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					                                                                                                                                       The Oakville Beaver, Wednesday June 7, 2006 - 5

Family wants waiting period waived
■   Continued from page 3                                                 never been so appalled and
which even the x-ray technician                                           ashamed,” said Wayne, explaining
suggested on his report might be                                          how they can’t even get their appli-
cancer, said Wayne. Through what                                          cation rejected in order to formally
the Lawers can only describe as                                           appeal. “I think the process stinks.”
“mishandling” by the doctor’s                                                 That said, the Lawers still want
office, this vital information was not                                    their government to allow the
revealed until they were finally able                                     Statons to come to Canada, waive
to contact the Immigration office in                                      the three-month waiting period for
Buffalo in late September. (Because                                       OHIP and provide coverage under
the system requires applications to                                       the refugee program. This, said
be made outside Canada, Buffalo                                           Carole, would be only for palliative
was closer and plainly more conven-                                       care and to make her dad “comfort-
ient than England.)                                                       able.”
    On Oct. 5, the family received a                                          “I don’t think it’s a huge expense
request for a follow-up from the Ken Staton                                for the government,” she said.
Ministry. Within a few more days                                               When asked why she doesn’t
they arranged for a TB test and further x-rays. The     just go to England with her family, Carole says that’s
chest specialist also suggested that this looked like   simply impossible: she has a job here and Wayne,
cancer and Ken needed treatment as soon as possi-       who is not a British citizen, is also employed in
ble.                                                    Canada. In addition, Imogen has been in school.
    “It’s appalling we weren’t told. We lost four           “I wish we could. I wish we so financially secure
months of treatment,” said Wayne of the delays cre-     we could stay in England,” said Carole, who in mid-
ated by the system. “We would have started the          June will spend two weeks with her parents in
application four years ago but the rules wouldn’t let   England along with her family. “It’s all we can do.”
us.”                                                        As sad as it sounds, the Lawers are already look-
    Since the Statons have no OHIP coverage, the        ing ahead to after Ken is gone and plan to try and get
Lawers’ financial circumstances forced them to send     Irene to Canada to live with her family.
Carole’s parents back to England for treatment.             “I hope we won’t have to start her application all
Starting in November, Ken – who with Irene now          over again,” said Wayne. “That would be the icing on
lives in a small, government-supported apartment -      the cake.”
underwent treatment for his lung cancer, including          In the meantime, Carole said she speaks to her
chemotherapy and radiation.                             father two or three times a week and while they
    Since November, the Lawers have endeavoured         enjoy hearing each other’s voice, this is hard on
to get more information from the Ministry with the      everyone.
assistance of Toronto lawyer Ronald M. Kanter. Even         “He gets so upset,” she said.
together they have been unsuccessful in prompting           Adds Wayne: “He misses his granddaughter and
any reply.                                              he misses home.”
    “As a Canadian citizen born and raised I have           As of press time, the Lawers and Statons were
                                                        still waiting to hear - anything.

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