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									                                                    Itronix Case Study:

                                                       TELUS Corporation

                                                    Situation: A progressive telco on the
                                                    TELUS Corporation, Canada's largest        Prior to the purchase, and despite a
                                                    telecommunications company,                great relationship with Itronix, TELUS
                                                    provides a full range of                   actually reviewed other competitors
                                                    communications products and services       notebook products to carry and use.
                                                    for Canadians at home, in their
Product:                                            workplace, and on the move. In fact        “We did extensive testing with other
Itronix GoBook                                      ,TELUS is responsible for a geographic     laptops, but everything always pointed
                                                    area roughly twice the size of Texas!      back to the Itronix unit,” said Ron
                                                    With more than 2,800 mobile workers        Gale, Dispatch Support Manager.
Application:                                        in charge of maintaining more than 6
Telecommunications field workers                    million telephone lines, TELUS needs       And as a result of sticking with Itronix,
                                                    rugged computers they can count on.        TELUS has units with built-in and
                                                                                               upgradeable wireless technology, and
Product Solution Delivered                          Problem: Refining a mobile                 can handle the toughest
 • Upgradeable GoBook notebook                      workforce                                  environmental conditions and is light
     computers used in conjunction with             When TELUS began automating its            enough that it’s convenient to carry to
     a CDPD radio network                           mobile field force, few in the industry    even the most remote locations.
 • On-going support and maintenance of              had tapped into the potential of rugged,
     all products through a unique                  wireless computing. TELUS and              Itronix also helps keep TELUS up and
     partnership between TELUS’ in-                 Itronix began working together in 1993     running. By contracting with the
     house support team and Itronix                 when the company’s field technicians       telco’s in-house support team, Itronix
                                                    began using an automatic dispatch          provides maintenance to keep mobile
                                                    system. However, by working                workers connected in the field.
     For more information contact:                  together, both Itronix and TELUS came
                                                    to understand that the telco had the       Results:
     Itronix Corporation                            opportunity to expand its infrastructure   To date, TELUS has used more than
     801 South Stevens Ave.                         to improve efficiency, customer service    3,000 Itronix notebook computers, and
     Spokane, WA 99204                              and the company’s bottom line.             the company couldn’t be happier. As
     800-441-1309                                                                              a result of Itronix’s mobile computing
     509-624-6600                                   The Itronix solution:                      solution, TELUS has increased                              In 1997 and 1998 TELUS was the first       productivity, improved customer
                                                    telephone company in North America         service and identified ways to
     Itronix designs, manufactures and              (and only the second in the world) to      continue to refine their mobile work
     deploys mission-critical wireless, rugged      begin using the CDPD radio network in      force.
     computing solutions that maximize the          conjunction with mobile computers.
     productivity of mobile workers.                And Itronix was there to support their     Product longevity, always a concern
                                                    effort. Using the Itronix XC-6000          given the rugged nature of field use
     For more than 15 years, Itronix has            notebook computers, TELUS’ mobile          has been excellent as well.
     worked extensively in the utilities            workers were able to seamlessly
     industry. Today, the company works             communicate with central dispatch and      “We are able to use Itronix computers
     with roughly 90% of the largest utilities in   repair lines.                              beyond a typical computer’s 5 to 6
     the United States, as well as                                                             year lifespan,” said Ron Gale, a
     organizations in the commercial field          “The equipment made my job a lot less      Dispatch Support Manager. “And
     services, telecommunications,                  cumbersome,” said John Saunders, a         when our guys are out in the Pacific
     government, public safety and EMS              TELUS Field Representative. “It’s          Northwest rain, the fully sealed
     markets.                                       rugged and durable. It’s just like any     features are very important to us.”
                                                    other tool in my toolbox.”
                                                                                               Looking forward, TELUS is gearing up
                                                    But TELUS and Itronix didn’t stop          for even more progressive technology
     More information about Itronix and its         innovating. In 2000 the telco rolled out   that will help the telco’s ROI. As 3G
     products are available at                      an additional 1,100 GoBooks.               networks are refined and built out,
                                                                                               TELUS is prepared with their
                                                                                               upgradeable Itronix GoBooks.

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