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Susan Jenkins walked more quickly than usual to her apartment after
picking up her mail at the box at the building entrance.
Along with the usual bills and junk mail was a large manila envelope
that was stuffed to about 3/4" thick and a fairly thick white
business sized white envelope, both of which she put on the top of the
pile as she hurried to reach the privacy of her own place. Once
inside she put the bills in the holder that hung on the kitchen wall
next to the phone, the junk mail in the trash and with the two
envelopes that had held her undivided attention, she headed to the
But not even the magnetic attraction of the envelopes, both with DPF
in the upper left hand corner and add`qressed to Sam Jenkins bed could
dissuade her from getting out of the prim and proper business suit
that she was wearing. The pins that held her shoulder length hair in
a tight bun on top of her head were the first to go. As she shook her
head to get the hair to fall naturally she picked up a cloth band that
would hold the hair back off her face.
The transformation from Susan Jenkins, an editor with Trend
Publishing, a well respected non-fiction publisher, to Suzy Jenkins
proceeded quickly. The high heeled pumps that she wore at the office
were kicked off and placed in their proper place in her very full
walk-in closet. The suit jacket and then the straight skirt that went
with it was quickly shed and hung up.
At the tender age of 24 Suzy had a problem. Until she had started to
match her attitude with the prim and proper business clothes she wore
at work, none of the authors with whom she worked would take her
seriously even though her skills and talent were beyond question. At
the suggestion of her boss, for whom she had a great deal of respect,
she started to leave Suzy Jenkins at home and bring Susan Jenkins to
the office.
The blouse and then, with a sigh of relief, her panty hose came off
and went into the wash hamper. The last of Susan Jenkins had been put
away until tomorrow.
With her cute body clad in only a matching bra and panty set, Suzy got
a tall cool glass of soda from the refrigerator and took a coaster
from the drawer to keep it from staining the night table.
Although Suzy was 24, if she dressed the part, she looked as if she
was only sixteen. She was only 5'-0" tall. Her petite, though ample
figure along with an innocence that radiated from her face especially
When she let her hair down and used only a touch of makeup all
contributed to her often being taken for a teenager. People would
have been surprised to know what went on inside that pretty little
head. They would have been even more shocked if they could have spied
on her after she returned to her bedroom.
Going to her dresser, she took a cloth diaper, two large safety pins
and a pair of pink plastic panties from the bottom drawer. She put
them on the bed with the two envelopes and then retrieved a can of
Johnson's baby powder from the medicine chest in the bathroom.
Pulling back the covers of the bed, she spread out the diaper and
after removing her panties, coated her lower body with powder, paying
particular attention to the area between her legs and the tiny patch
of hair at the junction of her legs. She wondered what the authors,
whose work she edited, would say if they could see her as she brought
the double thick diaper, with extra padding in the center, up through
her crotch pinning it tightly around her waist with the two large
safety pins. Then she pulled the soft plastic panty into place over
the diaper. Suzy removed her bra and lay back on the bed and for a
few moments closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax and enjoy the
feeling of the bulk that was forcing her thighs apart and pressing
against the sensitive lips of her vulva. For some reason this action
let the stress and tensions of the day drain from her body.
The diapers both permitted her to drift back to a time when the
stresses of the day did not exist and contrastingly excited her
sexually. Suzy was not a virgin by a long shot but there had not been
many men in her life that had really turned her on. In fact most of
the men that she had met lacked the imagination that she required from
her partner if she was to achieve total satisfaction. As a result
masturbation was now her main method of release. For the last year,
most of her fantasies centered on her being a teenager who was firmly
but lovingly taken in tow by an assertive man or women who disciplined
Suzy by returning her to diapers. Up to now, she had not met anyone
in whom she felt she could confide or experiment in acting out the
fantasy. The continued pressure of the diaper between her legs
reminded her of the two envelopes that lay on the bed next to her,
still unopened. She rose and sat cross-legged in the middle of the
bed and tore open the large manila envelope. She pulled out the
contents and spread them out in front of her.
Only about ten days ago she had sent her order to DPF, which stood for
The Diaper Pail Fraternity, a club she heard mentioned on a late night
radio show that dealt with sexual fantasies. Not knowing what to
expect and more than a bit terrified of anyone being able to tie her
directly to her fantasy, her letter to DPF requesting more information
had been signed "Sam" instead of "Susan". As a result all the
correspondence from the club was addressed to "Sam".
The information packet that DPF had sent was presented in a way that
brought immediate relief to the anxiety that she had felt, thinking
that she was the only person in the world who felt the way she felt.
Most surprising to her was that everything was done tastefully.
Not quite believing her good fortune in finding such a club she found
the attraction too great to pass up. She immediately filled out the
application as Sam Jenkins, filled out an order form for some of the
stories and mailed it back with a money order from Sam Jenkins the
next day. There, in front of her, were the stories that she had
ordered. Her whole body started to tingle. She picked up the small
envelope and found that it contained the club's newsletter. After
giving it a quick glance she went back to the stories and started
reading. Suzy had not finished reading the first five pages of the
first story before she had thrust one hand down the front of the
diaper to give the little piece of flesh that lay nestled between her
lower lips the attention that it was demanding. Four climaxes and two
stories later she not only felt exhausted but she was becoming a
little sore where she wanted pleasure. She put the rest of the
stories aside for later and picked up the newsletter. In it she
found, one letter to which she kept returning. A man had convinced a
doctor to admit him to a nursing home for "regression therapy". He
had ended up spending a week end at the home being cared for as a baby
in diapers and fed by hand.
The thought of actually living her fantasy, as the man who wrote the
letter had done, became an obsession with Suzy. Unfortunately, the
method that the man had used to get himself admitted to the nursing
home did not fit her fantasy of being a disciplined sixteen year old
girl nor did she feel comfortable trying to get a doctor to prescribe
such treatment for her. She had to find another way.
For the next two months Suzy found that the fantasy sparked by the
letter in the newsletter became more and more exciting to her. She
thought of method after method of attempting to live it but found that
she had to reject each one for good reason. The breakthrough came for
her from two directions. First she realized that in her fantasy
things would have to follow a normal course of events. The reactions
of the other people involved had to be natural, not those scripted by
her imagination. This would make setting things up more difficult as
the others involved could not be aware that the whole thing was her
idea. As things were developing in Suzy's mind in her effort to turn
her fantasy into reality, she developed a better understanding of
herself. Although she loved her job, the stress of coping with the
eccentricities and egos of the authors while juggling the dictates of
schedules and publication dates that had to be met along with
budgetary constraints when added to the pressure that her age and
appearance put on her wore her out. She was having problems
unwinding. Her fantasy and the wearing of diapers at home from time
to time seemed to help out some. The idea of being free from the
stress for awhile ultimately became her excuse to herself to find away
to have someone else take care of things.
One day at the office the key to a workable plan was dumped in her
lap. She was called into her boss's office and introduced to a young
woman who looked to be about 18 years old. It turned out that she was
30 and was an investigative reporter for a newspaper in southern
state. With the help of the state attorney she had herself committed
to a prison that was reserved for women that were too old to be
considered a juvenile but not yet mature adults. The hope had been to
help the inmates to develop the skills that a young woman just out of
high school would need. Rumors were that the young women at the
institution were being forced to provide sexual favors to the male and
female guards, staff and their friends or their lives would be made
extremely miserable, as could only happen in a corrupt prison. Her
time in the prison led to the downfall of those who were abusing the
inmates and the evidence that she was able to give after spending four
months there sent 18 of the staff to jail and led to the dismissal of
six others. Susan's company had just bought the rights to a book
based on the woman's experience. A book that Susan had been picked to
She now had the answer to the problem she had been trying to solve.
She would take advantage of the way unknowing people perceived her
when she dressed the part. Suzy could not get home fast enough that
night. After she walked in the door of the apartment it was less than
ten minutes before she was out of the uncomfortable "Susan" clothes
and was back to being Suzy, at her typewriter outlining her ideas and
what was needed to put them into action.
The first thing was to create the character that 16 year old Suzy was
to become. This did not turn out to be too difficult and the nice
part was that nothing except her age was all that far from the truth.
All she had to do was be the girl about whom she fantasized except
that she had to exaggerate a bit and add a few more undesirable
habits. She would be a rebellious teenager who was sexually active,
ignored the limits imposed by her parents, generally disrespectful of
authority, and a compulsive masturbator. She also drank any time that
she could get her hands on alcohol and had experimented with drugs.
Next, she had to figure out what she was going to do with such a
rebellious "young lady" and why. This was a little harder. After
sitting looking at the empty paper for a while she tried a few things,
none of which worked. The problem was that she did not have the state
attorney to set things up for her. She had to find a substitute or
some other way to set the wheels in motion. Suzy paced the room,
raided the kitchen, stared at the paper again, and paced the room once
more. It finally dawned on her, she would play her own parent looking
for help. It was starting to come together.
The next item to be solved was finding a place that would provide the
service that she required. She thought this might not be too
difficult. She would get a list of psychiatric hospitals that
specialized in the treatment of adolescents and call them. Suzy was
sure that she could come up with a plausible story before she got on
the phone.
The time away from the office was not a problem since she was entitled
to three weeks off a year and the firm still owed her two weeks from
last year. Tomorrow she would ask her boss if she could arrange a one
month vacation, explaining that she wanted to take a trip. She was
sure that he would agree. The nice part about the whole idea was that
even though she would be dealing with strangers, she would feel safe
in the medical situation. Best of all, when it was over she could
leave it all behind her. The hospital records, referring to a
fictitious person, would mean nothing.
Medical records should have presented a major problem but proved to be
the one most easily solved. Last year she had edited a book for a
doctor and the finished product was such a success that he had
promised to help her in any way that he could in return. A quick look
in her phone book gave her his home phone number and since it was
still early, Suzy gave him a call.
Once more things went her way. She told him that she was going to
need a set of convincing medical records. She described her fantasy
girl and explained that she was conducting an investigation on the
financial abuses of the insurance plans by hospitals. Since she could
pass for a sixteen year old, she had been drafted for the project.
The doctor told her that after all the help that she had been to him,
he was delighted to be able to help. He told Suzy that he was glad
that she called when she did because he was just about to leave on an
extended vacation. Just so things would look right and the records
appear accurate, she should come in to the office the following day
for an exam so her physical condition would match her medical records.
In addition to the copy of the complete records that he would put in
his file, he would make an extract that could be sent to the hospital.
Finally, he would instruct his nurse that she was to go along with the
plan and to respond to any requests from the hospital in what ever
manner required. Thanking him for his help, she said that she would
see him the next day at 1 PM as he suggested.
One final detail, and she could call it a day and head to bed with
some of the DPF stories and her vibrator. She could not just walk
into the hospital and say, "Hey, I'm here." As horny as she was at
that point, she decided that the details would be worked out later.
So, it was off to bed for her date with the vibrator.
The next day, after clearing the vacation with her boss, Susan left
the office for her appointment with the doctor. Since she was not
expected back until the following day, she planned to head home to
start her search for a hospital that would take six teen year old Suzy
for a month. After giving her a through going over, the doctor went
to his office and prepared a full set of medical records for his new
patient. On his way out the door he turned to the nurse and asked her
to join them in his office when Suzy was dressed.
He suggested that they both sit down. Speaking to his nurse, who had
known of Susan from what the doctor had told her while he was writing
the book, the doctor went over what was to be done and how things were
to be handled while he was away. He did explain to her that the
records would show that Suzy was only sixteen and that if the nurse
was contacted by one of the hospitals that she should provide them
with anything that they required from the records. She was never to
let anyone know Suzy's true age or position. He then suggested that
he go over the character that Suzy was going to assume so that the
nurse could confirm and support the cover story.
"I wonder if they would be so helpful if they were aware of what I am
really trying to set up," thought Suzy to herself as the doctor
briefed the nurse.
"Did I leave anything out," he asked Suzy when he finished.
"Not that I can think of," Suzy replied.
"May I make a suggestion?" asked the nurse.
"Of course," the doctor responded.
"Since we are dealing with an out of control adolescent, I doubt that
she would passively allow herself to be signed into a hospital and
deprived of her freedom. So my suggestion is that the cover story be
centered around a situation in which her parents are going to be away
for several weeks, the duration of Suzy's stay. They are afraid to
leave her alone so the only option for them since, they could not
trust that anyone that they might bring in to the home could control
her, nor would they even think of inflicting her on a relative, is to
have her committed to an institution. To maintain the cover story she
is told that she is to go to the doctor's office after school to
obtain the renewal for her birth control pills. Once at the doctor's
office, she is given a strong tranquilizer so that she does not create
a commotion nor give the nurse that is engaged to escort her to the
hospital a difficult time. That was the way we handled a patient who
was addicted to cocaine in the office where I worked before I came
here. I must say that the procedure worked well for all concerned and
has become the standard practice in many offices. The hospitals are
also in favor of the practice since admitting the patient is less of a
"If you agree," the doctor said to Suzy, "I think that is an excellent
idea and your arrival with an escort would eliminate any questions by
the hospital. And Loretta, I want you to pay periodic visits to the
hospital to be Suzy's contact if any problems should crop up. How
does that plan strike you Suzy?"
"I think that it will work out just fine," she replied. "When the
arrangements have been made with the hospital, I'll obtain the
escort." Loretta added.
"Thanks," replied Suzy. "Pulling off this assignment would not be
possible except for the help the two of you are giving me."
"Loretta will send you a copy by messenger of the records and the
extract as soon as it is typed. Stay in touch with her and keep her
informed of your progress," the doctor instructed as
he brought the meeting to a close.
What had started out as a wild idea was now turning into a
probability. Suzy could hardly stand the gentle pressure of her
panties as they rubbed between her legs on the way home. She stopped
for a bite to eat and shopped for a few things that would befit a
sixteen year old. Evidently she took longer then she expected or
Loretta was much faster then she had anticipated as there was an
envelope resting against her door with the doctor's return address.
She pulled the papers out of the envelope in her bedroom and laid them
on the dresser so that she could read as she changed her clothes.
Feeling that she should get some practice in character she took out
the tight jeans and a tee shirt with "I LOVE TO BE LOVED" splashed
across the front. As she wiggled out of her work clothes and into her
new identity, she read what the doctor had written. It was all there.
Words like rebellious and resentful along with phrases such as
`sexually active', and `resentful of authority' were interspersed with
`physical control', `prevention of self abuse', `severely structured
environment', `dependence upon those in authority', and `controlling
medication'. The doctor had left little to the reader's imagination
as to what he was recommending. Suzy had picked her story well and
she could not have dictated the medical report or the extract to
conform more closely to her fantasy if she had tried. There was
another paper with the files; it was from Loretta. She repeated her
offer to be of help and went on to say that after Suzy had left she
had called the doctor for whom she used to work and asked for
recommendations for hospitals that might accept a rebellious teen age
girl in need of custodial care while her parents were away. She was
able to do it without giving away her "project" and the four hospitals
that were recommended were listed in the note with the person to
contact at each. She went one more step in suggesting that once Suzy
found a hospital that was interested she should suggest that they call
the doctor's office. Loretta would take the call and go into detail
as to what the doctor was recommending. It would sound better, she
suggested, if that information came directly from the doctor's office
rather than the girl's parent.
Suzy knew in her heart that for sure she would get to live her fantasy
Before picking up the phone and calling the hospitals, she made some
notes similar to those she made when the idea first took form in her
mind. The notes were more in the form of reminders that she should be
the concerned parent who did find it difficult to talk about the
problem and was having problems getting across to the person what was
needed in a language acceptable to the average person.
The first hospital was quickly crossed off as they only accepted
voluntary admissions and had no facilities to care for the involuntary
patient. The second also was crossed off because they had only
recently switched to the other end of the spectrum and now were a
geriatric hospital. The person on the other end of the line said that
she understood what Mrs. Jenkins was attempting to find for her
daughter and suggested that she call the hospital that was the fourth
on Loretta's list since they specialized in the caring for and
treatment of the "late teen" and young adult. She also mentioned that
they had the facilities to keep young people busy as well as those
necessary to assure that the rebellious patient remained in treatment
as long as necessary.
The last comment by the lady had Suzy hoping against hope that the
third call would work out. The lady said simply that she could rest
comfortably and enjoy her trip as she would guarantee that no matter
what her daughter's feelings were, she would still be a patient at the
hospital upon her mother's return and that she, Mrs. Jenkins, could
expect to find a cooperative young lady awaiting her.
Suzy's hand was shaking as she dialed the third number. Looking at
the clock, she saw that it was already 5:15 PM but she did not know if
she could last until tomorrow to see if this place was the answer for
her. She was in luck; she was immediately switched to a person in the
"intake" office. Within less then three minutes the lady on the other
end of the line was saying that she was sure that they were just the
place for her daughter but Suzy's doctor would have to be consulted
first. Knowing that Loretta would be in the office until about 6:30,
Suzy gave the woman the number and said that she would await the
women's return call.
Suzy could not sit still. The time passed so slowly that minutes
seemed as if they were hours. She tried watching TV, that did not
help; she tried reading, that did not help either. She could not find
anything that she wanted to eat. Just as she was ready to climb the
walls the phone did ring. All she got out was hello, when Loretta
interrupted her by saying that this was just the place that she was
looking for and the woman would be calling her back shortly. Loretta
also told her to call her back as soon as she made the arrangements
with the hospital and that she would tell the answering service to
give Suzy her home phone number.
Just before she was going to hang up, she heard the call waiting
signal on her line. It was the lady from the hospital intake office.
She confirmed that she had talked to the doctor's office and that she
knew that they would be just the place for Mrs. Jenkins' daughter,
"I assume that you will want to get the business part of the
admissions procedures out of the way so why don't you take a minute
and we'll go over the admission forms now if you would like. The
nurse at the doctor's office told me how pressed for time you are so
if we do it on the phone I can have the papers sent over for your
signature tomorrow."
"That will be just fine," was all that Suzy could say until she
started to answer the questions. When they came to the money part, it
was not quite as bad as she had expected, in fact it was not that much
more than she would have spent on a traveling vacation. "Would it be
aright if I sent a bank check with the papers tomorrow and include in
the check some money for incidentals if they are required?"
"The charges are all inclusive but if you would like Suzy to have a
credit at the canteen that will be just fine," the lady responded.
"Now when can we expect Suzy?" she was asked.
"Either the end of this week or the beginning of next. I'll have to
let you know tomorrow as I was unable to make final plans until I was
sure that she was being properly cared for," Suzy replied, now finding
it hard to control her voice.
"Rest assured the she will be well cared for while you are away. I'll
await your call tomorrow and you should have the papers before noon."
Remembering her promise to call Loretta back, she obtained the number
from the answering service and Loretta picked up on the second ring.
After filling her in on what had transpired, Loretta asked when she
wanted to be admitted so that she could arrange for the escort.
"After all," Loretta said with a giggle, "a sixteen year old does not
"I don't see why we can't plan on Friday after lunch," suggested Suzy.
"That should give me enough time to get things squared away."
"If you want, I will be available to check on your apartment for you.
Once you get to the hospital,there won't be much that you will be able
to do about things here." Loretta quickly added that the hospital was
located in a town about an hour and a half away.
"I guess that I better leave you a key then," replied Suzy.
"Oh! Before I forget, you will not have to send them a copy of the
medical report, I have already Faxed it to them."
"Thank you and I'll see you Friday after lunch," said Suzy before she
hung up the phone. For the next two days Suzy spent her non-working
hours dressed as the teenager she would become and hung out where her
peers did. This way she could pick up a few of the mannerisms and
some of the language that the younger generation was using.
The thought that her fantasy was actually about to come true kept a
constant tingle in her body. She had what amounted to a constant itch
between her thighs. She wanted to be so far into the character of the
horny sixteen year old when she arrived at the hospital that she went
so far as stop masturbating, allowing her no relief from the tension.
She would be horny as hell when she entered the hospital; there would
be no acting the part.
Friday morning she was awakened by the telephone. It was Loretta.
She called to make sure that everything was in order and to check the
time that she could expect Suzy at the office so that she could
complete the arrangements for the escort.
Suzy told her that she could not leave her office until noon as there
was one final meeting with an author that morning and then she could
go over with her boss what had to be done while she was away. She
would be free by lunch.
Loretta suggested that Suzy come straight over to the office. That
way, if she brought her other clothes with her, they could have a bite
together and she would have time to change before the escort arrived.
Suzy would be arriving at the hospital early enough so they could get
her admitted before supper.
The morning seemed to drag as could be expected under these
conditions. Suzy still could not bring herself to believe her plan
was actually working. She was mesmerized by the fact that once the
wheels started to turn, there would be no backing out. She was just
going to have to take whatever the next four weeks brought.
As the clock crawled its way to noon, the feeling of excitement
continued to build. Since she had not relieved her sexual cravings
for the last two days, even her lace bra, as it caressed her nipples
gently, caused her to shudder and made her even hornier.
Twenty minutes after she said her good-byes and left the office, she
was greeting Loretta who suggested that she get changed before lunch.
That way they would not be caught unprepared if the escort arrived
early. Loretta accompanied Suzy into the exam room where she would
Loretta voiced her approval of the jeans and tee-shirt outfit that
Suzy had brought with her however, she did suggest that the lace bra
was a bit out of place and that she would probably better fit the
character if she went braless. Suzy had to agree and handed Loretta
the wispy piece of material to be packed in the suitcase to await her
return. As they went to leave the exam room, Loretta stopped her
saying that Suzy forgot to give her the wallet with the credit cards
and identification, her car and house keys, and anything else in the
purse that could give her away. The people at the hospital would
certainly go through her purse when she arrived there.
Loretta closed Suzy's little suit case and picked it up as they left
the exam room saying that she would not have any use for this stuff
for a while so, "I'll just hold on to it for safe keeping." She
continued, "Since your escort is going to be here a bit earlier
then was originally planed, I had some lunch brought in for us as
there isn't enough time for us to go out and be back in time."
Suzy watched as Loretta took a set of keys from her pocket and locked
the closet door behind which her suit case and possessions now rested.
On the table in the middle of the room was a large pizza.
Loretta went to the cabinet over the counter and taking down two
plates, handed them to Suzy saying, "If you will get some napkins from
the holder by the sink and take out a slice for each of us, I'll get
the drinks."
By the time Suzy finished doing as she was bid, Loretta was closing
one of the cabinets before bringing the glasses of soda to the table.
As they ate Loretta said that if she did not know better she would
swear that Suzy was a teenager. They then went on to talk about the
book that the doctor had written and Suzy had edited. After they had
been at the table for about a half hour Suzy found that she lost her
train of thought in the middle of a sentence several times and was
having a difficult time picking it up again. The extensions phone in
the room rang and after picking it up, Loretta said into the
instrument, "Just send her right on back." Hanging up the phone, she
turned to Suzy saying, "The escort is here, you are on for real now.
Have fun." Loretta was smirking.
Suzy started to get up from the table but as she tried to lift herself
from the chair all the strength seemed to leave her legs and she
almost fell back into the seat. She looked at Loretta with a puzzled
expression on her face. Another woman was standing next to Loretta
when Suzy looked up. She had not even seen the stranger enter the
"Suzy, I would like you to meet Mrs. Mason," Loretta said. "I know
that you said that you would not sign yourself into the hospital but
all of us, your parents, the doctor and I feel that it would be best
if you are admitted. It would have been easier if you had cooperated
but since you decided not to, we took care of things another way.
Your parents and the doctor have signed the papers committing you and
since you are a minor, you have nothing to say about it. Just in case
you have not figured it out, the reason you are having problems both
thinking and using your muscles is that I put some medication in the
soda you drank to make sure that you don't give Mrs. Mason any trouble
on the way to the hospital.
Suzy realized that this was for real and it did scare her. She also
knew that she better start getting into character. "You can't do this
to me, you Bitch," she started screaming at Loretta. "I'll kick your
ass," she kept on yelling.
"That stuff sure does a job on them," commented Mrs. Mason. "I don't
know how we ever got along without it. Let's get her in the chair so
I can get going."
Mrs. Mason had left a wheel chair in the hall just outside the door
which she now retrieved and positioned next to Suzy's chair. With
Mrs. Mason grabbing Suzy under the arm pits from behind and Loretta
getting her from the front above the knees, the two women picked her
up as if she was a doll and deposited her in the wheel chair. A
poncho-like garment was put over Suzy's head and draped down her front
and behind her back. She tried to follow what they were doing with
the long cloth straps that were attached to parts of the poncho and
threaded through button hole like slits at other places. The straps
were finally pulled tight in back of the wheel chair and secured in
some way that was out of her sight. Next each of the women took a
small strap and threaded it through a loop on each shoulder and
fastening it to the handles of the chair. Suzy was now held upright in
the wheel chair by the rig that they had put on her.
"There," Loretta said, "now you won't fall out." She then bent over
and gave Suzy a peck on the cheek whispering in her ear, "Be sure and
have a good time and I'll drop in and see how you are doing on Sunday.
I doubt that you can stay out of trouble but try anyway."
Straightening up she turned to Mrs. Mason and said, "She is all yours
The first part of the ride to the hospital was uneventful. Suzy and
the wheel chair had been secured in place in the middle of the van
behind the front seats. This was a bit too far away from the driver's
seat to encourage conversation. Besides, the medication that Loretta
had slipped into her soda had her in a bit of a stupor even though it
was starting to wear off. Her body seemed perfectly content to relax
and let the poncho like thing support her. Her arms were resting
comfortably in her lap. It was her mind that Suzy started to come
alive. The way that Loretta had handled things, or rather, handled
Suzy, at the doctor's office had eliminated the possibility of Suzy
changing her mind about going through with what she had set up. To be
truthful, Suzy was now having second thoughts about the whole thing.
Nothing was ever mentioned as to how she was to be treated at the
hospital and from the way things were going, anything could happen.
Her anxiety started to get the best of her.
Despite, or maybe because of all that was going on in her head, she
was still very horny. The stout material of the poncho moved
teasingly against her braless nipples every time she took a breath and
when added to the effect of the tight crotch of her jeans on her lower
lips she was in a such a state that if she were home, she would have
been giving the vibrator a good workout.
Evidently Mrs. Mason had been watching her in the rear view mirror.
She lowered the volume of the radio and called over her shoulder that
the medication should be starting to wear off and that Suzy should
relax and enjoy the ride. "We will be there in about ten minutes,"
she added before turning the volume backup.
"It will still be a while yet before you regain the full control of
your legs so it's best that you stay in the chair," Mrs. Mason said
as she took Suzy out of the van and into the sprawling one story
As they had driven up, Suzy took note of the well manicured lawn in
front of the hospital and the tall chain link fence that rose above
the high shrubbery at one end of the building. There did not seem to
be much in the way of activity that could be seen as they came up the
drive. Suzy did, however, notice that the parking lot for the staff
was full and a much smaller one marked "visitors" was empty.
The first stop Mrs. Mason made was the admitting desk where the lady
made some notes in a file that was already prepared and waiting. She
then handed the folder to Mrs. Mason, saying that as soon as she had
delivered Suzy to Dr. Andrews' office, she had another "pickup" to
"I hope that the patient has been prepared for transport by the time I
get there," she said as she wheeled Suzy down the hall to Dr. Andrews'
"This must be Suzy Jenkins," the nurse in the waiting room said to
Mrs. Mason as she rolled Suzy in. "Take her right on in, Dr. Andrews
is waiting for her."
"Just put her chair on the side of the desk and I'll take it from
here," said Dr. Andrews as they entered the inner office. "And thank
you very much, Mrs. Mason. I understand that I'll be seeing you
again in about an hour."
"That is correct," she said as she turned to leave. "'Bye Suzy, and
be good now."
The woman sitting behind the desk picked up the folder that Mrs. Mason
had left and took another from the stack on the credenza behind her
desk and spent a minute or two flipping through the pages.
Suzy watched her, trying to take her mind off the still escalating
itch from both between her legs and her nipples. The anxiousness
caused by not being sure of what was going to happen to her next, had
her doing some squirming in the chair.
Dr. Andrews looked over the top of her glasses at Suzy and said, "I
know that you want to get up however if you will be patient for a
little longer, we can get you released."
Suzy had let what the doctor said sink in for a second or two before
its full impact hit her. She had not even realized that when Loretta
and Mrs. Mason put her in the wheel chair, they had tied her in with
the poncho like garment that she now wore. This realization caused
even more excitement to well up in her.
Dr. Andrews sat back in her chair and deliberately waited until Suzy
made eye contact before speaking. "You know why your parents sent you
to us, don't you?" she asked Suzy in a pleasant yet no nonsense tone
of voice.
Suzy, acting like the rebellious sixteen year old kid that she was
supposed to be, in the most obnoxious manor that she could muster
while secured to a wheel chair spat back, "Look bitch, I don't give a
damn. The only thing that I care about is getting out of here. First
I'm drugged then tied to this `fuin' wheelchair and kidnapped. As far
as I'm concerned you can take this God damned jail that you call a
hospital and shove it where it would probably do you some good."
"Well, young lady, it appears that your parents certainly made the
right choice," the doctor said in the same tone of voice that she used
when she first spoke, giving Suzy no reason to think that her outburst
made the slightest impression. "If you want this to be a one-sided
conversation, that is all right with me." Dr. Andrews continued, "I
have gone over your records and I must agree that you are totally out
of control. You are completely self-indulgent as indicated by your
experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and sex. In addition you have no
respect for other people or their efforts, you are a compulsive liar,
and expect others to jump at your beck and call. Finally, you seem to
have no respect for yourself as exhibited by your unkempt ways and
your compulsion to abuse yourself. I know that none of this is new to
you as your doctor indicates in his records that he had tried
everything that he knew to get you to start to behave in a reasonably
proper way for a sixteen year old and according to him you refused.
Your refusal to voluntarily enter a hospital or even consider
outpatient therapy sealed your fate.
When your parents found that they were going to be out of the country
for the next four weeks, it was easy for him to convince them to have
you committed. That's right Suzy, you have been committed. Let me
tell you what that means just so there is no misunderstanding as to
your status here. Your parents have appointed the hospital as your
legal guardian until their return, which means that we have the
authority to make any decision that we feel proper pertaining to any
and all aspects of your life while you are here. That includes but is
not limited to treatment, medication, recreation, and even your food,
clothing and comfort. Pout or yell as much as you like, you will live
within the boundaries that we set. If you wish to try and fight us you
will lose and I want to reinforce the fact that we have ways to assure
your compliance with our dictates."
There was a moment of silence. Suzy was now wishing that she had not
done such a thorough job of setting things up. There was obviously no
way out; she was stuck there for the duration.
Dr. Andrews pressed a button on the intercom and speaking into it said
the she was finished with Suzy. Almost immediately the door opened
and a nurse entered the room.
"Nurse Ross, this is Suzy Jenkins," Dr. Andrews said. "You recall the
case I went over with you the other day? The girl with the steamy
"Of course, how could I forget that one."
"You will find that I have ordered that you may use any of the
approved methods that you find convenient or effective to encourage a
change in her behavior and to do whatever you deem appropriate to
assure that she no longer engages in her past activities," instructed
Dr. Andrews. "Now Suzy, if you have any questions, Nurse Ross will be
happy to answer them for you. In the meantime please accept the fact
that Nurse Ross is in complete charge. Anything that she says or
decisions that she makes carry the same weight as if they came
directly from me."
Nurse Ross, taking control of the wheel chair, said to Suzy, "There is
enough time to get you settled into your room before supper if we
Nurse Ross pushed Suzy down the hall pausing only to unlock and then
re-lock each of the four doors that they passed through, the last of
which had `Section Four' on a sign over it.
"Say hello to your new home Suzy," she said as they stopped at the
nurse's station to drop off Suzy's file before proceeding to her
As Nurse Ross started to release the straps of the poncho from the
back of the wheel chair, she warned Suzy that things would not be too
bad for her as long as she did what she was told. However, if she
gave her any trouble, She would find out very quickly how easily she
could be handled and life would become far more difficult for her.
Once the poncho was off, Suzy was instructed to get undressed and take
a shower.
Since it was several hours since she had access to a bathroom Suzy
started to head to the open door as soon as she was able to get out of
the wheel chair.
"Just a minute young lady," Nurse Ross said bringing Suzy up sharply,
"I told you to get undressed first, now do things the way you are
told. That, by the way, is rule number one around here. You may put
your clothes on the wheel chair and I'll put them away for you as you
will have no need for them while you are here."
"What the hell is this, a nudist camp?" Suzy said sarcastically as she
started to undress.
"Your clothing will be provided by the hospital and your flippant
attitude will only lead to your time here being less to your liking if
it does not disappear quickly," Nurse Ross cautioned Suzy. "I see
that the crotch of your panties is a bit damp and that your erect
nipples are indicating that you are a bit aroused," she went on as she
looked the now naked Suzy over. "One of the most strictly enforced
rules is that touching yourself between your legs for any reason, and
I mean any reason, except to wash and dry yourself or to clean
yourself after voiding, and then only to the minimum extent necessary
to accomplish the purpose, is strictly forbidden. Any infraction of
this rule will be dealt with in a manner that I don't think will be to
your liking. Let a word from the wise be sufficient. Now go take
your shower and remember what I just said. One more thing, before I
forget and you get in trouble, you are never to shut the bathroom door
or cover the shower stall. You must be in the full view of the staff
at all times. Don't worry about the floor getting wet, the shower is
designed to not to need a curtain."
Nurse Ross watched as Suzy used the toilet then took a shower.
Although she now felt both clean and relieved in other ways, Suzy's
libido was still running in high gear. The watchful eye of the nurse
gave her no opportunity to do anything about the problem.
Nurse Ross was talking to another nurse when Suzy returned to the
room. Laid out on one of the two beds was a pair of cotton panties, a
very plain bra, and front zippered jumpsuit made from an attractive
flowered material. Suzy decided not to force things with Nurse Ross
at this time and to get a feel for things first, so she put the
clothes on that had been laid out for her and slipped on the socks and
tennis shoes as they were handed to her by the second nurse,
introduced as Nurse Gilbert. When she was lacing the tennis shoes on,
Suzy noticed that the soles were made of a felt like material and not
rubber as she would have normally expected.
"Stand up and turn around so we can see how you look and if our
records have your sizes correctly," Nurse Gilbert said in a way that
would have had someone believing that she was an older sister helping
Suzy get ready for a date. "I think that this will be just fine," she
said as she made a small adjustment in the way that the elastic
gathers at the waist clung to her body above her hips.
Looking at her watch, Nurse Ross said that she would show Suzy around
the ward and introduce her to her roommate before diner. As Suzy
walked down the hall with Nurse Ross, she noticed that although all
the rooms that they passed had signs of having occupants almost
everybody was elsewhere. She did see that there was a girl in a bed
in two of the rooms and neither looked too happy as they passed. As
Nurse Ross escorted her through a pair of swinging doors she was
saying that there was, in addition to scheduled activities, a library,
a gym, an indoor swimming pool, and, of course, classrooms so that the
residents continued schooling would not be neglected while they were
confined to the hospital.
"Your roommate, Wendy, is here in the study hall redoing a paper that
was unacceptable," she said as she took a key ring that was attached
to her belt by a short chain from her pocket and used one of the keys
to open the door. As they entered, all Suzy could see was the very
back of a wheel chair of sorts that was pulled up tight to one of the
oversized cubicles that lined the walls. Each of the cubicles was
separated from the one next to it by a partition that rose above the
level of the head of anyone using it and extended out in to the room
then the rear of the wheel chair. Suzy could see from the unoccupied
cubicles that each was constructed with a large cutout in the desk
area. Turning her attention back to the occupied cubical, she saw
that there was almost two feet of space from each side of the wheel
chair to the partition separating that cubicle from the one adjacent
to it. As they approached the occupied cubical, Suzy's eyes came to
rest on the cloth straps that came around from the front of the chair,
passed through appropriate metal rings that were attached to the
center of the chair's back and then down all the way to the axles for
the rear wheels where they were secured. She also noted that the rear
wheels of the chair were small wheels, about the same size as the
front wheels of the wheel chair in which she arrived at the hospital.
Nurse Ross moving, to one side of the of the chair, said to the
occupant of the cubical, "Wendy, I want you to meet Suzy, your new
roommate. Suzy, you will have to move around to the other side of the
chair as Wendy turned in a sorry excuse for a paper on `The
Detrimental Effects Upon the Adolescent Child of Ineffective
Discipline at Home' and has to rewrite it. Since she failed to have
the rewritten report finished for class today, she has been confined
to the Study Room until she completes the assignment."
Suzy now saw that the straps that went to the rear of the chair came
from one of the poncho like affairs like the one Loretta had put on
her for the trip. She also saw that the cut out at each of the
cubicles was made to accept a tray like piece that was attached to the
arms of the chair which, when mated with the cutout of the cubical,
formed a large work surface. The tray itself had a cutout that fit
snugly against Wendy. The girl was fixed in such a way that she only
seemed to exist from the waist up. Nothing below the waist seemed to
"Sorry to see you here," the young girl in the chair said looking up
from the papers in front of her.
"If you would like to be changed when you are finished here, I would
suggest that you watch your tongue young lady," said Nurse Ross rather
sharply. "If you persist in refusing to be a lady, you can always be
a toddler or a baby if you wish."
Wendy quickly apologized to Nurse Ross saying that she would try to
watch her comments. Nurse Ross accepted Wendy's apology and suggested
that the girls would become better acquainted later and that she
should let Wendy finish her work.
The next stop was the day room that doubled as the activity center and
adjoining it was a TV room.
Looking at her watch, Nurse Ross said that she had some things to do
and that Suzy should get acquainted with the other girls. Dinner
would be in about an hour.
Suzy went over to one of the vacant tables in the day room that was
kind of off to one side and sat down to take stock. Wendy's condition
had done nothing to relieve the itch that was still burning between
her legs, however, there were other things to take in at this point.
Obviously she would have a chance to talk further to her roommate
From the number of rooms that she had seen and the size of the rest of
the facilities available to the ward, she estimated that there was
space for about 20 girls on the ward. Almost all the girls that she
could see were dressed in the same way as she was dressed although the
jump suits all differed somewhat. She also could see that there were
three girls who in wheel chairs and wearing the poncho like restraint
although they were able to get around the ward in the wheel chair.
There was one girl in a chair like the one that Wendy was in. Suzy
could see the whole thing. This chair was far more restricting than
the other wheel chairs. The girl also wore one of the ponchos but
that was not all that restricted her by a long shot. The girl who
appeared to be about 19 or 20 years old and very attractive, was
extremely agitated; she was pushing and tugging at the tray, like the
one on Wendy's chair, in a concerted effort to move it out of her way,
but it didn't budge. It obviously was locked in place. She seemed to
be trying to reach the lower part of her body that was below the tray
but without success. Since the chair was positioned kind of facing
Suzy, a view of the girl's struggles was unobstructed for Suzy. The
lack of any open areas between the arm rests and the seat frame
frustrated the girl's efforts to gain access to her lower body from
that direction. The arms went from the back rest of the chair forward
almost to her knees, much too far forward for the girl to be able to
reach around them to touch anything but the outside part of her knees.
She was not even capable of moving the chair as there was no large
wheel for her to grasp as with a regular wheelchair. All four of the
chair's wheels were the size of the front wheels of the regular
wheelchair and well beyond her reach. Any attempt to move the chair
with her feet was also out of the question as her feet were in
slippers that came above her ankles and were closed with Velcro
straps. The slippers must have been attached to the large foot rest
of the chair as Suzy could see that the girl was attempting to move
them but to soles of the slippers did not budge on the foot rest.
Because of the positioning of the chair Suzy had a clear view under
the tray. The girl's knees were spread and pressed against the arms
of the chair even though her feet were positioned close together. All
of a sudden it dawned on Suzy why. Suzy could not help but see the
pronounced bulge in the girl's crotch. The reason that her knees were
spread apart was that she could not bring them together. The last
girl she had seen with that problem had been only two years old. They
had this girl heavily diapered!
Suzy was getting more and more excited by the minute. She then
recalled Nurse Ross's comment to Wendy about getting changed. They
must have her in diapers as well. As she looked around the room, she
now thought that some of the other girls might be in diapers as there
some with hips that were too pronounced to be natural. She was sure
that she was right when she noticed that all the girls that looked
very hippy also had on jump suits that had the zippers in back rather
when in front like the one she had on. Suzy's attention went back
to the girl in the restrained in the chair. The struggle against the
restraints became even more determined although just as fruitless.
She would seem to be desperately trying to being her knees together
and would get them to within a couple inches of each other for a bit
then the pressure of the bulk between her legs overcame her strength
and they spread out against the arms once more. All the time the girl
was fighting her lot, she seemed to be doing it in silence. The only
sound other then the rustling of her clothes against the chair was
that of a low groan that came from her throat.
Nurse Gilbert came into the room, looked around and seeing how
distraught the girl in the chair had become, went over to her and
cupping the girls chin in her hand, turned it so they made eye
contact. "Things would have gone much easier for you if you had
cooperated," she said. "Maybe next time you won't put up a fuss like
you did when the doctor wants you prepped for an exam. You know that
if things are not accomplished in one way they will still happen in
another. Just remember that you brought this on yourself by allowing
your boy friend to enter your bottom. We have to check and make sure
that there is no damage before we can proceed with the treatment. If
you don't fight it, almost everything should be out in about an hour
and a half. If you continue to resist, it will be over two hours
before we can change you. You will be ready for the doctor right
after breakfast. I'll be back later with some broth since you are not
able to eat tonight, now be good and allow the medication to get you
nice and clean by morning." Giving the girl a caress on the cheek,
Nurse Gilbert continued her rounds. The girl's expression shot
daggers at the nurse as she walked away but all of a sudden her
expression changed and Suzy could see that she was once again
straining as she let out another groan. It was now obvious to Suzy
that the girl was definitely in diapers and had been given a powerful
laxative which she was fighting with all her strength. Her thoughts
drifted back to the letter in the DPF newsletter that started this for
her. She was becoming more turned on than she had ever been in her
life. She was both scared and excited at the same time, not knowing
what was going to happen to her. She let her hand drop to her lap
finding its way to source of the itch between her legs. From what she
had seen so far and Dr. Andrew's speech to her, she knew that she had
better be discreet. It was not easy but she was eventually able to
give herself some satisfaction, quietly with no one noticing what she
was doing.
The guttural groan from the girl in the chair got her attention once
more. She seemed to be on the verge of loosing control despite her
determined efforts. The cramps must have subsided for a moment as the
girl seemed to relax a bit in the chair. It was only a few seconds
later that the girl's eyes opened wide, her hands grabbed the edge of
the tray that was across her lap so tightly that her knuckles turned
white. She was desperately fighting to extricate herself from the
chair. The veins in her neck stood out with the strain and her lips
pulled back as she gave a long grunt. She had reached a point that
was beyond her control. Along and extremely muffled fart game from
her diapers as she did her best to fill them to capacity. Contraction
after contraction wracked her body as she put load after load in the
waiting diaper. The girl was doing her best to keep her bottom up off
the seat but the strength soon drained from her arms and she was
forced to lower her bottom into the tremendous mass that she had
already deposited in her diapers.
Suzy's hand, again, found its why to her crotch and she was able to
scratch her itch once more, discreetly. She now knew why the girl had
not said anything the whole time. When her lips had been drawnback as
she strained with the contractions, Suzy could see that there was a
smooth rubber covering between her teeth and lips. Right in front she
could see what looked like a black spot and she had correctly guessed
that it was not a spot but a hole through the device. The nurses had
put some sort of a gag in her mouth. The girl was being denied the
ability to speak.
Although the contractions seemed to lessen, she was still putting more
in, what was by now a most uncomfortable diaper.
Nurse Gilbert stopped at her chair once more on her way back to the
nursing station saying, "I see that you have finally decided to
cooperate. The worst will be over in about an hour and a half. I'll
change you then and get you ready for bed. By morning you will be
nice and clean inside for the doctor. See you later," she added as
she left the now most embarrassed and distraught young lady to stew in
her own mess.
Suzy started to feel uncomfortable because the poor girl in the wheel
chair was watching her; there was nothing else for her to look at, the
way her chair was facing. Suzy finally, feeling for the girl asked if
there was anything that she could do for her. With the speech robbing
device still in her mouth the girl shook her head "no" and making sort
of a humming noise parted her lips and pointed to the rubber thing
inside thinking that Suzy did not realize that she was not able to
talk. As the girl was trying to communicate with Suzy, another spasm
shook her body as she was forced to add to the already full diaper.
Knowing that Suzy was watching, caused the girl's face to turn a
bright shade of red.
Her self-consciousness made Suzy get up asking if the girl would like
her to reposition the chair for her. After the girl shook her head
no, Suzy went into the other room and watched television for awhile
because she did not know what else to do.
Not too long later an announcement was made over the P.A. system that
supper was ready. Everybody in the room got up and headed into the
day room. The meal had been brought up from the kitchen and was being
served cafeteria style. The day room tables, each of which seated
four people were now the dining room tables. Everybody lined up and
as they came up to the area with the food, the first thing that they
came to was a nurse, whom Suzy had not yet, met handing out pills. No
one was arguing and simply washed down the pills that were given with
a little cup of water. Suzy did as the others. The food was not
fancy but it was tasty and plentiful. Seconds were available if they
were wanted.
Taking her tray, she located a table aas they came up
to the area with the food, the first thing that they
came to was a nurse, whom Suzy had not yet, met handing out pills. No
one was arguing and simply washed down the pills that were given with
a little cup of water. Suzy did as the others. The food was not
fancy but it was tasty and plentiful. Seconds were available if they
were wanted.
Taking her tray, she located a table at which three of the girls were
seated leaving an empty seat. One of the girls at the table was one of
those in an ordinary wheel chair. The regular chair had been pushed
to one side so she could maneuver the chair up to the table. As Suzy
sat down, she introduced herself to the others. The two girls in the
regular chairs were Audrey and Patty. They were roommates. The girl
in the wheel chair introduced herself as Jodi and asked, "What brings
you to this hell hole?"
Suzy responded to Jodi's question by saying that her parents were
going away for a month and had her committed to separate her from her
boyfriend as they were not to thrilled about her sex life. She had
given the answer in a offhand way to see what the reaction would be
but all she got was a remark from Patty that she had better not let
any of the staff catch her even horny much less playing with herself.
"They can really made your life miserable if they care to," added

The food did not taste bad in fact the chicken was pretty good. When
they had finished, Jodi moved her chair away from the table saying
that she was going to the nurses station and try and either get
released or find someone to change her.
With Jodi gone, Audrey commented, "I wonder if that girl will ever
learn. This is the fourth time that she got herself the chair."
"What did she do?" asked Suzy.
"I guess that you haven't been told yet," Audrey went on, "From the
time we get up in the morning until after supper, the beds are off
limits except if you get permission to take a nap from one of the
nurses, who will put you in the bed. Yesterday Jodi was caught on the
bed before lunch and will spend her waking hours strapped in a wheel
chair until noon tomorrow. To save them the trouble of having to
release you and then re-secure you each time you need to pee, the
staff put you in diapers."
"They make you take a pill," piped up Patty, "that makes you pee all
the time and they will only change you after each meal. That means
that you end up in a wet diaper most of the time."
"Come on, let's watch some TV," suggested Patty. "`Totally Hidden
Videos' should be on."
"Patty, what happens if Jodi has to go... you know what I mean," asked
Suzy as they got up from the table.
"You mean what if she has to take a shit?" she asked with a giggle.
"The nurse that is charge of you will usually let you use the toilet
for that whenever you are changed, unless she wants to be mean and
then you use your diapers. Never ask to be changed or allowed out of
them except at the stipulated times. To do so will only get you into
more trouble."
The three found seats together in the TV room and spent the next
couple hours enjoying the shows together. Suzy found that she was
enjoying acting like a silly sixteen year old and not burdened with
the stress of her job.
About 9:30 Suzy felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up. It was one
of the nurses that she had seen around that evening. The day shift
must have gone home.
"Since this is your first night, I think that we better start getting
you ready for bed. Besides, you will have a chance to get to know
your roommate since Wendy is already in bed."
As the nurse had indicated, Wendy was already under the covers and
reading a book when they entered the room.
When the nurse turned, Suzy saw that her name was Nurse Perkins
according to her name tag. She told Suzy to get undressed, take a
shower, and brush her teeth, Suzy did as she was told. Actually she
enjoyed the hot water beating down on her body. The shower was
equipped with one of the massage type nozzles, like she had at home.
She must have been in the shower about fifteen minutes when Nurse
Perkins came into the bathroom and told Suzy to come to the front of
the shower stall. She had a cup of juice in her hand and one of the
little paper cups with some pills in it.
"Here, take these now and you can enjoy the shower for a little bit
longer," she said handing Suzy both cups.
Suzy downed the pills and juice as she was told and got back under the
water as Nurse Perkins went back to the main room. The hot pulsating
water continued to drain the stress out of her body and she was
starting to feel very relaxed. She brushed her teeth in the shower
not wanting to leave the pulsing water. Suzy finally had enough and
she did not feel that there was any way that she could be more
relaxed. I'll get a good night's sleep tonight, she thought to
herself as she dried off and returned to the room. Nurse Perkins was
sitting on Wendy's bed discussing the book that she was reading with
Suzy saw that a rather un-hospital like frilly nightgown was laid out
on the bed.
Nurse Perkins turned to Suzy saying that just because she was in a
hospital, was no reason to have to do without nice things, but if she
preferred she could have a regular set of PJs.
"This will be fine," said Suzy as she put it on and climbed in to the
bed. The mattress was firm and comfortable and the sheets crisp and
cool. She turned on her side and listened to the conversation that
the nurse was having with Wendy. All she later remembered of the
conversation was about the next three or four sentences as she fell
right to sleep.
The dim light from the both the hall and the window was just ample to
let Suzy's eyes focus on her surroundings. Her mind slowly awakened
along with her vision. She remembered that she was in the hospital
and was supposed to be a sixteen year old girl, not a twenty four year
old woman. She now recalled that the reason she was here was of her
own doing, a deception to accommodate her fantasy. As her eyes
traveled around the room she saw her roommate asleep in the other bed,
the dressers, and her eyes stopped on the window. She wondered why
she had not noticed the wire mesh on covering the opening before.
Suzy, in her twilight of consciousness giggled at the thought that she
had always felt that if she was going to do something, do it right and
she had done this right for sure.
She became a bit more aware and realized that something did not feel
right but she could not put her finger on what it was yet. However,
it did not take her long to figure it out. Instead of the nightgown
that she had put on before going to bed, she now wore a sleeper
garment similar to the jumpsuit that she had worn earlier in the day.
There was also something between her legs. Suzy started to move her
arms to find out what was going on and realized that something was
different there as well. When she pulled them out from under the
covers and up into the dim light, she could not see her hands. At the
end of each sleeve was around ball that was a part of the sleeve.
When she moved her fingers they felt free but were nowhere to be seen.
She felt the tips of the fingers brush against some very smooth
material and when she brought her hands down to her face, she felt the
soft outer padding that covered a rigid inner shell that was
sandwiched between the inner and outer layers. There was also strong
elastic at her wrists that kept the balls in place covering her hands.
The padding between her legs now became the recipient of her
attention. The padding took far less time for her to figure out than
the balls that covered her hands and rendered them useless to her.
She had been put in to diapers, and very thick diapers at that. As
she moved her legs to bring her spread knees together out of habit,
she not only found the bulk of the diapers too great to allow that
option but the movement put her inner thighs in contact with what
obviously was a pair of rubber pants.
Suzy immediately sat up in the bed and in doing so became aware of
another indignity. A leather belt had been put around her waist and
another belt attached to each side of the waist belt with a "D" ring
went off to each side and disappeared over the edge of the mattress
and secured to some part of the bed frame out of sight and most
certainly out of reach. In the dim light Suzy could make out a small
hole in the center of the buckle of the waist belt that could only
mean that it was locked on her. The belt kept her securely in the
center of the bed. Even if the buckle was not locked there was no way
that she could have operated the buckle with her hands inside the
balls. The reason that she had awakened became apparent. She had to
Suzy dreamed of being in this condition from the time she first became
interested in diapers and now it was for real and she found that she
was not very anxious to wet her pants, no, her diapers, she thought.
Reacting to the surprise of waking up and unexpectedly finding herself
in this condition, Suzy started to yell for someone to let her loose
and that she had to go to the bathroom. This woke Wendy up with a
"For God sakes shut up before you bring the nurse," Wendy admonished
Suzy. "That is the last thing you want, believe me."
"They have me tied to the bed and I have to go pee," wailed Suzy.
"Keep the noise down, damn it." scolded Wendy again. "Speak softly.
They leave the doors open on purpose so they can hear if anyone is
creating a problem. Look, Nurse Perkins found out that you played
with yourself and now you are paying the price, just like I am but for
something else. Before she brought you in to the room she let me get
cleaned up then the bitch put me in diapers and rubber panties and I'm
belted under the covers the same way you are just because she did not
like my saying in that report you saw me writing that any girl over 13
has the right to say when she goes to bed and when she gets up unless
there is some compelling factor for her to get up such as school or
shop ping. At least I was not caught playing with myself like you and
have to wear the things that you have on your hands to keep the
fingers from getting into trouble, as they say."
"But nobody saw me," said Suzy. "How could she have known?"
"Don't ever let one of the staff know that I told you how they find
out because if you do, they will make me wear one of the gags that
they have, forever. Not only do the things stop you from speaking but
they can make you swallow anything that they wish. There is one nurse
who, whenever she sees a girl with one in her mouth, just loves to
make her swallow a whole ounce of caster oil. Believe me that is
hell." Wendy went on, "As for Nurse Perkins finding out about you
playing with yourself, when you went into the shower, she took the
panties that you had on and put a chemical on the crotch. If there is
any presence of drippings of a turned on female the damn stuff turns
it a bright red. Yours had a crotch that looked like a fire engine.
So she gave you a quick acting short duration sleeping pill to put you
out while she and another nurse diapered you, put you into the
restraining jumper, and belted you to the bed. You might as well do
what you have to do because you will have to wet yourself no matter
what happens. The other pill that she gave you was a strong long
acting diuretic. It will have you peeing several times before
morning. Just do it and get some sleep, you are going to need it."
Wendy paused for a minute, and then breathed a sigh of relief. "She
made me take a diuretic also but not as strong as the one she gave
you. I'll probably pee once more before morning. Now please let me
get some sleep."
Suzy inspected the round lumps that were so effective in denying her
the use of her own hands and then looked down the front of her body.
The jump suit was smooth across her front, the zipper was in the back.
She had guessed correctly before that the rear zippered ones were to
be worn with diapers. Once again, every breath that she took caused
her nipples to be teased by the material rubbing over so gently. The
leather belt with its side straps that disappeared under the bed
rested easily over the elasticized waist of the jumpsuit, the locked
buckle was shiny enough to cause it to reflect little bits of light
with her slightest move. The tiny key hole in the buckle's center
reminded Suzy of a twinkling eye that was mocking her. Below the
belt, the jump suit flared out all around her waist. It was if her
whole lower body was blown up like a balloon. She tried to follow the
contours of the diapers hidden underneath with the useless appendages
at the ends of her arms. The cloth of the jumpsuit moved over the
slick surface of the rubber panties that she now acknowledged as the
sole barrier between the pee that was demanding to be released from
her bladder staying in the diaper or announcing to the world Suzy's
shame by finding its way to the jumpsuit and the bed. As her eyes
came to rest on the loosely fitting crotch area of the jumpsuit, she
tried to visualize how things looked beneath the covering cloth. She
put one of her impotent hands to her crotch and it came to rest at
least 3Ó from were she thought her crotch should be. Suzy's
bladder made a even more determined attempt to rid itself of its
contents. In an effort to forestall the fated event, she attempted to
squeezed her legs together once again, much like a five year old would
when the child played to long before heading to the bathroom. The
rubber that so completely encased the immense padding that was holding
her legs apart, titillated her inner thighs. The thickness of the
diapers made her feel as if she was sitting on a pillow. Well, maybe
she was.
There was to be no reprieve from the impending event. This she knew
although she would have promised anything to avoid using the diapers
as her bathroom. The tingle between her lower lips and the fire in
her nipples was not enough to allow her to let things happen. She
felt as if she was a person who had dreamed of skydiving all her life
and now found herself in the door of the plane with only one more step
to take and was unable to do it. The realization that there was no
amount of pleading, and there was no one that would come to her
assistance was too much for her. Tears started to form in her eyes as
she sat fixed in the middle of the bed.
As her body shook with the first sob, the associated muscle
contraction was all that was necessary to start the flow. All of a
sudden she felt a wet warmth begin to grow between her legs as her
bladder started release its contents over her objection. It refused
to heed her dictates, her own body was betraying her.
No matter how hard she squeezed in the vain effort to stem the flow,
she was soon voiding faster than the diaper could absorb the liquid.
A puddle seemed to be forming in her crotch and under her buns. She
continued to put every bit of her being into squeezing the proper
muscle to control the flow. She was not able to stop the flow but she
finally was able to slow it down. This seemed to help as it gave the
diaper an opportunity to soak up her pee. Suzy felt the warm wetness
creep up the diaper to her tummy. Once again, despite her gallant
efforts, she lost complete control. Suzy would never have believed
that it was possible to sit tied to a bed, pee in a diaper and climax
at the same time. That was exactly what was happening to her at the
moment. She was unable to take her eyes off her encased loins. How
could everything appear so serene on the surface and yet so much be
going on underneath. The warm wet feeling was now beginning to creep
around to the sides of the diapers.
Suzy had been sitting upright the whole time while she was putting her
diapers to use. Her muscles were tiring from both the effort that was
necessary to hold herself erect but also from the energy draining
climax that she had experienced. She began to accept that the soggy
diaper was going to stay in place until someone else decided that it
could be removed. She was completely powerless to change her lot.
Suzy allowed her depleted body to flop back down on the bed in the
hope that she was going to be able to get some rest in her current
state of discomfort.
When she tried to find a position that allowed a degree of comfort,
she could not escape the wet diaper constantly reminding her of her
humiliating condition. The rubber panties kept the wet diaper pressed
against her body and the smooth rubber that contained the mass of now
thoroughly saturated cloth between her thighs, was transmitting the
warmth of her pee to her thighs as a constant reminder. In her
twisting and turning she found that the belt that held her
unyieldingly in the center of the bed had been adjusted so as to allow
her to turn over. It took awhile, but Suzy was finally able to get
back to sleep. She did awaken several more times during the night to
add pee to the diaper but she was back asleep almost at once.
Out at the nurses station, Nurse Perkins turned to her colleague as
she turned off the monitor on which Suzy's tribulations had been
displayed, and asked for Suzy's chart to make the necessary notations.
"This one should be a lot of fun," she commented. "If simply being
made to wet her diaper can bring this much of a reaction from her, I
can't wait to see how she reacts to the teaser. I see that she is
scheduled for total dependency starting in the morning." "As you
said," the second nurse replied, "it should be quite a show."

Suzy's eyes opened as the sun of a new day started to stream through
the screened window of her room. Turning over to see if Wendy was
awake yet, the wetness contained in the diapers shifted, reminding her
of what she had been forced to do. When she achieved the new
position, she could feel the luke warm pee that her movement had
squeezed out of the diaper become re-absorbed into the material.
Wendy was still deep asleep so Suzy closed her eyes again and tried to
go back to sleep as there was nothing else that she could do until she
was released from the restraint that kept her from getting out of the
bed. Although she did not fall completely asleep, she did drift into
a state of semi-consciousness allowed her mind to go back over what
had transpired since noon of the day before. The itch between her
legs that had been the reason that she was in her current state,
started to return. Suzy tried squeezing her thighs together in an
effort to either make the itch go away or to accommodate it. The two
balls at the end of her sleeves reminded her that she was not going to
be able to find any help in obtaining relief from that direction. The
first attempt at the squeezing motion caused her to change her mind as
all she succeeded in accomplishing was to cause the pee in the diapers
to bath her skin and form a puddle at her hip. She lay still once
more while it became absorbed once again.
A bright and cheery, "Good morning ladies," from Nurse Ross as she
walked into the room brought both girls awake. "Are we nice and wet
this morning?" she asked in a mocking tone of voice.
Sitting down on the side of Wendy's bed, she let a moment or two of
silence pass before she teasingly said, "Well, might I assume that the
lack of response from either of you means that you are both nice and
comfortable and don't need to be changed?" Wendy, without any
hesitation, answered, "Please, Nurse Ross will you change my diapers.
I am soaked!"
Suzy added her plea for comfort to her roommate's.
Nurse Ross looked over at Suzy saying that she would have to wait
until she was finished with Wendy and it was going to take longer to
get her ready for the day. The way Nurse Ross put it and the look on
her face caused Suzy some concern, as well it should. If she knew
what was in store for her, Suzy most likely would not have elected to
wait patiently for her turn.
As Suzy watched, Nurse Ross took the key ring from her pocket and
selecting one of the smaller keys, inserted it into the hole in the
center of Wendy's belt buckle and in a moment the belt that had kept
her in bed was laying sprawled across the sheet. Wendy then, very
carefully, eased off the bed and stood with her back to Nurse Ross as
another tiny key was selected from the ring and used by Nurse Ross on
the tab of the zipper at the back of Wendy's neck before it was opened
allowing the sleeper to come off Wendy's shoulders, down her arms
and drop to hips where it was stopped by the elastic waist. Nurse
Ross told her to take it off the rest of the way and she would meet
Wendy in the shower.
Picking up a plastic bag from the cart she had left by the door, she
followed the girl into the bathroom. Shortly, Suzy heard the shower
running. She desperately wished that she was the one under the
cleansing spray and not tethered to the bed with a soggy diaper held
against her lower body that she could do nothing about. As the two
returned from the bathroom, Nurse Ross was saying to Wendy, "If you
are going to insist upon being sarcastic whenever you find the chance
as you did in the report you wrote, young lady, you can only expect
more nights of this or worse. Of all people to have see it, the only
one that could have been a worse choice would have been Dr. Andrews.
You may wear regular underwear and a front opening jumpsuit today if
you promise to behave."
"I'll be good," promised Wendy as she started to dress. "Nurse Ross,"
Suzy called to the nurse as she started for the door, "I need to get
"You will have to wait a bit longer Suzy," she called back over her
shoulder as she disappeared from sight.
Having sat up when she saw that Nurse Ross was on the way out the door
and not going to allow her to get clean, Suzy flopped back to the
pillow with tears in her eyes. The rapid movement had caused pleasure
on the muscles over her bladder and she felt more pee being deposited
in the diaper. The pill must still be working. When was it going to
stop? She was sure that the diaper could not hold any more. Suzy
never in her wildest dreams thought that wet diapers could become the
center of her existence, but things were moving in that direction.
In the meantime Wendy had dressed and was finishing brushing her hair.
As she was putting her things back in the dresser drawer, she had to
leave as it was her turn to help get things ready for breakfast in the
day room. She gave Suzy a parting bit of advise in that it is usually
better to not resist the nurses since things usually ended up worse
then they would have been if you kept your mouth shut. She then left
the room to do her chores.
Suzy felt totally defeated as she let another stream into her diapers.
She did not even try to stop it. From her bed, she could see that the
girls and the staff had started to move around the ward. The noise of
the place coming to life was inviting but the belt with the shiny
buckle that girdled her waist demanded, without appeal, that she
remain where she was.
It must have been only ten to fifteen minutes, although it felt like
hours, when Dr. Andrews, followed by Nurse Gilbert and Nurse Ross came
into the room.
"Why don't you put the things on the other bed where they will be
handy," suggested to Nurse Ross whose arms were loaded with things
that Suzy did not recognize.
While Dr. Andrews pulled a chair up to the side of the bed, the two
nurses were busy on each side of the bed with things that were taken
from the pile that Nurse Gilbert had up on Wendy's bed.
"I suggest that you direct your attention to our discussion
rather then to what others are doing. You can rest assured that they
don't need supervision," Dr. Andrews said opening her discussion with
Suzy. "I see that you are determined upon continuing to abuse
yourself," she said going over the notes that the nurses had made in
Suzy's chart. "Well Suzy, since you can't be trusted to control
yourself we will do it for you. Now, as we went over yesterday in my
office, we have several areas that need correcting. Last night we put
a stop to the self abuse and will continue to provide the control for
you that you seem to be unable to provide for yourself."
Suzy was starting not to like what she was hearing but felt that she
better keep quiet, heeding Wendy's advice. The wisdom of her
decision became immediately apparent when Dr. Andrews looked up from
consulting chart.
"If you have not yet accepted the fact that tantrums will only bring
about even more profound applications of what you find not to your
liking, I think that it is only fair to warn you that we have methods
that are most effective in bringing outbursts such as the one in my
office to a quick halt and will eliminate any possibility of a
reoccurrence. Let's move on to today's remedial treatment. I am most
concerned about your lack of appreciation for what others do for you
and your disdain for their feelings. The way that we will approach
the problem is really very simple. You are going to be made totally
dependent upon just those whom you would expect to jump at your beck
and call. This might seem as though this is exactly what you would
want. There is going to be a twist to this that you will find an
excellent teacher of how to be appreciative of others' efforts and
feelings. Nurse Ross and Nurse Gilbert are going to get you ready for
your first day of treatment and I'll wait here to monitor your
reactions and to make notes on your response to your preparations. I
believe that everything should be above board so let me warn you that
how you accept their authority will help determine the course that
treatment will take."
"Come on, Suzy. Let's sit you up so we can get the jumpsuit off,"
Nurse Ross said as she helped Suzy up off the pillow. "On second
thought, I see that you have started to leak so we had better get a
changing pad under you first. Lay back for a moment. Pull your feet
back so Nurse Gilbert can slide it under your knees. That's a good
girl. Now arch your back so your backside is off the bed. I know
that you can't get it up very high with the belt on but if you try
hard you can get it up enough so Nurse Gilbert can get the pad under
you. Come on, the belt isn't that tight, only a little higher. Now
hold that for just a second, That's a good girl. You can relax
now, the bed is protected."
As Suzy put her buns back on the bed, her bladder released some more
"Just in time," Nurse Gilbert said. "She's wetting again and
"Up you go now, so we can get the top of the jumpsuit open."
Suzy felt as if she was sitting with her backside in a tub. She also
felt the wetness on her thighs where she had leaked. The worst part of
the whole thing was that there was nothing that she could do for
herself. She could only sit and allow herself to be handled as a baby
would be. As Nurse Ross helped support her in the sitting position,
she could feel Nurse Gilbert work the key in the lock at the nape of
her neck, the zipper then being opened and the jumpsuit pushed from
her shoulders. The sleeves fell down her arms only to stop at her
wrists and the top at the elastic waist and the locked belt.
"I'll bet that you would like to have your fingers back," said Nurse
Ross as each of the nurses took one of Suzy's arms and pulling each
sleeve inside out as far as it could go they uncovered a cuff around
both her wrists that was attached to the open end of the ball that had
covered her hands all night. The cuffs were held closed by a strap of
2" wide Velcro. It was frustrating to Suzy to simply sit there in her
soggy diaper and watch how easily the nurses performed the tasks
necessary to free her hands from their confinement. Even if she had
known about the Velcro, there would have been nothing that she could
have done as the jumpsuit sleeves were also attached to the balls and
covering the Velcro wrist straps thus protecting them from being
opened unless the jumpsuit was first removed from the upper body.
For the first time in over twelve hours, she was able to feel fresh
air on her hands or see her fingers move.
The nurses had her lay back down on the pillow now that She was naked
from the waist up. Although the jumpsuit allowed air to not be trapped
and was able to `breath', the fresh air felt good on her body. So
wrapped up in the enjoyment of the moment, Suzy did not realize that
the nurses had brought her hands back up to the level of her head but
near the edge of the mattress and encircled her wrists with leather
cuffs. This action by the nurses assured that Suzy remained flat on
her back and unable to interfere with the nurses. To forestall any
problems, Nurse Gilbert patted Suzy on the shoulder telling her that
they were just following normal procedures for patients undergoing
dependency therapy and they would have her out of the wet diapers in
just a little bit.
Nurse Ross was in the process of unlocking the waist belt as Suzy was
being reassured. In the following moments she saw the jumpsuit pulled
off her body. The pastel pink rubber panties that Suzy had only felt
up to then with her thighs were now in full view. These followed the
jumpsuit as soon as Nurse Ross had put a thick padding between her
bottom and the water proof changing pad that was already protecting
the bed, saying that she did not think that the changing pad would be
able to absorb the puddle inside the rubber panties alone. She was
right. The diapers and padding that was used to absorb the excess
from the rubber panties went into the diaper pail with a thud.
Suzy was now totally void of any clothing and her still wet loins now
felt cold and clammy. Nurse Gilbert brought a bowl of warm water and
a sponge to the bed and cleaned Suzy's diaper area saying that she
would be careful not to get her excited as she cleaned between the
legs. As might be expected, just the opposite happened. Drying her
well and applying a generous coating of baby powder, Nurse Gilbert
told Dr. Andrews that Suzy was ready for her. If Suzy had expected to
dress normally, at least for the hospital, the possibility evaporated.
Dr. Andrews sat down on the bed by Suzy's hips and once more started
talking to her.
"I bet you feel much better now, don't you?"
Suzy nodded her head yes, afraid to say a thing for fear of saying the
wrong thing and ending up in more trouble.
"As I told you a few minutes ago," Dr Andrews started to explain, "we
are going to take complete control of your lower body as you seem to
be incapable of behaving yourself. In addition, today, well at least
for today, we are going to start you on the dependency training. May
I have the controller and shield please Nurse Ross," she said.
Picking up a couple objects that were totally unfamiliar to Suzy from
the pile, Nurse Ross handed them to the doctor.
Speaking to the nurses, Dr. Andrews asked that they assist Suzy to
assume the exam position. Each nurse took one of Suzy's legs and
brought her knees up toward her chest spreading them wide. Suzy felt
more exposed then if she was on an exam table. She watched as Dr
Andrews picked up an object that looked like an oversized lollipop.
Along with it she had something that looked somewhat like an oversized
tea strainer except that it was oval and the opening had a concave
shape to it. Running from one end of the oval to the other across the
opening and following a curve that was more exaggerated then the
opening thus putting it into the wire basket part of the `thing' that
must have been what the doctor had referred to as the shield, was
another piece of metal. Dr. Andrews attached the other item that
appeared to be a small metal egg on a flexible thin rod about three
inches long to the piece of metal that went between the two ends of
the opening with the egg facing away from the wire cup of the shield.
She then coated the egg with some lubricant. She then filled the cup
area of the thing with some sort of wadding.
Suzy felt the nurses grip her legs tighter as the doctor leaned
between her legs and gently but firmly inserted the egg into her
vagina. Suzy tried to move her hips to avoid the insertion, but not
only was her effort too late but with her hands held to the bed as
they were and the grip that the nurses had on her legs made the effort
"There that was not so bad was it," Dr Andrews said almost to herself
as the opening of the `shield' pressed against her body. It seemed
cover her whole genital area. Speaking to the nurses again, Dr.
Andrews said that they could now proceed with the diapering and to
make sure that they should make sure that she had ample padding.
Upon hearing that Suzy could no longer keep quite and started to shout
that she did not want to be put in diapers again and that they were
being nothing but a bunch of sadists. Suzy's tantrum and thrashing
brought an immediate response, Dr. Andrews grabbed Suzy's leg on her
side of the bed with one arm from Nurse Gilbert and with her other
hand held the shield in place. Nurse Ross kept a firm hold on the
other leg as Nurse Gilbert went back to the pile on Wendy's bed
saying, "I knew that we were going to need this," as she picked up an
object and returned to the side of the bed. "If you remember Suzy,
you were warned," was all she said as she grabbed Suzy's nipple with
one hand and as she opened her mouth to scream, Suzy found the Nurse
Gilbert's other hand stuffed what felt like a smoothly covered soft
sponge into her mouth. The room was quite once more. The thing in
her mouth filled it completely and was attached to a rubber shield
that sealed the area around her lips. As the straps that were
attached to the shield were positioned around her head, Suzy found
that she could work her jaws but the piece seemed to fill what ever
space was available without excessive pleasure. She also found that
air seemed to pass through it but no sound escaped.
The diapering moved on without any further problems as she was put
into two double diapers with a soaker sewn into the crotch of each
with a third regular diaper folded length wise to provide additional
bulk on the inside of them for additional absorbency and bulk. A
clean pair of thick rubber panties was pulled up her legs and put in
position. If Suzy thought that the diapers that she had on before
were thick, they were nothing compared to what she had on now.
"There, now that we have the `self abuse' problem under control, do
you two think that you can take care of the rest as have an
appointment in ten minutes with the parents of another naughty young
lady who will most likely be joining us," Dr. Andrews asked the nurses
out of courtesy. Before she left she picked up Suzy's chart and
made a few notes on it. Handing it to Nurse Ross, she saying, "Give
her the same medication as last night but no sedatives or
tranquilizers during the day. I want her totally aware of everything
and not able to withdraw from what is happening. The other medication
should keep her `going' all day. Oh! One more thing, be sure that she
has ample liquids. I don't want her to become dehydrated."
With Dr. Andrews gone, Nurse Ross turned to Nurse Gilbert saying that
she will get the medication and feeder.
Nurse Gilbert took two objects from the other bed. At first Suzy
couldn't understand what the strange looking tangle of metal and
leather was. But as soon as Nurse Ross separated the bundle into two
distinct items and began to spread one out alongside her leg she saw
immediately it was a leg brace, just like those worn by people who had
cerebral palsy.
Each brace had two thick, shiny chrome bars that ran down either side
of the leg. There was a wide leather cuff made of tan leather to go
around the top of the thigh and more cuffs and straps to hold the leg
in place all the way down to the ankle. There was a strange looking
hinge affair at the knee.
Suzy suddenly felt very helpless and it wasn't the kind of
helplessness that she had fantasized about. The diapers were so thick
that her knees could not be brought closer than a foot from each other
without straining her hips. With her hands restrained the way they
were and with the irksome device in her mouth cutting off any
complaints, Suzy could only watch helplessly as her fate for the day
was prepared.
Lifting one leg, Nurse Gilbert slid one of the braces underneath,
holding open the cuffs and straps as the limb settled into the trench
formed by the body of the brace. As her leg was lowered Suzy can felt
the cool leather and the cold metal parts of the device. It would run
from just above her ankle to high on her thigh. The nurse then began
to fit the device around Suzy's leg, securing it in place with the
leather straps that were attached to one side, put through a "D" ring
on the other and doubled back on itself for securing. With the five
straps and four cuffs loosely fitted, Nurse Gilbert moved the brace a
bit on the leg to make sure that it was properly placed before she
went back over the straps so that the brace fitted the leg snugly.
Moving to the other side of the bed, she repeated the procedure with
the other leg.
Without even trying to move her legs, Suzy was constantly aware of the
braces. She flexed her thighs a little, testing the weight of the
braces, and found them to be very heavy. Fear crept up into her
throat. This wasn't part of her fantasy. This wasn't fun. She
wanted them to stop but she had already experienced some of their
punishments and she believed Dr. Andrew's promises of more if she
didn't do as she was told. Even still, she found her mouth trying to
open, to protest, but the rubber gag stopped her. She could only
Nurse Ross returned with a rolling stand from which hung a bulging
plastic bag with a tube coming out the bottom. It was rolled up to
the bed near Suzy's head. Taking the end of the tube, she attached it
to the front of the shield that covered Suzy's mouth and released the
clamp, starting the liquid flowing down the tube to the mouth piece.
A few seconds later Suzy felt the mouth piece start to swell. Now
every time she worked her mouth, the fluid seemed to come out of the
thing in her mouth as water comes out of a sponge. As soon as she
swallowed one mouthful, more fluid was seeping in for her to consume.
Seeing that the fluid was being properly delivered, Nurse Ross patted
Suzy's cheek gently saying that she should enjoy her drink and turned
to help Nurse Gilbert who was holding a strange powder blue piece of
The nurses worked together to pass the cloth under Suzy's padded hips
and only after they began to fasten it did she realize it was a
wraparound skirt. At first Suzy was grateful that her thick diaper
and bulging rubber pants would be hidden but then she looked down at
the way the skirt parted and knew that it would be as revealing as if
she was naked.
"Now help us sit you up," Nurse Gilbert said, "we have to take care of
your breasts."
Each nurse put an arm under Suzy's shoulders and pushed her up into a
sitting position. Curious as to what the nurse meant, she watched
carefully as Nurse Gilbert brought a strange looking bra from the
other bed. Suddenly Suzy realized it was made of thick amber rubber.
She began to twist and turn, fighting the nurses, as they began to fit
it to her full breasts.
"Stop fighting us!", Nurse Ross ordered. "Things can get worse.
Haven't you learned that by now? The bra is to prevent you from
rubbing your nipples for gratification."
Suzy stared down as the strange garment was being fitted to her. The
rubber was smooth and cool but Suzy already knew enough about rubber
to guess that it wouldn't stay cool very long. The inside of each cup
contained a big pad of rubber with a small indentation for her nipple.
It would be impossible to feel anything while her breasts were bound
up in this thing.
With her wrists secured and the heavy braces preventing Suzy from
kicking the nurses soon had the bra in place and locked. Suzy took a
deep breath. The bra was tight around her rib cage, almost too tight
to breath. Even in the few seconds she had been wearing it she could
feel the rubber warming.
While they had her in the right position, the nurses pulled a plain
white T-shirt over Suzy's head and tucked it into the waist band of
her skirt.
"I almost forgot these," said Nurse Gilbert as she picked up two
heavily padded from bed. Tossing one to Nurse Ross, each took one of
Suzy's hands and slipped it into the restraint mitten making sure that
each finger found its proper slot before closing and locking the wrist
Noting that the bag was almost empty, Nurse Ross picked up a syringe
that she had placed on the night table and pushing the needle through
a fitting at the base of the bag, injected its contents into the
remaining fluid. It took only a mouthful or two before Suzy detected
the change of taste.
"I want you to know that you are swallowing the medication that is
going to make you keep wetting your diapers all day. This is such a
wonderful device. You must drink anything I put in it. You just have
to keep drinking. I am sure that we will have other nice things for
you during the day. If you continue to be good, I'll remove the mouth
piece for you in a little while. Now, the rules of the day are as
follows, as you will find out in a moment, there is very little that
you cam do for yourself."
As Nurse Ross was speaking, Nurse Gilbert had released the waist belt
and replaced it with one that had clips over each hip. Taking Suzy's
captive hands, she attached each to the clip on the waist belt
immobilizing them at each side of her waist.
Nurse Ross continued, "You are going to have to depend totally on the
staff for everything and I mean everything. Without arms or hands for
example, with the leg braces in place you can not get up by yourself
or sit down if standing. Once you are off your feet you will find
that you will be confined to that spot as surely as if you were
chained to it. Because you have to depend upon our willingness to
assist you I recommend that when you get the use of your tongue back,
that you be a nice sweet little girl. If you are not, nobody will do
anything to help you. You are going to have to make them want to
assist. Now I am going to disconnect the feeding tube and we will
help you to your feet."
As they were getting the stiff legged Suzy to her feet, she was told
that the room would be off limits without a nurse present and that she
would have to stay in the common areas of the ward.
Once on her feet Suzy found that the diapers forced her to keep her
legs wide spread and to walk, since the braces allowed her knees to
bend only a few degrees, she had to swing her whole leg from the hip.
When she first tried this it proved to be extremely difficult as she
was being denied the use of her arms for balance. There was another
insult that made itself known as soon as she tried to move. The thing
that Dr. Andrews had put inside her seemed to vibrate and try to move
up further with every step. If she closed her eyes she could imagine
it was a male organ, thrusting toward her womb. But there was none of
the other sensations. She didn't feel full, distended like she did
when she was having sex. And the cage they had put over her vulva
prevented anything from rubbing her clitoris. The egg-shaped thing
just made her hungry for more stimulation and very painfully aware
that there was none to be had. She was going to be kept in an excited
frustrated state until somebody took pity on her and removed it. As
Suzy shuffled to the door of the room, she felt pee escape her into
the diaper again. Was this the result of the medication from last
night or the start of the dose she had just been given? It was going
to be a long day. And, she thought, I had to ask for this!
It was, perhaps, only 40 steps down the hall from Suzy's room to the
common room but for the poor girl, strapped and confined and
deliberately made uncomfortable, it seemed like a mile.
She kept close to the wall in case she lost her balance. She was very
aware that she didn't have the use of her hands to protect her if she
fell and she was scared of hurting herself.
Suzy knew the two nurses had stepped into the hall to watch her
painful journey but she didn't care. She just wanted to be away from
them so the couldn't do anything else to her.
Each step required a major effort, rotate the hips lift the leg made
heavy by the metal brace, swing it forward, shift the weight to it and
then repeat with the other side. She pulled at her bound hands
constantly, frustrated by the fact she couldn't use them to help
She was panting into the gag, cursing it for not letting her breathe
normally. Saliva drooled down her chin and onto her shirt but she
didn't care she had greater discomforts to keep her attention focused.
The device lodged in her vagina seemed to have a mind of its own.
Every time she moved her hips it seemed to try to dig its way deeper
inside her. Unfortunately all it managed to do was titillate her a
little and pull the cage over her vulva tighter. That seemed to
remind her of all the things she couldn't feel, like the fullness of
having a penis or vibrator in her and the fact that nothing was
touching her clitoris. She bit down on the gag in maddened rage.
Much as she wanted to ignore the stimulation she just couldn't. It
turned heron just a little and made her ever so hungry for more.
Her physical exertions caused her rubber pants and bra to trap her
body heat. She could already feel sweat forming in the thick cups
that covered her nipples and if her diapers weren't getting doused
with pee every few seconds she was sure she would feel perspiration
there too. What she dreaded the most was the itching that was sure to
develop before anyone would let her out of the cruel rubber bra. The
only cool place on her body was the soles of her feet who welcomed the
cold tiles of the corridor.
Finally she reached the door of the common room. She was exhausted
and despite the air conditioning her face was streaming with sweat and
it joined the drool on her shirt, leaving big dark patches that turned
the fabric almost transparent and showed the rubber bra on duty
There was an empty chair near the door and after four steps that
drained her energy she got herself into position and flopped into it.
For a few seconds she let her head fall back, closed her eyes and
listened to her labored breathing through the gag. She hated what
they had done to her. It was not like in her fantasy. Her diapers
were already soaked and she knew it was too soon for a change.
Something brushed her foot.
She opened her eyes to see Jodi in a wheelchair. A restraint vest
held her snugly in place and one glance at the woman's stained and
bulging crotch told Suzy that Jodi was being punished for something.
"Looks like they got you good!" Jodi said softly. Then she looked
down at her swollen hips, "Me too." Before Jodi could say anything
else, Nurse Ross appeared beside her.
"That was quite the show, my girl. I hope you enjoyed it as much as
we did." She bent down and began to release the mouth piece and its
shield. "Since you'll be asking for something to drink quite often
today, I think it's best that we take this out."
Just before the nurse pulled the gag out of Suzy's mouth she gave the
girl a stern look. "You'll have your voice back, Suzy. Just remember
to use it, not abuse it." Suzy nodded and an instant later her mouth
was empty. Suddenly she was aware of a the worst thirst she had ever
"Thank you, nurse." she said in a soft, hoarse voice. "Could I please
have something to drink?"
Nurse Ross smiled and put her hands on her hips. "Oh, I don't know
about that. Why do you want it?"
Suzy thought of more that a few sharp replies but instead she just
said, "because I need to wet my diapers."
The nurse took a long time to answer. She knew that Suzy's thirst
would grow into a torment. "I suppose I will, this time," she said
slowly, "but next time I may ask a favor in return."
Before Suzy could ask what she meant by a 'favor' the nurse was gone.
"Be careful of owing Nurse Ross favors," Jodi whispered, "she tends to
want to collect them when you least want to cooperate."
The nurse came back with an IV stand from which hung a pregnant bag of
clear fluid and a long clear tube. Suzy sighed, there must be at
least 4 quarts of fluid there. The nurse made her open her mouth so
she could insert the end of the tube. Then she turned a valve just
under the bag and suddenly Suzy's mouth was flooding with water that
had a chemical taste.
Seeing the look of panic on Suzy's face, Jodi advised, "bite down on
the tube to stop the flow."
"That's right, dear." Nurse Ross said condescendingly. "And do keep
your legs closed. Everyone can see right up your skirt."
Suzy stared down as the nurse padded down the hallway. She was right,
the skirt parted when she sat, exposing her bulging rubber pants and
showing the wet diaper underneath. She could even study the
arrangement of leather cuffs and straps that held the leg braces in
place. She tried to close her legs, it was just too embarrassing to
wear a skirt and have your legs open, but she could only manage to
move her legs an inch or two.
Seeing her distress, Jodi reached over and helped her. They did
manage to get her legs a little closer together but now the pressure
of her thighs against the rubber bulge of her diaper was almost
intolerable. Suzy grunted her discomfort.
"I know," Jodi said quietly, "but if you don't try they'll use that as
an excuse to continue your punishment."
It seemed to take a long time but finally the bag was empty. Suzy
felt bloated and the pressure from her tummy was painful. She had to
stand up.
A nurse was passing by. "Please," Suzy pleaded, "could you help me
The nurse stopped and looked down at her. "Up and down. Up and down.
I'm tired of it. Give me one good reason why I should help you."
"Because I'm asking nicely and I'm very sorry to disturb you."
The nurse bent down and hauled Suzy to her feet. "Ok, this time, but
I don't want to have to help you again before lunch. You are to stay
on your feet. If I find you sitting down again I'll lock your braces
so you'll not be able to get up all afternoon."
Suzy stood on shaky legs and used Jodi's chair as a support. Standing
made her tummy feel better but suddenly her bladder screamed out its
need for release. Resigned to her fate Suzy tried, but the more she
thought about relieving herself while standing up the more she felt
her muscles tighten. When she had been a little girl she had often
wet her panties while standing and her mother had spanked her for it.
Now, despite the thick diapers, the restraints and the nurse's warning
she just couldn't bring herself to release her water.
Worse yet, the more she teetered and was forced to use her hips to
steady herself, the more the strange thing in her vagina moved around,
tantalizing her with just enough stimulation to get her interest but
never enough to bring satisfaction.
Suzy felt torn between the haze of sexual stimulation, a dramatic need
to release her pee and the tremendous physical effort it took to
remain standing in the leg braces. She wanted to sit down again but
she knew that would only put a lot of pressure on her full tummy
making her want to stand up again. Even though it had been only a few
minutes since she had finished the bag of fluid she could sense her
thirst returning. She cursed whoever had invented that formula!
Both girls had a lot on their minds, it seems, because there was very
little conversation for the next few minutes. Gradually Suzy became
aware that Jodi was fighting the restraint vest that kept her firmly
in the wheel chair. She recalled that Jodi was supposed to be
released from the chair at noon that day only an hour from now but
Jodi had begun to squirm and grunt.
"What's wrong?" Suzy asked, grateful to be able to concentrate on
something else besides her troubles.
"I need to have a bowel movement," came the reply through gritted
"Why don't you...." Suzy didn't finish her reply. There wasn't any
point. She remembered being told last night that it was against the
rules to ask to be changed.
"..ask to be changed?" Jodi grunted, "Guess I could but have you seen
Nurse Riley's mood this morning? She'd refuse me just to have some
"But if you use your diapers you'll be in trouble."
"Yeah. That's why I have to hold it until they let me out of the
chair and the diapers after lunch."
"What happens if you don't make it?" Suzy asked.
Jodi broke wind and immediately looked a lot more comfortable. But at
Suzy's question her face darkened. "Well it depends. Sometimes they
make you wear a plug under really thick diapers and make you walk
around wearing a sign so everybody will know what's happening to you.
Other times they give you a lot of laxatives so you'll mess yourself
all day long. They have special diapers and pants, you know, that can
take a full day and not leak.
Sensing their mutual frustration the girls moved into the common room.
Suzy saw a lot of girls wearing the one piece jump suits. Most of
them had the zipper running down the back and she confirmed what this
meant by noting that everyone who wore that kind of suit was also
bundled up in thick diapers.
There were also a few girls undergoing some form of punishment. One
girl wandered about, dragging a pole along with it. A feeding gag had
been strapped in her mouth and she was forced to drink constantly.
Instead of a jumpsuit she wore the same plain white T-shirt as Suzy
and just her diapers and waterproof pants. A pair of leather ankle
cuffs made sure she couldn't go very far very fast.
Suzy found herself staring at the girl. Her diapers were absurdly
thick, forcing the girl to waddle like a toddler. Instead of the
thick amber rubber panties, she wore semi-translucent plastic panties
that looked exactly like the ones Suzy had often admired in the baby
section of the department store. Suzy stared and stared, not
understanding why she was drawn to this strange sight. She thought
asking Jodi why the girl was being punished but her friend was busy
trying to keep her diapers clean.
Then, deep inside Suzy, the egg moved again, stimulating the woman
sexually. Suzy suddenly realized that the giant diapers the girl wore
and the babyish looking panties turned her on.
Now driven by a need for sexual stimulation, Suzy began to push Jodi
around the room as fast as her leg braces would allow. She relished
each swing of the hips that caused the device inside her to move. Now
the distress of her bladder brought her a perverse kind of sexual
The harder she worked the hotter she got. The heavy rubber bra
trapped her body heat and soon her breasts were sliding around inside
its thick cups, bathed in their own sweat. Her rubber panties did
just as efficient a job around her waist and her diapers began to get
damp from perspiration as well as her earlier wettings.
Suzy became frantic as she tried everything to increase her sexual
pleasure. But there seemed to be a glass ceiling. She felt sure she
was doing the right things. But the efficient little cage over her
vulva and the rubber bra were on duty, preventing her from gaining
access to her most sensitive nerve endings. Suzy wore herself out
trying to make a cookie out of a few crumbs.
Finally she let herself collapse against a wall, perspiration
streaming down her face, her legs aching and sore from the braces and
her bladder now desperate for relief. Defeated she considered trying
to get her bladder to release while she was standing and then, without
considering the consequences, she let herself slide down the wall
until she was sitting.
Suddenly her bladder gave way and soon Suzy was sitting in a lake of
hot urine, all safely trapped inside her efficient rubber pants. No
longer horny and now very uncomfortable, Suzy tried to get up.
It was then that she truly appreciated the nature of the braces. By
hold her legs semi-rigid she couldn't help herself up. She rolled
onto her side but that only let her pull herself along the floor like
a cripple. She made it to a nearby chair but again the braces defeated
her. They were too heavy to let her hoist herself to her feet. She
slumped back and looked a Jodi.
"Looks like we're both in a fix," she gasped as Jodi fought again to
keep her diapers clean.
"I think we're both in trouble," Jodi said as the first beads of sweat
appeared on her forehead.
"You can say that again!" said Nurse Riley who appeared behind the
girls, hands on hips. She glared down at Suzy.
"You were told to stay on your feet. Well it looks like you need a
lesson or two taught to you this afternoon." Then she turned her
attention to Jodi. "I wouldn't mess those diapers if I were you,
young lady. I've had enough shitty diapers for one day and if you mess
yours I'll personally make sure you stay in them for a very long

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