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 Volume 24 Issue 1                          News & Views                                                         January 2008

                                                                                                    Coming Events
                                                                                                   Board Planning Retreat
        “2008 ECONOMIC FORECAST”                                                                  Saturday, January 5, 2008
                                                                                                 Hilton Garden Inn Twinsburg
                  Tuesday, January 15, 2008                                                               8: 15 a.m.
                         11:45 a.m.
                                                                                                  January Luncheon Meeting
                     Signature of Solon                                                           Tuesday, January 15, 2008
                   39000 Signature Drive, Solon                                                       Signature of Solon
                                                                    Dr. Mark Sniderman                    11:45 a.m.
     Speaker: Dr. Mark Sniderman, Executive Vice President
               Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland                                                       Class of ‘07 Party
                                                                                                  Tuesday, January 22, 2008
                                                                                                  Blake’s Seafood Restaurant
     Mark Sniderman is an executive vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleve-                    5:30 p.m.
land. He oversees several departments—Research, Public Affairs, Community Affairs,                    (by invitation only)
and Policy Analysis—and he serves as the Bank’s chief policy strategist. Dr. Sniderman
currently serves as an advisor to a number of government and nonprofit organizations on           Breakfast Growth Seminar
the topics of education and economic development.                                                 Thursday, January 24, 2008
     Presented in clear and understandable terms, Dr. Sniderman provides the reasons why          Homewood Suites by Hilton
the economy is where it is now and will share insights into future performance. Don’t miss                  8 a.m.
this relevant topic as we start 2008.
                                                                                                February Networking Luncheon
       FEE: $20.00 Solon Chamber members and guests; $40.00 non-members                          Wednesday, February 20, 2008
      NOTE: Late registrations and walk-ins will be charged an additional $5.00                       Signature of Solon
                                                                                                          11:45 a.m.
            Deadline for registration is 3 p.m. Friday, January 11, 2008
                        Prepaid reservations are requested                                   This newsletter is available online at
            Call the chamber office at 440.248-5080; fax 440.248.912l;                             www.solonchamber.com
                         email staff@solonchamber.com or
                     register online at www.solonchamber.com
                      Credit card payments accepted by phone                                          IN THIS ISSUE
                              No shows will be invoiced
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                Mark A. Harris, Financial Services Professional                                 City Business News           p.4
                                                                                                Taste of Solon Cookbook      p.5
                                                                                                Legislative Update           p.5
                                                                                                Orientation Pix              p.5
                                                                                                Networking Seminar           p.6
                                                                                                Volunteer Thank You          p.7
                                                                                                Taste of Solon               p.7
                                                                                                January Calendar             p.8

                                                                                                        For the monthly
                                                                                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS,
                                                                                                    including all committee
               SAVE THE DATE - TASTE OF SOLON                                                    meetings, see the back cover
                                                                                                  of this newsletter or visit
                       MARCH 2, 2008                                                             us at www.solonchamber.com
                     It’s been a while since I last
                                                                                        W           elcome New Members
                     wrote to you in these pages.
                                                           Ohio Commerce Bank                                               Appstar Technologies
                     Let me take this time to bring
                     you up to speed on the                   Jeanette Knauf                                                   Christopher Lindley
                     Chamber’s roadmap for 2008.              24400 Chagrin Blvd.                                              33650 Baldwin Road
                     It was my pleasure to chair              Beachwood, OH 44122                                              Solon, OH 44139
                     the Chamber’s strategic                  216.910.0550                                                     216.338.4527
                     planning committee this                  Bank                                                             Computer software & equipment
  John Martin year; allow me to give you a
                     brief overview of our plan.           Robert C. Petti                                                  Nash Group Insurance Services
      We identified three major areas of focus.               Keller Williams                                                  Rhonda Nash
The first area is to revisit our role as business             10242 Brighton Circle                                            7520 Pinecrest
advocates on behalf of all of our Chamber
members. We currently identify five segments                  Twinsburg, OH 44087                                              Glenwillow, OH 44139
within our membership: Industrial, Commercial/                216.299.3272                                                     440.786.9353
Professional, Retail, Home-based Businesses                   Realtor                                                          Insurance
and Community (civic and non-profit
organizations).                                            Legacy Private Wealth Management                                 Sun Haven Home Health Care
      We will create a task force charged with                 William Gordon                                                   Marcia Cuyler-Lewis
defining the needs of these core constituencies                30285 Bruce Industrial Pkwy                                      6175 SOM Center Road, #250
as it relates to the Chamber’s role as Business                Solon, OH 44139                                                  Solon, OH 44139
Advocate for these groups. Some possible                       440.287.5020                                                     440.349.6088
outcomes of that task force include: keep
members informed of all issues relating to their
                                                               Financial services                                               Assisted living care
business, including legislative issues; promote
the Chamber as the one-stop place for new                  Littler Mendelson, P.C.                                          Kelco Transportation Services, Inc.
businesses to gain an understanding of the                      Barry Freeman                                                   Casey Kelvington
business climate and civic issues.                              33025 Aspen Glen Drive                                          30300 Solon Industrial Pkwy
      The second element of our strategic plan                  Solon, OH 44139                                                 Solon, OH 44139
focuses on our organizational structure. We                     216.623.6074                                                    440.542.4410
must restructure our volunteer organization in                  Attorney                                                        Trucking
such a way to leverage our diverse, talented
pool of leaders. We need more of Solon’s                   DeVore Technologies                                              TLC Springwater of Ohio LLC
business men and women to contribute their
relevant expertise and transform the structure                Lori DeVore                                                      Kazell Pugh
of this organization.                                         466 Northfield Road                                              P.O. Box 391011
      As an organization, the Solon Chamber                   Bedford Heights, OH 44146                                        Solon, OH 44139
continues to grow in both membership and                      440.232.3846                                                     216.470.4446
activities. Board members are not always able                 Computer training                                                Water products
to invest the necessary time to support our
program of work as it evolves to include more              SERVPRO of Southeastern Cuyahoga
services. Other Board members find it difficult            County
to chair a committee. The nature of volunteerism              Sheila Davis
is changing as well. These issues are not unique                                                                                  We extend a warm welcome
to the Solon Chamber. We know this is
                                                              P.O. Box 22                                                    to our new members and encourage
happening nationally. We need to acknowledge                  Barberton, OH 44203                                               you to patronize their services.
these issues and be proactive in responding to                800.293.9555
change. We will actively pursue engaging                      Restoration & clean-up
members at large to fill key roles in chairing
committees and participating in task force
      We will create a second task force charged
with reviewing the Chamber by-laws to support
the recommended changes in Chamber
leadership and support as it relates to: the
number of elected Directors on the Board and
their function; applicable term limits; and
modifying the Chairman succession plan.                                                              Providing Business Opportunities
      Our third area of focus for this year looks
at our sources of revenue. We must explore                          News & Views is published monthly by The Solon Chamber of Commerce,
alternative revenue streams. The traditional                                33595 Bainbridge Road, Suite 101, Solon, Ohio 44139
“business model” for the Chamber of Commerce                                        Phone 440 248-5080, Fax 440 248-9121
must be changed to guarantee revenue growth                              Emails: staff@solonchamber.com; ntraum@solonchamber.com
and sustainability. We will create a third task
force charged with exploring additional revenue                         Chamber Officers                                                 Chamber Staff
sources as it relates to an alternative fee structure   Chairman of the Board ..................John Martin              President/CEO .......................Nancy Traum
for membership dues and potentially new                 Chairman Elect.........................Ewa Antonczyk             Program Coordinator..............Judie Winston
revenue streams from non-dues sources.                  Vice Chairmen: Mark Bednar, Steve Chipchase,                     Membership Management
      These are three very specific things I            Josalyn Murray, Marc Paige, Greg Rosenberg                       Coordinator.......................Tara McGuinness
pledge we will do on your behalf. And if we do          Secretary ....................................Nancy Traum
them well, we will all benefit from an improved,
                                                        Treasurer ..........................Harry W. Hunter III           Printed by ............................Evans Printing
more robust, more efficient, more expansive
Chamber of Commerce.                                                                        Visit us at solonchamber.com
                                                                                                                                                                       page 2
                     D        ECEMBER           LUNCHEON
                              Bertram Inn & Conference Center

  Thank you to Luncheon Sponsor Aurora Farms Premium Outlets
                                                                                      Members in the News
                                                                                      q Gary Shamis, SS&G Financial Services,
                                                                                        was appointed to the newly created
                                                                                        position of chairman emeritus of The
                                                                                        Leading Edge Alliance. Shamis stepped
                                                                                        down as chairman eight years after
                                                                                        founding the alliance.
                                                                                      q Phyllis Lester Designs was named one
                                                                                        of the top 5 cake decorators by Fox 8
                                                                                        MyFox Cleveland Hot listings. The
                                                                                        Cleveland Jewish News also awarded
                                                                                        Lester the Best of 2006 certificate.
                                                                                      q Congratulations to Graphic Disclosure
                                                                                        Inc. for supplying T-shirts to Operation
                                                                                        Enduring Freedom. GDI was given the
                                                                                        Corsair-at-the-Crest Award from the
2007 Board Chairman Jim Bird (right),       Volunteer of the Year, Jim Kelvington,      Navy Customs Battalion SIERRA
 Bird Technologies, passes the gavel to        Kelco Insurance; Jim Bird, and           CHARLIE Company, Camp Patriot,
     2008 Chairman John Martin,                  Board Member of the Year,              Kuwait.
     Colortone Staging & Rentals                Eva Antonczyk, Hampton Inn            q Bill Russo, Concord Financial Planners,
                                                                                        was quoted and has two clients pro-
                                                                                        filed in an article in Cleveland Maga-
                                                                                        zine about retiring rich.
                                                                                      q Inside Business magazine listed the lat-
                                                                                        est Weatherhead 100 winners, includ-
                                                                                        ing: #54, North Coast Education
                                                                                        Services and #63, SAECO-USA.
                                                                                        MemberHealth and SS&G Financial
                                                                                        Services were listed in the Centurian
                                                                                        category and System Care in the Up-
                                                                                        start category. Congratulations to all.

Cathy Berthold, Adecco; Judi Firestone,         New members Russell Howard and
CRSN; and Barbara Vosmik, Homewood                 William Gordon III, Legacy              MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL
           Suites by Hilton                       Private Wealth Management                      TIME!
                                                                                               Invoices have been mailed
                                                                                          for your 2008 membership in-
                                                                                          vestment in the Solon Chamber
                                                                                          of Commerce.
                                                                                               Don’t miss the opportunity
                                                                                          to take advantage of the pro-
                                                                                          grams, benefits and advocacy we
                                                                                          provide our business members.
                                                                                               When you renew your dues
                                                                                          for 2008 you will receive a new
                                                                                          2008 date sticker to add to your
  2007 Board members in attendance: Marc               New Member Jim LeSueur,            plaque.
Paige, Sue Carlson, Cathy Berthold, Jim Bird,            Arabica, with Melissa
 John Martin, Ewa Antonczyk, Mark Bednar,                 Niosi, SAECO USA
Greg Rosenberg, Galen Swab and Mike Foster

                                                                                          THANK YOU TO
                                                                                       SCHOLARSHIP DONORS
                                                                                          The Solon Chamber Scholarship Foun-
                                                                                     dation, Inc. wishes to thank the following
                                                                                     members for their 2007 contributions:

                                                                                                   Christopher Tool
                                                                                       Cleveland Clinic Solon Medical Campus
     Entertainment was              Past Chamber Presidents/Chairmen included:                  Robert DiBauda, DDS
 provided by the Solon High          Tom Wasson, Hal Becker, Bill Russo, David                  Gregory Myers, DDS
   School Music in Motion              Carlson, Jim Bird, David Andrews, Jim                      Jay Rue, Attorney
     performance group                       Bialosky, and Bill Mazur                       Sterling Commercial Cleaning

                                                                                                                        page 3

                                               for Planning Commission and Council review.
                                               The proposed Center of Town PUD zoning
                                               promotes a mixture of residential, recreational,
                                               office, retail, public and institutional uses in
                                               a traditional, pedestrian-oriented, integrated,
                                                                                                    every Solon business to become a partner
                                                                                                    in its renowned recycling program. The fol-
                                                                                                    lowing items may be dropped off at 6600
                                                                                                    Cochran Road: computers & printers,
                                                                                                    smaller steel items that fit into a dumpster,
GROWTH                                         neighborhood design pattern. The approval            food grade glass containers, plastics labeled
The following projects were approved:          process involves 4 steps: 1) Voter approval          1 through 7, tin & aluminum cans, all paper
Station 43 – Site plan for 2 additions to      to rezone Project site to Center of Town PUD.        and cardboard. The following CANNOT be
39910 Aurora Road, 1,050 sq. ft. dining area   2) Developer submits Preliminary Develop-            accepted: plate glass and film plastics such
on west side of building and 770 sq. ft.       ment Plan (PDP), prepared under the guid-            as grocery bags. Call Scott Jakosh at (440)
storage/utility area.                          ance of City Staff, Boards, Commissions, and         248-5834 for more information.
Solon Business Center – Site plan for          consultants. This initiates exhaustive study         FIRE STATION - The fire station project is
building elevation improvements at 33565       of all aspects of the project, resulting in a        proceeding according to schedule. Weather
Bainbridge Rd.                                 Master Site Plan and related Master Devel-           permitting, the roofing system and the exte-
Nationwide Better Health, Inc. – Job Cre-      opment Documents. The PDP must be ap-                rior windows and doors will be installed soon
ation Grant for addition of 85 new jobs at     proved by Planning Commission, following             and work will begin on the interior of the
6565 Davis Industrial Parkway.                 a public hearing. 3) The approved version of         building.
                                               the PDP is referred to Council as the Master         KUDOS – Congratulations to Grantwood
IN THE WORKS                                   Development Plan (MDP). After additional             Golf Course Golf Pro Scott Pollack for re-
COMMERCIAL REDEVELOPMENT –                     study and public hearing, the MDP is ap-             ceiving the Professional Golfers Associa-
As of this newsletter’s deadline, Council      proved by Council and becomes the govern-            tion of America’s President’s Plaque Award.
was reviewing public input and studies on      ing document for the project site. 4) The            The award recognizes extraordinary effort
mixed use /lifestyle center proposals by       property owner must submit a detailed                and achievement in growing the game of
The Coral Company and Stark Enterprises        Construction Plan (CP) for each proposed             golf, player development, leadership at the
and whether to place the required rezon-       structure or use approved in the MDP. This           section and national level, and performance
ing for the project of choice on the March     process follows the same steps as the cur-           at the member’s home facility. Scott was
or November ballot. Planning & Commu-          rent site plan approval process and results          also the Northern Ohio PGA Award winner
nity Development Director Rob Frankland        in the ability to apply for building permits.        in 2006 and 2007, one of 41 annual award
crafted an ordinance creating the Center       NEW BUSINESS RECYCLING PROGRAM                       winners across the country out of more than
of Town Planned Unit Development (PUD)         The City of Solon Service Department invites         20,000 PGA members.

                                                                           PUT YOUR CHILD’S MIND & BODY
                                                                           IN MOTION...

                                                                                     QUALITY CHILD CARE
                                                                                       FOR 39 YEARS

                                                                              Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years Old
                                                                               Open Year Round – 6am-6:30pm

                                                                               10% Discount For Chamber Members With This Ad

                                                                            Infants-Toddlers ¨ Nursery School ¨ Pre-K Classes
                                                                                   Chartered Kindergarten ¨ Montessori
                                                                                              (+Extended Day)
                                                                               Before/After School Program ¨ Summer Camp
                                                                             Indoor Pool ¨ Computers ¨ Music ¨ Art ¨ Science
                                                                                  Breakfast, Hot Lunch & Snacks Included
                                                                                          Transportation Available
                                                                                         Electronic Security System

                                                                             CREATIVE PLAYROOMS
                                                                             MONTESSORI & CHILD CARE CENTER
                                                                             32800 Solon Road · Solon (440) 248-3100


                            ADVERTISEMENT                                                               ADVERTISEMENT
                                                                                                                                         page 4
    LEGISLATIVE UPDATE                               CONGRATULATIONS!                                     NEW MEMBER
     The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation               Kudos to two special Chamber mem-                   BREAKFAST
recently reduced the maximum discount for        bers who where honored at the December
the group-rating program from 90% to 85%,        Holiday Luncheon as Volunteer of the Year
beginning 7/08, adversely affecting nearly       and Board Member of the Year. The Lun-
100,000 employers, rejecting two plans to        cheon also recognized all the volunteers
reduce the rate to 87%.                          who helped make 2007 a success.
     The Ohio Chamber of Commerce has                  Ewa Antonczyk, Hampton Inn Solon,
stated that it “will do whatever it can to en-   was named Board Member of the Year. Ewa
sure that the needs of employers will be ad-     has been active on several committees, at-
dressed as soon as possible,” urging the         tended many chamber events and chaired
BWC to take a comprehensive approach to          the Membership Committee in 2007.
fixing the workers’ compensation insurance             Jim Kelvington, Kelco Insurance, was           New members had a good time
system, characterized by the Ohio Chamber        named Volunteer of the Year. Jim volunteered       networking with members from the
and many others as being “broken.”               on the membership, PR, and golf commit-                 membership committee
                                                 tees in 2007.

    CHAMBER PROVIDES                                     2008
    GROUP RATINGS ON                                CHAMBER OFFICERS
       WORKERS’                                        The Board of Directors has elected              Carolyn & Dana Stulburg,
      COMPENSATION                                the following officers for 2008:                 Alexandria School; Barry Freeman,
                                                                                                           Littler Mendelson
     Did you know that you can get a dis-                 Chairman: John Martin
count on your Workers’ Compensation                  Colortone Staging & Rental, Inc.
Group Rating through your membership in              Chairman elect: Ewa Antonczyk
the Solon Chamber of Commerce? These                       Hampton Inn Solon
discounts are provided through the                    Vice Chairman: Mark Bednar
Chamber’s affiliation with the Northern Ohio          Nationwide Better Health, Inc.
Area Chambers of Commerce, an organiza-              Vice Chairman: Steve Chipchase
tion of over 100 chambers that have banded                 Keithley Instruments
together to provide discounted rates on              Vice Chairman: Josalyn Murray
health insurance, workers’ comp and more.                     Merrill Lynch
     To receive a quote on your 2008 Work-             Vice Chairman: Marc Paige
                                                         APG Office Furnishings                  Jeri Waters, Signature Communications;
ers’ Compensation, please contact Compre-                                                             Jim LeSueur, Arabica, and Ewa
hensive Risk Management, CRM, at                     Vice Chairman: Greg Rosenberg
                                                    Business Communication Solutions                  Antonczyk, Membership Chair
216.901.0066. Premium reductions apply to
groups under 500 employees. All quotes are               Secretary: Nancy Traum
free and you are under no obligation. Join             Solon Chamber of Commerce
other chamber members who are saving                     Treasurer: Harry Hunter
money through their chamber membership                SS&G Financial Services, Inc.                 NEW MEMBER WINS
investment!                                                                                          2ND IPOD NANO

                                The wait is over! The Solon Chamber “Taste of Solon”
                           Cookbook is hot off the presses and ready for purchase. The
                           cost of the cookbook is $15.00. Copies are available at the
                           Chamber office and will also be available at the monthly lun-
                                Some of the recipes include: Specialty Chefs’ Chocolate             Congratulations to Sheila Davis, Servpro
                           Mousse, Mustard Seed Market & Cafe’s Chicken Breast                  of Southeastern Cuyahoga County. Shelia
                           Savoyarde and Hilton Garden Inn Twinsburg’s Stuffed Shrimp           was the winner of the second Apple iPod
                           Scampi, plus all the wonderful recipes submitted by our mem-         Nano given away as part of the Chamber
                           ber companies! Reserve your copy today by calling the Cham-          membership drive. Shelia, left, is pictured with
                           ber office at 440.248.5080. Bon Appetit!                             Tara McGuinness, Chamber Membership
                                                                                                Management Coordinator.
                                                                                                                                        page 5
                  Just in time for the February                                                   WANT TO BE ON
                 Annual Networking Luncheon!                                                      NEXT YEAR’S
                                                                                                 VOLUNTEER LIST?
                       Seminar and Continental Breakfast                                        Chamber Seeks Members to
                                                                                                  Co-Chair Committees
                                                                                                  Each December the Chamber disbands
                       Thursday, January 24, 2008                                           all committees and reforms them in January.
                               8 -9:30 a.m.                                                 Some members continue volunteering on
                          Homewood Suites by Hilton                                         the same committee while others switch to
                        6085 Enterprise Parkway, Solon                                      another committee.
                                                                                                  Getting involved with a committee is a
                           Speaker: Jeff Nischwitz, Partner                                 great way to build relationships, thereby
                         Cowden & Humphrey Company, L.P.A.                                  utilizing one of the benefits of the Chamber
                                                                                            structure to your best advantage.
    Jeff Nischwitz, known as a master networker, will help you get ready for the February         Traditionally the January newsletter
Networking luncheon by sharing the right tools, strategies and tactics that you need to     contains a list of all committees, including
improve your relationship building and enhance your business success.                       names and contact information of chairs.
         l Getting Started - Overcoming the fear of introducing yourself                    Prior to the adoption of the Chamber’s Stra-
         l Networking on Purpose - Your plan and reasons for networking                     tegic Plan for 2008, members from our Board
         l What’s so Special About You - Improving your 30-second commercial                of Directors each chaired a committee. With
         l The Art of Differentiating Yourself                                              our new structure, directors will no longer
                                                                                            automatically chair a committee. This opens
                                                                                            up the opportunity for individuals from our
        FEE: $12.00 Solon Chamber members and guests; $20.00 non-members
                                                                                            general membership to assume leadership
       NOTE: Late registrations and walk-ins will be charged an additional $5.00            roles by co-chairing a committee. The Cham-
             Deadline for registration is 3 p.m. Monday, January 21, 2008
                                                                                            ber is actively seeking members to both co-
       Prepaid reservations requested. Call the Chamber office at 440.248.5080;
                                                                                            chair and work in committees. Once the
         email - staff@solonchamber.com or online at www.solonchamber.com
                                                                                            committee structure is complete, referred to
                      Credit card payments accepted by telephone                            as the Chamber Program of Work, it will be
                               No shows will be invoiced
                                                                                            published in the newsletter so additional
                                                                                            individuals can volunteer.
                                     Sponsored by
                                                                                                    GET INVOLVED!
                                                                                                 Take advantage of your membership
                                                                                            investment by getting or staying involved
                                                                                            with the Chamber in 2008. If you don’t have
                                                                                            time to volunteer, please remember that once
                                                                                            your company joins the Chamber, every em-
                                                                                            ployees is considered a member. You can
                                                                                            select as many associates as you like to get
                                                                                                 The Chamber has committees that
                           Call the Chamber Office                                          cover a variety of segments within our mem-
                  to place an advertisement in the Chamber                                  bership, including Solon Young Profession-
                       newsletter before space sells out!                                   als, Solon Women in Business, Solon In-
                                                                                            ternational and Industrial Roundtable, So-
                                                                                            lon HR Roundtable and educational semi-
                                                                                            nars. There are also committees that work
              W. Mark Wentworth                                                             on special events such as the annual Taste
              President                                                                     of Solon and annual Golf Outing.
                                                                                                 Committee work not only builds last-
                                                                                            ing relationships but also provides valu-
                                                                                            able leadership training for your employ-
                   Sterling Commercial Cleaning                                             ees.
                                                                                                 If you don’t have time to volunteer,
                            Building Maintenance Experts                                    we’re still interested in your feedback as to
                                                                                            what types of programs, events and ben-
                                                                                            efits you’d like to see in the coming year.
                                                                                            Do you have a favorite speaker or topic
              330-626-2987                         1130 Sparrow Run                         you’d like us to secure for a monthly lun-
              440-376-4288                     Streetsboro, OH 44241                        cheon meeting? Please share your ideas
                                                                                            by giving the Chamber a call at 440-248-
                                      ADVERTISEMENT                                         5080.
                                                                                                                                   page 6
                                            THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS
                                           A special thank you to everyone who helped make 2007 a success!

David Andrews, Andrews & Wyatt, LLC            Carol Hawkins, Hawkins Hearing Center             Scott Pollack, Grantwood Golf Course
Ewa Antonczyk, Hampton Inn Solon               Stan Holladay, Quality Benefits Agency            Laurence Powers, Powers Friedman, PLL
Hal Becker, The Becker Group                   Heidi Hooper, Boundless Flight                    Amitabh Rao, Aurora School of Music
Mark Bednar, Nationwide Better Health          Sandra Howard, SS&G Financial                     Hal Rindels, Britton-Gallagher
Wayne Bergman, Action Coach Business             Services, Inc.                                  Steve Roesing, ASMGI
   Coaching                                    Harry Hunter, SS&G Financial Services, Inc.       Bob Rogers, Permanent Record Video
Cathy Berthold, Adecco                         Ron Iafornaro, GDI                                Greg Rosenberg, Business Communication
Jim Bialosky, Solon Benevolent Fund            Beth Brody Jaffe, Party411.com                      Solutions, Inc.
Jim Bird, Bird Technologies, Inc.              Stephen Jett, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister        Sid Rosner, Howard Hanna
Christine A. Brondel, Career Insight           Matthew Kanan, King Nut                           Tom Russell, Best Employees Federal Credit
James Brown, State Farm Insurance              Doug Karpowitz, FD Johnson                          Union
Judy Caine, Financial Network                  Jim Kelvington, Kelco Insurance                   Marvin Sable, Network Laser Art
   Investment Corp.                            John Kusik, North Coast Education Services        Dave Schmader, Brown/Schmader Associates
Jeffrey Calig, NAI Daus                        Lisa Kusner, Aurora Farms Premium Outlets         David Scott, FM Turner
Mary Jane Camarato, GDI                        Jeanette Knauf, Ohio Commerce Bank                Surinder Singh, Huntingron Bank
Sue Carlson, Carlson Software Consulting       Kim Lesch, Action Travel                          Robert Singer, RnD Consulting
Barry Chesler, Chesler & Associates            Rachel Ludwig, SS&G Financial Services, Inc.      Tim Singer, Hy-Tek
Steve Chipchase, Keithley Instruments          Michael Mandato, System Care, Inc.                Mary Oehlberg-Sevc, L’Oreal USA
Peggy Weil Dorfman, City of Solon              John Martin, Colortone Staging & Rental, Inc.     Galen Swab, Stevens Van Lines
Jeffrey P. Elman, Smith Barney                 Stephen Matthews, National City Bank              LeeTillstrom, The Alliance Group
Judi Firestone, CRSN, Inc.                     Paul Meshanko, Edge Learning of Ohio              Steve Trommer, Trommer & Associates
Christine Gallit, SS&G Financial               Sam Misseri, Air Force One                        Judy Tuma, Basic Essentials
   Services, Inc.                              Stephen Moore, Swagelok                           David Waltermire, Swagelok
Chip Gear, The Technology House                Josalyn Murray, Merrill Lynch                     Tom Wasson, Wasson Insurance
Gale Grau, Howard Hanna                        Melissa Niosi, SAECO-USA                          Cara Wesley, Travel Boards
Bill Haid, National City Bank                  Robert Oberst, HR Service Bureau                  Gary Williams, Juice Plus
Glenda Halter, Solon Occupational              Marc Paige, APG Office Furnishings                Eileen Zimmerman, Well Dressed Windows
   Medical Center                              Mayor Kevin Patton, City of Solon
James Harmon, Quality Benefits                 Julie Pekkanen, Swagleok                            And anyone else we inadvertently forgot!

                                                                                       Sunday, March 2
                                                                                        4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Signature of Solon
                                                                         Join us for our 7th Annual Taste of Solon event
                                                                           featuring culinary specialties from Solon’s
                                                                                      finest area restaurants.

                                                                        $25 DONATION INCLUDES ALL THE FOOD
                                                                          FROM 20 DIFFERENT RESTAURANTS!

                                                                        Reservations are required as tickets are limited.
                                                                            Call 440.248.5080 or register online at

                             PREMIER SPONSOR                                                           EVENT SPONSORS

                                                                                                   EVANS PRINTING
                                                                                                  GRAND VILLAGE
                                                                                               RETIREMENT COMMUNITY
                                                                                                    NESTLE USA
                                                                                                 THE SOLON TIMES
                   SILENT AUCTION              ENTERTAINMENT BY BLUE CADILLAC                     “BEST OF AWARDS”
                                                                                                                                          page 7
     SUN             MON              TUE                   WED              THU                  FRI           SAT
                                1                       2               3                    4              5
                                                                        Business Develop-                  Director Planning
                                                                        ment Com. Mtg.                     Meeting
                                                                        Solon City Hall                    Hilton Twinsburg
                                                                        8 a.m.                             8:15 a.m.

6              7                8                      9                10                   11            12
                                                       Taste of Solon   Board of Directors
                                                       Com. Mtg.        Meeting
                                                       Chamber office   Solon City Hall
                                                       8:30 a.m.        8 a.m.

13             14               15                     16               17                   18            19
                                January Luncheon                        Solon HR
                   Newsletter   Signature of Solon                      Roundtable
                   Deadline     11:45 a.m.                              CSU
                                                                        12 noon

20             21               22 Class of ‘07        23               24                   25            26
                                     Pa rty                             Breakfast Growth
                                     Blake’s Seafood                    Seminar
                                     Restaurant                         Homewood Suites
                                     5:30 p.m.                          8 a.m.

27             28               29                     30

                                        Solon Chamber of Commerce Mission
       To serve as advocates for the business community by supporting and fostering vibrant economic growth.

                                                                                                         DATED MATERIAL

                                                                                                        PLEASE ROUTE TO:

                                                                                                  Solon, OH 44139
                                                                                                  33595 Bainbridge Road
                                                                                                  Suite 101
                                                                                                  Solon Chamber of Commerce

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