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									Johnny Appleseed
   Johnny’s real name was John
Chapman. He was born on September
    26, 1774 in Massachusetts.
When Johnny was a boy he a good
student. He loved apples and apple
 When Johnny was 25 he became a
nursery man. He began to plant apple
 Legend says that Johnny went
barefoot and wore his cooking pot
           on his head.
 Another legend says that Johnny
loved wild animals and they loved
Johnny planted apple orchards in
    the Northwest Territory.
                •   Ohio
                •   Michigan
                •   Indiana
                •   Illinois
                •   Pennsylvania
                •   New York
It is said that many of the apple
orchards you see today started
    with Johnny’s apple seeds.
For fifty years Johnny traveled planting and
 caring for apple trees. He taught farmers
  about how to care for the orchards he
Johnny died in March 1845 and
     is buried in Indiana.
Johnny Appleseed is remembered today as
 a man who loved storytelling, animals and
              apple trees.
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