Forecast Cloudy with a Chance of Curriculum Change by MHairston


									  Forecast: Cloudy with a
Chance of Curriculum Change
      September 18, 2008
The Inspiration for
BITS - 40
 Private Power Generation Gives
      Way to Electric Utilities
Burden Iron Works – Troy, NY – “the Niagara of Water
Wheels” – 500 hp to power drill presses, grinding wheels,
forge hammers, lathes, gears, belts, & pulleys.
– Produced more horseshoes and railroad spikes in less time with
  fewer workers than competitors.
Idled by electric utilities within 50 years as were other
private waterwheels, steam engines, and electric
 By supplying electricity to many buyers from central
generating stations, electric utilities achieved economies of
scale in power production that no individual factory could
– It became a competitive necessity to hook their plants to the electric
  grid in order to tap into the cheaper source of power; this led to
  price of electricity falling to point where nearly every household and
  business in the U.S. could afford electric power.
Does Utility Computing put Current
Computing Architectures at Risk?
Enterprise Architecture
       Carr’s Major Premise
Computer utilities will replace in-house
computer facilities just as electrical utilities
replaced on-premises electrical generators a
century ago.
“What the fiber-optic Internet does for
computing is exactly what the alternating-
current network did for electricity; it makes
the location of the equipment unimportant to
the user.”
The Internet and Utility Computing
“But it [the Internet] does more than that. Because
the Internet has been designed to accommodate
any type of computer and any form of digital
information … it allows disparate and formerly
incompatible machines to operate together as a
single system. … By providing a universal medium
for data transmission and translation, the Net is
spurring the creation of centralized computing
plants that can serve thousands or millions of
customers simultaneously.”
A Google Data Center
      Inside a Google Data Center
Google data centers provide
resources to support Google
services; their excess capacity
provides data and information
processing services for other
Google Data Centers in U.S.

  No. 10 is located in the Douglas County Industrial
  Park near Six Flags. Google spent $300M to build it.
Google Data Centers in EU
         What does this Portend?
“ What companies used to have no choice but supply
   themselves, they can now purchase as a service for a
   simple fee.”

“ In the long run, the IT department is unlikely to survive, at
   least not in its familiar form. It will have little left to do once
   the bulk of business computing shifts out of private data
   centers and into “the cloud.” Business units and even
   individual employees will be able to control the processing
   of information directly, without the need for legions of
   technical specialists.”
“The different components that used to be isolated in the
closed box of the PC … can now be dispersed throughout
the world, integrated through the Internet, and shared by
everyone. The World Wide Web has truly turned into the
World Wide Computer.”
Why is Business Interested?
Some Cloud Computing Services

Implications for ERP Vendors
Reasons for SaaS adoption
Is this Sea Change?
It Might Be
But Perhaps Not
       What Challenges Exist?
“It will take many years for utility computing to mature … the pioneers
of the new industry will face difficult business and technical
challenges.” Including:
 – Figuring out the best ways to meter and set prices for
   different kinds of services.
 – Becoming more adept at balancing loads and managing
   diversity factors as demand grows.
 – Working with governments to establish effective
   regulatory regimes.
 – Achieving new levels of security, reliability, and
 – Convincing big companies to give up control over their
   private systems and begin to dismantle the data centers
   into which they’ve plowed so much money.
         Curriculum Implications
Preparing students for:
 – jobs in utility data/computing centers
 – Web Services development positions
Increased emphasis on:
 – Utility computing grid infrastructure and data transmission services
 – Web Services composition and delivery
 – Business intelligence
       Real time event processing – e.g. Apama applications
       Perfecting one-to-one marketing by managing customer browsing and
       purchasing data
 – Semantic Web algorithms and tools
 – Software, Internet, and Platform services evaluation and determining
   which mix best fits the firm
 – Outsourcing and strategic partnering with SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS providers
 – Cloud computing business models
 The Evolution of the World Wide
  Computer Will Have Profound
  Impacts on Many Disciplines
Law & legal rights
Politics and political science
Military science

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