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									                               CenturyLink Wholesale
                            EVC Request Form Instructions
This document is to provide instructions for filling out the CenturyLink Wholesale EVC Request Form as
well as a description of the fields within the form. All EVC Request Forms are emailed

Section: 1- Administrative Section
     Field Name                                         Description                              Usage Scenario
EVC Number:                Identifies a unique number associated with the Ethernet Virtual       Required.
                           Connection. The EVC NUM is customer assigned and is returned on
                           the confirmation notice to the ordering customer.
CCNA                       Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation                                    Required.
PON                        Purchase Order Number                                                 Required.
Sales Name                 First and Last name of Sales person                                   Required.
Sales E-mail address       E-mail address of Sales person                                        Required.
Sales Phone Number         10 digit telephone number of Sales person                             Required.
Date                       Date this request is being submitted                                  Required.
Due Date                   Date the EVC is to be completed                                       Required.
AQCB Number                Provided by Salesperson                                               Required if
                                                                                                 AQCB is

Section: 2 – Ethernet Virtual Connection Detail Section
  Current Field Name                                      Description                            Usage Scenario
EVCID                      CenturyLink assigned Ethernet Virtual Connection Identifier (EVC      Conditional.
                           circuit ID). Required for Change, Disconnect, or Record orders;
                           blank for New EVC.
EVC NC Code                VLP- = E-line/point to point; VLM- = E-LAN/multi-point                Required.
NUT                        Number of UNI terminations affected by this service request; blank    Required except
                           for disconnect.                                                       for Disconnect.
                               Each EVC requires a separate EVC Request Form.

Section: 3 – Location A – UNI Mapping Detail Section
  Current Field Name                                    Description                              Usage Scenario
Customer Name              Service name for this location.                                       Required.
Customer Address           Customer premises address for this location                           Required.
Contact Info:              Name, Phone Number, FAX, Pager/Cell Number, Email information         Required
Implementation             for the customer employee or office responsible for control of
                           installation and completion.
Contact Info: 24 Hr.       Name, Phone Number, FAX, Pager/Cell Number, Email information         Optional but
Maintenance and Repair     for customer employee or office responsible for maintenance           strongly advised.
Contact                    subsequent to the installation of the access service
EVC Activity                   NEW       CHANGE           DISCONNECT                             Required.

                                         Revised 08/08/11
RPON                       RPON specified in this field identifies the PON which is establishing     Required if RUID
                           the physical connection (UNI) for this end of the EVC.                    field is blank;
EVC NCI                    Identifies the mapping conditions on the EVC at the customer edge.        Required.
                           See Tech Pub 77411, Table 3-20.
EVCSP                      Ethernet Virtual Connection Switch Point -- Identifies the Ethernet       Required.
                           Edge Switch, in CLLI code format, at the UNI termination.
CE-VLAN                    External “tag” or tags on service frames to be mapped into this EVC.      Optional.
                           May be CenturyLink or customer assigned. Valid entries are 0001-
L2CP                       Layer 2 Control Protocol: 7 character field, each character may be        Optional.
                           populated D (discard) or T (tunnel) for various Ethernet control
                           protocols; see Tech Pub 77411, Chapter 2.11.
RUID                       Related UNI physical circuit ID against which the EVC activity is         Required unless
                           requested.                                                                UNI is new, then
                                                                                                     use RPON.
EVC Bandwidth              If bandwidth is rate-limited by EVC rather than by port, enter EVC        Optional.
                           Bandwidth here.
MST                        Designates the UNI that serves as the master ingress/egress point         Conditional.
                           of a point to multipoint EVC.
                           Only one master is allowed per EVC.
Service Provider/Service   Name and Contact Info for Service Provider/Service Multiplexer            Conditional.
Multiplexer Port           location. Information and LOA are required when location is Service
Information                Provider/Service Multiplexer.

Section: 4 – Quality of Service ( QOS) Information
  Current Field Name                                      Description                                Usage Scenario
QOS Information                NEW          CHANGE          REMOVE                                   Required.
Template                   When QOS Priority 1 is ordered on a portion of the bandwidth, a           Required when
                           Template (Templates 1-8) must be selected to specify how to               QOS is being
                           apportion the remainder of the bandwidth between Priorities 2-4.          ordered.
                           The Templates are shown in the MOE PCAT, FCC1 Sec. 8.8.2 (C)
                           2. or MOE – All States – Wholesale and Resale.
P-BIT                      A parameter within the Ethernet frame used to specify priority of         Conditional.
                           certain traffic to a given level of service on an EVC. Required when
                           the EVC NCI code specifies a P-Bit based map.
BDW                        The number of Mbps, in 5 Mbps increments, of Priority 1 traffic being     Required when
                           requested. (5 Mbps is the minimum quantity entry.)                        QOS is ordered.
DSCP                       Differentiated Services (DiffServ) Code Point -- DSCP is a type of        Conditional --
                           traffic marking whose value corresponds with a preferred Quality of       DSCP and TOS
                           Service as the packet traverses the network. See Tech Pub 77411,          fields are
                           Chapter 2.13. When populated all six positions must contain a "0" or      mutually
                           a "1".                                                                    exclusive.
TOS                        Type of Service -- Identifies the Quality of Service desired. When        Conditional --
                           populated the first six positions must contain a "0" or a "1". See Tech   DSCP and TOS
                           Pub 77411, Chapter 2.13.                                                  fields are
REMARKS                    Provide any additional information necessary to complete the              Optional

                                          Revised 08/08/11
Revised 08/08/11

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