To Print Seating Charts by MHairston


									Printing Seating Charts:
If your Seating Chart has 5 photos in 1 row, it will print okay in Portrait format, which
is the normal setup for Internet Explorer. If there are 6 photos on 1 row, it must be
printed in Landscape format. You can change the setting as shown below.

To Change the Page Setup to Landscape: click File – Page Setup

From the Page Setup box, choose Landscape and click “OK”
           Then right-click in the white area on the page and choose „Print‟ from the menu box
                                              as shown below

  Leave a space
between the rows
to get the page to
 break correctly
when it is printed.

           NOTES on Possible Printing Problems: One row of photos will print on 2 pages (with
           half of the image on each page) if they happen to be located where the page breaks. You
           can control this issue by leaving a space between rows.

           Generally, Portrait format will correctly print 3 rows of photos per page. If you have
           more than 3 rows, leave a space between row 3 and 4 (as shown above) in order to make
           the photos print correctly.

           Landscape format will correctly print 2 rows of photos per page. In this case, leave
           spaces between every 2 rows of the seating chart.

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