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					                            LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                            TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

                               SOAL TEORI LKS JATIM 2007
 Bidang          : IT/PC Network Support          No Peserta      :
 Tanggal         : 26 November 2007               Nama            :
 Waktu           : 120 Menit                      Asal SMK        :
 Sifat           : Close Book                     Tanda Tangan    :
 Nilai           :                   (max 100)    Korektor/Juri   :

Multiple Choice

Give across sign (X) in the correct answer! For answer cancellation/correction put
equal sign (=) on your wrong answer, then choose other answer with cross sign

1.   How is screen size of a monitor measured?
     a. Vertically
     b. Horizontally
     c. Diagonally
     d. Boundary of screen
     e. Helical
2.   What is the purpose of jumper in the IDE device?
     a. Determine the drive letter
     b. Determine whether the hard disk will be master or slave
     c. Determine the type of partition
     d. Determain the type of capacity
     e. Determain of speed
3.   Which of the following is popular web browser?
     a. Acrobat
     b. Internet Explorer
     c. Macromedia Flash
     d. Quick browser
     e. Quicktime
     f. World Wide Web
4.   Where is cache level 2 memory located on today’s computer?
     a. 1st memory module
     b. 2nd memory module
     c. Motherboard
     d. Processor chip
     e. RAM Chip

                             LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                             TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                 JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

5.  How many IDE devices does a standard computer support?
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 4
    d. 8
    e. 10
6. What are the partitions inside extended partition?
    a. logical
    b. extended
    c. primary
    d. slave
    e. local
7. What is the meaning of dual core?
    a. 2 processor in a computer
    b. 2 processing unit in a single processor chip
    c. 2 processing in a one RAM
    d. 2 core in one computer
    e. 2 processor in 2 computer
8. After POST is done BIOS is search for boot loader. Where does the location of boot loader?
    a. Master Boot Record
    b. LILO/GRUB
    c. fileboot.itu
    d. Drive C
    e. file boot.ini
9. What does a multitasking operating system allow?
    a. multiple processor support
    b. several application to run at the same time
    c. multiple gambling support
    d. more than one device in use at the same time
    e. more than one user login at the same time
10. What kind of file system that is recommended for Windows XP?
    a. NTFS
    b. FAT
    c. FAT32
    d. EXT3
    e. FAT16
11. Which Linux command reads device/partition so it can be access in the file system?
    a. mount
    b. scandisk
    c. fsck
    d. ls
    e. mout

                             LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                             TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                  JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

12. Operating system usually uses a portion of hard disk as virtual memory, so does Linux. In
    which area is this virtual memory set up?
    a. /root
    b. /proc
    c. swap
    d. /tmp
    e. \tmp
13. A Linux computer is installed with Xfree86 package. Which application below is related to this
    a. Firewall
    b. GUI
    c. processor Intel 386 series tweak
    d. xmms
    e. xsms
14. Which application provides service for Linux so it has windows style file sharing?
    a. www
    b. samba
    c. NFS
    d. FTP
    e. HTTP
15. Which application provides service for Linux so it has Linux spesific file sharing?
    a. samba
    b. NFS
    c. FTP
    d. HTTP
    e. www
16. What is the function of DHCP Server?
    a. to provide IP address
    b. to translate IP-address into MAC address
    c. to give network routing
    d. to translate internet name such as into IP address
    e. to provide MAC address
17. What is the function of DNS Server?
    a. to provide IP address
    b. to translate IP-address into MAC address
    c. to give network routing
    d. to translate internet name such as into IP address
    e. to provide MAC Address
18. Which application provides service for Linux firewall?
    a. iptables
    b. frwl
    c. squid
    d. ssh
    e. ssi

                            LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                            TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

19. Which application can be used as internet proxy server in Linux?
    a. squid
    b. smb
    c. named
    d. gateway
    e. network
20. Which is the correct directory structure of Linux Debian CD installer?
    a. /install/main/openssh/ssh_3.4p1-1.woody.3_i386.deb
    b. /pool/main/o/openssh/ssh_3.4p1-1.woody.3_i386.deb
    c. /install/openssh/ssh_3.4p1-1.woody.3_i386.deb
    d. /pool/o/openssh/ssh_3.4p1-1.woody.3_i386.deb
    e. /pooll/l/openssh/ssh_3.4p1-1.woody.3_i386.deb
21. /etc/bind/named.conf is file configuration for …
    a. DNS
    b. DHCP
    c. hostname
    d. user account
    e. username
22. Choose the best answer explaining hibernate and standby in windows!
    a. Hibernate and standby has no difference
    b. Hibernate consumes electric power, but standby does not
    c. Hibernate doesn’t consume electric power, but standby does
    d. Hibernate consume electrical power less than standby
    e. Hibernate is the same with sutdown
23. What is the command for checking hardware status in linux?
    a. init
    b. dmesg
    c. ifup
    d. hwnd
    e. ifconfig
24. What is a group of computers that are connected so that their resources can be shared?
    a. Network
    b. Workstation
    c. Laptop
    d. Personal Computer
    e. Internet
25. Traditional telephone lines transmit voice over copper wires using:
    a. Digital signals
    b. Analog signals
    c. Electronic signals
    d. Power signals
    e. Metal signal

                           LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                           TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                               JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

26. Algorithms are:
    a. Step by step procedures that perform a specific task
    b. Lists of computer form factors
    c. An explanation of an analog phone
    d. Presentation text
    e. Presentation graphics
27. A bootstrap program that tests the computer's hardware when the system is powered up is
    a. Power-on self test (POST)
    b. Power-off self test (POST)
    c. DOS
    d. HIMEM.SYS
28. If the POST finds any errors during its routine, it:
    a. Shuts down
    b. Runs diagnostic software
    c. Sends a message to the monitor
    d. Re-boots
    e. Standby
29. What computer component is NOT tested by the POST routine?
    a. RAM
    b. Power supply
    c. Mainboard
    d. BIOS
    e. VIOS
30. The order in which the bootstrap program searches the OS boot up file can be changed in
    a. System CMOS
    b. System BIOS
    c. POST
    d. Operating System
    e. DOS
31. When the computer is first turned on, it launches a program called:
    a. CPU
    b. RAM
    c. Bootstrap loader
    d. Cache
    e. ROM
32. Pentium CPUs normally run at what voltage?
    a. 3.3 VDC
    b. 12 VDC
    c. 5 VDC
    d. 3 VDC
    e. 4 VDC

                            LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                            TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

33. In general, to improve CPU access time, you need to upgrade the:
    a. Hard drive
    b. Motherboard
    c. Floppy Disk Drive
    d. ROM memory
    e. Cache
34. BIOS stands for:
    a. Beginning Information Organization Service
    b. Basic Input/Outgoing System
    c. Basic Input/Output System
    d. Basic Input/Output Service
    e. Beginning Information
35. The typical size of a SIMM is:
    a. 32 and 70 pins
    b. 30 and 70 pins
    c. 30 and 72 pins
    d. 32 and 72 pins
    e. 34 and 70 pins
36. What is a feature of EIDE
    a. More drives
    b. SCSI connectors
    c. SCSA connectors
    d. High-speed floppy drives
    e. ATAPI
37. The minimum storage unit for an IDE hard drive is called a:
    a. Cluster
    b. Cylinder
    c. Byte
    d. Sector
    e. Bit
38. The typical CD-ROM drive interface is:
    a. Parallel
    b. Serial
    c. IDE
    d. ESDI
    e. EDSA
39. External modems are usually connected to a:
    a. Parallel port
    b. NIC
    c. Serial port
    d. MIDI port
    e. MEDE port

                            LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                            TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

40. How many pins are there in an IDE connector?
    a. 80
    b. 50
    c. 40
    d. 68
    e. 40
41. Basic instructions for CPU and I/O device communication are located in:
    a. CMOS
    b. Windows configuration files
    c. DOS
    d. BIOS
    e. BOIS
42. Which is a type of FAT:
    a. FAT32
    b. FAT12
    c. FAT31
    d. FAT14
    e. FAT12
43. What kind of multitasking is an environment in which programs share memory addresses and
    exchange information?
    a. Preemptive tasking
    b. Duel tasking
    c. Cooperative tasking
    d. Single tasking
    e. Core tasking
44. Which two operating systems use the X-Windows System to display the GUI?
    a. Sun Microsystems
    b. Linux and Unix
    c. Windows
    d. Aplle and Lunix
    e. Windows XP Server
45. When recent information is accessed from the hard disk it is stored in RAM this is know as?
    a. Store and Forward
    b. Buffering disk access
    c. Basic Input Output Service
    d. Hold and access
    e. Saving
46. Which two are types of networking?
    a. LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network)
    b. BAN ( Broad Area Network)
    c. DAN ( Distance Area Network)
    d. WAN (Wide Area Network) and DAN (Distance Area Network)
    e. WAN (Wide Area Network) and SAN (Storage Area Network)

                           LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                           TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                              JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

47. A request for network services originates at what layer?
    a. Data Link
    b. Presentation
    c. Application
    d. Transport
    e. Session
48. Which topology connects each node to all other nodes to add redundancy and fault
    a. Star
    b. Mesh
    c. Hybrid
    d. Ring
    e. Bus
49. What way data can be transferred from one computer to another?
    a. Plastic
    b. Wood
    c. Waves
    d. Fire
    e. Paper
50. Which device can make smart decisions on how to send data from one segment to another?
    a. Bridge
    b. Router
    c. Hub
    d. Switch
    e. Cable
51. What port does FTP use?
    a. 21
    b. 23
    c. 80
    d. 25
    e. 110
52. To determine IP connectivity between two systems use?
    a. Tracert
    b. Ping
    c. Ipconfig
    d. Telnet
    e. Traceroute
53. What is the TCP/IP network model from top to bottom in order?
    a. Transport, internet, network interface, application
    b. Application, transport, internet, network interface
    c. Network interface, application, transport, internet
    d. Application, network interface, internet, transport
    e. Application, internet, network interface, transport

                           LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                           TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                               JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

54. Which operating system uses daemons to interact with the NOS?
    a. Windows
    b. Novell
    c. Apple
    d. Intel
    e. Linux
55. What is the process of accessing a remote system via a local computer terminal?
    a. Telnet
    b. Terminal emulation
    c. Remote access
    d. Dialup access
    e. Control Access
56. What acts a barrier between one network and another?
    a. Cable
    b. Administrator
    c. Firewall
    d. PC
    e. Laptop
57. What controls the computer hardware, program execution environment, and user interface?
    a. PC
    b. Administrator
    c. Operating system
    d. Hard drive
    e. Floppy drive
58. What does MMC stand for?
    a. My Management Center
    b. Microsoft Management Console
    c. Microsoft Managing Center
    d. My Management Console
    e. Microsoft Maintenance Center
59. How many simultaneous connections will Windows 2000 Pro support?
    a. 20
    b. 30
    c. 25
    d. 10
    e. 100
60. What is the minimum requirement for Windows 2000 Advanced server memory?
    a. 256 MB
    b. 128 MB
    c. 2 gigabytes
    d. 512 MB
    e. 1 GB

                             LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                             TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                 JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

61. On systems that use a DOS-type partition table, such as Windows and Linux, the first sector of
    the disk is sometimes referred to as?
    a. Master Boot Area
    b. Master Boot Record
    c. Master Boot Partition
    d. Master Soft
    e. Master Record Boot
62. Which file during the boot process of Windows 2000, looks for and locates hardware?
    c. BOOT.INI
    e. BOOT.TXT
63. What is the first thing to check when installing Windows 2000?
    a. Hardware Compatibly List
    b. Is the power one
    c. Is the CD reader working
    d. Is all the hardware installed in the system
    e. Is all software installed in the system
64. What are usually installed immediately following the operating system installation to prevent
    errors from occurring later?
    a. Scanning
    b. Update and Service Packs
    c. Network connection
    d. All other software
    e. Defrag
65. Where do you set the configuration setting to tell the system which medium to boot from?
    a. RAM
    b. BIOS
    c. Motherboard
    d. Operating system
    e. Back of the CD ROM
66. What are the two popular boot loaders for Linux?
    a. LILO and GRUP
    b. LOLI and BRUG
    c. LILO and GRUB
    d. SRUB and DRUG
    e. DRUP and GRUB
67. You can interact with the command console in to way what are they?
    a. Terminal Window and Interface
    b. Interface Window
    c. Main Console and Secondary Console
    d. Secondary Console
    e. Main Console and Terminal Window

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                             LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
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                                 JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

68. The Linux NOS is not capable of providing what daemon, instead a separate and extremely
    popular web-hosting program named Apache is the common solution ...
    a. FTP
    b. Telnet
    c. DNNS
    d. HTTP
    e. FTTPS
69. How is a MAC address represented?
    a. Four groups of eight binary digits separated by a decimal point
    b. Four Base10 digits separated by a decimal point
    c. Six hexadecimal digits
    d. Twelve hexadecimal digits
    e. Ten hexadecimal digits
70. What is the order of the TCP/IP Protocol Data Units as data is moved as indicated through the
    OSI model?

    a. bits, segments, frames, packets, data
    b. bits, frames, packets, segments, data
    c. bits, frames, segments, packets, data
    d. bits, packets, frames, segments, data
    e. bits, packets, frames, data, segments
71. Convert the decimal number 231 into its binary equivalent. Select the correct answer from
    the list below.
    a. 11110010
    b. 11110110
    c. 11100111
    d. 11101110
    e. 11000000

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                             LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                             TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                  JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

72. In the exhibit, the connections between the devices are labeled A, B, C, D, and E.

    For each connection, what is the correct UTP cable to use?
    a. A=straight, B=rollover, C=straight, D=crossover, E=crossover
    b. A=rollover, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=straight
    c. A=rollover, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=crossover
    d. A=straight, B=crossover, C=rollover, D=straight, E=straight
    e. A=straight, B=crossover, C=rollover, D=crossover, E=straight
73. An administrator would like to connect ten workstations on a network. The
    device selected by the administrator must allow connectivity between hosts without sharing
    bandwidth. Which device would be appropriate?
    a. hub
    b. router
    c. switch
    d. repeater
    e. network
74. Convert the decimal number 231 into its binary equivalent. Select the correct answer from
    the list below.
    f. 11110010
    a. 11110110
    b. 11100111
    c. 11101110
    d. 11000000
75. If you perform a Boolean AND on the IP address using the subnet mask of, which of the following is the subnetwork address?

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                             LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                             TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                 JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

76. What are the requirements for an Internet connection?
    a. remote host, client, cooper
    b. physical connection, logical connection, application
    c. NIC, wireless
    d. firewall
    e. server
77. When purchasing a NIC for a computer, which of the following factors need to be considered?
    a. technology
    b. system bus, protocols, type of media used on the network
    c. brand of PC
    d. web browser
    e. topology
78. Which of the following interprets the data and displays the information in an understandable
    form for the user to see?
    a. application
    b. protocol stack
    c. remote devices
    d. logical connection
    e. physical connection
79. Which of the following will test the internal loopback of a node?
    a. ping
    b. ping
    c. ping
    d. ping
    e. ping
80. Which of the following physical topologies connects all cables to a central point of
    a. ring
    b. star
    c. mesh
    d. bus
    e. switch
81. Which of the following describes a network interface card?
    a. large circuit board that contains sockets for expansion cards
    b. interface card capable of transferring more than one bit simultaneously and is used to
       connect external devices
    c. interface card inserted into a computer so that the computer can be connected to a
    d. interface card that can be used for parallel communication
    e. modulator demodulator
82. What is the name of the Layer 1 PDU?
    a. segment
    b. packet
    c. bit
    d. frame
    e. game

                                               - 13 -
                            LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                            TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

83. Which layer of the TCP/IP model encapsulates TCP segments into packets?
    a. application
    b. transport
    c. internet
    d. network
    e. physical
84. Which of the following are benefits of coaxial cable within a LAN environment?
    a. easier to install than UTP
    b. less expensive than fiber
    c. requires many repeaters than UTP
    d. easily accommodates additions to network
    e. faster transport speeds than fiber
85. During the data encapsulation process, how is the data broken down by the transport layer?
    a. packets
    b. segments
    c. data bits
    d. frames
    e. bits
86. Which adapter is used to connect a cable from the console port of the router to a PC?
    a. RJ-11 to DB-9
    b. RJ-11 to RJ-45
    c. RJ-12 to RJ-11
    d. RJ-45 to DB-9
    e. RJ-45 to RJ-45
87. Which type of cable has the color of the wires in pins #1 and #2 on one end appear on the
    other end at pins #3 and #6, and vice-versa?
    a. rollover cable
    b. straight-through cable
    c. crossover audio
    d. console cable
    e. crossover cable
88. A company needs to extend the LAN to six separate buildings. To limit the amount of signal
    attenuation on the LAN media, what type of media would be the best to use between the
    a. air (wireless)
    b. coaxial cable
    c. shielded twisted pair
    d. fiber optic
    e. unshielded twisted pair
89. In which situations would a crossover cable be used to connect devices in a network?
    a. switch to PC
    b. switch to hub
    c. switch to router
    d. switch to server
    e. switch to jumper

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                              LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
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                                  JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

90. Which of the following are specified by IEEE standards as sublayers of the OSI data link layer?
    a. Logical Link Control and Media Access Control
    b. Logical Layer Control
    c. Logical Link Communication
    d. Media Access Communication
    e. Physical Access Communication
91. Where does the MAC address originate?
    a. DHCP server database
    b. configured by the administrator
    c. burned into ROM on the NIC card
    d. network configuration on the computer
    e. included in the creation of the processor chip
92. What is the function of a Layer 2 switch?
    a. forwards data based on logical addressing
    b. duplicate data
    c. duplicates the electrical signal of each frame to every port
    d. learns the port assigned to a host by examining the destination MAC address
    e. determines which interface is used to forward a frame based on the destination MAC
93. Which networking devices use the MAC address to make forwarding decisions?
    a. NIC
    b. RJ 45
    c. hub
    d. switch
    e. repeater
94. Which RJ-45 pins are used to transmit and receive data in an Ethernet 100BASE-TX Category 5
    UTP cable?
    a. 1 and 2, 3 and 6
    b. 8 and 6 , 4 and 5
    c. 4 and 5, 7 and 8
    d. 3 and 6 , 7 and 6
    e. 7 and 8 , 1 and 2
95. Why do hosts on an Ethernet segment that experience a collision use a random delay before
    attempting to transmit a frame?
    a. A random delay is used to ensure a collision-free link.
    b. A random delay value for each device is assigned by the manufacturer.
    c. A standard delay value could not be agreed upon among networking device vendors.
    d. A random delay helps prevent the stations from experiencing another collision during the
    e. A random is used to scamble signal

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                              LOMBA KOMPETENSI SISWA SMK
                              TINGKAT PROPINSI JAWA TIMUR
                                  JEMBER, 26 – 28 NOVEMBER 2007

96. What is characteristic of how a hub operates?
     a. A hub selectively drops packets that represent potential security risks.
     b. A hub forwards data out all interfaces except the inbound interface.
     c. A hub dynamically learns the interfaces to which all devices are attached.
     d. At start up, a hub queries the devices on all interfaces in order to learn the MAC addresses
        of the attached devices.
     e. A hub transmits a frame to a specific interface based on the destination MAC address.
97. Which address does a bridge use to make filtering and switching decisions?
     a. source MAC
     b. source IP
     c. destination MAC
     d. destination IP
     e. network IP address
98. Why is IP considered a best-effort protocol?
     a. IP detects lost packets.
     b. IP validates the content of the packets.
     c. IP does not provide acknowledgment of the data delivery.
     d. IP reorders the packet as they arrive at the destination host.
     e. IP is the best
99. Why were private IP addresses developed?
     a. to permit dynamic assignment of IP addresses
     b. to permit the duplication of public IP addresses
     c. to minimize the utilization of reserved IP addresses
     d. to permit public IP addresses to be used in private networks
     e. to address the issue of not enough available public IP addresses
100. Refer to the exhibit.

    After host 2 is connected to the switch on the LAN, host 2 is unable to communication with
    host 1. What is the cause of problem?
    a. The subnet mask of host 2 is incorrect.
    b. Host 1 and host 2 are on different networks.
    c. The switch needs an IP address that is not configured.
    d. The router LAN interface and host 1 are on different networks.
    e. The IP address of host 1 is on a different network than is the LAN interface of the router.

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