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					  Virtualization on
  the Intel Platform

A Customer Implementation
   with VMware and IBM

Scott Elliott
Senior Systems Network Specialist
Christie Digital
About Christie Digital
•   A leader in visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry

•   Head office for Manufacturing & Operations in Kitchener, ON

•   Head office for Sales & Marketing in Cypress, CA

•   Numerous AV Industry Awards; won 2 Oscars for technical
CDS: A good problem to have
• Explosive growth: doubled in size in less than 2 years

• Global Information Services (GIS) had to quickly adapt to
  increasing business needs

• GIS faced the usual suspects:
    – Provisioning takes too long
    – Too many “one application, one box” requests
    – Proliferation of hardware surpassed server room cooling
    – Legacy Applications were on older and dying hardware

                No time to manage all the requests
VI3: Stop the Madness
•   Virtual Center – recycled older rack-mount hardware
•   2 servers running ESX Server
     – With shared Storage; created an ESX Cluster
•   VM Converter – Migrate physical to virtual
•   Patch Repository for ESX Server – IIS Server
•   VCB Proxy – Leverage an existing utility server

     Virtual Center   SQL 2005 Database
                                          ESX Server      Converter


                                          ESX Server

                  VCB Proxy
What is it?
 –Live migration of virtual machines from one physical host to

  –Supported on Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN and NAS
Dynamic Resource Scheduling
What is it?
  – Dynamic balancing of computing resources across resource
  – Intelligent resource allocation based on pre-defined rules
  – Automate hardware maintenance
                            Business Demand

                             Resource Pool
Increase Capacity Easily

                                     • Add hardware

                                     • Provisioning is
                                       “fire and forget”

                                     • Easily add
          Resource PoolPool            more capacity
               CPU 50 GHz, Mem
          CPU 36GHz, Mem 58GB 70GB
              Priority HIGH HIGH
Before and After
Current Method                     Using VMware
• Un-box, rack and cable           • Right-click template, select
• Configure hardware                  “create new virtual machine”
• Install Operating System         • Wait for file copy
• Install Patches                  • Adjust machine settings as
• Configure server for GIS            appropriate

 Assuming hardware is available,    Assuming capacity is available,
deployment takes approximately 1    deployment takes approximately
         business day                      10-20 minutes
8th Layer of the OSI model
• Three pronged approach to getting approval

   – Get influential techies on your side

   – Leverage any publicly announced environment policies

   – Play dirty; talk about money
A Gentle Introduction
Get developers and IT professionals comfortable with Virtualization

“Virtual Lab in a box”
• Semi-powerful desktop
    – 4 GB of RAM, Dual-Core CPU, RAID Controller, extra NIC

• Use Linux OS (Red Hat, CentOS, etc);
    – Install VMware Server (free!)
Reducing the Carbon Footprint
CDS is ISO 14001 certified
• VMware Infrastructure 3 has
  considerable impact on GIS’s
  positive contribution to the    “We are fully committed to
  Policy                          environmental solutions …and to meet or
                                  exceed applicable environmental laws,
                                  regulations and organizational
VMware Infrastructure 3 can:
• Reduce the amount of physical
  hardware (and thus raw
• Reduce energy consumption to
  power servers
• Reduce cooling requirements,
  and thus energy consumption
Return on Investment
In the 2 quarters, 11 known projects that require a server


 High-Tier @ $5000          Mid-Tier @ $3000           Low Tier @ $1500
         $55 K                      $33 K                      $16.5 K

          •   Still have to add in cost for a blade chassis @ $30 K
          $85 K                      $63 K                     $46.5 K

VMware Infrastructure 3 Investment = $51 K
• Plus still have the capacity for 11 more virtual machines!
Lesson’s Learned
 – Leverage the Sales Engineer!

 – Read the fine print…

 – The virtual world still requires patches

 – Don’t forget third-party solutions and add-ons

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