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    Spring 2010

                                      Welcome to the second edition of our new look Kredit newsletter. We hope
           Promotions &               you enjoyed the last issue. We had a great response from members.
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                                      This edition includes information on Nomination forms, Savings accounts, Betty Noone
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                                      Memorial Bursary and much more. Don’t forget to check out our promotions and
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           40 Years and               winners page to see how you can win some fantastic prizes.
PAGE 2     Growing

          TING HABITS
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,           HSSCU are delighted to offer the attached suite of de-
consectetuer adipiscing elit,         posit products to our members. It includes a demand de-
             How Much Can
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tincidunt ut Borrow
             laoreet dolore.
                                      posit account for accessible funds, a monthly instalment
                                      product for those who wish to save a regular monthly
PAGE 3                                amount and earn a bonus on maturity, or a lump sum de-
                                      posit account for sums between €5,000 and €100,000.
           Youth Corner
           & Movie                    Remember that funds in your credit union are covered
D C TALK   Competition                by the Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to
Sit amet, consectetuer adipis         €100,000. Your credit union is also a member of the
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                                      Irish League of Credit Unions and is covered under the
euismod tincidunt ut laoreet
dolore, lorem ipsum dolor sera.       movement’s Savings Protection Scheme, a fund of €166
           Cross Word                 Million which will support any credit union in difficulty.
           Opening Hours                     Savings Rates from 8th March 2010
                                      Lump Sum Deposit Account                        2.75%

                   N:   RIES          Regular Savings Incentive Account              1% + 1%
Nonummy nibh euismod tinnet           On Demand Deposit Account                       1%
cidunt ut laoreet dolore, lorem
ipsum dolor sit amet, plurius         Christmas Deposit Account                       1%
sectetuer adipiscing elit.

                                      5 HIGH STREET, CHRISTCHURCH, DUBLIN 8                   TEL: 01 677 8648         

                                      FROM OUTSIDE DUBLIN Lo Call: 1890 677 864               FAX: 01 677 8664   EMAIL:
Nomination Forms                                       Barretstown – the HOME of FUN for sick children
Have you completed a Nomination Form? If in            In 1994, the great American actor Paul Newman, opened his first European camp for children
doubt check with the Credit Union Office.              with serious medical conditions in Barretstown, Ballymore Eustace County Kildare. Sadly, Paul
                                                       passed away in the summer of 2008 but the founder of the HOLE IN THE WALL camp’s legacy
A Nomination Form allows a member to                   lives on in this magical setting.
nominate an individual(s) who will receive the
balance in their account on their death, up to a       When asked why he started these camps Paul Newman spoke of luck “I wanted to acknowledge
limit of €23,000.00. Any balance over this             how lucky I have been in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others, who might not be
amount is treated as part of a members estate.         allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it”.

A member can nominate anyone on this form,             In 2009, Health Services Staffs Credit Union Limited teamed up with Barretstown to assist them
ie. It does not have to be a family member. A          produce three new communication DVDs for distribution throughout Ireland and across Europe.
Nomination Form can be changed at any time             These DVDs are a visual record of how a child’s illness can impact so much on the lives of many
by completing a new one which becomes the              others, such as parents, siblings, grandparents, family friends etc. The care programmes shown
relevant form. However when a member marries           on the DVDS also provide Therapeutic Recreation to almost 2,000 children each year by almost
their Nomination Form must be changed; as              600 volunteers and 80 staff members in Barretstown.
marriage invalidates a Nomination.
                                                       The Board of Directors of HSSCU are
Nomination Forms are given exemption in                pleased to support Barretstown in this
succession legislation therefore a Credit Union        venture and we wish them continued
can pay out on such forms without reference to         success in their great work. Members
a will.                                                are advised that they can individually
                                                       support Barretstown in their own way,
If you are unsure whether you have completed a         whether by financial donation or by pur-
Nomination, or if you want to check who you have       chasing their famous Head Bandana and
nominated, please contact the Credit Union office.     tee shirts.

 Retiring or Retired
 from the Health                                      Betty Noone Memorial Bursary
 Services? Don’t Go!                                  We are delighted to run our special bursary again this year. Application forms for this educational
                                                      bursary will be available from our office and online from 1st May 2010. Through this bursary, we
 Did you know that when you retire                    reimburse successful applicants a percentage of the fees paid for an educational or cultural course.
 from your job in the Health Services
 that you can retain your membership                  All correctly completed applications and relevant documentation must be in this office by 5pm on
 of this Credit Union?
                                                      30th July by the latest. We will not accept any applications or supporting documentation
                                                      after this date. Please read all the rules carefully before sending in your application. For further
 Recently we changed our common
 bond so that those who had already                   details on this bursary, please contact this office or check us out online in the Sponsorship Section.
 retired from the Health Services
 could also join the Credit Union in
                                                     40 Years and Growing
 If you would like to talk to someone                The meeting to elect the first Board of Directors of the Health Services Staffs Credit Union was
 about your account options on                       held in September 1970 at 1 James’s Street. The late Mr John Shelly was appointed our first
 retirement please contact the office,               President, and among the other luminaries appointed on this night were Ms Betty Noone, Mr Des
 we look forward to serving your needs               Bulter, Mr Paddy Morrisroe, Ms Sheila Bodkin, Mr John Molony, Mr Colm Murphy, Miss Teresa
 during your well earned retirement.                 Egan, Mr Herbert O’Reilly, Ms E Gettings, Mr Ronan O’Neill, Mrs Quigley, Ms Catherine Smyth,
                                                     Mr V Trealey and Mr Joe Allen.

                                                     The cost of catering on the night was one pound, seventeen shillings and six pence. The Treasurer
                                                     informed the meeting that the credit union had £1547.00 in savings and 279 members.

                                                     Little did this group of people know what they had started. As we prepare to celebrate our 40th
                                                     year we are hoping to put together some memoirs of our credit union over the past 40 years.

                                                     We are therefore turning to you our members to give us any memory you have, funny, sad, good
                                                     or bad of your credit union over the last 40 years. What difference has this credit union made to
                                                     you, your family, your work colleagues.

                                                     You can send you memories, stories or general comments to our email at or
                                                     by post to the Health Services Staffs Credit Union, 5 High Street, Christchurch, Dublin 8.

                                                     All replies will be entered into a draw for a €250 one for all gift voucher.
Household Budgeting
With the recession biting hard, your credit       Once you know where your money is going,
union is aware that your household budget         the next step is to identify what commit-
has come under increasing pressure as we          ments need to be prioritised and where there
start to see the impact of all the levies, pay    is capacity to trim back on expenditure. If
cuts etc that have come crashing down on us       you find that you do not have enough money
over the last year or so.                         coming into your household to meet the ex-
                                                  penses listed you need to identify your pri-
It is a huge worry for an increasing number       orities.
of our members, how are they going to meet
their financial commitments now that they         Identify any commitments that impact on
have lost significant portions of their in-       your home, such as mortgage / rent or any
come? This can lead to a lot of anxiety and       other financial commitment that is secured
stress in people’s lives. It is important that    against your home. It is important that you
people do not ignore warning signs but take       keep the roof over your head so put them
the time to have a look at their own personal     first on your priority list. If there is room to   Your credit union provides a budget account
circumstances, and see what changes can be        reduce these outgoings temporarily do so. If       facility that can help you manage your
made.                                             you are in arrears with mortgage or rent, you      finances and keep on top of your bills. We
                                                  should immediately contact the organisation        also offer a dedicated Christmas savings
The first step is to take control of your fi-     or person concerned and come to a mutually         account for members who want to put a
nances, do not let them control you. Find         agreeable arrangement to deal with the ar-         little aside throughout the year to assist with
out where your money comes from and               rears.                                             meeting those seasonal expenses.
where it is going. To assist you with this,
you can download a budgeting diary from           Have a look at your remaining commitments,         If you feel that you cannot deal with your
our website.            can they be reduced? For example, are              own personal level of debt, the Money Ad-
ments/budgetdiary.pdf List everything             there savings to be made with your utility         vice and Budgeting Service (MABS) offer
you spend money on from bills, grocery and        bills? Are you spending on luxury items            services to assist people sort out their fi-
childcare expenses, to birthdays, Christmas,      that can be reduced or eliminated until you        nances. See for details.
entertainment and lifestyle spending. It can      get back on your feet? Can you renegotiate
be useful to jot down spending as you do it       your personal loans? Where loans (other            If you are having difficulty meeting your
for a couple of weeks to get an accurate pic-     than mortgage) are concerned, try to pay           credit union loan repayments, contact the
ture of what you spend on the little things, as   off commitments with the highest rate of           office on 01-6778648 to speak to a member
these can mount up.                               interest first.                                    of staff.

                                     How Much Can I Borrow?
This is not an easy question to answer! Loans are assessed by Loans         •   How long the member is employed and the nature of their
Officers where possible and by the Credit Committee at their weekly             employment e.g. part-time, full-time etc.
meetings. Loans Officers and Committee members have a duty of
care to our members to ensure that loans are granted in a responsible       If you have any particular
manner. Members will find therefore, that some applications will            borrowing requirements and
require detailed assessment and supporting paperwork may be                 would like to discuss options
necessary.                                                                  please contact the Credit Union
                                                                            where our staff will be pleased to
We will do all in our power to ensure that member loans are approved        discuss your options.
but borrowing members must show us that they have the ability to
repay the loan.                                                             Particularly in relation to larger
                                                                            loans we would recommend that
The main areas of consideration in assessing a loan application are:-       members give themselves at least
• Ability to repay / potential for future earnings: To assess this          a couple of weeks to enable the relevant or requested paperwork to
   we may request that a member supplies a current payslip, recent          be gathered in advance of the Credit Committee meeting.
   current account statements, statements of any loans with other
   institutions.                                                            It is important to remember that the Credit Committee meet
• Other borrowings, such as mortgage, personal loans, credit cards          every week on a Tuesday, however complete applications
• Existing loan and share balance                                           must be with the Credit Union no later than 5pm on a
• Term of loan: In as far as is possible it is advisable that loans         Monday afternoon to be considered at the meeting the
   for annual purposes be paid off within a year, if a member is            following day.
   borrowing frequently it would also be important that their
   loans be paid off as quickly as possible. The normal maximum                                          Loans Rates
   borrowing term is 5 years; in some exceptional cases the Credit
                                                                             Personal Loans                             8.5%      (8.9% APR)
   Committee will approve loans outside of this limit.
• How long is the applicant a member of the credit union                     Car Loans                                  6.99% (7.2% APR)
                                                  & Winners
 Kredit Competition
 Prizes €150; €100; €50
                                                                     Car Draw
 Send your answers on a postcard only before 31st May 2010.

 1. What is the new lump sum deposit rate?
 2. What is the closing date for Betty Noone Bursary applications?   Congratulations to our winners!

 3. On what day does the Credit Committee meet each week?            January 2010       Frances Mc Namara, HSE

                                                                     February 2010      Gerard O Brien, St. James Hospital
 Congratulations to our Winter Kredit Competition winners:
                                                                     If you wish to participate in the car draw and have not already subscribed
 1st Prize:                                                          please contact us. The entry fee is €2.54 every 4 weeks. The car draw is a
 Paul Connolly,                                                      non-profit making draw.
 Royal Eye and Ear

 2nd Prize:
 Helga Carolan,

 3rd Prize:
 Niamh Mc Cullagh,
 Tallaght Hospital

Join a Friend & you could                                            Win a Weekend Break in
WIN €100!                                                            Ballyhoura Forest Luxury
Don’t keep us a secret!                                              Homes!
Tell your friends and family about us, get them to join, and         To celebrate the exclusive rates available to HSSCU members from
you could win €100.                                                  Ballyhoura Forest Luxury Homes, we have 1 weekend break to give away.
                                                                     To be in with a chance to win, just answer the following question:

Congratulations to our latest winner:                                What is the annual fee for operating a budget account with HSSCU?
Thanaseelan Monickam
                                                                     Email your name, where you’re from and your answer to
*The friend must satisfy the common bond requirements i.e. work      by the 31st May 2010.
in the health services sector. Family members must live in the
same domicile as the main member.                                    *Hint: check out our website for the answer
                                                                                                                  Find the Letters

 YOUTH CORNER                                                                                                      Some letters of the alphabet
                                                                                                                   are missing from the circle.
                                                                                                                    Can you use the missing
                                                                                                                    letters to find something
                                                                                                                             to play? Solution

Welcome to the next edition of Youth Corner! In this issue, we’ve                                                Movie
more puzzles, we announce the winner of the art competition and                                                  competition
your chance to win a cinema voucher for you and your family.                                                     Win a voucher for you and
                                                                                                                 your family to the cinema!!
                                                                                                                 Just answer this very simple

                                                                                                                 What famous movie are these
                                                                                                                 two characters from?
   Tadpoles (0-5)                            Dragons (6-11)                           Fat Cats (12-16)

Mystery- Word
                                                                    4 letters        6 letters     8 letters
                                                                    BEAR             MONKEY        ELEPHANT
                                                                    LION             7 letters     9 letters
Can you enter the words correctly into the grid? The letters in
                                                                                     CHEETAH       BUTTERFLY
the shaded boxes will spell out the name of the mystery word.                                                    Send your answers to
                                                                    5 letters        DOLPHIN
                                                                    CAMEL            GIRAFFE                     Youth Corner, HSSCU,
                                                                    HYENA            GORILLA                     5 High Street, Christchurch,
                                                                    PANDA            OCTOPUS                     Dublin 8. Please include your
                                                                    SNAKE            PELICAN                     name, age, address, parent’s
                                                                    TIGER                                        name and a contact number.

                                                                      Youth Art Competition
                                                                      Congratulations to all the winners of our Youth Art Competition which
                                                                      we announced in the last issue of Kredit. We received lots of fantastic
                                                                      pictures and it was very difficult to choose a winner. Here is just one
                                                                      example of the lovely art work
                                                                      we received.

                                                                      Well done to: Niall Kelly,
                                                                      Cormac Kelly and Mary Jolly

                                                                     Penguin                                                                    Guitar
                                                                                                                         34 FOR                          36 TENDERISE
                                                                                                                         30 DUCKS                        35 HOES
                                                                                                                         27 SCONE                        33 OFFICER
                                                                                                                         25 FRENCH                       32 NYLON
                                                                                                                         24 ADENOID                      31 OAKEN
                                                                                                                         23 PACKAGE                      29 ECUADOR
                                                                                                                         22 SNORERS                      28 RAP
                                                                                                                         21 PERU                         26 MUSTARD
                                                                                                                         18 ON IMPULSE                   20 SPADES
                                                                                                                         15 SAGE                         19 DANGER
                                                                                                                         10 ASPIC                        17 TREACLE
                                                                                                                         9 CUSTARD                       16 HIS
                                                                                                                         8 POLISH                        14 TREASON
                                                                                                                         7 OVERHEADS                     13 EQUIP
                                                                                                                         5 INSURED                       12 STEAL
                                                                                                                         4 TALENTS                       11 UNUSUAL
                                                                                                                         3 EMU                           6 SOUP
                                                                                                                         2 SAUCE                         1 ASCERTAIN
                                                                                                                                   Down                       Across

1    Assure? That’s for you to find out! (9)
6    Is Campbell’s major opus destroyed? (4)
11   Strange that the United Nations and the United States would give you a pound. (7)
     Wrongly take action at the least disturbance? (5)
     Supply what’s required, but in a fit of pique? (5)
     Hanging offence committed by corrupt senator. (7)
     Possessive part of this? (3)                                                                                              HOURS:
17   With crooked cartel about, note how sticky it can become. (7)
19   Why it would be unsafe to plough up garden? (6)
                                                                                                                        Monday:       9.30am – 5.00 pm
20   Pad the inside of a dark suit? (6)
26   Principal in dirty surroundings is still hot stuff. (7)                                                           Tuesday:       9.00am – 6.30pm
28   Though showing just average returns, it’s a hit. (3)
29   Fuss involved in complex healing process in the country. (7)                                                      Wednesday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
31   Can a cloak envelop a wooden heart? (5)                                                                           Thursday:      9.00am – 6.30pm
32   It may not be natural but it is of material importance in New York initially, and parts of London. (5)
33   Nothing private I see in tender embrace. (7)                                                                      Friday:        9.00am – 5.00pm
35   Despite damaged footwear, still works in the garden. (4)
36   Moves I resented to soften the position? (9)
                                                                                                                Please note the credit union office remains open
                                                                                                                          during lunch time each day.
2    Might dressing for dinner cause confusion? (5)
3    Bird. Dead. Ape. (3)                                                                                                         SUB-OFFICE
4    Gives thanks in fast time for such natural gifts. (7)                                                                     (For local staff only)
5    Being covered, is under camouflage. (7)
7    Are they inevitably costly, like umbrellas in use? (9)                                                                 AMNCH – Tallaght:
8    See 25 Down (6,6)                                                                                                 Thursday 2.00pm – 4.00pm
9    Almost the same as 26 Across but on sweet, not meat. (7)
10   Is cap chopped up in preservative? (5)
15   Isn’t Little Herbert the wise one! (4)
                                                                                                                            Beaumont Hospital:
18   Crookedly smile upon it, without thinking? (2,7)                                                                  Friday    10.00am – 1.00pm
21   In connection with 29 Across, is Reading a country Sal might follow? (4)
22   Are they incapable of sneaking a quiet forty winks? (7)                                                               St.Vincents Elm Park:
23   Taking everything into consideration, do Wolves mature in the end? (7)                                            Friday      10.00am – 11.30am
24   Sounds as if the publicity vexed one, giving one a pain in the neck. (7)
25   Shine like a couple of Europeans? (6)
27   Is crumbled cones a product of the confectionery department? (5)
30   Zeroes in on the birds. (5)
34   On behalf of its purpose? (3)

                                                 Health Services Staffs Credit Union is regulated by the Financial Regulator

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