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					Space to Breathe - improving management of
asthma among pre-schoolers
Sharon Ponniah PhD
A little bit about PHARMAC…
 •   PHARMAC is the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of
     New Zealand.

 •   What PHARMAC does:
    Manages the Pharmaceutical Schedule
    Helps hospitals to manage their pharmaceutical spending
    Manages exceptional circumstances programmes
    Promotes the responsible use of medicines
PHARMAC does not:
 •   Regulate prices
 •   Regulate access to the market (Medsafe)
 •   Have thresholds or hurdles for funding
 •   Buy, sell or distribute medicines
 •   Ignore wider sector impacts (eg. hospital costs)
 •   Decide how much funding is available to the sector
 •   Have a monopoly over pharmaceutical purchasing options
PHARMAC’s impact on medicines spending
Promoting Responsible Use of Medicines
 •   Access and Optimal Use
 •   Population Health Programmes
      •   One Heart Many Lives – cardiovascular disease
      •   Wise Use of Antibiotics – antibiotic resistance
      •   Space to Breathe – childhood asthma
Space to Breathe Study – Waitemata
 •   Does the provision of asthma education in ECE plus
     reinforcement tools to carers of children aged 2-5 years with
     asthma improve asthma outcomes at 12 months?
Study design
 •   Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
 •   Participants children aged 2-5 years with asthma enrolled in
     ECE centres located in areas of high deprivation within
     Waitemata region
 •   Fully powered study aiming to recruit 800 children (400 in
     each study arm)
 •   Four follow-up appointments with each child over 12 months:
      •   Baseline, one month, four months, 8 months and 12 months
The Intervention Arm - ECE
 •   The ECE receives:
      •   2 Space to Breathe days (including professional development for
          staff and curriculum linked resources);
      •   Asthma education with nurse including how to develop your own
          asthma policy;
      •   Attendance Incentives;
      •   Bracelet programme;
The Intervention Arm – Parent and Child
 •   The Parent and Child receive:
      •   One-on-one asthma education with a trained respiratory nurse;
      •   Reinforcement tools (including action plans, SMS text reminders
          and asthma daily chart);
      •   Bracelet programme;
      •   Koha.
The Intervention Arm
 •   Also… any ECE staff member, parent, child, family member
     who wants to quit smoking will receive support via:
      •   Referral
      •   Quit Cards
The Control Arm
 •   The ECE receives:
      •   2 Doctor Jelleyman days (including general science education)
 •   The Parent and Child receive:
      •   Standard care
      •   The S2B programme at the end of the study
Collaborating Parties
 •   We are working with:
 •   The Clinical Trials Research Unit – University of Auckland
 •   Comprehensive Care – Waitemata PHO
 •   Ministry of Done – Independent partnership with expertise in
     the education sector
Contact Details
 •   For further information about the study, come and see me at
     the PHARMAC stand, or contact me via:
 •   04 916 7528

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