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									                                    Introduction to
                        Deaf Certified Interpreting
                       A community & professional training opportunity co-sponsored by PCRID &

About the Workshop                                                        Location:
You will be required to take 16 hours workshop in
order to become certified deaf interpreting (CDI).                        Braddock Heights Community Center
Code of Ethics: Participants will learn and examine                       6811 Schley Ave
8 tenants of RID’s code of ethics which involves                          Braddock Heights MD 21714
understanding the principles of ethical situations
with proper ethical behaviors.                                            (Frederick County)
Role & Functions of Deaf Interpreters:
Participants will learn and examine roles and
function of deaf interpreters in all kinds of settings:                   Date & Time
Role-playing, Hands-on-experience and Group                               November 19, 2004, 6 pm – 10 PM
Preparing a RID-CDI sample written examination                            November 20, 2004, 8 AM – 5 PM
will be included. Participants will learn, examine                        November 21, 2004, 12 PM – 5 PM
and conduct a hands-on mock written exam to get
ready to meet your goal to be a Certified Deaf
Interpreter.                                                              Cost: $125 for three days of training
About the Instructor:                                                      This workshop is offered 1.7 Continuing Education
                                                                           Units (CEUs) in the content area of Professional
Barbara Brinks has been a Deaf Certified
Interpreter trainer since 1999 for Registry of
Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID). She holds a
BA degree in Psychology from Gallaudet University                         The workshop is limited to 15 participants
and she received a Master degree in Deaf
Education and Elementary Education from                                   Return the form below with your check payable to:
McDaniel College. Currently, she is a doctoral
candidate in Special Education Administration at                          CSD of Maryland
Gallaudet University. She also works as a CDI                             452 Prospect Blvd
there. She will bring her rich experiences to the                         Frederick, MD 21701
                                                                          For more information, call (301) 696-1550 or e-mail

  Please enroll me to “Introduction to Deaf Interpreting” workshop on Nov 19, 20 and 21. You will be contacted if the workshop is
cancelled. Pre-registration is required by check or credit card. Registration deadline is November 1, 2004. Further information
will be sent as soon as we receive your payment. Refunds will not be given should a participant cancel his/her registration on
the first day of workshop.

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