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									                               ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY
                                 FACULTY DETAILS

                                      DR. E. KANNAPIRAN

Date of Birth                         11.02.1969
Gender                                Male
Department                            Directorate of Distance Education
Qualification                         M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D
Designation                           Reader in Zoology
Address                               DDE, Alagappa University, Karaikudi- TN
Pin code                              630 003
Phone                                 09443602687
Email                                 ekannapiran@gmail.com
Website                               http://www.alagappauniversity.ac.in
 Fax                                  04565-225216

University Studied UG and PG :
  S.No      Degree               University                          Year of Study
1          B.Sc.,     Madurai Kamaraj University                   1990
2            M.Sc.,      Annamalai University                      1992

University Where Research done :

                        Name of the                                  Area of
    Degree                                  Year of Study
                         University                               Specialization
M. Phil,              Annamalai          1993 -1994             Marine Biology and
                      University                                Oceanography
Ph. D.                Annamalai          1994-1998              Marine Microbiology
Senior                Annamalai          April 1998 to          Marine Microbiology
Technical             University         December 1998

PG Specialization (subjects) :

1.Marine Biology                           2.Marine Microbiology
3.Environmental Microbiology                   4. Fisheries and Aquaculture

Total Teaching Experience             :10 Years 9 Months
    S.No            Institution                        Position
                                                                        From        To
1            Alagappa University               Lecturer                1998 to
2            Alagappa University               Senior Lecturer         16.08.2003 to
3            Alagappa University               Reader                  Since 12.08.2009

Total Research Experience (No. of Years): 18

Current Research Field      :

1.Marine Biology                                 2. Marine Microbiology
3. Coral Reef Research                           4. Fisheries and Aquaculture

No. of MPhil., & PhDs Guided :

M.Phil              13                Ph.D.,       3

Projects done Minor/Major:

S.No                     Title                                        Year    (Ongoing/
1        Evaluation of bacterial diversity Department of 2007                 Ongoing
         associated with the coral Acropora Biotechnology,
         digitifera by 16S rRNA gene          New Delhi
         sequences    and    screening    for
         antiviral  activity   against   the
         aquaculture    pathogen    blotched
         snake head virus.

         Co- Principal Investigator

         The total outlay of the project: Rs.
         34 Lakhs.
2        Microbial Pathogens of Corals and            Ministry of     2009    Ongoing
         the Events of Biotic and Abiotic            Environment
         Transformation in the Process of             and Forest,
         Pathogenesis.                              Govt. of India,
                                                      New Delhi.
         Principal Investigator

         The total outlay of the project:
         Rs. 46, 93 Lakhs
Seminar/Workshops Organized :

 S.No                             Title                               Period
1         Organizing     Member,       National   seminar    on   28 to 29th July
          Biotechnology of Transgenic Animals: Scientific         2003.
          Progress and Social Issues organized by Department
          of Biotechnology, Alagappa University.
2         Organizing member, National Seminar on Ecological
          Balance and Sethusamudram canal, organized by the       1 and 3rd
          Department of Oceanography and Coastal Area             October 2004
          Studies, Alagappa University.
3         Organizing     Member:       National   Seminar    on   14 and 15
          Nanomaterials:    Synthesis,    characterization  and   December
          applications, organized Department of Industrial        2006
          Chemistry and Dept. Physics, Alagappa University.

4         Organizing     Member:      National    Seminar on      26 to 28th April
          Bioprospecting of Marine Resources with Special         2007
          reference to Marine Natural Products and Drug
          Discovery, organized by Dept. of Oceanography and
          Coastal Area Studies, Alagappa University.
5         Organizing Member: International Workshop cum           17th and 21st
          Seminar on Advances in Modern Biotechnology and         March 2008
          molecular Techniques in Veterinary Parasitology,
          organized by School of Biotechnology, Alagappa

Seminar/Workshops Attended :
(a) National
                                              Institution and
S.No                  Title                                            Period
                                                Event Name
1       Attended the STORMCUP (Short       National Facility for     From 6
        Training On Research in Marine     Marine Cyanobacteria,     to18,1995
        Cyanobacteria        Utilization   Bharadhidasan
        Program).                          University,
                                           Trichirapalli,   India,
2       Workshop on Development of         Centre of Advanced        on 29th
        Database and Website on Coastal    Study in Marine           March 2003.
        and Marine diversity.              Biology, Annamalai
3       Attended the Orientation course.   University      Grand     18.01.2001
                                           Commission-Academic       to 14. 02.
                                           Staff          College,   2001.
                                           Pondicherry University
4       Attended the Refresher course on   Annamalai University,3rd to 27th
        Industrial Biotechnology.          Chidambaram          November
5       Attended the One Day Seminar on Center      for   Women 08.01.2005.
       Project formulation for university Studies,      Alagappa
       teachers.                          University, Kariaikudi,

6      Attended     the    Seminar    on   Aquaculture            21-23th
       “Untapped potential of seaweed      Foundation of   India, February
       resources of Tamilnadu and scope    Mandapam               2005
       for gainful employment of self-
       help women groups of the coastal
       poor in seaweed farming.
7      Attended the National workshop      Alagappa University      24 to 26th
       on the Restructuring       Higher                            March 2006.
       Education Curriculum in the
       context of Globalization.
8      Attended the Refresher course on    Cochin University of     19.02.2007
       Life Sciences.                      Science           and    to
                                           Technology, Cochin       10.03.2007.
       Attended the National symposium Madurai          Kamaraj      27 and 29th
       on      Marine      and     coastal University,              August 2007
9      Attended the National Seminar on Alagappa University,        23rd and 24th
       Current     Trends    and    Future                          March 2009
       Prospectus       of     Nanomarine
10     Participated in National Seminar Alagappa University         25 and 26th
       on Application of Genomics and                               March 2009
       Bioinformatics in Animal Health
       and Management.
11     Participated in “Workshop for Alagappa University            11th and 12th
       lesson     writers   of    Distance                          June 2009
       Education Programme.

(b) International

S.No                      Title                  and Event             Period
1       Attended the International workshop on National
        DNA Bar-Coding of Marine Life.         Bureau of Fish       16.04.2007
                                               Genetic              to
                                               Resources,           21.04.2007
2       International Workshop cum Seminar on Alagappa              17th and
        Advances in Modern Biotechnology and University             21st March
        molecular Techniques in Veterinary                          2008
Papers Presented   :
 (a) National

                                              Institution and Event
S.No                   Title                                               Period
1       Immobilization of   Nitzschia        National    Seminar    on    14 to 17th
        obtuse (W. Smith) for stock          Conservation         and     December
        culture management.                  Sustainable                    1994.
                                             Development of Coastal
                                             Resources,    Berhampur
                                             University, Berhampur,
2       Diversity of Mangroves and           Symposium      on   Algal    27 to 29th
        Seaweeds from Gulf of Mannar         Potential     and      its   December
        Biosphere Reserve.                   Exploitation,   Seaweed        1995.
                                             Research and Utilization
                                             Association, Mandapam
3       Microbiology of a shrimp pond        National    Seminar    on    from 18 to
        with    reference    to  total       Water Quality issues in          19th
        heterotrophic, coliform and          Aquaculture      System,     December
        beneficial bacteria.                 FCRI,                           1996.
                                             TNVAS Tuticorin, India,
4       Abundance and distribution of        National    Seminar    on    from 24 to
        phosphatase             producing    Reef           Ecosystem         26
        bacteria from the coral reef         Remediation,      SDMRI,     September
        environment of the Gulf of           Tuticorin                       2003.
        Mannar, Southeast Coast of
5       Molecular     identification    of   National   Seminar   on      23 to 24th
        bacteria associated with the         New Frontiers in Marine       January
        coral reef ecosystem of Gulf of      Biosciences,    National     2004 and
        Mannar      Marine      Biosphere    Institute    of  Ocean
        Reserve     using    16S     rRNA    Technology, Chennai
6       Screening of Vibrio sp., from        National   Seminar    on     12 to 13th
        coastal area.                        Microbial    technology,     February
                                             Dr. G.R. D College of          2004
                                             Science, Coimbatore
7       Antibacterial     activity   of      National   Seminar    on     1 and 3rd
        Different fractions of extracts      Ecological Balance and       October
        from Palk Bay seahorses.             Sethusamudram canal,           2004
                                             Alagappa University.
8       Fungal diversity from Vattanam       National   Seminar    on     1 and 3rd
        Mangrove Forest, Palk Bay,           Ecological Balance and       October
        southeast coast of India.            Sethusamudram      canal       2004
                                             Alagappa University.
9       Study     of    Lignocellulolytic    the National Seminar on      1 and 3rd
        organisms for the production of      Ecological Balance and       October
        protein from the lignocellulose      Sethusamudram canal,           2004
        waste materials.                     Alagappa University.
10      Potential        Role          of    Seminar               on     23 to 24th
        Nutraceuticals.                    Nutraceuticals:   Status      September
                                           and Prospects,                  2005.
                                           G RD College of Science
11      Antibacterial activity of marine   National   Seminar    on      26 to 28th
        micro algae from Chinnathurai      Bioprospecting of Marine      April 2007
        coast, West coast of India.        Resources with Special
                                           Reference    to   Marine
                                           Natural Products and
                                           Drug Discovery,
                                           Algappa University,
12      Prevalence   of   Streptococci,    National   Seminar    on      25 and 26th
        Salmonella and Vibrio in edible    Pollution Hazards and          October
        finfishes and prawns collected     Marine           Fishery        2007,
        from the markets of Southern       Resources Management,
        Tamil nadu.                        FCRI, TNVAS,

13      Studies on luminous Vibrio         National   Seminar   on       25 and 26th
        harveyi associated with shrimp     Pollution Hazards and          October
        culture    system,      rearing    Marine          Fishery         2007,
        Penaeus monodon, Plak Bay,         Resources Management,
        Southeast coast of India.          FCRI, TNVAS,

       (b) International:

                                            Institution and Event
S.No                   Title                                               Period
1       Bacterial colonization on the      International conference       23 to 25th
        mucus of hard corals from Gulf     on    Globalization    and      August
        of Mannar Marine Biosphere         sustainable development:         2002.
        Reserve.                           Perspectives of Digital
                                           Revolution             and
                                           Management           Tamil
                                           University, Thanjavur,
2       Effect of Concentrating and        Attended               the     22 and
        Exposing the Bioluminescent        International Colloquium       26th
        Bacteria      to    the    Non     on               Emerging      February
        Luminescent allo – Bacterial       Biotehcnologies          in    2009.
        Extracellular Products on their    Agriculture, Animal Health
        Luminescence”                      and Productivity (ICEB
                                           09)Alagappa university,

Papers Published:

(a) National

                                             Name of Journal,            Year
S.No                Paper Title
                                              Volume No and           Publication
1    Breeding biology of Babylon snail IJMS, 25:368-370                1996
     Babylonia     spirata     (Linnaeus)
     (Mollusca:         Neogastropoda:
2    Immobilization      of      Nitzschia J.       of     Seaweed     1997
     obtuse (W. Smith) for stock Research                        and
     culture management.                    Utilization,          19
3    Microbiology of a shrimp pond Proceeding               of   the   1997
     with     reference       to      total National Seminar on
     heterotrophic,     coliform       and Water Quality Issues
     beneficial bacteria.                   in           Aquaculture
                                            Systems, pp 9-14
4    Magneto bacteria from estuarine, IJMS, 28:332-334                 1999
     mangrove       and     coral      reef
     environs of Gulf of Mannar
5    Microfouling on copper and Indian                 Journal    of   1999
     monel in seawater.                     Microbiology,39:113-
6    Antibacterial activity of different Journal of Seaweed            2002
     fractions of extracts from Palk Research                    and
     Bay seaweeds                           Utilization, 24: 125-
7    Molecular      identification       of Proceedings of MBR         2004
     bacteria associated with the coral 2004                National
     reef ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar Seminar             on    New
     Marine Biosphere Reserve using Frontiers in Marine
     16S rRNA sequences.                    Biosciences, pp 47-53.
8    Seasonal         variation          of JMBAI, 48 (2): 161-        2006
     phytoplankton in Chinnathurai 165.
     Coast along southwest coast of
9    Management of Diabetes                 Wide          spectrum,    2007
                                            Science       Magazine,
                                            3(4): 21-22.
10   Molecular       mechanisms          of Wide          spectrum,    2007
     learning                               Science       Magazine,
                                            3(5): 23-24.
11   Rheumatoid        arthritis*      and Wide           spectrum,    2007
     Turmeric.                              Science       Magazine,
                                            3(6): 15-16
12   Osteoporosis (Loss of Bone)..          Wide          spectrum,    2007
                                            Science       Magazine,
                                            3(6): 17-19
13   Physico-chemical and microbial J. of Environmental                2008.
     characteristics of the coral reef Biology, 29(2): 215-
     environment of the Gulf of 222.
     Mannar       marine        biosphere
     reserve, India
14   Studies on Luminous Vibrio Journal                           of   2009
           harveyi associated with shrimp Environmental Biology
           culture system rearing Penaeus (in Press)

Exposures as Resources persons/ Chairpersons, etc

             Name of Conference / Seminar/ Institution and
    S.No                                                                   Date
                         Workshop                    Place
1            Delivered a Lecture on Coral Reef Alagappa Govt.           23.09.2004.
             Microbes in the Department of Arts and Science
             Zoology.                          College,
2            Radio talk on Endangered Marine   All India Radio             2004
             Animal Sea Cow.                   Madurai

3            Resource person for the training       AUCACEE,               19 to
             programme on Preservation of           Alagappa            21.11.2005.
             seafood for coastal fisher women of    University
4            Delivered a Lecture on the Marine      AUCACEE,           7th February,
             resources and their Conservation in    Alagappa                2006
             the      Workshop        on     the    University,         Ariyakudi.
             Environmental     awareness      for   Ariyakudi
             school students.

5            Delivered a lecture on Coral reef      Annamalai            3rd to 27th
             ecology, in the Refresher course on    University,          November
             Industrial Biotechnology.                                      2004
6            Delivered Lead Lecture on Coral        GRD College of       16 to 17th
             reefs and their Bio-resources in the   Science            February 2006
             National Seminar on Microbial
7            Delivered a lecture on “Bioactive      Cochin              7.03.2007
             substances      from    coral   reef   University   of
             ecosystem” in the Refresher course     Science     and
             on Life Sciences (Marine Biology,      Technology.
             Microbiology and Biochemistry).

Membership in Professional Bodies

 S.No             Name of the institution and place               Capacity / Status
1           Board Studies in Biotechnology for Post                   Member
            Graduate           programme,   Thiruvallurvar
            University, Vellore, India
2           Board Studies in Biotechnology for Under                  Member,
            Graduate programme, Thiruvallurvar University,
            Vellore, India
3           Seaweed Research and Utilization Association,             Member
            India, Mandapam
4           Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Society,                Member
         Lucknow, India
5        Network on Barcoding of Marine life, Initiated           Member
         by Indian Ocean Census of Marine Life and
         Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology,
         Annamali University, Parangipettai
6        Member, Indian Science Congresses, Calcutta              Member
7        Member, Board of Studies in Marine Microbial
         Technology,    Post    Graduate    Programme,
         Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
8        Board of Studies in Zoology, Post Graduate               Member
         Programme, DDE, Alagappa University

Awards/Rewards/Fellowship/any other Recognition

        Name of the Award/         Institution awarding the
S.No                                                                  Year
               Fellowship                     Honor
1       Visiting Researcher      Hawaii Institute of Marine        1995
                                 Biology, University of Hawaii,
                                 Honolulu, USA
2       Reviewer                 Indian Journal of Microbiology    2009

Service Seniority order Number (As per Attendance Register)

Fourth position, DDE, Alagappa University, Karaikudi

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