminal
    Tel:       365-5733                                               Cranbrook,          B. C.          VlC 2H6          MLDEN
                                                                      Tel:       426-5425
    Budget        Rent-A-Car       Ltd.                                                                                     Tilden             Rent-a-Car
    Box     16,    Site      2, R.R.    #l                            Tilden       Rent-A-Car                               904 -            10 Avenue
    Castlegar,           B. C.     VlN 3H7                            Cranbrook         Airport                             G,$den,             6. C.
    Tel:        365-5733                                              Cranbrook,          8. C.                                    :         344-5915
                                                                      Tel:       489-2112
    Tilden       Rent-A-Car
    Castlegar         Airport                                         Tilden       Rent-A-Car
                                                                      418 Cranbrook            Street           North
                                                                      Cranbrook.          B. C.
                                                                      Tel:       489-1335/2112
    Tilden        Rent-A-Car
    1444       Columbia         Avenue
    Tel:             -

KAnlooPS                                                                                                           PENTICTON - continued
  Budget      Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                Budget        Rent-A-Car          Ltd.                       Tilden         Rent-A-Car
  Kamloops        Airport                               Cassidy         Airport                                      Penticton           Airport
  Fulton      Field                                     I sla?d       Highway                                        Pentic:go;,3;i3C.
  Kamloops,         B.C.         V2C       5N8          b;sldy,           8. C.                                      Tel:              -
  Tel:      374-1456                                            :   753-1195
                                                                                                                     Tilden       Rent-A-Car
  Budget      Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                Budget     Rent-A-Car         Ltd.                           1848 Main         Street
  825 Notre         Dame        Drive                   17 Terminal         Avenue                                   Penticton,          E. C.
  Kamloops,         B.C.         V2C       5N8          ~~;aimo,      0. C.        VgR 5C4                           Tel:       493-7288
  Tel:      374-1456                                          :  682-0016

  Tilden      Rent-A-Car                                Budget      Rent-A-Car            Ltd.          (Trucks)   PORT    ALBERNI
  Kamloops       Airport                                2393     Haynes      Road
  Kamloops,         B. C.                               Nanaimo,        6. C.                                        Budget     Rent-A-Car                Ltd.
  Tel:      376-4911                                    Tel:      753-1195                                           3500   - 3rd      Avenue
                                                                                                                     Port   Alberni,        8.           C.          V9Y     4E9
  Tilden      Rent-A-Car                                Tilden     Rent-A-Car                                        Tel:     724-4511
  950 Notre         Dame Drive                          Cassidy     Airport
  Kamloops.         B. C.                               Time Air/Aquila                Terminals
  Tel:      372-2551                                    $sidy,        8. C.                                        PORT    COQUITLAM
                                                               : 753-1115
                                                                                                                     Budget    Rent-A-Car         Ltd.
KELOWNA                                                 Tilden     Rent-A-Car                                        2055   Lougheed      Highway
                                                        6 Esplanade         Avenue                                   Port   Coquitlam,        B.C.                     V3B       lA7
  Budget     Rent-A-Car              Ltd.               Nanaimo,       B. C.                                         Tel:    941-5458
  Kelowna     Airport             Terminal              Tel:     753-1115
  Kelowna,       B. C.            VlY 661                                                                            Tilden        Rent-A-Car
  Tel:     860-2464                                                                                                  1020       Westwood      Street
                                                      NELSON                                                         Port       Coquitlam,        8.           C.
   Budget     Rent-A-Car         Ltd.                                                                                Tel:        464-3833
   1553 Harvey         Avenue                            Tilden     Rent-A-Car
   Kelowna,      8. C.        VlY 6Gl                    1301    Front     Street
   Tel:     860-2464                                     Nelson,       B. C.                                       PORT      HARDY
                                                         Tel:     352-3595
   Tilden     Rent-A-Car                                                                                              Budget     Rent-A-Car                   Ltd.
   Kelowna     Airport                                                                                                Port   Hardy      Airport
   Kelowna,      B. C.                                NEW WESTMINSTER                                                 4850   Airport        Road
   Tel:     765-7202                                                                                                  Port   Hardy,       8. C.                VON         2P0
                                                         Budget       Rent-A-Car           Ltd.                       Tel:     949-6442
   Tilden       Rent-A-Car                               7845     Kingsway
   2350     Highway        97     North                  Burnaby,        8. C.         V3N        3E3                 Tilden        Rent-A-Car
   Kelowna,        B. C.                                 Tel:       522-4614                                          Airport         Inn,     Airport                Road
   Tel:       861-5488                                                                                                Port      Hardy,       B. C.
                                                                                                                      Tel:        949-7121
                                                         Budget        Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                   POWELL      RIVER
   Tilden     Rent-A-Car                                 Box 1919,          405 East           Island  Hwy.
   312 Enterprise                Avenue                  Parksville,            B. C.          VOR 2S0                Budqet    Rent-A-Car                  Ltd.
   Kitimat,       B. C.                                  Tel:        248-5341                                         7074   Westminster                 Avenue
   Tel:     632-7141                                                                                                  Powell    River,     B.            C.      V8A             lC5
                                                                                                                      Tel:    485-4131
                                                          Budget       Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                   PRINCE       GEORGE
    Budget      Rent-A-Car               Ltd.             Penticton         Airport
    5890     - 200 Street                                 Penticton,           B. C.         V2A        567           Budget        Rent-A-Car         Ltd.
    Langley,       8. C.           V3A          1Nl       Tel:       493-0212                                         Prince       George      Airport                  Terminal
    Tel:      530-9571                                                                                                Princegg;o;tg;9            8. C.                  V2L 253
                                                          Budget       Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                     Tel:             -
    Tilden      Rent-A-Car                                1597 Main         Street
    5935     - 200 Street                                 Penticton,          8. C.          V2A        5G7           Tilden         Rent-A-Car
    Langley,       B. C.                                  Tel:       493-0212                                         Prince         George     Airport
    Tel:      533-3671                                                                                                Princeg;;o;g;3              B. C.
                                                                                                                      Tel:              -


PRINCE GEORGE - continued                                         QUESNEL                                             SURREY

  Budget   Rent-A-Car     Ltd.                                      Tilden       Rent-A-Car                             Budget        Rent-A-Car
  125 Victoria     Street                                          Quesnel     Airport                                  10305       King     George     Highway
  Prince           George,        8.     C.         V2L    253     Quesnel,      8. C.                                  Surrey,         6. C.       V3T 2W6
  Tel:           564-8395                                          Tel:     992-3352                                    Tel:        588-0261

  Tilden           Rent-A-Car                                       Tilden     Rent-A-Car                               Tilden      Rent-A-Car
  1155       -     1 Avenue                                         1394 Highway          97     North                  9900    King     George             VI   Highway
  Prince           George,        8.     C.                         Ouesnel.      8. C.                                 Surrey,      8. C.
  Tel:           562-6665                                           Tel:     992-3352                                   Tel:      588-1711

PRINCE RUPERT                                                     REVELSTOKE                                          TERRACE

  Budget        Rent-A-Car             Ltd.                         Tilden        Rent-A-Car                            Budget        Rent-A-Car
  208 - 500,           2nd        Avenue            West            301 - 1 Street                                      Terrace        Airport
  Prince6;;p;qrgti                8. C.             V8J     3T6     Revelstoke,            8.   C.                      Ts;race,         B. C.
  Tel:             -                                                Tel:        837-2158                                      :     635-9274

  Tilden   Rent-A-Car                                                                                                   Budget     Rent-A-Car
  213 - 500.       2nd            Avenue                          RICHOND                                               4639 Keith        Avenue
  Prince   Rupert.                8. C.                                                                                 Terrace,      B. C.      V8G             lK4
  Tel:   624-5318                                                   Budget      Rent-A-Car              Ltd.            Tel:     638-0288
                                                                    3231 No. 3 Road
                                                                    Richmond,        B. C.           V6X       286      Tilden        Rent-A-Car
QUALICUH                                                            Tel:      273-5508                                  Terrace        Airport
                                                                                                                        Terrace,         B. C.
  Tilden      Rent-a-Car                                            Tilden      Rent-A-Car                              Tel:        635-6855
  Aquila      Air     Terminal                                      3291    No. 3 Road
  Qualicum,         8. C.                                           Richmond,        B. C.                              Tilden       Rent-A-Car
  Tel:      752-6511                                                Tel:      278-8246                                  4542     Lakelse        Avenue
                                                                                                                        Terrace,         B. C.
                                                                    Dominion       U-Drive            Ltd.              Tel:       635-6855
QUEEN        CHARLOTTES                                             4071     No. 3 Road
                                                                    Richmond,        B. C.           V6X       2C5
   Budget           Rent-A-Car           Ltd.                       Tel:      278-3733                                TRAIL
   P. 0.          Box 500
   Masset,            8. C.       VOT         1MO                                                                        Budget   Rent-A-Car          Ltd.
   Tel:           626-5571                                        SAIJION AR!!                                           Terra  Nova     Motor      Inn
               (l-800-772-5291)                                                                                          1001 Rossland         Avenue
                                                                    Tilden   Rent-A-Car                                  Trail,   8. C.        VlR 2Tl
   Budget      Rent-A-Car                 Ltd.                      120 Alexander       Avenue                 N.E.      Tel:   364-2988
   Sandspit       Airport                                           Salmon   Arm,     B. C.
   Sandspit,         B. C.              VOT      1TO                Tel:    832-6066                                     Tilden       Rent-A-Car
   Tel:      637-8403                                                                                                    1205      Bay   Avenue
                                                                                                                         Trail,       B. C.
   Tilden          Rent-A-Car                                     SHITHERS                                               Tel:       364-1544
   Sandspit           Airport
   Sandspi;;            E&E.                                        Budget      Rent-A-Car
   Tel:               -                                             Smithers       Airport                            VANCOUVER          -   Airport-Main               Terminal
                                                                    Smithers,        8. C.
   Tilden           Rent-A-Car                                      Tel:      847-4311                                   Budget       Rent-A-Car         Ltd.
   Massett            Airport                                                                                            Vancouver         International                     Airport
   Masset           B. C.                                            Budget      Rent-A-Car                              Vancouver,          8. C.       V7B           lV1
   Tel:           559-8411                                           1535 Main        Street                             Tel:       278-3994
                                                                     Smithers,        8. C.           VOJ      2N0
   Tilden       Rent-A-Car                                           Tel:      847-4311                                  Tilden       Rent-A-Car
   Highway        15 South                                                                                               Vancouver          International                    Airport
   (Skidegate           Auto           & Boats)                      Tilden      Rent-A-Car                              Vancouver,           8. C.
   Queen      Charlotte                City,    8.         C.        Smithers       Airport                              Tel:       273-3121
   Tel:       559-8411                                               Smithers,        8. C.
                                                                     Tel:      847-2216                                  Dominion        U-Drive         Ltd.
                                                                                                                         Vancouver         International                     Airport
                                                                     Tilden      Rent-A-Car                              Domestic        Arrivals          Level
                                                                     4011 Yellowhead                 Highway             Vancouver,           B. C.
                                                                     Smithers,        8. C.                              Tel:       278-7196
                                                                     Tel:      847-2216

VANCOUVER - Airport                   - South          Terminal    VANCOUVER - Downtown                   -      continued              VICTORIA - continued
  Budget       Rent-A-Car             Ltd.                           Tilden       Rent-A-Car                                              Budget          Rent-A-Car         Ltd.
  South      Terminal                                                1340 West         4 Avenue                                           1721        Island       Highway
  Vancouver,          B.       C.                                    Vancouver,          B. C.                                            Victoria,            B. C.       V9B 1Jl
  Tel:       278-2025                                                Tel:       736-7627                                                  Tel:          474-1241

  Tilden       Rent-A-Car                                            Dominion        U-Drive        Ltd.                                  Budget    Rent-A-Car                     Ltd.
  Aquila      Air                                                    990 Seymour           Street                                         7088 West      Saanich                   Road
  Vancouver,          B.       C.                                    Vancouver,          B. C.       V6B             2M2                  Brentw;;$      ;;::    8.                C.   VOS       1AO
  Tel:       270-2324                                                Tel:       689-0550                                                  Tel:         -

                                                                                                                                          Budget          Rent-A-Car               Ltd.
VANCOUVER        -   Airport          -      Hudson      General   VANCOUVER - North                                                      Victoria            International                 Airport
                                                                                                                                          Victoria,             B. C.
  Tilden       Rent-a-Car                                            Budget   Rent-A-Car                 Ltd.                             Tel:          656-3731
  Hudson       General           Terminal                            1700 Marine       Drive
  Vancouver,           B.      C.                                    North  Vancouver,              B.          C.          V7P   lV2     Tilden          Rent-A-Car
  Tel:       278-9755                                                Tel:   980-2674                                                      Victoria            International                 Airport
                                                                                                                                          Victoria,             8. C.
                                                                     Tilden   Rent-A-Car                                                  Tel:          656-2541
VANCOUVER        -   Downtown                                        200 W. Esplanade
                                                                     North  Vancouver,              B.          C.                        Tilden      Rent-A-Car
  Budget        Rent-A-Car            Ltd.                           Tel:   985-7188                                                      767 Douglas          Street
  1705      Burrard        Street                                                                                                         Victoria,        B. C.
  Vancouver,           B. C.          V6J        3G6                                                                                      Tel:      386-1213
  Tel:       736-0633                                              VANCOUVER - East

  Budget       Rent-A-Car             Ltd.                           Budget       Rent-A-Car             Ltd.                           WHISTLER
  450 West        Georaia           Street                           1712     Powell       Street
  Vancouver,           B."C.        -V6B         123                 Vancouver,          Bi C.        V5L             lH4                 Budget       Rent-A-Car      Ltd.
  Tel:       685-9237                                                Tel:       254-7271                                                  Highway       99 between       Alpine
                                                                                                                                               Meadows      and Emerald        Estates
  Budget       Rent-A-Car             Ltd.                           Tilden       Rent-A-Car                                              Box 857,         Whistler,     B. C. VON                          1BO
  855 Kingsway                                                       Truck      Centre                                                    Tel:       923-l    236
  Vancouver,          B.       C.     V5C        3C2                 3545     East     Broadway
  Tel:       879-9331                                                Vancouver,          8. C.
                                                                     Tel:       291-7387                                                WHITE         ROCK
   Budaet       Rent-A-Car                Ltd.
   B. C. Place                                                                                                                            Budget   Rent-A-Car       Ltd.
   99 West        Pender          Street                           VERNON                                                                 2372 King     George    Highway
   Vancouver,           B.     C.       V6B      lR3                                                                                      White  Rock,      B. C.     V4A                   5A5
   Tel:       683-5666                                                Budget     Rent-A-Car         Ltd.                                  Tel:   531-4045
                                                                      4417    - 27th      Street
   Budget      Rent-A-Car                 Ltd.                        Vernon,      8. C.        VlT   4Y4
   1225     Robson      Street                                        Tel:     545-6162                                                 WILLIAMS          LAKE
   Vancouver,         B. C.               V6E    lC3
   Tel:       685-8403                                                                                                                     Budget     Rent-A-Car                    Ltd.
                                                                   VICTORIA                                                                497 - 11 Avenue                      North
   Budget       Rent-A-Car                Ltd.                                                                                             Williams       Lake,               8. C.        VZG        3M2
   Holiday        Inn                                                 Budget        Rent-A-Car        Ltd.                                 Tel:     398-7522
   1133 West          Hastings              Street                    3657      Harriet        Road
   Vancouver,           8. C.             V6E 3T3                     Victoria,          B. C.      V8Z 3Tl                                Tilden         Rent-A-Car
   Tel:       685-6210                                                Tel:        386-7715                                                 Williams          Lake    Airport
                                                                                                                                           Williams          Lake,     B. C.
   Budget      Rent-A-Car       Ltd.                                  Budget     Rent-A-Car               Ltd.                             Tel:         989-4261
   Hotel      Meridien                                                843 Douglas         Street
   845 Burrard           Street                                       Victoria,       B. C.          V8T             289                   Tilden     Rent-a-Car
   Vancouver,          B. C.    V6Z              2K6                  Tel:      388-5525                                                   84A North        Broadway
   Tel:       685-8403                                                                                                                     Williams       Lake,      B.             C.
                                                                      Budget     Discount        Cars                                      Tel:     392-2976
   Tilden       Rent-a-Car                                            901 Douglas         Street
   1140 Alberni            Street                                     Victoria,        8. C.      V8W                2C2
   Vancouver,           B. C.                                         Tel:      388-4442
   Tel:       685-6111
                                                                      Budget       Rent-A-Car          Ltd.
                                                                      2224      Douglas       Street
                                                                      Victoria,         B. C.        V8T 4L5
                                                                      Tel:       388-4330

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