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Bob George


									                                                                 real answers for real life™

                                                                                                                                                     February 2009

                                                                                                                                          the desk of
                                                                                                                          Bob George

Dear Friend,

One of the most rewarding aspects of being in ministry is seeing the Word of God come to life
in human experience. This past December we had the privilege of watching God powerfully
fulfill 2 Corinthians 8:7 through the People to People family: “But just as you excel in
everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us –
see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

On December 1st, the financial picture for People to People looked bleak. With a $150,000
deficit in tow and a worldwide recession, we were swimming in unchartered waters and weren’t
sure how the year would end. We presented our needs, knowing that in our thirty plus years of
ministry God has never let us down. From day one, He has proved His faithfulness over and

As days and weeks passed, moving us closer to the end of the year, we were overwhelmed by
the generosity of the People to People family. When all was said and done, the results were
astonishing. Not only was the deficit erased, we ended the year $40,000 in the black. Plus, we
retired the debt on our ministry headquarters. Praise and thanksgiving fill our hearts for His

As always, God far exceeded our expectations. When I saw the final numbers, I couldn’t
believe my eyes. I felt much like the group assembled at Mary’s house praying for Peter to be
released from jail. Peter’s knock on the door was answered by a servant girl. When she told the
others that Peter was there, they looked at her and said, “You must be out of your mind.” They
finally went downstairs and saw Peter, and the Bible records that they were amazed. We too
stand amazed at God’s work, even though the Bible is clear that God will do “infinitely more
than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20 NLT).

So, with humble hearts we say thank you to all of you who have allowed God to move in your
lives to help meet this financial need. It is important, however, to know the real purpose of
these gifts, to see the real needs they help to meet. Paul shared with the Corinthians that their
gifts were “supplying the needs of God’s people” (2 Corinthians 9:12). Your gifts to People to
People are helping to meet the spiritual needs of God’s people around the world.

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                  People to People Ministries

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   itoriu                                                                                     nter


                           Thanks to Friends Like You,
               the People to People Headquarters is “Paid In Full”

Let me share with you a letter we recently received that deeply touched my heart.

        I started listening to your broadcast about 8 years ago in the summer of 2000.
        Like many new listeners I heard myself defensively saying, “What is he talking
        about?” I felt angry at your counsel because I had been a Christian for 35
        years and never heard teaching like I found on People to People: the finality of
        forgiveness, understanding the Old Covenant and New Covenant time line, the
        importance of moving forward from the Cross and Christ’s provisions found there
       and living in the power of His resurrection permanently. These were the hooks
       that baited my listening ear, but stung because I was hearing them anew … it
       was familiar yet different.

       My Christian faith was real and precious to Jesus and He was truly my Savior,
       and I think that is why my neck bristled when I first started listening. I wanted to
       protect my mind and heart from what might have been poor counsel.

       I continued to tune in regularly, and over a 2-3 year listening relationship I
       experienced “boulders” of confusion fall away from my heart. Stones that I
       didn’t even know were there were removed and replaced by a new heart of flesh.
       Clarity was coming because truth was replacing error.

       I truly believe we would not be married today if not for People to People
       Ministries and the truth about Christ you teach on a daily basis. We would be
       another family destroyed from believing the lies of Satan, because he was truly
       prowling at our front door. Yet we indeed are a family – we are a husband and
       wife – under one roof, with our door always open to our grown children and
       young grandchildren to come ‘home’ whenever they can for a visit! What a gift
       from God we are able to offer!

Your gifts are used to pay for radio airtime, utilities and all the necessary expenses to keep
the outreach going. But more important, they helped get the message of Jesus Christ to this
listener’s ears. A Christian for 35 years, yet this woman was confused about forgiveness, the
New Covenant and living in the power of Jesus’ resurrection. His truth broke through her
confusion and radically transformed her life and the life of her family.

This woman’s struggle seems to be the norm today. People live in confusion and error,
wondering why they can’t make sense out of life, or why their relationships aren’t working.
Unresolved spiritual issues are the root cause. People need to know that in Christ they are
forgiven and that they stand holy and acceptable in His sight. They need to know that Christ
has come to live in them to live His life through them. They need to know that in Him there is

People to People delivers this message daily through the radio broadcast, through the internet,
and through all our various ministry resources. And when the message of Christ hits receptive
hearts, lives are changed.

Thank you again for standing with us to meet our financial needs. Your generosity is
overwhelming. Thank you for helping bring to life the Word of God in the lives of so many
people around the world. The spiritual needs in the world today are great. Together, let’s
continue to reach out proclaiming the truth of God’s love and grace.
Now that our facility is paid for, we can look forward to many more ministry opportunities to
come our way. I get the sense, after thirty years in ministry, that this is a new beginning. God
has work to do through the People to People family, so we have exciting days ahead as we
continue to lift up the name of Jesus.

Please join us in thanksgiving for all that God has done.

                                                     Your friend in Christ,

                                                     Bob George

                     In Memory of Janelle Bergquist
                            At home with the Lord January 22, 2009

                                                    As Bob and Amy George entered full
                                                    time ministry in 1972, they enjoyed the
                                                    friendship of two couples—associates
                                                    they had met through Bob’s Southern
                                                    California floor covering business.
                                                    Along with Bill and Joyce Paterson,
                                                    Erwin and Janelle Bergquest became
                                                    the Georges’ beloved first supporters,
                                                    remaining faithful donors for more than
                                                    40 years.

                                                    This January, during a routine surgical
                                                    procedure, Janelle passed into the
                                                    loving arms of Jesus. Though she is
                                                    missed, we rejoice with Erwin in the fact
            Janelle & Erwin                         that Janelle is present with the Lord,
                 at the                             experiencing the reality of the hope of
  2008 Classic Christianity Conference              the Gospel message that transformed
                                                    her life.

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