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Matrix - Jacksonville District


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									                                             Nassau Co. Shore Protection Project
                                          Solicitation/Contract No.: W912EP-08-C-0012
                                            Draft Environmental Compliance Matrix
                                          Agency Notification and Submittal Schedule

                                                     Permit Holder: City of Fernandina Beach
                                                Project Description: Place dredged material along 21,380 feet (4 miles) of
                                                                     beach, south of the St. Marys Entrance Channel south
                                                                     jetty between FDEP monuments R-13 and R-33.
                                                  DEP Permit No.: 0264288-001-JC
                                                    Issuance Date: 09/06/07
                                                   Expiration Date: 09/06/12
  Author      Hollingsworth
DEP Permit                                                                                                        Responsible   Date
                                          Specification                                        Deadline
 Reference                                                                                                           Entity   Provided
   GC 1            Notify DEP in writing of any anticipated deviation from permit     Prior to implementation
                                                                                      At least 60 days prior to
  SC 3.a.                     Submit Physical Monitoring Plan to DEP                                               City of FB    09/28/07
                                                                                      At least 60 days prior to    CESAJ-PD-
  SC 3.b.               Submit Final Advertised Plans and Specs to DEP                                                           02/28/08
                                                                                           commencement               EQ
                                                                                      At least 60 days prior to
  SC 3.c.                 Submit final order of turbidity variance to DEP                                          City of FB    09/06/07
              Provide notification of turtle monitoring coordination meeting to DEP   At least 15 days prior to    City of FB/
  SC 15
                                    BBCS, FWC, & turtle monitor                        turtle monitor meeting     CESAJ-PD-E
              Provide written notification of PreCon to DEP BBCS, DEP NED, FWC        At least 14 days prior to
   SC 4                                                                                                           CESAJ-CO-N 05/06/08
                                ISM, & Ft. Clinch Aquatic Preserve                             PreCon
                                                                                       At least 48 hours prior
   GC 9              Send Notice of Commencement to DEP BBCS and NED                                              CESAJ-CO-N 07/05/08
                                                                                         to commencement
  SC 19         Submit qualifications of shorebird monitor in EPP to DEP and FWC      Prior to commencement        Contractor    04/16/08
                   If beach driving is required, provide USFWS Incidental Take                                     City of FB/
  SC 14                                                                               Prior to commencement
                                   authorization to DEP and FWC                                                   CESAJ-PD-E
                                      During Construction

   GC 2           Provide DEP written report of any non-compliance with permit              Immediately

              Report finds of historical or archeological artifacts to SHPO and DEP                               Contractor/
GC 10, SC 1                                                                                 Immediately
                                     BBCS after work is ceased                                                    CESAJ-CO-N
  SC 17            Notify turtle monitor of nest excavation after work is ceased            Immediately

              Dead, injured, or sick endangered or threatened sea turtle specimens
  SC 18        shall be reported to the FWC "Wildlife Alert" at 1-888-404-FWCC              Immediately
                   (3922) and USFWS Jacksonville Office at 1-904-232-2580

  SC 19           Shorebird survey reports shall be submitted to FWC and DEP              1 April- 1 Sept.         Contractor
  SC 21          Report confirmed shorebird breeding to FWC at (352) 732-1225             Within 24 hours          Contractor
                                                                                      Within 1 week of data
  SC 21          Report all breeding activity to FWC Beach-Nesting Bird website                                    Contractor
                   Report all non-breeding shorebird activity to FWC Shorebird        Within 1 month of data
  SC 22                                                                                                            Contractor
                                  Occurrence Database website                                collection

               Consult with USFWS and FWC about site specific buffers and travel
 SC 23, 24                                                                                  Immediately           CESAJ-CO-N/
                             corridors if necessitated by nesting birds

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                                                Nassau Co. Shore Protection Project
                                             Solicitation/Contract No.: W912EP-08-C-0012
                                               Draft Environmental Compliance Matrix
                                             Agency Notification and Submittal Schedule

                 Any collision with and/or injury to a manatee shall be reported to the
    SC 32          FWC "Wildlife Alert" at 1-888-404-FWCC (3922) and USFWS                      Immediately
                                 Jacksonville Office at 1-904-232-2580
Turbidity and
                   After ceasing construction activities, notify DEP JCP Compliance
                 Officer, CESAJ (Env. Branch Chief and CO-N) of any exceedence of
    SC 35       22 ntu over background levels at edge of 150 m mixing zone within the         Within 24 hours          Contractor
                Ft. Clinch Aquatic Preserve and 29 ntu over background levels outside
                                        of the Aquatic Preserve
                   Provide to CESAJ-CO-N/CESAJ-PD-EQ/DEP JCP Compliance                   Within two weeks of test
    SC 35         Officer/Ft. Clinch Aquatic Preserve Manager turbidity test reports      (or within 24 hours if so    Contractor
                                             (electronically)                                instructed by COR)
                                                                                            Within 30 days of
                                                                                              completion of
    GC 11        Send Notice of Completion/PE Certification to DEP BBCS and NED              construction or          CESAJ-CO-N
                                                                                            maintenance event
                                                                                           Within 90 days of the
                                                                                          post-construction survey
                                                                                                                    City of FB/
   SC 37.d.         Submit engineering report and monitoring data to DEP BBCS               and each annual or
                                                                                            biennial monitoring
                                                                                             Within 120 days of
    SC 36                        Submit Turbidity Performance Report                           completion of
                                                                                                                       City of FB
                                                                                             Annually by Jan 15
                                                                                          following fill placement     Contractor/
    SC 16             Provide monitoring reports of turtle nesting activity to FWC
                                                                                             and two additional         City of FB
                                                                                              nesting seasons
                                                                                               Annually for 3
                 Submit summary of tilling compaction surveys and actions taken to                                    CESAJ-CO-N/
   SC 10.c.                                                                                 subsequent years if
                                               FWC                                                                      City of FB
                                                                                          sand remains on beach
                                                                                               Annually for 3
    SC 11            Submit results of tests that verify no tilling is required to DEP      subsequent years if
                                                                                                                        City of FB
                                                                                          sand remains on beach
                                                                                           Annually for 2 nesting
                 Notify FWC if escarpments that exceed 18" for greater than 100' are                                  CESAJ-CO-N/
   SC 12.c.                                                                               seasons subsequent to
                                observed during weekly visual surveys                                                   City of FB
                                                                                                fill placement
                                                                                            Annually by May 1 of
                 Submit to FWC a summary report of lighting visible from the beach
    SC 13                                                                                  each year following fill     City of FB
                                       placement area
                                                                                            Annually by Dec 1 of
                  Submit to FWC additional final report of monthly surveys (through
    SC 13                                                                                  each year following fill     City of FB
                      Sept.) of lighting visible from the beach placement area

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Contact Information
Contractor (Primary)--Weeks Marine, Inc.; (985) 875-2500
Contractor (Secondary)--TBD
CESAJ CO-N (COR/Area Engineer)--Russ Tolle; (904) 232-2086;
CESAJ CO-N--Mike Lyons (Project Engineer, RMS); (904) 232-3818;
CESAJ CO-N (QAR)--Jim Vecchitto; (904) 232-2143;
CESAJ CO-N (QAR)--Don Stephens; (904) 232-2144;
CESAJ PD-EQ (WQC)--Mike Hollingsworth; (904) 232-1687;
CESAJ PD-EC (NEPA)--Terri Jordan; (904) 232-1817;
CESAJ PD-E (Branch Chief)--Marie Burns; (904) 232-2202;
FDEP BBCS--Jamie Christoff; (850) 414-7756;
FDEP BBCS--JCP Compliance Officer--Charlotte Hand; (850) 414-7716;
FDEP Northeast District ERP--Mike Eaton; (904) 807-3328;
FDEP CAMA Ft. Clinch Aquatic Preserve--George Myers; (904) 696-5944;
FDEP Ft. Clinch State Park--Pete Scalco; (904) 277-7233;
FWC Imperiled Species Management (Manatees)--Mary Duncan; (850) 922-4330;
FWC Imperiled Species Management (Sea Turtle Nesting)--Dr. Robin Trindell; (850) 922-4330;
USFWS--Ann Marie Lauritsen; (904) 232-2580 ext. 111;
NMFS EFH--George Getzinger; (904) 461-8674;
U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office: (904) 232-2640
Local Sponsor Consultant--Erik Olsen: (904) 387-6114;
Sea Turtle Nesting Monitor--Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch, Inc.--Mary Duffy: (904) 583-1913;

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