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12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                   WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                                

CONTACTS: Mark A. McQuaid, M.D.
ADDRESS: 1518 Legacy Drive, Suite 120
TELEPHONE: 1-800-845-1955

                    Heart Healthy for Valentine’s Day
    Leading Ultrasound Lab Offers Exam that detects Heart Disease Before it
                        becomes clinically significant

February 1, 2009 – Environmental factors, such as stress and diet, and
genetics can speed up or slow down how the body ages and impact the body’s
most vital organ. The heart. Each year since 1984, more women than men have
died of heart disease, the leading killer of both men and women. The first sign of
heart disease in the majority of its victims is death. Leading the industry Dr.
Mark A. McQuaid is one of the first practices to offer a new revolutionary test
that can uncover atherosclerosis, the underlying cause of heart attack and stroke,
even BEFORE it becomes clinically significant

“I became one of the lucky ones who got my “wake-up” call BEFORE anything
happened. Thanks to the CIPA-SCAN I can now make changes to avoid a future
catastrophic event such as a heart attack or a stroke.” Dr. McQuaid said after
having the scan himself.

It is called the CIPA-SCAN and it is completely painless, non invasive, takes only
20 minutes, and is being performed right in Dr. McQuaid’s office. The CIPA-
SCAN includes a combination of direct measurements of atherosclerotic burden
with existing risk paradigms to determine an individual’s vascular age. It
produces a more accurate and understandable assessment of a person’s risk of
developing heart disease.

Vascular age represents the age at which an individual's carotid IMT would be
"normal" for their sex and race. The mathematical equation to determine
vascular age was discovered by cardiologists from the University of Wisconsin.

“A lot of patients fall into an intermediate zone. They present a clinical challenge
when it comes to determining their disease burden and management plant,”
James Stein, Associate Director of the UW Health, Heart & Vascular Care
Prevention Cardiology program, recently said in an interview.

Dr. McQuaid added, “We have gone a step further and added two additional tests
that complete the check from ‘top to bottom’. From your carotid arteries in your
neck all the way into your leg where we look for peripheral arterial disease

12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                   WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                                

“I know the value of the CIPA-SCAN first hand. I am a (fairly) young and active
physician with no significant medical issues. But during our training period I
decided to have the CIPA-SCAN myself. Unfortunately or fortunately depending
on how you see it, a problem was detected,” said Dr. McQuaid.

Recommended by the American Heart Association, taking CIPA-SCAN should be
considered by individuals with:
   o Family history of heart disease
   o Cholesterol disorders
   o High blood pressure
   o Diabetes
   o A History of smoking

Heart disease is reversible. Early detection, or detection BEFORE it’s clinically
significant, can open the doors to planning lifestyle changes, diet habit changes,
adding activities to a person’s life, and medical treatments to prevent the onset of
stroke or sudden death due to heart attack.

Vascular One Diagnostics is an industry leader in vascular ultrasound. For more
information or a demonstration of the CIPA-SCAN, please contact Dr. Mark A.
McQuaid, M.D. or Mickie Sallamander, MS RVT at 1-800-845-1933


12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                    WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                                 

CONTACTS: Bernie Furshpan

           Who Says Chiropractors Can’t Write Prescriptions?
            Chiropractor Retires to Write Prescriptions for Laughter

May 1, 2009 – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 67% of American
workers don’t like their jobs. People start working when they are 16 to 18 and
don’t stop until they are 65 or older. Careers chosen at 18 may not be appropriate
when they turn 50. Changing careers is a well-established fact of employment.
Vincent Van Gogh, the impressionist painter, was a schoolmaster, student priest
missionary and art dealer before he became a painter. The days of retiring to
Florida are long gone. Dr. Bernard Furshpan retired, made that dramatic career
change and he’s poking fun at his choices.

“I’m always screwing up, according to my mom, Dr Furshpan said at a recent
comedy show, “She says to me ‘I send you to school to become a doctor and what
do you do, you get on stage a tell jokes to perfect Strangers. ’ I say, ‘Ma, what do
you mean perfect?’ I’m looking around here, folks. Do you see perfection?”
His comedy revolves around his Jewish upbringing, his career as a doctor, his
kids, and relationships. CarePlus Chiropractic reports that since 1981, Dr.
Furshpan has treated over 20,000 patients and counseled other chiropractors
with his experience. Dr. Furshpan hosted "To Your Health" on cable TV from
1982 through 1994 and had produced a comprehensive line of patient educational
material for chiropractors going back to 1983. His love of practicing chiropractic
was evident as soon as you walked in the door.

Dr. Bernard Furshpan developed the Furshpan Maneuver to correct disk
problems quicker and more effectively. The Furshpan Maneuver was developed
at CarePlus since 1996 and is undergoing clinical trials. Dr. Furshpan is officially
retired as a chiropractor, but it is a new rising start on the comedy circuit.

“If laughter is the best medicine, then why can’t doctors charge for jokes? I’ve
always added brevity to my patient treatment, because, a happy patient is usually
a healthier patient. If I could get a nickel for every joke I’ve made, I could have
retired even sooner” Dr. Furshpan said.
Dr. Furshpan is still helping cure people. He’s simply doing it with laughter
instead of office visits and excruciating showdowns with insurance companies.
The general public can schedule an appointment to see the doctor all summer
long for a prescription of back-numbing laughter.

12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                       WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                                   

Dr. Bernie Furshpan has been a practicing Chiropractor since 1980 and recently
found it so difficult to run his practice; he decided to pack it in after 27 years for a
new life on the comedy circuit. Bernie has performed at Carolines, Gotham,
Comix, Comic Strip Live, and Governor’s. To see Bernie’s schedule in the NYC
and surrounding communities, go to


12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                     WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                                 

CONTACTS: Stacey Nemour
WEBSITE: http://stacey-

       What Do Athletes Have In Common with Cubicle Junkies?
         Stacey Nemour Launches New Extreme Flexibility Website

August 1, 2009 – Stretching is as crucial for Olympic hopefuls as it is for a baby
boomer suffering from back pain. Stacey Nemour launches a new site to feature
her flexibility and training DVDs powerful enough for extreme athletes and easy
enough to learn for the sedentary.

“I am so thrilled to share my training secrets with you in this DVD!” Nemour said
after shooting her latest DVD production. “Flexibility is the key to working out at
your highest level because it increases the range of motion in your sport which
burns more calories. 98% of injuries are due to a lack of flexibility. It’s sad how
many injuries could be prevented if people only knew how to properly stretch
themselves. If one is working out without stretching, there’s is an imbalance in
the body. Doing just one or two stretches is not enough because everything is

When a person performs their beginning warm-up exercises, the muscles are
saturated with blood, and this increases their elasticity. These DVDs improve
flexibility, enhance sports performance, increase space in the body, feel better in
your body, improve energy flow, and counter the effects of aging.

In these programs, Stacey presents her training techniques and proven solutions
designed to alleviate back pain, knee problems, and other debilitating ailments.
She demonstrates unique stretches and exercises that will enable you to attain a
level of flexibility that usually requires years of training; and she will demonstrate
to you the correct order in which to do them.

“After many years of practicing Kung Fu, I have come to realize the many benefits
it offers. In addition to self-defense and maintaining physical fitness, it helps
channel my energy and restore my focus while empowering me in my everyday
life.” Nemour said

Kung Fu also has an anti-aging component. It promotes the flow of chi, the
dynamic and natural energy that is innately within us. As one grows older, chi
flows less and less in the body. Posture, strength, focus, and vigor begin to
decline. However, Kung Fu enhances chi, because it is more than physical

12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                  WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                               
exercise it involves meditation and techniques to develop the body’s inner
harmony, vitality, and mental acuity. Kung Fu has great transforming power and
balances the mind, body and spirit.

Stacey Nemour is available for private lessons, small group classes, seminars, and
consultation. She is a black belt in Kung Fu, and a highly respected martial artist
and flexibility instructor for 20 years. She has been featured in numerous
publications including Inside Kung Fu, Masters of Kung Fu, and Self magazine.
Stacey coached Ultimate Fighting Champion Vitor Belfort and the Carlson Gracie
Jiu Jitsu Team for their triumphant championship fights on pay-per-view
television. She also trained other world-class athletes including NBA player Jalen
Rose and the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer team.


12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                  WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                               

CONTACTS: Ty Canning
ADDRESS: Plato Straat 25
1064LE , Amsterdam.
TELEPHONE: +31 641362165

     Virtually Eliminate Trading Loses; Improve Your Chances of
                      Becoming a Successful Trader
Equity Trading Course Helps New Investors Develop their Own Effective Trading

July 1, 2009 – New equity traders are in a unique situation in today’s market.
They have more information available at their fingertips than any other time in
history. Information is available online, through periodicals, television, and
everywhere they turn. Unfortunately, this information overload is helping to
develop costly trading techniques that could cost traders everything.

Private individuals looking to learn how to invest in the Stock Markets, promising
investors geared to make a living from Day trading and investors who have had
limited success in trading and investing, now have a mentor to lead them via
encouragement and education to the promised land of financial independence
through profitable stock trading.

Speaking of the new Equity Trading Course from, creator Ty
Canning says, “We emphasize the psychological/behavioral aspect of the
technical art of Trading and Investing, in addition to providing the technical
trading information which most other training companies do. The problem is that
most of these other companies grossly underestimate the influence of the
individual on their potential success or failure.”

Ty Canning and the team at have attempted to help traders
combat the various nuances that might flaw a beginning trader. The training
material moves the student through a process which ultimately develops a
personalized style and system for the trader, playing to their strengths and not
the strengths of the trading technique per se.

Some of the psychological aspects of this Equity Trading Course are based on
techniques found in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
The whole brain approach used in this course is centered around the personalized
focus on the individual rather than the specific trading strategy or method.

In addition to being able to utilize this comprehensive Equity Trading Course,
Ty’s trading students are given the opportunity through a member’s area to

12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                  WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                               
continuously follow the trainer on his own trades and analysis. They also receive
lifetime email support.

“In my opinion, the best way to truly help Investors would be to help them first
identify their underlying belief systems about wealth and finance. This would
help to prevent self sabotage which often takes place on many levels. For
example, assume you have a phobia of drowning, yet you associate wealth with
owning a yacht. This sub-conscious association would cause you to hit the self
destruct button each time you start building any significant form of wealth.” Says

Ty’s trading students will have not only a clear view of how financial markets
operate, but they will also be able to profit from them. In addition, they will gain
the confidence to make their own investment decisions without the underlying
FEAR which affects most investors. Knowledge of techniques from reading a few
periodicals or books is not sufficient to invest successfully. Total Clarity and
objectivity are necessary pre-requisites to financial success and the Equity
Trading course from is designed to meet those objectives.

Ty Canning’s 17 years work experience in multiple countries (United States ,
United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands) within some of the Major
Investment Banks in the World has given him a detailed understanding of the
functioning of financial markets from the inside. is the culmination of Ty Canning and his team’s experience in the
financial world. Collectively, they have mastered all the loopholes , the inside
gimmicks, software , techniques and tricks the professionals use to extract profits
from the retail investor, and teach this successful strategies to new equity traders.


12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                   WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                                


   Secrets Revealed that Banks Don’t Want Homeowners to Know
Free Mortgage Buster! Instructional Videos Lead to Getting Homeowners Out of
                                 Debt Sooner

Oct 1, 2009 – Any debt elimination consultant will tell a homeowner, the key to
mortgage debt elimination is to pay more on the principal balance on the low
while paying the least amount of interest. Most homeowners instinctively
understand this. They see their mortgage loan documents and are painfully
discovering every month that most of their money (if not all) is only going
towards interest. Homeowners are begging for answers and a way to turn things
around in their favor. Finally, Mortgage Buster is teaching the basic principals
and tools homeowners need to tackle their mortgage debt and take control from
the banks.

“Most debt elimination consultants charge between $2000 - $3500 for these
same financial techniques!” said a Mortgage Buster spokesperson.

MORTGAGE BUSTER! will help you create a plan to pay off your house and all
your debts in record time, using simple math and current banking principles.
In these free instructional videos homeowners will learn banking secrets the
banks don't tell you about. By following the proven system in these videos
homeowners have the potential and learn the tools to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce
the amount of interest you pay on your home loan, learn how to pay off all your
loans in record time, and learn how to develop the mind set to become financially
empowered. Most importantly, homeowners will learn how to think like a bank.

With MORTGAGE BUSTER! you will have the do-it-yourself tools and knowledge
to save thousands and thousands of dollars of interest and take years off of the
life of your mortgage note, and to have the financial freedom and lifelong
empowerment that you deserve. Create your personal plan to financial freedom

And the Mortgage Buster! Online Training Videos will save you thousands of
dollars in fees that most Mortgage Acceleration specialists charge for services
that you can do yourself.

12864 Biscayne Blvd. #393                                                 WTS
North Miami, FL 33181                              
A Mortgage Buster spokesperson said, "In these videos you will learn the secrets
to saving thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars on your home
mortgage, without spending a penny more than you do now"

Mortgage Buster! is committed to bringing financial empowerment to
homeowners by developing innovative and flexible solutions to stop the economic
slavery brought on by mortgages and debts. Recognizing that fiscal responsibility
is essential to our environmental future, we are passionate about improving the
lives of people by helping them to take control of their personal banking methods
and by instilling modern financial management principles as a traditional value.
We believe in self-empowerment, intellectual free-thinking and self-education.
To learn more, please visit



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